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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.57, No.32 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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10719 - 10735 A Bibliometric Review and Analysis of Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis Methods for Process Systems
Alauddin M, Khan F, Imtiaz S, Ahmed S
10736 - 10753 Coking of Catalysts in Catalytic Glycerol Dehydration to Acrolein
Jiang XC, Zhou CH, Tesser R, Di Serio M, Tong DS, Zhang JR
10754 - 10785 Recent Advances in Structural Modifications of Hyperbranched Polymers and Their Applications
Bhat SI, Ahmadi Y, Ahmad S
10786 - 10797 Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of a Multifunctional Cellulose Derivative as an Environmentally Friendly Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor in Simulated Cooling Water Systems
Gan T, Zhang YJ, Yang MN, Hu HY, Huang ZQ, Feng ZF, Chen D, Chen CJ, Liang J
10798 - 10808 Enhanced Anticorrosion Performance and Mass Preparation of Magnetic Metal-Doped Zinc Oxide Nano Solid Solutions
Xue XZ, Shen J, Zhang JY, Liu JK, Wang XG, Zhu ZC
10809 - 10822 Structure Modifications of Hydrolytically-Degradable Polymer Flocculant for Improved Water Recovery from Mature Fine Tailings
Younes GR, Proper AR, Rooney TR, Hutchinson RA, Gumfekar SP, Soares JBP
10823 - 10831 Real-Time Monitoring of Bioethanol Fermentation with Industrial Musts Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
Rodrigues KCS, Sonego JLS, Bernardo A, Ribeiro MPA, Cruz AJG, Badino AC
10832 - 10840 Biomimicking of Hierarchal Molluscan Shell Structure Via Layer by Layer 3D Printing
Yadav R, Gond R, Dutta A, Wang XG, Naebe M, Kandasubramanian B
10841 - 10850 Comparing Immobilized Cellulase Activity in a Magnetic Three-Phase Fluidized Bed Reactor under Three Types of Magnetic Field
Cui J, Li L, Kou LM, Rong H, Li B, Zhang X
10851 - 10858 Promotion Effect of SiO2 on the Catalytic Performance of Ni/CF for Biomass Derived Gas Reforming
Wei YX, Song M, Yu L, Gao RQ, Meng FY, Xiao J, Zhang YY
10859 - 10865 Organic-Inorganic Composites Based on Gel-Type Sulfonic Resin KU-2-8 and Zirconia: Acid and Catalytic Properties in the Etherification Reaction of iso-Butylene with Ethanol
Vlasenko NV, Kochkin YN, Serebrii TG, Strizhak PE
10866 - 10875 Facile Approach To Design Thermally Safe Operating Conditions for Isoperibolic Homogeneous Semibatch Reactors Involving Exothermic Reactions
Guo ZC, Feng W, Li SR, Zhou P, Chen LP, Chen WH
10876 - 10882 Aluminum Fluoride Modified Beta Zeolite as Highly Selective Catalyst for the Esterification of sec-Butanol with Acetic Acid
Li JH, Liu HY, Li FJ, An TL, Bao XJ
10883 - 10892 In Situ Removal of HBr via Microdroplets for High Selectivity Bromobutyl Rubber Synthesis in a Microreaction System
Xie P, Wang K, Zhang JS, Hu YP, Luo GS
10893 - 10904 Fabrication of Coral-like Pd based Porous MnO2 Nanosheet Arrays on Nickel Foam for Methanol Electrooxidation
Cheng Y, Guo MS, Yu YN, Zhai MM, Guo R, Hu JB
10905 - 10914 Simultaneous Tar Reforming and Syngas Methanation for Bio-Substitute Natural Gas
Zhang JJ, Wang GY, Xu SP
10915 - 10921 Efficient Alcoholysis of Polycarbonate Catalyzed by Recyclable Lewis Acidic Ionic Liquids
Guo J, Liu MS, Gu YQ, Wang YC, Gao J, Liu FS
10922 - 10934 Process Characteristics and Rheological Properties of Free Radical Polymerization in Microreactors
Song Y, Shang MJ, Zhang H, Xu WH, Pu X, Lu QH, Su YH
10935 - 10944 Insights into Maximum Temperature of Synthesis Reaction for Liquid-Liquid Semibatch Reactions: Diffusion Controlled Reactions of Arbitrary Orders
Zhu YN, Feng W, Zhou P, Guo ZC, Chen LP, Chen WH
10945 - 10955 Regenerable CuO/gamma-Al2O3-Reduced Graphene Oxide Adsorbent with a High Adsorption Capacity for Dibenzothiophene from Model Diesel Oil
Ma HQ, Sun X, Wang MJ, Zhang JS
10956 - 10966 Organosilane Surfactant-Directed Synthesis of Hierarchical ZSM-5 Zeolites with Improved Catalytic Performance in Methanol-to-Propylene Reaction
Chen HY, Yang MF, Shang WJ, Tong Y, Liu BY, Han XL, Zhang JB, Hao QQ, Sun M, Ma XX
10967 - 10976 Fabrication of Polyamide 6 Nanocomposite with Improved Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Properties via Incorporation of Low Graphene Content
Wang R, Wu LX, Zhuo DX, Zhang JH, Zheng YD
10977 - 10984 Size-Dependent Surface Basicity of Nano-CeO2 and Desorption Kinetics of CO2 on Its Surface
Cui ZX, Gan JZ, Fan J, Xue YQ, Zhang R
10985 - 10991 Cobalt Incorporated Porous Aromatic Framework for CO2/CH4 Separation
Zhang WC, Cheng YH, Guo CS, Xie CP, Xiang ZH
10992 - 11004 Magnesium Thiodialkanoates: Dually-Functional Additives to Organic Coatings
Bromberg L, Su X, Phillips KR, Hatton TA
11005 - 11013 Enhanced Comprehensive Properties of Nylon-6 Nanocomposites by Aniline-Modified Boron Nitride Nanosheets
Wang ZJ, Li Q, Chen ZM, Liu JF, Liu TF, Li HY, Zheng SR
11014 - 11019 Blowing Agent Permeation Properties of Bisazide Treated Styrenic Polymers
Matteucci ST, Hood LS, Crosthwaite JM
11020 - 11030 Modification of Poly(butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) with Lactic Acid for Biodegradable Copolyesters with Good Mechanical and Barrier Properties
Hu H, Zhang RY, Shi L, Ying WB, Wang JG, Zhu J
11031 - 11038 Graphitic Carbon Nitride Functionalized with Polyethylenimine for Highly Effective Capture of Carbon Dioxide
Peng HL, Zhong FY, Zhang JB, Zhang JY, Wu PK, Huang K, Fan JP, Jiang LL
11039 - 11049 Evaluation of a Hybrid Clustering Approach for a Benchmark Industrial System
Fontes CH, Budman H
11050 - 11060 Extractive Distillation Optimization Using Simulated Annealing and a Process Simulation Automation Server
Yang XL, Ward JD
11061 - 11075 A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing Future Natural Gas Supply and Demand
Daneshzand F, Amin-Naseri MR, Elkamel A, Fowler M
11076 - 11093 Successive LP Approximation for Nonconvex Blending in MILP Scheduling Optimization Using Factors for Qualities in the Process Industry
Kelly JD, Menezes BC, Grossmann IE
11094 - 11111 A Sequential Integration between Optimal Flexible Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis and Control Structure Design
Braccia L, Marchetti PA, Luppi P, Zumoffen D
11112 - 11129 Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels under Uncertainty Using Robust Optimization
Matthews LR, Guzman YA, Onel O, Niziolek AM, Floudas CA
11130 - 11140 Tracking Control of Optimal Profiles in a Nonlinear Fed-Batch Bioprocess under Parametric Uncertainty and Process Disturbances
Pantano MN, Fernandez MC, Serrano ME, Ortiz OA, Scaglia GJE
11141 - 11153 Evaluating Regeneration Options of Solid Amine Sorbent for CO2 Removal
Bos MJ, Kroeze V, Sutanto S, Brilman DWF
11154 - 11166 CO2 Capture in Chemically and Thermally Modified Activated Carbons Using Breakthrough Measurements: Experimental and Modeling Study
Karimi M, Silva JAC, Goncalves CNDP, de Tuesta JLD, Rodrigues AE, Gomest HT
11167 - 11177 Separation of the Methanol-Ethanol-Water Mixture Using Ionic Liquid
Dong YC, Dai CN, Lei ZG
11178 - 11185 Fabrication of High Performance Pervaporation Desalination Composite Membranes by Optimizing the Support Layer Structures
Li Q, Cao B, Li P
11186 - 11194 Detailed Examination of Energy Flows and Entropy Generation in Low Pressure Binary Distillation Columns
O'Connell JP
11195 - 11209 The Role of Polyfunctionality in the Formation of [Ch]Cl-Carboxylic Acid-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents
Crespo EA, Silva LP, Martins MAR, Bulow M, Ferreira O, Sadowski G, Held C, Pinho SP, Coutinho JAP
11210 - 11218 Adsorption Isotherms of Liquid Isomeric Mixtures
Goetsch T, Zimmermann P, Scharzec B, Enders S, Zeiner T
11219 - 11228 Gas Transport in Shale Nanopores with Mobile High-Viscosity Water Film
Li R, Wu KL, Li J, Xu JZ, Chen ZX
11229 - 11238 Improved Directional Hydrogen Bonding Interactions for the Prediction of Activity Coefficients with COSMO-SAC
Chang CK, Chen WL, Wu DT, Lin ST
11239 - 11245 Physiochemical Property Characterization of Hydrous and Anhydrous Ethanol Blended Gasoline
Shirazi SA, Abdollahipoor B, Martinson J, Reardon KF, Windom BC
11246 - 11256 Enzymatic Enantioselective Hydrolysis of 2-(3-Chlorophenyl) Propionic Acid Ester Enhanced by PEG: Experiment and Optimization
Zhang PL, Cheng Q, Xu WF, Tang KW
11257 - 11257 Kinetic Model Development for Dehydration of 2,3-Butanediol to 1,3-Butadiene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone over an Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Catalyst (vol 55, pg 11664, 2016)
Song D
11258 - 11258 Diverse Physical States of Amorphous Precursors in Zeolite Sol Gel Syntheses (vol 57, pg 8460, 2018)
Li R, Chawla A, Linares N, Sutjianto JG, Chapman KW, Martinez JG, Rimer JD