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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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15597 - 15605 Plasmon-Enhanced Photodegradation of Ionic Liquids with Ag Nanocubes/ZnO Microsphere Composites
Lu WW, Huang QL, Zhang Y, Yao KS, Wang JJ
15606 - 15612 Supported Ag Catalysts on Mg-Al Oxides toward Oxidant-Free Dehydrogenation Reaction of Benzyl Alcohol
Liu W, Sun JL, Zhang X, Wei M
15613 - 15619 Impact of Pyrolysis Temperature on Charcoal Characteristics
Tintner J, Preimesberger C, Pfeifer C, Soldo D, Ottner F, Wriessnig K, Rennhofer H, Lichtenegger H, Novotny EH, Smidt E
15620 - 15631 Process Integration of Production, Purification, and Immobilization of beta-Glucosidase by Constructing Glu-linker-ELP-GB System
Rong JH, Han J, Zhou Y, Wang L, Li CM, Wang Y
15632 - 15637 In Situ Synthesis of TiO2-Doped Mesoporous Silica from Coal Fly Ash for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes
Wang BD, Zhou YX, Li L, Xu H, Sun YL, Du YS, Wang Y
15638 - 15646 Fe-N Co-doped Porous Carbon Derived from Ionic Liquids as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Liu Y, Li SS, Li XY, Mao LQ, Liu FJ
15647 - 15653 Effect of Reaction Pressures on Structure-Performance of Co2C-Based Catalyst for Syngas Conversion
An YL, Ling TJ, Yu F, Wang XX, Lu YW, Zhong LS, Wang H, Sun YH
15654 - 15662 In-Situ NMR Measurement of Reactivity Ratios for Copolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate and Diallyl Dimethylammoniunn Chloride
Feng JY, Oyeneye OO, Xu WZ, Charpentier PA
15663 - 15669 Vanadium Incorporation in Montmorillonite Clays for Oxidative Diesel Desulfurization
de Mello MIS, Sobrinho EV, da Silva VT, Pergher SBC
15670 - 15682 NO Reduction by CO over Highly Active and Stable Perovskite Oxide Catalysts La0.8Ce0.2M0.25Co0.75O3 (M = Cu, Mn, Fe): Effect of the Role in B Site
Wu YH, Li GY, Chu BX, Dong LH, Tong ZF, He HX, Zhang LL, Fan MG, Li B, Dong L
15683 - 15689 Hydrothermal Conversion of Cd-Enriched Rice Straw and Cu-Enriched Elsholtzia splendens with the Aims of Harmless Treatment and Resource Reuse
Chen H, Wang XL, Lu XL, Xu L, Wang JC, Lu XY
15690 - 15696 Formation Mechanism and Tuning for Bimodal Open-Celled Structure of Cellulose Acetate Foams Prepared by Supercritical CO2 Foaming and Poly(ethylene glycol) Leaching
Xu LQ, Qian SP, Zheng WG, Bai YK, Zhao YQ
15697 - 15702 Electrothernnal Conversion Phase Change Composites: The Case of Polyethylene Glycol Infiltrated Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Networks
Guo XF, Liu C, Li N, Zhang SD, Wang ZY
15703 - 15721 Synthesis and Surface Passivation of CuInS2/MnS/ZnS Core-Multishell Nanocrystals, Their Optical, Structural, and Morphological Characterization, and Their Bioimaging Applications
Renuga V, Mohan CN, Jaabir MSM, Prakash PA, Navaneethan M
15722 - 15730 Effect of the Oxidation Degree of Graphene Oxides on their Adsorption, Flocculation, and Antibacterial Behavior
Zolezzi C, Ihle CF, Angulo C, Palma P, Palza H
15731 - 15739 Copper Ore-Modified Activated Coke: Highly Efficient and Regenerable Catalysts for the Removal of SO2
Yuan J, Jiang X, Zou MJ, Yao L, Zhang CJ, Jiang WJ
15740 - 15748 Facile and Green Preparation of High UV-Blocking Lignin/Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites for Developing Natural Sunscreens
Yu J, Li L, Qian Y, Lou HM, Yang DJ, Qiu XQ
15749 - 15758 Interactions between Surfactants and Cellulose Nanofibrils for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Jakobsen TD, Simon S, Heggset EB, Syverud K, Paso K
15759 - 15772 Distributed Dynamic Modeling and Monitoring for Large-Scale Industrial Processes under Closed-Loop Control
Li WQ, Zhao CH, Huang B
15773 - 15784 Process for 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate Production Using Reactive Distillation: Design, Control, and Economic Evaluation
Moraru MD, Bildea CS
15785 - 15793 Multi-objective Operational Optimization of a Hydrotreating Process Based on Hydrogenation Reaction Kinetics
Wu L, Wang YQ, Zheng L, Han XL, Hong FR
15794 - 15802 Decentralized Modified Autoregressive Models for Fault Detection in Dynamic Processes
Tong CD, Lan T, Yu HZ, Shi XH
15803 - 15810 Effects of Divalent Cations on Electrical Membrane Resistance in Reverse Electrodialysis for Salinity Power Generation
Oh Y, Jeong Y, Han SJ, Kim CS, Kim H, Han JH, Hwang KS, Jeong N, Park JS, Chae S
15811 - 15823 Optimal Control of Small Size Single Tank Activated Sludge Process with Regulated Aeration and External Carbon Addition
Pallavhee T, Sundaramoorthy S, Sivasankaran MA
15824 - 15839 Comparative Kinetic Studies of Solid Absorber Catalyst (K/MgO) and Solid Desorber Catalyst (HZSM-5)-Aided CO2 Absorption and Desorption from Aqueous Solutions of MEA and Blended Solutions of BEA-AMP and MEA-MDEA
Afari DB, Coker J, Narku-Tetteh J, Idem R
15840 - 15845 Preparative Separation of Ginkgolic Acids from the Sarcotesta of Ginkgo biloba L. by beta-Cyclodextrin Clathration Coupled with pH-Zone-Refining and Recycling Countercurrent Chromatography
Yan HJ, Chen L, Bai AY, Zhao HQ, Kong M, Cui L
15846 - 15856 Performance of Asymmetric Particulate Filter with Soot and Ash Deposits: Analytical Solution and Its Application
Wang YJ, Pan YL, Su CS, Srinivasan A, Gong J, Kamp CJ
15857 - 15868 Modeling of the Mixture Critical Locus with a Modified Cubic Plus Association (CPA) EoS: Aromatics, Ketones, Ethers, Diethyl Carbonate, and THF
Palma AM, Queimada AJ, Coutinho JAP
15869 - 15883 Some Observations Regarding the Association Kernel of SAFT-VR-Mie. Is the Molecularly Inspired Contribution Always Necessary?
Garrido JM, Cea-Klapp E, Polishuk I
15884 - 15897 Identification of Key Transport Phenomena in High-Temperature Reactors: Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics
Liesche G, Sundmacher K
15898 - 15908 On Oil Recovery Mechanisms and Potential of DME-Brine Injection in the North Sea Chalk Oil Reservoirs
Javanmard H, Seyyedi M, Nielsen SM
15909 - 15915 The Effect of Monoethylene Glycol on Calcium Carbonate Solubility at High Temperatures
Odeigah EA, Pojtanabuntoeng T, Jones F, Gubner R
15916 - 15923 Better scCO(2) Foaming of Polypropylene via Earlier Crystallization with the Addition of Composite Nucleating Agent
Yang CG, Xing Z, Wang MH, Zhao Q, Wang ML, Zhang MJ, Wu GZ
15924 - 15934 Dynamic Analysis Model for the Diffusion Coefficient in High-Viscosity Polymer Solution
Cai LL, Lu JJ, Gao ZM, Cai ZQ
15935 - 15941 Understanding the Effects of Sample Preparation on the Chemical Structures of Petroleum Imaged with Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy
Zhang YL, Schuler B, Fatayer S, Gross L, Harper MR, Kushnerick JD
15942 - 15953 Phenol in Mixed Acid Benzene Nitration Systems
Afonso D, Ribeiro AFG, Araujo P, Vital J, Madeira LM
15954 - 15958 A United Chemical Thermodynamic Model: COSMO-UNIFAC
Dong YC, Zhu RS, Guo YY, Lei ZG
15959 - 15959 Shape Stable Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Alginate Cross-Linked Hydrogel under Drying-Rewetting Cycles: Boron Substitution (vol 57, pg 14213, 2018)
Tsai CJ, Chang YR, Lee DJ