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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.58, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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6163 - 6194 Progress in the Advancement of Porous Biopolymer Scaffold: Tissue Engineering Application
Ambekar RS, Kandasubramanian B
6195 - 6202 Electroreduction of CO2 to CO Paired with 1,2-Propanediol Oxidation to Lactic Acid. Toward an Economically Feasible System
Perez-Gallent E, Turk S, Latsuzbaia R, Bhardwaj R, Anastasopol A, Sastre-Calabuig F, Garcia AC, Giling E, Goetheer E
6203 - 6217 Re-forming of CO2-Containing Natural Gas with Steam and Partial Oxidation over Ni Catalysts in Corona Discharge for Synthesis Gas Production
Pornmai K, Ngamkala W, Rirksomboon T, Ouraipryvan P, Chavadej S
6218 - 6225 Amide-Based Cationic Polymeric N-Halamines: Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial and Biofilm-Binding Properties
Jing Z, Xiu KM, Sun YY
6226 - 6234 One-Pot Synthesis of Methyl-Substituted Benzenes and Methyl-Substituted Naphthalenes from Acetone and Calcium Carbide
Wang D, Liu ZY, Liu QY
6235 - 6242 Phase Behavior of Ester Based Anionic Surfactants: Sodium Alkyl Sulfoacetates
Bhadani A, Kafle A, Ogura T, Akamatsu M, Sakai K, Sakai H, Abe M
6243 - 6254 Catalytic Copyrolysis of Lignocellulose and Polyethylene Blends over HBeta Zeolite
Morais EKL, Jimenez-Sanchez S, Hernando H, Ochoa-Hernandez C, Pizarro P, Araujo AS, Serrano DP
6255 - 6265 Evolution of Pd Species for the Conversion of Methane under Operation Conditions
Chen JJ, Wu Y, Hu W, Qu PF, Zhang GC, Jiao Y, Zhong L, Chen YQ
6266 - 6277 Cryochemical Approach To Develop Catalysts for Intensification of the Hydrodesulfurization Reaction
Saha B, Bhattacharjee D, Sandilya P, Sengupta S
6278 - 6287 Phenol Hydrodeoxygenation over a Reduced and Sulfided NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 Catalyst
Templis CC, Revelas CJ, Papastylianou AA, Papayannakos NG
6288 - 6297 In Situ DRIFTS Study of Homologous Reaction of Methanol and Higher Alcohols Synthesis over Mn Promoted Cu-Fe Catalysts
Qian WX, Wang H, Xu YB, Yang XL, Zhai GW, Zhang HT, Ma HF, Sun QW, Ying WY
6298 - 6308 Transfer Hydrogenation of Biomass-Derived Furfural to 2-Methylfuran over CuZnAl Catalysts
Niu HY, Luo JJ, Li C, Wang BW, Liang CH
6309 - 6315 Supported CuNi Alloy Catalyzed N-Alkylation of Bioderived 2,5-Dihydroxymethylfuran With Aniline
Zhao GY, Hu DX, Zhou SH, Zhang J, Wang L
6316 - 6324 Experimental Investigation of the Reactivity of Sodium Bicarbonate toward Hydrogen Chloride and Sulfur Dioxide at Low Temperatures
Dal Pozzo A, Moricone R, Tugnoli A, Cozzani V
6325 - 6332 Promoting N-2 Selectivity of CeMnOx Catalyst by Supporting TiO2 in NH3-SCR Reaction
Zhang L, Li LL, Ge CY, Li TZ, Li CJ, Li SX, Xiong F, Dong L
6333 - 6339 110th Anniversary: Ionic Liquid Promoted CO2 Hydrogenation to Free Formic Acid over Pd/C
Wu YY, Zhao YF, Wang H, Yu B, Yu XX, Zhang HY, Liu ZM
6340 - 6349 Multiscale Modeling of Isobutane Alkylation with Mixed C4 Olefins Using Sulfuric Acid as Catalyst
Cao P, Zheng L, Sun WZ, Zhao L
6350 - 6363 Rate Inhibition and Enhancement on Ceria-Promoted Pd Monolith Catalysts: Oxidation of Acetylene, Ethylene, and Propylene and Their Mixtures
Lang W, Harold MP
6364 - 6374 Preparation of Multilayer Microcapsules Encapsulating Aqueous Lithium Bromide and Their Mechanical Stability
Iqbal P, Lu TJ, Zhang ZB, Li YL
6375 - 6384 Fabricated Biobased Eucommia Ulmoides Gum/Polyolefin Elastomer Thermoplastic Vulcanizates into a Shape Memory Material
Kang HL, Gong M, Xu MZ, Wang HY, Li YS, Fang QH, Zhang LQ
6385 - 6393 Importance of Exsolution in Transition-Metal (Co, Rh, and Ir)-Doped LaCrO3 Perovskite Catalysts for Boosting Dry Reforming of CH4 Using CO2 for Hydrogen Production
Oh JH, Kwon BW, Cho J, Lee CH, Kim MK, Choi SH, Yoon SP, Han J, Nam SW, Kim JY, Jang SS, Lee KB, Ham HC
6394 - 6401 Facile Fabrication of ZIF-8/Calcium Alginate Microparticles for Highly Efficient Adsorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solutions
Song YC, Wang N, Yang LY, Wang YG, Yu D, Ouyang XK
6402 - 6412 Investigation of Micromechanical Behavior and Voiding of Polyethylene Terephthalate/Polyethylene-stat-methyl Acrylate Blends during Tensile Deformation
Lee B, Onbulak S, Xu YW, Topolkaraev V, McEneany R, Bates F, Hillmyer M
6413 - 6423 Using the Green Solvent Dimethyl Sulfoxide To Replace Traditional Solvents Partly and Fabricating PVC/PVC-g-PEGMA Blended Ultrafiltration Membranes with High Permeability and Rejection
Xie WC, Li T, Chen C, Wu HB, Liang SM, Chang HQ, Liu BC, Drioli E, Wang QY, Crittenden JC
6424 - 6428 Thermoresponsive, Freezing-Resistant Smart Windows with Adjustable Transition Temperature Made from Hydroxypropyl Cellulose and Glycerol
Nakamura C, Yamamoto T, Manabe K, Nakamura T, Einaga Y, Shiratori S
6429 - 6437 Long-Term Stability against H2S Poisoning on Pd Composite Membranes by Thin Zeolite Coatings
Chen BB, Liu JX, Li H, Xu TY, Zhang JX, Yu JF, Xu HY
6438 - 6445 Facile Synthesis of Copper Containing Ordered Mesoporous Polymers via Aqueous Coordination Self-Assembly for Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols
Kong LY, Zhao JH, Han SL, Zhang T, He LC, Zhang PF, Dai S
6446 - 6455 Porous Fe Hollow Structures with Optimized Impedance Matching as Highly Efficient, Ultrathin, and Lightweight Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers
Wu NN, Xu DM, Yang F, Liu W, Liu JR
6456 - 6465 Preventing Water-Induced Mechanical Deterioration of Cardboard by a Sequential Polymer Treatment
Cataldi P, Profaizer M, Bayer IS
6466 - 6475 Hyperbranched Polymer Assisted Curing and Repairing of an Epoxy Coating
Han JR, Liu T, Zhang S, Hao C, Xin JN, Guo BH, Zhang JW
6476 - 6485 Calibration Model Building for Online Monitoring of the Granule Moisture Content during Fluidized Bed Drying by NIR Spectroscopy
Mu GQ, Liu T, Liu JX, Xia LZ, Yu CY
6486 - 6504 Monitoring Nonstationary Processes Using Stationary Subspace Analysis and Fractional Integration Order Estimation
Lin YL, Kruger U, Gu FS, Ball A, Chen Q
6505 - 6518 Finite Adaptability in Data-Driven Robust Optimization for Production Scheduling: A Case Study of the Ethylene Plant
Feng W, Zhang Y, Rong G, Feng YP
6519 - 6536 Application of Fuzzy Optimization to Bioenergy-Supply-Chain Planning under Epistemic Uncertainty: A New Approach
Babazadeh R
6537 - 6550 Optimal Production Scheduling in the Dairy Industries
Georgiadis GP, Kopanos GM, Karkaris A, Ksafopoulos H, Georgiadis MC
6551 - 6561 Recursive Gaussian Mixture Models for Adaptive Process Monitoring
Zheng JH, Wen QJ, Song ZH
6562 - 6575 Integrated VPSA Processes for Air Separation Based on Dual Reflux Configuration
Wang YY, An YX, Ding ZY, Shen YH, Tang ZL, Zhang DH
6576 - 6591 Data-Driven Plant-Wide Control Performance Monitoring
Zumoffen D, Braccia L, Luppi P
6592 - 6603 Distributed Supervised Fault Detection and Diagnosis for a Non-Gaussian Process
Tao Y, Shi HB, Song B, Tan S
6604 - 6612 A Techno-Economic Analysis of a Novel Solvent-Based Oxycombustion CO2 Capture Process
Cabral RP, Heldebrant DJ, Mac Dowell N
6613 - 6625 A Novel Approach for Detailed Modeling and Optimization To Improve Energy Saving in Multiple Effect Evaporator Systems
Bo D, Yang KR, Xie QS, He C, Zhang BJ, Chen QL, Qi ZW, Ren JZ, Pan M
6626 - 6634 Solvent Impregnated Polymers for Carbon Capture
Moore T, Biviano M, Mumford KA, Dagastine RR, Stevens GW, Webley PA
6635 - 6643 Easily Regenerative Carbon/Boehmite Composites with Enhanced Cyclic Adsorption Performance toward Methylene Blue in Batch and Continuous Aqueous Systems
Han BW, Cai WQ, Yang ZC
6644 - 6652 Optimal Design Procedure of Dual-Reflux Pressure Swing Adsorption Units for Nonlinear Separations
Rossi E, Storti G, Rota R
6653 - 6661 Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of Nitrogen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide Gases onto ZIF-8, Cu-10%/ZIF-8, and Cu-30%/ZIF-8
Awadallah-F A, Hillman F, Al-Muhtaseb SA, Jeong HK
6662 - 6669 Trace Benzene Separation from Vinyl Acetate: A Multiscale Simulation Study
Dong XQ, Hao WZ, Gan ZD, Chen YF, Zhang MH
6670 - 6678 Facile Preparation of Novel Ion-Imprinted Polymers for Selective Extraction of Br(I) Ions from Aqueous Solution
Wang Q, Liu XT, Zhang MH, Wang Z, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
6679 - 6686 Fabrication and Properties of Nanofiltration Membranes Assembled with Chitosan on Poly(Ether Sulfone) Membranes Surface-Functionalized with Acyl Chloride Groups
Lee S, Choi EY, Kim CK
6687 - 6695 Optimization of Pressure-Retarded Osmosis with Hollow-Fiber Membrane Modules by Numerical Simulation
Kishimoto M, Tanaka Y, Yasukawa M, Goda S, Higa M, Matsuyama H
6696 - 6703 Rapid Measurement of Gas Solubility in Ionic Liquids with a Simple Tube-in-Tube Reactor
Lan ML, Zhao ZJ, Zeng QQL, Zhou CJ, Zhang JS
6704 - 6711 Adsorption Desulfurization via pi-Complexation with Ag+-Exchanged Anionic Metal-Organic Framework
Cao YA, Lu SJ, Cui WL, Xu YY, Cao ZJ, Zeng YP
6712 - 6720 Formation of Macrovoid-Free PMDA-MDA Polyimide Membranes Using a Gelation/Non-Solvent-Induced Phase Separation Method for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration
Li Y, Xue JJ, Zhang X, Cao B, Li P
6721 - 6729 Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis Utilizing Hollow Fiber Membrane Module for Concentration Process
Togo N, Nakagawa K, Shintani T, Yoshioka T, Takahashi T, Kamio E, Matsuyama H
6730 - 6739 Removal of Organic Acids during Monoethylene Glycol Distillation and Reclamation To Minimize Long-Term Accumulation
Soames A, Barifcani A, Gubner R
6740 - 6746 110th Anniversary: High Performance Carbon Molecular Sieve Membrane Resistance to Aggressive Feed Stream Contaminants
Kumar R, Koros WJ
6747 - 6755 Morphology and Surface Chemistry of Gas-Wetting Nanoparticles and Their Effect on the Liquid Menisci in Porous Media
Jin JF, Wang YL, Nguyen TAH, Bai BJ, Ding WD, Bao MT
6756 - 6766 Effects of Fluid-Structure-Interaction and Surface Heterogeneity on the Electrophoresis of Microparticles
Mitra S, Mukherjee S, Ghosh A, Bandyopadhyay D
6767 - 6777 Liquid Phase Density, Sound Speed, and Vapor Pressure of Linear Alkanes Using the Mattedi-Tavares-Castier Equation of State
Hoffmann D, Castier M, Paredes MLL, Mattedi S
6778 - 6784 Water Plugging Performance of Preformed Particle Gel in Partially Filled Fractures
Sun L, Han Q, Li DB, Zhang X, Pu WF, Tang XM, Zhang YC, Bai BJ
6785 - 6795 Oxidation of Liquid Silicon in Air Atmospheres Containing Water Vapor
Ma Y, Jiang B, Moosavi-Khoonsari E, Andersson S, Opila EJ, Tranell GM
6796 - 6810 Study on the Plugging Performance of Bilayer-Coating Microspheres for In-Depth Conformance Control: Experimental Study and Mathematical Modeling
Cheng TT, Hou JR, Yang YL, You ZJ, Liu Y, Zhao FL, Li J
6811 - 6821 Thermodynamic Modeling of CaSO4-(NH4)(2)SO4-NH3-H2O Quaternary System with Asymmetric E-NRTL Model
Pan T, Liu Y, Qin W, Cheng YW, Wang LJ, Li X
6822 - 6829 Enhanced Micromixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids by a Novel Zigzag Punched Impeller
Yang J, Zhang QH, Mao ZS, Yang C
6830 - 6840 Oil-Filled Cryogels: New Approach for Storage and Utilization of Liquid Combustible Wastes
Vershinina KY, Glushkov DO, Nigay AG, Yanovsky VA, Yashutina OS
6841 - 6849 Thermodynamic Properties of Systems Comprising Esters: Experimental Data and Modeling with PC-SAFT and SAFT-gamma Mie
Haarmann N, Siewert R, Samarov AA, Verevkin SP, Held C, Sadowski G
6850 - 6859 New Thermodynamic Approach for Nonspherical Molecules Based on a Perturbation Theory for Ellipsoids
Lopes JT, France LFM
6860 - 6869 Prediction of Flash-Point Temperature of Alcohol/Biodiesel/Diesel Fuel Blends
Alvarez A, Lapuerta M, Agudelo JR
6870 - 6886 110th Anniversary: Accurate Modeling of the Simultaneous Absorption of H2S and CO2 in Aqueous Amine Solvents
Alkhatib III, Pereira LMC, Vega LF
6887 - 6898 Separation Efficiency of CO2 in Ionic Liquids/Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Composite Membrane: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Song T, Zhang XC, Li Y, Jiang K, Zhang SJ, Cui XM, Bai L
6899 - 6906 Adsorption Isotherms of Lignin-Derived Compounds on a Palladium Catalyst
Kumaniaev I, Samec JSM
6907 - 6918 Cure Kinetics and Properties of High Performance Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins Cured with Anhydride
Lu MP, Liu YC, Du XX, Zhang SH, Chen GK, Zhang Q, Yao S, Liang LY, Lu MG
6919 - 6924 High-Performance Isotactic Poly(1-butene)/Isotactic Polypropylene Alloys with in-Situ-Synthesized Poly(propylene-co-butene)
Nie HR, Xiao WJ, Ma YP, Liu CG, He AH
6925 - 6932 Innovative Dual-Compartment Flow Reactor Coupled with a Gas Diffusion Electrode for in Situ Generation of H2O2
Ding PP, Cui LL, Li D, Jing WH
6933 - 6947 Assessment of the Dispersion of Glycerol in Dimethyl Carbonate in a Stirred Tank
Murasiewicz H, Esteben J
6948 - 6956 Novel Working Solvent for the Production of Hydrogen Peroxide
Bai HX, Fang XC, Peng C