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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.56, No.38 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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10516 - 10525 Review on 3D Prototyping of Damage Tolerant Interdigitating Brick Arrays of Nacre
Yadav R, Naebe M, Wang X, Kandasubramanian B
10526 - 10551 Next-Generation Nanoporous Materials: Progress and Prospects for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration
Stevens DM, Shu JY, Reichert M, Roy A
10552 - 10581 Molecular Epitaxy on Two-Dimensional Materials: The Interplay between Interactions
Tian T, Shih CJ
10582 - 10590 Conversion of Wood-Based Hemicellulose Prehydrolysate into Succinic Acid Using a Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst in a Biphasic System
Dalli SS, Tilaye TJ, Rakshit SK
10591 - 10596 Confined-Space Mechanism Inspired by the Ingenious Fabrication of a Forster Resonance Energy Transfer System as a Ratiometric Probe for Ag+ Recognition
Du JJ, Zhu T, Ma WJ, Cao WB, Gu QY, Fan JL, Peng XJ
10597 - 10604 Synthesis and Characterization of Oligomeric Ionic Liquid/Heteropoly Acid Composite as a New Heterogeneous Catalyst through Anion-Exchange Method for Selective Cyclohexane Oxidation with Molecular Oxygen under Solvent-Free Conditions
Sammah N, Ghiaci M
10605 - 10614 Removal of Cd2+, Zn2+, and Sr2+ by Ion Flotation, Using a Surface-Active Derivative of DTPA (C-12-DTPA)
Eivazihollagh A, Tejera J, Svanedal I, Edlund H, Blanco A, Norgren M
10615 - 10622 Shielding of Enzyme by a Stable and Protective Organosilica Layer on Monolithic Scaffolds for Continuous Bioconversion
Shi JF, Tian Y, Liu H, Yang D, Zhang SH, Wu YZ, Jiang ZY
10623 - 10630 Plant-Mediated Synthesis of Pd Catalysts toward Selective Hydrogenation of 1,3-Butadiene: The Effect of Halide Ions
Xu Y, Ma D, Yu J, Jiang X, Huang JL, Sun DH
10631 - 10638 Platinum Nanoparticles Loaded on Metal-Organic Complexes as New and Recyclable Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes
Gao SY, Zhao H, Feng JF, Chen YN, Yang X, Cao R
10639 - 10647 Synthesis, Organo-Functionalization, and Catalytic Properties of Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles As Heterogeneous Catalyst for Oxidative Cleavage of Oleic Acid As a Model Fatty Acid into Diacids
Enferadi-Kerenkan A, Ello AS, Do TO
10648 - 10657 Reaction Mechanisms on Solvothermal Synthesis of Nano LiFePO4 Crystals and Defect Analysis
Huang XK, He XM, Jiang CY, Tian GY, Liu YZ
10658 - 10666 Fast Agglomeration of Ultrafine Hydrophobic Particles Using a High-Internal-Phase Emulsion Binder Comprising Permeable Hydrophobic Films
van Netten K, Borrow DJ, Galvin KP
10667 - 10677 Synthesis of Silanized MoS2/Reduced Graphene Oxide for Strong Radar Wave Absorption
Ran J, Shen LX, Zhong L, Fu HQ
10678 - 10688 Enhanced Electrically Induced Micropatterning of Confined Thin Liquid Films: Thermocapillary Role and Its Limitations
Nazaripoor H, Koch CR, Sadrzadeh M
10689 - 10701 Magnetic Nanocarbon Adsorbents with Enhanced Hexavalent Chromium Removal: Morphology Dependence of Fibrillar vs Particulate Structures
Huang JN, Cao YH, Shao J, Peng XF, Guo ZH
10702 - 10710 Foaming of Low Density Polyethylene with Carbon Dioxide Based on Its in Situ Crystallization Behavior Characterized by High-Pressure Rheometer
Wan C, Lu YQ, Liu T, Zhao L, Yuan WK
10711 - 10719 Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation Efficiency of BiVO4 Photoanodes by a Hybrid Structure of Layered Double Hydroxide and Graphene
Zhang X, Wang RR, Li F, An Z, Pu M, Xiang X
10720 - 10732 A Novel Surrogate-Based Optimization Method for Black-Box Simulation with Heteroscedastic Noise
Wang ZL, Ierapetritou M
10733 - 10742 Impacts of Subperiod Partitioning on Optimization of Multiperiod Hydrogen Networks
Liang XQ, Kang LX, Liu YZ
10743 - 10755 Enhanced Fault Detection Based on Ensemble Global Local Preserving Projections with Quantitative Global Local Structure Analysis
Zhan CJ, Li SH, Yang YP
10756 - 10769 Self-Modeling Multivariate Curve Resolution Model for Online Monitoring of Bitumen Conversion Using Infrared Spectroscopy
Tefera DT, Agrawal A, Jaramillo LMY, de Klerk A, Prasad V
10770 - 10782 New Dynamic Response Surface Methodology for Modeling Nonlinear Processes over Semi-infinite Time Horizons
Wang ZY, Georgakis C
10783 - 10797 Scheduling Multipipeline Blending Systems Supplying Feedstocks to Crude Oil Distillation Columns
Cerda J, Pautasso PC, Cafaro DC
10798 - 10812 Analysis of Seed Loading and Supersaturation Trajectories for Two-Dimensional Crystallization Systems
Kang YS, Ward JD
10813 - 10825 Simulation of the Evaporation Tube Banks in the Convection Section of a Steam Cracking Furnace Using an Evaporation Model
Yuan BF, Zhang Y, Peng X, Du WL, Hu GH, Qian F
10826 - 10832 Efficient Functionalization of Polyethylene Fibers for the Uranium Extraction from Seawater through Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Neti VS, Das S, Brown S, Janke CJ, Kuo LJ, Gill GA, Dai S, Mayes RT
10833 - 10844 Driving Force Based Design of Cyclic Distillation
Nielsen RF, Huusom JK, Abildskov J
10845 - 10855 Experimental Investigation on Microfluidic Reactive Extraction of Citric Acid Using Trioctylamine/1-Decanol System in Uniform and Nonuniform Circular Microchannels
Abraham E, Sulochana GNM, Soundarajan B, Narayanasamy S
10856 - 10876 Predicting the Solvation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Environments: From Alkanes and Alcohols to Pharmaceuticals
Hutacharoen P, Dufal S, Papaioannou V, Shanker RM, Adjiman CS, Jackson G, Galindo A
10877 - 10885 Volumetric Behavior of Some Motor and Gear-Boxes Oils at High Pressure: Compressibility Estimation at EHL Conditions
Guimarey MJG, Comunas MJP, Lopez ER, Amigo A, Fernandez J
10886 - 10899 Dynamic Nanoparticle Aggregation for a Flowing Colloidal Suspension with Nonuniform Temperature Field Studied by a Coupled LBM and PBE Method
Song DX, Hatami M, Zhou JD, Jing DW
10900 - 10910 Toward a Simple Predictive Molecular Thermodynamic Model for Bulk Phases and Interfaces
Mastrogeorgopoulos S, Hatzimanikatis V, Panayiotou C
10911 - 10919 Electrical Treatment of Waxy Crude Oil To Improve Its Cold Flowability
Varady MJ, Pearl TP, Bringuier SA, Myers JP, Mantooth BA
10920 - 10928 Electrical Treatment of Waxy Crude Oil To Improve Its Cold Flowability
Ma CB, Lu YD, Chen CH, Feng K, Li ZX, Wang XY, Zhang JJ
10929 - 10938 How Does the Hydrogen Bonding Interaction Influence the Properties of Furan-Based Epoxy Resins
Shen XB, Liu XQ, Dai JY, Liu Y, Zhang YJ, Zhu J