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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.57, No.18 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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6025 - 6039 Waste Conversion and Resource Recovery from Wastewater by Ion Exchange Membranes: State-of-the-Art and Perspective
Zhao WY, Zhou MM, Yan BH, Sun XH, Liu Y, Wang YM, Xu TW, Zhang Y
6040 - 6047 Magnetic Framework Composites for Low Concentration Methane Capture
Sadiq MM, Rubio-Martinez M, Zadehahmadi F, Suzuki K, Hill MR
6048 - 6056 Reaction Conversion for a Plasma-Based Steady-State Flow Process Is Independent of Reactor Volume
Toth JR, Shen XZ, Lacks DJ, Sankaran RM
6057 - 6067 Degradation of Amine Solvents in a CO2 Capture Plant at Lab-Scale: Experiments and Modeling
Delgado S, Valentin B, Bontemps D, Authier O
6068 - 6079 Optimal Design of Bypass Line for an Industrial-Scale 8-Leg Polyolefin Loop Reactor to Manage Slurry Dispersion Using Hydraulic and CFD Simulations
Li YH, Yu JL, Reddy R, Rao A, Vijay S, Elovainio E, Wurnisch C, Nandakumar K
6080 - 6087 Reducing the Fouling Potential in a Continuous Polymerization Millireactor via Geometry Modification
Begall MJ, Krieger A, Recker S, Herbstritt F, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A
6088 - 6096 Effect of Pre-reaction Ball Milling on Kinetics of Lanthanum Phosphate Roasting with Sodium Carbonate
Burgess WA, Keller MJ, Lekse JW, Howard BH, Roth EA, Granite EJ
6097 - 6114 Modeling Condensed Mode Operation for Ethylene Polymerization: Part III. Mass and Heat Transfer
Alizadeh A, Sharif F, Ebrahimi M, McKenna TFL
6115 - 6122 Empirical Mass and Kinetic Models for the Flash Evaporation of NaCl-Water Solution
Liu Y, Luo Q, Wang GD, Zhao SY, Li XL, Na P
6123 - 6130 A Novel Continuous Multiphase Reactor for Chemically Processing Polymer Fibers
Hukkanen EJ, Barton BE, Patton JT, Schlader DR, Zhang YQ, Qiu XH, Brehm L, Haskins B, Wang WJ, Horstman N, Spalding MA, Hickman DA, Derstine CW
6131 - 6140 Rare Earth/Transition Metal Oxides for Syngas Tar Reforming: A Model Compound Study
Lee J, Li R, Janik MJ, Dooley KM
6141 - 6152 Effects of the Ethoxide in the Coordination Sphere of Titanium on the Performance of MgCl2-Based Ziegler-Natta Catalyst
Fisch AG
6153 - 6160 Determination of Interfiber Bonded Area Based on the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Technique
Li HL, Zhang HJ, Zhang FS, Li XL, Legere S, Ni YH
6161 - 6170 Colored Poly(vinyl chloride) by Femtosecond Laser Machining
Ahmmed KMT, Mafi R, Kietzig AM
6171 - 6179 Facile Synthesis of Chitosan-Coated Silica Nanocapsules via Interfacial Condensation Approach for Sustained Release of Vanillin
Fan QQ, Ma JZ, Xu QN, Wang J, Ma YX
6180 - 6188 Preparation of Mesoporous Carbon Materials through Mechanochemical Reaction of Calcium Carbide and Transition Metal Chlorides
Zhang K, Tao SJ, Xu XB, Meng H, Lu YZ, Li CX
6189 - 6200 Premodified Sepiolite Functionalized with Triethylenetetramine as an Effective and Inexpensive Adsorbent for CO2 Capture
Yuan M, Gao G, Hu XY, Luo X, Huang YQ, Jin B, Liang ZW
6201 - 6209 Room-Temperature Synthesis of Magnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks Composites in Water for Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue and As(V)
Huang LJ, Cai JY, He M, Chen BB, Hu B
6210 - 6217 Promising Three-Dimensional Flowerlike CuWO4 Photoanode Modified with CdS and FeOOH for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Zhou M, Liu ZH, Li XF, Liu ZF
6218 - 6225 Nanoclay-Based PVA Aerogels: Synthesis and Characterization
Simon-Herrero C, Gomez L, Romero A, Valverd JL, Sanchez-Silva L
6226 - 6235 A MIL-101 Composite Doped with Porous Carbon from Tobacco Stem for Enhanced Acetone Uptake at Normal Temperature
Li DH, Li LQ, Chen RF, Wang CH, Li HL, Li HY
6236 - 6245 Stability Control of AgPd@Pt Trimetallic Nanoparticles via Ag-Pd Core Structure and Composition: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Akbarzadeh H, Abbaspour M, Mehrjouei E, Kamrani M
6246 - 6256 Hierarchical NiO@NiCo2O4 Core-shell Nanosheet Arrays on Ni Foam for High-Performance Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Yao D, Ouyang Y, Jiao XY, Ye HT, Lei W, Xia XF, Lu L, Hao QL
6257 - 6264 Crystallization of Green Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) Nanocomposites with Starch Nanocrystal: The Nucleation Role Switching of Starch Nanocrystal with Its Surface Acetylation
Zhang GR, Xu CJ, Wu DF, Xie WY, Wang ZF
6265 - 6274 Anisotropic Shape Memory Behaviors of Polylactic Acid/Citric Acid-Bentonite Composite with a Gradient Filler Concentration in Thickness Direction
Fu LH, Wu FD, Xu CH, Cao TH, Wang RM, Guo SH
6275 - 6283 Mussel-Inspired Monovalent Selective Cation Exchange Membranes Containing Hydrophilic MIL53(Al) Framework for Enhanced Ion Flux
Li J, Zhu JY, Yuan SS, Li X, Zhao ZJ, Zhao Y, Liu YX, Volodine A, Li JS, Shen JN, Van der Brugge B
6284 - 6291 Technical Lignins and Their Utilization in the Surface Sizing of Paperboard
Kopacic S, Ortner A, Guebitz G, Kraschitzer T, Leitner J, Bauer W
6292 - 6302 Process Transition Based on Dynamic Optimization with the Case of a Throughput-Fluctuating Ethylene Column
Huan D, Luo XL
6303 - 6316 Formulation of a New Trend Cumulative Sum Chart to Monitor Batch Process Variables
Zhang LB, Ma X, Hu JQ, Dong SH, Palazoglu A
6317 - 6329 Feasibility Evaluation of a Novel Middle Vapor Recompression Distillation Column
Cong HF, Murphy JP, Li XG, Li H, Gao X
6330 - 6343 An Optimization-Based Approach for Simultaneous Chemical Process and Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis
Kong LX, Maravelias CT
6344 - 6352 Data Driven Modeling Using an Optimal Principle Component Analysis Based Neural Network and Its Application to a Nonlinear Coke Furnace
Zhang RD, Lv Q, Tao JL, Gao FR
6353 - 6363 Exponential Smoothing Reconstruction Approach for Incipient Fault Isolation
Ji HQ, He X, Shang J, Zhou DH
6364 - 6376 Silica Nanoparticle Assisted Polymer Flooding of Heavy Crude Oil: Emulsification, Rheology, and Wettability Alteration Characteristics
Saha R, Uppaluri RVS, Tiwari P
6377 - 6390 A Novel Method To Find All Physical Solutions of Constrained Chemical Engineering Models in Polynomial Equations
Zhao F, Chen X, Zhu LY
6391 - 6400 Start-up Time and Load Range for the Methanation of Carbon Dioxide in a Fixed-Bed Recycle Reactor
Matthischke S, Roensch S, Guttel R
6401 - 6416 Process Modeling and Simulation of an Industrial-Scale Plant for Green Ethylene Production
Maia JGSS, Demuner RB, Secchi AR, Melo PA, do Carmo RW, Gusmao GS
6417 - 6425 Calcined MgAl-Layered Double Hydroxide/Graphene Hybrids for Capacitive Deionization
Ren QD, Wang G, Wu TT, He X, Wang JR, Yang J, Yu C, Qiu JS
6426 - 6439 Adsorption of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from Aqueous Solutions using Cu2+ Amino Grafted SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica: Multicomponent and Metabolites Adsorption
Ortiz-Martinez K, Vargas-Valentin DA, Hernandez-Maldonado AJ
6440 - 6450 CHF3-CHClF2 Binary Competitive Adsorption Equilibria in Graphitic Slit Pores: Monte Carlo Simulations and Breakthrough Curve Experiments
Fu Q, Tanaka H, Miyahara MT, Qin YJ, Shen YH, Zhang DH
6451 - 6463 Industrial Scale Propylene/Propane Separation Using Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption
Kuah WC, Effendy S, Farooq S
6464 - 6476 Heat and Mass Transport Characteristics of Pressure Swing Adsorption for the Removal of High-Level Moisture along with CO2 from Air
Shi YF, Liu XJ
6477 - 6482 Efficient Removal of Pb(2+)from Aqueous Solution by an Ionic Covalent-Organic Framework: Molecular Simulation Study
Gupta KM, Zhang K, Jiang JW
6483 - 6492 Novel Biohybrid Polysulfone Membranes with Physically Immobilized Gramicidin for Ion-Exchange Applications
Szalata K, Pande G, Gumi T
6493 - 6504 Fluid Dynamics and Mass Transfer Study of Electrochemical Oxidation by CFD Prediction and Experimental Validation
Liu L, Cai WF, Chen YQ, Wang Y
6505 - 6515 Mass Transfer in Dilute Solid-Liquid Stirred Tanks
Carletti C, Bikic S, Montante G, Paglianti A
6516 - 6529 Thermal Conductivity of Ionic Liquids and IoNanofluids and Their Feasibility as Heat Transfer Fluids
Franca JMP, Lourenco MJV, Murshed SMS, Padua AAH, de Castro CAN
6530 - 6537 A Model for Gas Transport in Dual-Porosity Shale Rocks with Fractal Structures
Xu JZ, Wu KL, Li ZD, Pan Y, Li R, Li J, Chen ZX
6538 - 6552 Vortex Formation and Subsequent Air Entrainment inside a Liquid Pool
Kumar P, Prajapati M, Das AK, Mitra SK
6553 - 6567 Colloid Transport in Aggregated Porous Media with Intra- and Interaggregate Porosities
Bai HJ, Lassabatere L, Lamy E
6568 - 6575 Simultaneous Removal of COS, H2S, and Dust in Industrial Exhaust Gas by DC Corona Discharge Plasma
Wang LL, Wang XQ, Ning P, Cheng C, Ma YX, Zhang R
6576 - 6584 Hydrothermal Degradation of Cellulose at Temperature from 200 to 300 degrees C
Gagic T, Perva-Uzunalic A, Knez Z, Skerget M
6585 - 6593 Current Pulsated Electrochemical Precipitation for Water Softening
Yu Y, Jin HC, Jin XD, Yan RX, Zhang L, Chen XM