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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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5349 - 5357 Photocatalytic Reactor Design: Guidelines for Kinetic Investigation
Visan A, van Ommen JR, Kreutzer MT, Lammertink RGH
5358 - 5378 Driving Immobilized Lipases as Biocatalysts: 10 Years State of the Art and Future Prospects
Facin BR, Melchiors MS, Valerio A, Oliveira JV, de Oliveira D
5379 - 5387 Study on Oxidative Condensation of Toluene and Hydrazine/Aniline Catalyzed by Copper Complex Immobilized on Functionalized Graphene Oxide
Zand HRE, Ghafuri H, Rashidizadeh A, Khoushab Z
5388 - 5396 Catalytic Oxidation of Styrene over Ce-Substituted La1-xCexMnO3 Catalysts
Xiao G, Xin S, Wang H, Zhang RJ, Wei Q, Lin YX
5397 - 5403 SSZ-13 Synthesized by Solvent-Free Method: A Potential Candidate for NH3-SCR Catalyst with High Activity and Hydrothermal Stability
Shan YL, Shi XY, Du JP, Yan ZD, Yu YB, He H
5404 - 5413 Direct Conversion of Acetylene and 1,2-Dichloroethane to Vinyl Chloride Monomer over a Supported Carbon Nitride Catalyst: Tunable Activity Controlled by the Synthesis Temperature
Sun X, Liu X, Qin YC, Qiang L, He YP, Su DS, Song LJ, Sun ZL
5414 - 5422 Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenolysis/Hydrogenation of Biomass-Derived 5-Formyloxymethylfurfural to 2, 5-Dimethylfuran Over Ni-Cu Bimetallic Catalyst with Formic Acid As a Hydrogen Donor
Sun Y, Xiong CX, Liu QC, Zhang JR, Tang X, Zeng XH, Liu SJ, Lin L
5423 - 5431 Promoting Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification Performance of Al2O3@TiO2 Core-Shell Structure Adsorbents by Enhancing Oxidation Performance: Modification by Rare Earth Elements (La, Ce, and Y), Reaction Temperature, and Oxygen Concentration
Yi HH, Yang K, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Gao FY, Huang YH, Shi YR, Xie XZ, Zhang RC
5432 - 5444 Selective Hydroconversion of Oleic Acid into Aviation-Fuel-Range Alkanes over Ultrathin Ni/ZSM-5 Nanosheets
Feng FX, Wang L, Zhang XW, Wang QF
5445 - 5454 Kinetic Study of Belite Formation in Cement Raw Meals Used in the Calcium Looping CO2 Capture Process
Alonso M, Fernandez JR, Abanades JC
5455 - 5463 Enhanced Catalytic Performance of the FCC Catalyst with an Alumina Matrix Modified by the Zeolite Y Structure-Directing Agent
Xie MJ, Li YF, Etim UJ, Lou H, Xing W, Wu PP, Liu XH, Bai P, Yan ZF
5464 - 5471 Macro-Tribological Behaviors of Four Common Graphenes
Gao X, Ju PF, Liu XH, Chen L, Ji L, Li HX, Zhou HD, Chen JM
5472 - 5478 Melt Memory Effect beyond the Equilibrium Melting Point in Commercial Isotactic Polybutene-1
Liu PR, Xue YH, Men YF
5479 - 5489 Au-BINOL Hybrid Nanocatalysts: Insights into the Structure-Based Enhancement of Catalytic and Photocatalytic Performance
Patolla SR, Kao CR, Chen GW, Huang YC, Chuang YC, Sneed BT, Chou WC, Ong TG, Dong CL, Kuo CH
5490 - 5500 Two-Step Approach for Fabrication of Durable Superamphiphobic Fabrics for Self-Cleaning, Antifouling, and On-Demand Oil/Water Separation
Chen JH, Liu ZH, Wen XF, Xu SP, Wang F, Pi PH
5501 - 5509 High and Efficient CO2 Capture in Molten Nitrate-Modified Mg-Al-Palmitate Layered Double Oxides at High Pressures and Elucidation of Carbonation Mechanisms by in Situ DRIFT Spectroscopy Analysis
Lara-Garcia HA, Gao WL, Gomez-Cortes A, Diaz G, Pfeiffer H, Wang Q
5510 - 5515 Transparent Ta2O5 Protective Layer for Stable Silicon Photocathode under Full Solar Spectrum
Wang T, Liu SS, Li HM, Li CC, Luo ZB, Gong JL
5516 - 5525 Synthesis of g-C3N4 Nanosheet/TiO2 Heterojunctions Inspired by Bioadhesion and Biomineralization Mechanism
Yang D, Zhao XY, Chen Y, Wang WJ, Zhou ZY, Zhao ZF, Jiang ZY
5526 - 5532 Roles of Oxygen Functional Groups in Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption on Activated Carbon Surface: A Density Functional Study
Shen FH, Liu J, Gu CK, Wu DW
5533 - 5542 Biobased, Porous Poly(high internal phase emulsions): Prepared from Biomass-Derived Vanillin and Laurinol and Applied as an Oil Adsorbent
Zhang HY, Zhao R, Pan M, Deng JP, Wu YP
5543 - 5551 Creating Coordination Mismatch in MOFs: Tuning from Pore Structure of the Derived Supported Catalysts to Their Catalytic Performance
Tang FY, Wang LQ, Zhang GJ, Zhang M, Liu YN
5552 - 5566 Global Method for a Class of Operation Optimization Problem in Steel Rolling Systems
Tang LJ, Tang LX, Liu JY, Cheng C
5567 - 5578 Production of Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers from Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide-Part II: Modeling and Analysis for OME3-5
Burre J, Bongartz D, Mitsos A
5579 - 5587 Process Monitoring Based on Orthogonal Locality Preserving Projection with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Zhang JX, Chen MY, Chen H, Hong X, Zhou DH
5588 - 5601 Enlarging the Domain of Attraction of the Local Dynamic Mode Decomposition with Control Technique: Application to Hydraulic Fracturing
Bangi MSF, Narasingam A, Siddhamshetty P, Sang-Il Kwon J
5602 - 5612 Extractive Distillation with Ionic Liquid Entrainers for the Separation of Acetonitrile and Water
Li JL, Li TT, Peng CJ, Liu HL
5613 - 5621 Fabrication of Ecofriendly Recycled Marimo-like Hierarchical Micronanostructure Superhydrophobic Materials for Effective and Selective Separation of Oily Pollutants from Water
Xue S, Xu X, Zhang L
5622 - 5630 NMR Spectroscopic Study of Chemical Reactions in Mixtures Containing Oleic Acid, Formic Acid, and Formoxystearic Acid
Froscher A, Langenbach K, von Harbou E, Thiel WR, Hasse H
5631 - 5639 Impact of Particles on Breakage and Coalescence Processes during the Preparation of Solid-Stabilized Emulsions
Wan B, Tsabet E, Fradette L
5640 - 5649 Strategy Combining Free Volume Theory and Fragment Contribution Corresponding State Method for Predicting Viscosities of Ionic Liquids
Tu WH, Zeng SJ, Zhang XC, He XZ, Liu L, Zhang SJ, Zhang XP
5650 - 5664 Gas Adsorption and Interfacial Tension with Classical Density Functional Theory
Vergara ELC, Kontogeorgis GM, Liang XD
5665 - 5676 Impact of the Synthesis Procedure on Urea-Formaldehyde Resins Prepared by Alkaline-Acid Process
Goncalves C, Pereira J, Paiva N, Ferra J, Martins J, Magalhaes F, Barros-Timmons A, Carvalho L
5677 - 5685 Evolution of Polymorphic Structure in beta-Nucleated Isotactic Polypropylene under a Certain Pressure: Effects of Temperature and Flow
Lin JM, Li Y, Xu L, Hua WQ, Yang SG, Bian FG, Lei J, Li ZM
5686 - 5697 Two-Step Saccharification of Rice Straw Using Solid Acid Catalysts
Sukma LPP, Wang XH, Li S, Nguyen TT, Pu JL, Qian EW
5698 - 5706 Using Zn2+ lonomer To Catalyze Transesterification Reaction in Epoxy Vitrimer
Niu XL, Wang FF, Li XH, Zhang RC, Wu Q, Sun PC
5707 - 5714 Revealing Structural Differences between Alkaline and Kraft Lignins by HSQC NMR
Zhao CK, Huang JT, Yang LJ, Yue FX, Lu FC
5715 - 5724 Crystallization of Sodium Percarbonate from Aqueous Solution: Basic Principles of Spherulite Product Design
Yang WC, Xiong LX, Zhang MJ, Xie C, Hao HX, Hou BH, Yang YF, Zhou L, Yin QX
5725 - 5732 Thermophysical Properties of the Medium-Chain 1-Alkyl Halides in a Wide Range of Conditions: New Experimental Data and Predictions of CP-PC-SAFT and FT-EOS
Melent'ev VV, Postnikov EB, Nedyalkov YV, Polishuk I
5733 - 5736 110th Anniversary: Commentary: CFD as a Modeling Tool for Fixed Bed Reactors
Partopour B, Dixon AG
5737 - 5742 A Pillow-Shaped 3D Hierarchical Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Based on Conductive Silver Components-Coated Fabric and Random Fibers Assembly
Tian MW, Lu YJ, Qu LJ, Zhu SF, Zhang XS, Chen SJ
5743 - 5743 Comment on "Perturbed-Chain SAFT: An Equation of State Based on a Perturbation Theory for Chain Molecules"
Canas-Marin WA, Gonzalez DL, Hoyos BA
5744 - 5745 Reply to Comment on "Perturbed-Chain SAFT: An Equation of State Based on a Perturbation Theory for Chain Molecules"
Gross J, Sadowski G