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1 - 1 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry: At the Forefront of Chemical Engineering Research since 1909
Savage PE
2 - 10 Coupling Nonthermal Plasma with V2O5/TiO2 Nanofiber Catalysts for Enhanced Oxidation of Ethyl Acetate
Wu JF, Zhu XB, Cai YX, Tu X, Gao X
11 - 17 Dichlororesorufin-Based Colorimetric and Fluorescent Probe for Ultrasensitive Detection of Mercury Ions in Living Cells and Zebrafish
Duan QX, Lv XY, Liu CY, Geng ZF, Zhang FF, Sheng WL, Wang ZK, Jia P, Li ZL, Zhu HC, Zhu BC
18 - 26 Adsorption of HCl on Calcined Ca and Zn Hydrotalcite-like Compounds (HTLs) at Medium-High Temperature in Flue Gas
Cao J, Chen TY, Jin BS, Huang YJ, Hu CH
27 - 33 Methanol to Propylene over Foam SiC-Supported ZSM-5 Catalyst: Performance of Multiple Reaction-Regeneration Cycles
Liao ZW, Xu T, Jiang YT, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR, Jiao YL, Yang ZM, Zhang JS
34 - 43 Theoretical Study of Ionic Liquid Clusters Catalytic Effect on the Fixation of CO2
Tan X, Liu XM, Yao XQ, Zhang YQ, Jiang K
44 - 52 Pd Nanoclusters-Based Catalysts with Schiff Base Modifying Carrier for Co-2 Hydrogenation to Formic Acid
Zhou YP, Huang YQ, Jin B, Luo X, Liang ZW
53 - 59 Insight into Deactivation Behavior and Determination of Generation Time of the Hydroxyapatite Catalyst in the Dehydration of Lactic Acid to Acrylic Acid
Li C, Zhu QQ, Cui ZH, Wang B, Tan TW
60 - 68 Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of CHA Zeolite for Methanol-to-Olefins Reaction
Nasser GA, Muraza O, Nishitoba T, Malaibari Z, Yamani ZH, Al-Shammari TK, Yokoi T
69 - 78 In Situ Synthesis of TS-1 on Carbon Nanotube Decorated Nickel Foam with Ultrafine Nanoparticles and High Content of Skeleton Titanium
Zhang Z, Kong XX, Feng M, Luo ZH, Lu H, Cao GP
79 - 91 Fabrication of Highly Efficient and Hierarchical CdS QDs/CQDs/H-TiO2 Ternary Heterojunction: Surpassable Photocatalysis under Sun-like Illumination
Khan UA, Liu JJ, Pan JB, Ma HC, Zuo SL, Yu YC, Ahmad A, Ullah S, Li BS
92 - 100 Kinetic Study of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Synthesis from Fructose in High Pressure CO2-Water Two-Phase System
Labauze H, Camy S, Floquet P, Benjelloun-Mlayah B, Condoret JS
101 - 109 Vapor-Phase Deoxygenation of Lactic Acid to Biopropionic Acid over Dispersant-Enhanced Molybdenum Oxide Catalyst
Li XL, Pang J, Zhang J, Yin CY, Zou WX, Tang CM, Dong L
110 - 119 Evaluation of Effectiveness Factors for Multicomponent Diffusion Models Inside 3D Catalyst Shapes
Donaubauer PJ, Hinrichsen O
120 - 127 Enhanced Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity of a TiO2 Membrane-Assisted with N-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots and SiO2 Opal Photonic Crystal
Xie CC, Fan TT, Wang AJ, Chen SL
128 - 137 Catalytic Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid over Ru/Al2O3 in a Trickle-Bed Reactor
Ferreira ADD, de Mello MD, da Silva MAP
138 - 155 Mixed Flow Reactor Experiments and Modeling of Sulfuric Acid Neutralization in Lube Oil for Large Two-Stroke Diesel Engines
Lejre KH, Glarborg P, Christensen H, Mayer S, Kiil S
156 - 164 Enhanced CO2 Adsorption over Silica-Supported Tetraethylenepentamine Sorbents Doped with Alkanolamines or Alcohols
Zhao Y, Zhu YD, Zhu TL, Lin GP, Huo JB, Lv D, Wang HN, Sun Y
165 - 178 Enhanced Corrosion Barrier of Microarc-Oxidized Mg Alloy by Self-Healing Superhydrophobic Silica Coating
Jiang D, Xia XC, Hou J, Zhang XX, Dong ZH
179 - 186 Ethylene-Propylene Terpolymer-Modified Polyethylene-Based Phase Change Material with Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties for Building Application
Chen YF, Wu XJ, Yue ST, Liu J, Huang H
187 - 194 Facile Preparation of Robust Superhydrophobic Cotton Textile for Self-Cleaning and Oil-Water Separation
Yang MP, Liu WQ, Jiang C, Liu CH, He S, Xie YK, Wang ZF
195 - 206 Thin-Film Composite Membrane with Interlayer Decorated Metal-Organic Framework UiO-66 toward Enhanced Forward Osmosis Performance
Wang Y, Li XY, Zhao SF, Fang ZD, Ng D, Xie CX, Wang HT, Xie ZL
207 - 216 Feedback Real-Time Optimization Strategy Using a Novel Steady-state Gradient Estimate and Transient Measurements
Krishnamoorthy D, Jahanshahi E, Skogestad S
217 - 227 Robustness Analysis of Heat-Integrated Batch Process Networks
Shahane PS, Jogwar SS, Mathpatit CS
228 - 246 Organic and Inorganic Fouling in Heat Exchangers: Industrial Case Study Analysis of Fouling Rate
Diaz-Bejarano E, Behranvand E, Coletti F, Mozdianfard MR, Macchietto S
247 - 258 Hybrid Strategy Integrating Variable Selection and a Neural Network for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Modeling
Long J, Li TY, Yang ML, Hu GH, Zhong WM
259 - 275 Reactive Distillation Column Design for Tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) Production. Part II: Dynamic Properties and Inherent Safety
Palma-Barrera JP, Sanchez-Ramirez E, Ramirez-Marquez C, Cervantes-Jauregui JA, Segovia-Hernandez JG
276 - 295 Process Development, Assessment, and Control of Reactive Dividing-Wall Column with Vapor Recompression for Producing n-Propyl Acetate
Feng ZM, Shen WF, Rangaiah GP, Lv LP, Dong LC
296 - 305 Integrated Vacuum Stripping and Adsorption for the Efficient Recovery of (Biobased) 2-Butanol
Pereira JPC, Overbeek W, Gudino-Reyes N, Andres-Garcia E, Kapteijn F, van der Wielen LAM, Straathof AJJ
306 - 315 Selective Removal of Uranium from Rare Earth Leachates via Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction Using Schiff Base Ligands
Whitty-Leveille L, Reynier N, Lariviere D
316 - 333 Evaluation of Molecular Behavior of Priority of Water Pollutants with Ionic Liquids: COSMO Based Approach
Vivek MS, Anantharaj R, Shyam S, Mayuri N
334 - 341 Task-Specific Ionic Liquids Functionalized by Cobalt(II) Salen for Room Temperature Biomimetic Dioxygen Binding
Zheng QH, Thompson SJ, Zhou SJ, Lail M, Amato K, Rayer AV, Mecham J, Mobley P, Shen JP, Fletcher B
342 - 349 Fabrication of Porous Zirconia Microspheres as an Efficient Adsorbent for Removal and Recovery of Trace Se(IV) and Te(IV)
Wu XQ, Guo XJ, Zhang L
350 - 365 Equilibrium Theory-Based Assessment of Dual-Reflux Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycles That Utilize Light Gas for Pressure Swing
Bhatt TS, Storti G, Denayer JFM, Rota R
366 - 377 Moving Beyond Adsorption Capacity in Design of Adsorbents for CO2 Capture from Ultradilute Feeds: Kinetics of CO2 Adsorption in Materials with Stepped Isotherms
Darunte LA, Sen T, Bhawanani C, Walton KS, Sholl DS, Realff MJ, Jones CW
378 - 394 Separation of Hexane Isomers in ZIF-8 by Fixed Bed Adsorption
Henrique A, Rodrigues AE, Silva JAC
395 - 402 Solvent Screening and Process Optimization for Separating Propylene Oxide from Direct Propylene Epoxidation with H-2 and O-2
Lu MK, Zhao X, Zhou JH, Qian G, Duan XZ, Yuan WK, Zhou XG
403 - 410 Predictive Liquid Chromatography Separation for Mixtures of Functionalized Double-Decker Shaped Silsesquioxanes Based on HPLC Chromatograms
Vogelsang DF, Maleczka RE, Lee A
411 - 419 Improving the Predictability of Chemical Equilibrium Software
Liu Q, Proust C, Gomez F, Luart D, Len C
420 - 427 Coreflood Study of Effect of Surfactant Concentration on Foam Generation in Porous Media
Yu G, Rossen WR, Vincent-Bonnieu S
428 - 439 Phase Behavior Measurements and Modeling for N-2/CO2/Extra Heavy Oil Mixtures at Elevated Temperatures
Zhao QH, Li ZP, Wang SL, Lai FP, Li HZ
440 - 447 Solution Mechanism of Elemental Sulfur in Hydrogen Sulfide under Conditions of Natural Gas Transmission
Li CJ, Liu G, Peng Y
448 - 460 Determination of Thermodynamic Complexity Constants and Speciation for Multicomplexing Electrolytes within the Mean Spherical Approximation Model
Simonin JP
461 - 468 Continuous Multistage Electrochemical Precipitation Reactor for Water Softening
Yu Y, Jin HC, Quan XJ, Hong B, Chen XM
469 - 478 Determining the Liquid Phase Equilibrium Speciation of the CO2 - MEA-H2O System Using a Simplified in Situ Fourier Transform Infrared Method
du Preez LJ, Motang N, Callanan LH, Burger AJ
479 - 486 Oxygen-Enriched Gasification of Dried Sewage Sludge, Refuse-Derived Fuel, and Their Cogasification in a Laboratory-Scale Fluidized Bed
Chen TY, Cao J, Jin BS
487 - 495 Blends of Renewable Poly(butylene succinate) and Poly(propylene carbonate) Compatibilized with Maleic Anhydride Using Quad Screw Reactive Extrusion
Calderon BA, McCaughey MS, Thompson CW, Sobkowicz MJ
496 - 504 Highly Resilient Lignin-Containing Polyurethane Foam
Wang SY, Liu WF, Yang DJ, Qiu XQ
505 - 505 Effects of Oxygen Transition on Air Separation by Vacancy Order-Disorder Phase Perovskite Sorbents (vol 56, pg 6057, 2017)
Wu HC, Lin YS