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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.51, No.34 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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10983 - 11004 Cement Formation-A Success Story in a Black Box: High Temperature Phase Formation of Portland Cement Clinker
Telschow S, Frandsen F, Theisen K, Dam-Johansen K
11005 - 11010 Microwave Synthesis of Fullerene-Doped MgB2
Plapcianu C, Agostino A, Badica P, Aldica GV, Bonometti E, Ieluzzi G, Popa S, Truccato M, Cagliero S, Sakka Y, Vasylkiv O, Vidu R
11011 - 11020 Ether-Functionalized Trialkylimidazolium Ionic Liquids: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties
Jin YD, Fang SH, Chai M, Yang L, Hirano S
11021 - 11030 Origin of Impurities Formed in a Polyurethane Production Chain. Part 2: A Route to the Formation of Colored Impurities
Callison J, Betzler F, de Cuba K, van der Borden W, van der Velde K, Carr RH, Senn HM, Farrugia LJ, Winfield JM, Lennon D
11031 - 11037 Enhanced Flame Retardant Property of Fiber Reactive Halogen-Free Organophosphonate
Yoshioka-Tarver M, Condon BD, Cintron MS, Chang SC, Easson MW, Fortier CA, Madison CA, Bland JM, Nguyen TMD
11038 - 11044 Solvent Effects on Cure in a 2K Polyurethane-Mechanical and Dielectric Studies
Monaghan S, Pethrick RA
11045 - 11053 Extraction, Recovery, and Characterization of Hardwood and Grass Hemicelluloses for Integration into Biorefining Processes
Stoklosa RJ, Hodge DB
11054 - 11058 Influence of pH and Conductivity on Properties of Paper Made of Polyelectrolyte Multi layered Recycled Fibers
Rudi H, Hamzeh Y, Ebrahimi G, Behrooz R, Nazhad MM
11059 - 11065 Synthesis of Three Novel Intumescent Flame Retardants Having Azomethine Linkages and Their Applications in EVA Copolymer
Liu Y, Zhang Y, Cao ZH, Fang ZP
11066 - 11071 Kinetic Study on Stereospecific Polymerization of 1,3-Butadiene Using a Nickel Based Catalyst System in Environmentally Friendly Solvent
Singh A, Chavda A, Nandula S, Jasra RV, Maiti M
11072 - 11082 Synthesis Gas Generation by Chemical-Looping Reforming in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor Using Perovskite LaFeO3-Based Oxygen Carriers
Dai XP, Li J, Fan JT, Wei WS, Xu J
11083 - 11090 Controllable Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Activity of Highly Dispersed Pd Catalyst Supported on Whisker-Modified Spherical Alumina
Li Y, Feng JT, He YF, Evans DG, Li DQ
11091 - 11096 Boron Oxide Production Kinetics Using Boric Acid as Raw Material
Balci S, Sezgi NA, Eren E
11097 - 11103 Green Approach for Wastewater Treatment-Degradation and Mineralization of Aqueous Organic Pollutants by Discharge Plasma
Reddy PMK, Subrahmanyam C
11104 - 11111 Fast Degradation and Biodegradability Improvement of Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B by the Cobalt(II)/Bicarbonate/Hydrogen Peroxide System
Yang Z, Wang H, Chen M, Luo MX, Xia DS, Xu AH, Zeng QF
11112 - 11121 Selective Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde over Pt and Pd Supported on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in a CO2-Expanded Alcoholic Medium
Zhao BH, Chen JG, Liu X, Liu ZW, Hao ZP, Xiao JL, Liu ZT
11122 - 11127 Effect of Hemicellulose Pre-extraction on the Properties and Bleachability of Aspen (Populus tremuloides) Chemithermomechanical Pulp
Liu W, Hou QX, Mao CB, Yuan ZR, Li KC
11128 - 11136 Intercalation of L-Alanyl-Glutamine Dipeptide into Layered Double Hydroxides: Configuration Stabilization in Confined Inter layer Region
Wang YL, Wu PX, Hou YK, Zhu NW, Dang Z
11137 - 11146 Internal Structure and Size Matters of Polyester Nanoparticles Encapsulating a Bioactive Hydrophobic Drug for the Prevention of Drug Crystals in Aqueous Systems
Cho EC
11147 - 11156 Selective Area Chemical-Deposition Process: An Innovative and Facile Route to Prepare Pm-147 Sources for Dust Monitors
Kumar M, Shukla R, Gandhi SS, Udhayakumar J, Tyagi AK, Dash A
11157 - 11162 Stable Core Shell Co3Fe7-CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized via Flame Spray Pyrolysis Approach
Li YF, Hu YJ, Huo JC, Jiang H, Li CZ, Huang GJ
11163 - 11169 Rheological Behavior of Gypsum, Plaster, and Hydroxyapatite Gel Blends
Raii M, Sanz FJE, Nzihou A
11170 - 11182 Model-Based Identification and Analysis of the Energy Saving Potential in Batch Chemical Processes
Szijjarto A, Papadokonstantakis S, Hungerbuhler K
11183 - 11200 Globally Optimal Networks for Multipressure Distillation of Homogeneous Azeotropic Mixtures
Ghougassian PG, Manousiouthakis V
11201 - 11206 Cost-Effective Production of Pure Al-13 from AlCl3 by Electrolysis
Zhang WM, Zhuang JX, Chen Q, Wang S, Song WG, Wan LJ
11207 - 11217 A Multiple-Time-Region (MTR)-Based Fault Subspace Decomposition and Reconstruction Modeling Strategy for Online Fault Diagnosis
Zhao CH, Sun YX, Gao FR
11218 - 11225 Caesalpinia bonducella Leaf Powder as Biosorbent for Cu(II) Removal from Aqueous Environment: Kinetics and Isotherms
Yuvaraja G, Subbaiah MV, Krishnaiah A
11226 - 11235 Adsorptive Removal of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) from Aqueous Solutions Using MIEX Resin
Ding L, Lu X, Deng HP, Zhang XX
11236 - 11244 CO2 Solubility in a Mixture Absorption System of 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol with Glycol
Zheng C, Tan J, Wang YJ, Luo GS
11245 - 11253 CFD Simulation of Gas-Liquid-Liquid Three-Phase Flow in an Annular Centrifugal Contactor
Li SW, Duan WH, Chen J, Wang JC
11254 - 11260 Development of an Electrochemical Acidification Cell for the Recovery of CO2 and H-2 from Seawater II. Evaluation of the Cell by Natural Seawater
Willauer HD, DiMascio F, Hardy DR, Lewis MK, Williams FW
11261 - 11265 Molecular-Ion-Imprinted Chitosan Hydrogels for the Selective Adsorption of Silver(I) in Aqueous Solution
Song X, Li C, Xu R, Wang K
11266 - 11273 Phosphorus Adsorbent Derived from Concrete Sludge (PAdeCS) and its Phosphorus Recovery Performance
Iizuka A, Sasaki T, Hongo T, Honma M, Hayakawa Y, Yarnasaki A, Yanagisawa Y
11274 - 11278 Helium Recovery by a Cu-BTC Metal-Organic-Framework Membrane
Cao F, Zhang CJ, Xiao YL, Huang HL, Zhang WJ, Liu DH, Zhong CL, Yang QY, Yang ZH, Lu XH
11279 - 11283 Conversion of Fluorine-Containing Ozone-Depleting and Greenhouse Gases to Valuable Polymers in a Nonthermal Plasma
Kennedy EM, Kundu SK, Mackie JC, Holdsworth CI, Molloy TS, Gaikwad VV, Dlugogorski BZ
11284 - 11293 Fluid Phase Equilibria Correlation for Carbon Dioxide+1-Heptanol System with Cubic Equations of State
Secuianu C, Qian JW, Privat R, Jaubert JN
11294 - 11300 Mechanochemical Preparation of 8-Hydroxyquinoline/Hydroxyapatite Hybrid Nanocrystals and Their Photofunctional Interfaces
Tagaya M, Motozuka S, Kobayashi T, Ikoma T, Tanaka J