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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.57, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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7315 - 7321 Light Cycle Oil Upgrading to High Quality Fuels and Petrochemicals: A Review
Laredo GC, Merino PMV, Hernandez PS
7322 - 7330 Design of Melamine Sponge-Based Three-Dimensional Porous Materials toward Applications
Feng Y, Yao JF
7331 - 7344 Solvent Polarity of Cyclic Ketone (Cyclopentanone, Cyclohexanone): Alcohol (Methanol, Ethanol) Renewable Mixed-Solvent Systems for Applications in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing
Duereh A, Guo HX, Honma T, Hiraga Y, Sato Y, Smith RL, Inomata H
7345 - 7354 Reaction Kinetics and Subsequent Rheology of Carboxymethyl Guar Gum Produced from Guar Splits
Gao J, Grady BP
7355 - 7362 Spectroscopic Characterization of Model Compounds, Reactants, and Byproducts Connected with an Isocyanate Production Chain
Gibson EK, Callison J, Winfield JM, Sutherland A, Carr RH, Eaglesham A, Parker SF, Lennon D
7363 - 7373 Density Functional Theory Investigation on the Synthesis Mechanism of Vinyl Acetate from Acetylene and Acetic Acid Catalyzed by Ordered Mesoporous Carbon-Supported Zinc Acetate
Dong XQ, Wang YC, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
7374 - 7382 Mesoporous Silica-Supported Manganese Oxides for Complete Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds: Influence of Mesostructure, Redox Properties, and Hydrocarbon Dimension
Wang Z, Qin Y, Pan F, Li Z, Zhang WD, Wu F, Chen D, Wen WJ, Li JJ
7383 - 7394 Feasibility of Siloxane Removal from Biogas Using an Ultraviolet Photodecomposition Technique
Divsalar A, Sun L, Dods MN, Divsalar H, Prosser RW, Egolfopoulos FN, Tsotsis TT
7395 - 7403 Flowerlike Hierarchical Y with Dramatically Increased External Surface: A Potential Catalyst Contributing to Improving Precracking for Bulky Reactant Molecules
Du YZ, Kong QL, Gao ZH, Wang ZJ, Zheng JJ, Qin B, Pan M, Li WL, Li RF
7404 - 7420 Modeling Study of High Temperature Pyrolysis of Natural Gas
Gudiyella S, Buras ZJ, Chu TC, Lengyel I, Pannala S, Green WH
7421 - 7430 Two-Step Thermal Cracking of an Extra-Heavy Fuel Oil: Experimental Evaluation, Characterization, and Kinetics
Ghashghaee M, Shirvani S
7431 - 7440 Characterizing Electrocatalysts with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Jantz DT, Leonard KC
7441 - 7449 Achieving Low-Cost and Accelerated Living Cationic Polymerization of Isobutyl Vinyl Ether in Microflow System
Xie D, Lu YC
7450 - 7457 Fiber-Supported Poly(quaternaryammonium Bromide)s as Supported-Phase Transfer Catalysts in the Spinning Basket Reactor
Shi XL, Chen YJ, Hu QQ, Meng H, Duan PG
7458 - 7465 Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with NH3 over Novel Fe-Ni-Ti Catalyst
Liu ZM, Feng X, Zhou ZZ, Xu Q
7466 - 7475 Coupled Fluidized Bed Reactor for Pyridine Synthesis
Zhou SS, Liu SH, Wei YF, Li XH, Lu CX, Liu MX, Bi XT
7476 - 7485 Partial Least-Squares Regression as a Tool To Predict Fluoropolymer Surface Modification by Dielectric Barrier Discharge in a Corona Process Configuration in a Nitrogen-Organic Gaseous Precursor Environment
Vallade J, Turgeon S, Laroche G
7486 - 7494 Surface Modification of As-Prepared Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres through Mussel-Inspired Functionalization and Its Application Properties in Silicone Rubber
Hao MZ, Zhao W, Li RY, Zou H, Tian M, Zhang LQ, Wang WC
7495 - 7506 Narrowly Dispersed, Degradable, and Scalable Poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate)-Based Nanogels via Thermal Self-Assembly
Simpson MJ, Corbett B, Arezina A, Hoare T
7507 - 7515 Investigation on Upconversion Luminescence and Optical Temperature Sensing Behavior for Ba2Gd2Si4O13:Yb3+-Er3+/Ho3+/Tm3+ Phosphors
Zhang J, Jiang XM, Hua ZH
7516 - 7524 Manufacturing of Thermally Remoldable Blends from Epoxidized Soybean Oil and Poly(lactic acid) via Dynamic Cross-Linking in a Twin-Screw Extruder
Liu WD, Qiu JH, Fei ME, Qiu RH, Sakai E
7525 - 7532 Ultrafast, Continuous and Shape-Controlled Preparation of CeO2 Nanostructures: Nanorods and Nanocubes in a Microfluidic System
Yao HB, Wang YJ, Jing Y, Luo GS
7533 - 7543 Spectroscopic Investigation of Enhanced Adsorption of U(VI) and Eu(III) on Magnetic Attapulgite in Binary System
Xie Y, Shao DD, Lu XR, Hayat T, Alharbi NS, Chen CL, Song G, Chen DY, Sun YB
7544 - 7554 Optimizing Workover Rig Fleet Sizing and Scheduling Using Deterministic and Stochastic Programming Models
Perez MAF, Oliveira F, Hamacher S
7555 - 7565 Optimal Design of Petroleum Refinery Configuration Using a Model-Based Mixed-Integer Programming Approach with Practical Approximation
Albahri TA, Khor CS, Elsholkami M, Elkamel A
7566 - 7582 Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Process Monitoring Based on Simplified R-Vine Copula
Zhou N, Li SJ
7583 - 7599 Data-Driven Nonlinear Control Design Using Virtual-Reference Feedback Tuning Based on the Block-Oriented Modeling of Nonlinear Systems
Jeng JC, Lin YW
7600 - 7612 Development of a Coke Oven Gas Assisted Coal to Ethylene Glycol Process for High Techno-Economic Performance and Low Emission
Yang QC, Zhang CW, Zhang DW, Zhou HR
7613 - 7623 Separation Performance of a Novel Liquid-Liquid Dynamic Hydrocyclone
Huang L, Deng SS, Guan JF, Hua WX, Chen M
7624 - 7632 Hydrothermal Extraction of Antioxidant Compounds from Green Coffee Beans and Decomposition Kinetics of 3-o-Caffeoylquinic Acid
Sato T, Takahata T, Honma T, Watanabe M, Wagatsuma M, Matsuda S, Smith RL, Itoh N
7633 - 7642 Effect of Ion Cluster on Concentration of Long-Alkyl-Chain Ionic Liquids Aqueous Solution by Nanofiltration
Qian JG, Liu XM, Yan RY, Li CS, Zhang XP, Zhang SJ
7643 - 7654 Modified Density Gradient Theory for Surfactant Molecules Applied to Oil/Water Interfaces
Mu XQ, Xi S, Alpak FO, Chapman WG
7655 - 7663 Evolution and Size Distribution of Solid CO2 Particles in Supercritical CO2 Releases
Teng L, Li YX, Zhang DT, Ye X, Gu SW, Wang CL, Wang JH
7664 - 7675 Computational Study of Single Droplet Deposition on Randomly Rough Surfaces: Surface Morphological Effect on Droplet Impact Dynamics
Xiao J, Pan F, Xia HT, Zou SY, Zhang H, George OA, Zhou F, Huang YL
7676 - 7691 An Accurate and Efficient Look-up Table Equation of State for Two-Phase Compressible Flow Simulations of Carbon Dioxide
Fang Y, De Lorenzo M, Lafon P, Poncet S, Bartosiewicz Y
7692 - 7699 Visual Study of Liquid Flow in a Spinning Disk Reactor with a Hydrophobic Surface
Wu XS, Luo Y, Chu GW, Xu YC, Sang L, Sun BC, Chen JF
7700 - 7710 Optimization of Spent Cathode Carbon Purification Process under Ultrasonic Action Using Taguchi Method
Yuan J, Xiao J, Tian ZL, Yang K, Yao Z
7711 - 7716 Preparation of High Purity Lactide Using a High-Boiling-Point Alcohol Immobilization Method
Wang GC, Tang SG, Cao F, Wu HL, Jia HH, Wei P, Ouyang PK
7717 - 7725 Stabilization of Bed Inclination Angle in Rotary Drums by Using Computer Vision
Flores-Gutierrez CP, Reyes-Obando A, Renteria-Vidales OI, Femat R
7726 - 7731 Short-Cut Methods versus Rigorous Methods for Performance-Evaluation of Distillation Configurations
Ramapriya GM, Selvarajah A, Cucaita LEJ, Huff J, Tawarmalani M, Agrawal R