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7109 - 7111 Why Wasn't My Manuscript Sent Out for Review?
Alexandratos SD, Biegler LT, Broadbelt LJ, Freeman BD, Lee JY, Li BG, Morbidelli M, Ogunnaike BA, Ranade VV, Savage PE, Scurto AM, Shen YQ, Walton KS, Xiao FS
7112 - 7119 Flame-Retardant Flexible Polyurethane Foams with Highly Efficient Melamine Salt
Rao WH, Hu ZY, Xu HX, Xu YJ, Qi M, Liao W, Xu SM, Wang YZ
7120 - 7130 Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Mixed Cyclic Monomers: A Facile, Versatile and Structure-Controllable Approach to Preparing Poly(methylphenylsiloxane) with Enhanced Thermal Stability
Li C, Zhang DQ, Wu LB, Fan H, Wang DY, Li BG
7131 - 7140 Effects of the Preparation Variables on the Synthesis of Nanocatalyst for in Situ Upgrading Applications
Scheele-Ferreira E, Scott CE, Perez-Zurita MJ, Pereira-Almao P
7141 - 7148 Selective Metal-Organic Framework Catalysis of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Using Phosphate-Modified NU-1000
Yabushita M, Li P, Islamoglu T, Kobayashi H, Fukuoka A, Farha OK, Katz A
7149 - 7159 Feasibility Study of Reactive Distillation for the Production of Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate through Transesterification
Wang XD, Wang QL, Ye CS, Dong XL, Qiu T
7160 - 7172 Highly Active and Stable Pt-Sn/SBA-15 Catalyst Prepared by Direct Reduction for Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation: Effects of Sn Addition
Deng LD, Arakawa T, Ohkubo T, Miura H, Shishido T, Hosokawa S, Teramura K, Tanaka T
7173 - 7183 Tailored Solution Combustion Synthesis of High Performance ZnCo2O4 Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Adams RA, Pol VG, Varma A
7184 - 7191 Interphase Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in a Droplet Flow Reactor
Zukas BG, Gupta NR
7192 - 7206 Two-Dimensional Metal Phenylphosphonates as Novel Flame Retardants for Polystyrene
Wang JL, Yuan BH, Mu XW, Feng XM, Tai QL, Hu YA
7207 - 7216 Asymmetrical Morphology and Performance of Composite Colloidal Particles Controlled via Hydrophilic Comonomer Addition Time in the Presence of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Latex
Wang Y, Yang YF, Yuan JF, Pan MW, Liu G, Ding HL, Ma CC
7217 - 7223 Sulfur-Free Prevulcanization of Natural Rubber Latex by Ultraviolet Irradiation in the Presence of Diacrylates
Wiroonpochit P, Uttra K, Jantawatchai K, Hansupalak N, Chisti Y
7224 - 7228 Introduction of Anionic Surfactants to Copolymer Micelles: A Key to Improving Utilization Efficiency of P123 in Synthesis of Mesoporous Aluminosilicates
Mi XT, Yuan JL, Han YM, Liu HH, Liu HT, Gao XH, Xu CY, Zhang JC
7229 - 7238 Facile Construction of Flame-Retardant-Wrapped Molybdenum Disulfide Nanosheets for Properties Enhancement of Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Cai W, Zhan J, Feng XM, Yuan BH, Liu JJ, Hu WZ, Hu Y
7239 - 7252 Effect of pH on the Passivation of Carbon Steel by Sodium Borosilicate Controlled-Release Inhibitor in Simulated Recirculating Cooling Water
Cui J, Yuan WJ, Yuan DH, Pei YS
7253 - 7259 Microporous Carbon Materials by Hydrogen Treatment: The Balance of Porosity and Graphitization upon the Capacitive Performance
Hu W, Sun XN, Xu D, Xiao ZH, Chen XY
7260 - 7272 Estimation of Disturbance Propagation Path Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Multivariate Granger Causality (MVGC) Techniques
Ahmed U, Ha D, Shin S, Shaukat N, Zahid U, Han C
7273 - 7284 Conceptual Design of an Energy-Efficient Process for Separating Aromatic Compounds from Naphtha with a High Concentration of Aromatic Compounds Using 4-Methyl-N-butylpyridinium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid
Oh TH, Oh SK, Kim H, Lee K, Lee JM
7285 - 7300 Reduced-Order Modeling of a Commercial-Scale Gasifier Using a Multielement Injector Feed System
Sahraei MH, Duchesne MA, Boisvert PG, Hughes RW, Ricardez-Sandoval LA
7301 - 7313 Systematic Tools for the Conceptual Design of Inherently Safer Chemical Processes
Ruiz-Femenia R, Fernandez-Torres MJ, Salcedo-Diaz R, Gomez-Rico MF, Caballero JA
7314 - 7321 Online Spatiotemporal Least-Squares Support Vector Machine Modeling Approach for Time-Varying Distributed Parameter Processes
Lu XJ, Yin F, Huang MH
7322 - 7335 Online Optimal Feedback Control of Polymerization Reactors: Application to Polymerization of Acrylamide-Water-Potassium Persulfate (KPS) System
Ghadipasha N, Zhu WB, Romagnoli JA, McAfee T, Zekoski T, Reed WF
7336 - 7344 Long-Chain Carboxylate Ionic Liquids Combining High Solubility and Low Viscosity for Light Hydrocarbon Separations
Zhang Y, Zhao X, Yang QW, Zhang ZG, Ren QL, Xing HB
7345 - 7354 Selective and Efficient Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds by Channel-type Gamma-Cyclodextrin. Assembly through Inclusion Complexation
Celebioglu A, Ipek S, Durgun E, Uyar T
7355 - 7364 Laboratory and Pilot-Scale Nanofiltration Treatment of Abandoned Mine Drainage for the Recovery of Products Suitable for Industrial Reuse
Wadekar SS, Hayes T, Lokare OR, Mittal D, Vidic RD
7365 - 7374 Inert Carbon Nanoparticles for the Assessment of Preferential Flow in Saturated Dual-Permeability Porous Media
Yao CJ, Zhao YS, Lei GL, Steenhuis TS, Cathles LM
7375 - 7383 Modeling of Asphaltene Precipitation in Calculation of Minimum Miscibility Pressure
Moghaddam AK, Dehaghani AHS
7384 - 7389 Modeling Vapor Liquid Phase Equilibrium for CxHy + CxHyFz Using Peng-Robinson and Perturbed-Chain SAFT
Zhao YX, Dong XQ, Zhong Q, Zhang HY, Li HY, Shen J, Gong MQ
7390 - 7400 Determination of Mass Transfer Coefficient of Methane in Heavy Oil-Saturated Unconsolidated Porous Media Using Constant-Pressure Technique
Yang ZH, Dong MZ, Gong HJ, Li YJ
7401 - 7412 CFD Analysis of Taylor Bubble in a Co-Flow Microchannel with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Liquid
Sontti SG, Atta A
7413 - 7421 Insights into the Enhanced Lipid Production Characteristics of a Fresh Water Microalga under High Salinity Conditions
Arora N, Patel A, Sharma M, Mehtani J, Pruthi PA, Pruthi V, Poluri KM