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3703 - 3712 Hydrogen Generation from Chemical Hydrides
Marrero-Alfonso EY, Beaird AM, Davis TA, Matthews MA
3713 - 3729 Methods for Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Efficient Hydrolysis and Biofuel Production
Kumar P, Barrett DM, Delwiche MJ, Stroeve P
3730 - 3737 Synthesis and Characterization of Imprinted Polymers for Radioactive Waste Reduction
Bhaskarapillai A, Sevilimedu NV, Sellergren B
3738 - 3748 Biosurfactants from Urban Wastes As Auxiliaries for Textile Dyeing
Savarino P, Montoneri E, Bottigliengo S, Boffa V, Guizzetti T, Perrone DG, Mendichi R
3749 - 3754 Synthesis and Characterization of Polyol Poly-12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid: Applications in Preparing Environmentally Friendly Overbased Calcium Oleate Detergent
Wang YL, Eli W, Nueraimaiti A, Liu YF
3755 - 3760 Hydrogenation of Oxidized Wax and a Process To Produce Olefins from Paraffins by Autoxidation, Selective Hydrogenation, and Dehydration
Bolder FHA, de Klerk A, Visagie JL
3761 - 3770 Kinetics of the Absorption of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions of N-Methyldiethanolamine plus Triethylene Tetramine
Amann JMG, Bouallou C
3771 - 3778 Catalytic Properties of Pt-Re/Al2O3 Naphtha-Reforming Catalysts Modified by Germanium Introduced by Redox Reaction at Different pH Values
D'Ippolito SA, Vera CR, Epron F, Samoila P, Especel C, Marecot P, Gutierrez LB, Pieck CL
3779 - 3790 Sensitivity Analysis and Kinetic Parameter Estimation in a Three Way Catalytic Converter
Rao SK, Imam R, Ramanathan K, Pushpavanam S
3791 - 3801 A Two-Phase Reactor Model for the Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch-Derived Wax
Moller K, le Grange P, Accolla C
3802 - 3811 Preparation, Characterization, and Performance of HMS-Supported Ni Catalysts for Hydrodechlorination of Chorobenzene
Chen JX, Zhou JJ, Wang RJ, Zhang JY
3812 - 3819 Influence of Supports on Structure and Performance of Nickel Phosphide Catalysts for Hydrodechlorination of Chlorobenzene
Chen JX, Zhou SJ, Ci DH, Zhang JX, Wang RJ, Zhang JY
3820 - 3824 On the Introduction of a Qualitative Variable to the Neural Network for Reactor Modeling: Feed Type
Ghadrdan M, Mehdizadeh H, Boozarjomehry RB, Darian JT
3825 - 3836 Experimental and Modeling Analysis of Methane Partial Oxidation: Transient and Steady-State Behavior of Rh-Coated Honeycomb Monoliths
Beretta A, Groppi G, Lualdi M, Tavazzi I, Forzatti P
3837 - 3843 Influence of the Conditions of Zincate on the Electroless Brass Plating of Steel
Dominguez-Rios C, Gardea-Hernandez G, Torres-Sanchez R, Licea-Jimenez L, Mendoza-Galvan A, Aguilar-Elguezabal A, Gonzalez-Hernandez J
3844 - 3854 Modeling Sorption Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide in Glassy Polymeric Films Using the Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Approach
Carla V, Hussain Y, Grant C, Sarti GC, Carbonell RG, Doghieri F
3855 - 3859 Factors Affecting Bubble Size on Foamed Polymer-Paperboard Composites
Annapragada SK, Banerjee S
3860 - 3866 Reduction of Chemical Reaction Mechanism for Halide-Assisted Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Film Deposition
Wang R, Ma RH, Dudley M
3867 - 3872 Application of FT-IR-ATR Spectroscopy to Evaluate the Penetration of Surface Sizing Agents into the Paper Structure
Ferreira PJ, Gamelas JA, Moutinho IM, Ferreira AG, Gomez N, Molleda C, Figueiredo MM
3873 - 3879 Time-Optimal Control of Startup Distillation of Nonideal Mixtures
Woinaroschy A
3880 - 3897 Advanced Control Strategies for the Regulation of Hypnosis with Propofol
Yelneedi S, Samavedham L, Rangaiah GP
3898 - 3908 Rolling Operation Algorithm for Solving Complex Scheduling Problems
Czuczai B, Farkas T, Rev E, Lelkes Z
3909 - 3920 Comprehensive Simulation of an Intensified Process for H-2 Production from Steam Gasification of Biomass
Ji PJ, Feng W, Chen BH
3921 - 3933 Enhancing Abnormal Events Management by the Use of Quantitative Process Hazards Analysis Results
Yelamos I, Bojarski A, Joglekar G, Venkatasubramanian V, Puigjaner L
3934 - 3943 Multilinear Model Control of Hammerstein-like Systems Based on an Included Angle Dividing Method and the MLD-MPC Strategy
Du JJ, Song CY, Li P
3944 - 3954 MPC Constraint Analysis-Bayesian Approach via a Continuous-Valued Profit Function
Akande S, Huang B, Lee KH
3955 - 3963 Multifactor Statistical Analysis of H2O2-Enhanced Photodegradation of Nicotine and Phosphamidon
Nienow AM, Hua I, Poyer IC, Bezares-Cruz JC, Jafvert CT
3964 - 3972 Optimization and Management of Flotation Deinking Banks by Process Simulation
Beneventi D, Zeno E, Nortier P, Carre B, Dorris G
3973 - 3977 Selective Extraction of Neutral Nitrogen-Containing Compounds from Straight-Run Diesel Feed Using Polymer-Supported Ionic Liquid Moieties
Xie LL, Favre-Reguillon A, Wang XX, Fu XZ, Vrinat M, Lemaire M
3978 - 3990 Enhancing Capacity of Activated Carbons for Hydrogen Purification
Lopes FVS, Grande CA, Ribeiro AM, Oliveira ELG, Loureiro JM, Rodrigues AE
3991 - 4001 Characterization of Surface-Bound Zr(IV) and Its Application to Removal of As(V) and As(III) from Aqueous Systems Using Phosphonic Acid Modified Nanoporous Silica Polyamine Composites
Kailasam V, Rosenberg E, Nielsen D
4002 - 4013 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes: Solving the Trade-off Phenomenon Between Permeation Flux and Selectivity in Pervaporation
Kariduraganavar MY, Varghese JG, Choudhari SK, Olley RH
4014 - 4021 Germanium(IV) Adsorption from Aqueous Solution Using a Kelex-100 Functional Adsorbent
Park HJ, Tavlarides LL
4022 - 4029 Effect of Ammonia on the Absorption Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide into Aqueous 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol Solutions
Choi WJ, Min BM, Seo JB, Park SW, Oh KJ
4030 - 4039 Effect of H2S on the Performance and Long-Term Stability of Pd/Cu Membranes
Pomerantz N, Ma YH
4040 - 4044 Experimental Study of Shell-Side Heat Transfer Coefficient and Pressure Drop for an Integrally Helical Baffled Heat Exchanger Combined with Different Enhanced Tubes
Zhang ZG, Wu CS, Fang XM, Gao X, Wang ZY
4045 - 4050 Measurements of Hydrate Dissociation Temperature of Methane, Ethane, and CO2 in the Absence of Any Aqueous Phase and Prediction with the Cubic Plus Association Equation of State
Youssef Z, Barreau A, Mougin P, Jose J, Mokbel I
4051 - 4059 Solubility of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide in Aqueous N-Methyldiethanolamine Solutions
Huttenhuis PJG, Agrawal NJ, Versteeg GF
4060 - 4074 A Coupled DEM and CFD Simulation of Flow Field and Pressure Drop in Fixed Bed Reactor with Randomly Packed Catalyst Particles
Bai H, Theuerkauf J, Gillis PA, Witt PM
4075 - 4082 Mass Transfer and Solubility of CO and H-2 in Ionic Liquid. Case of [Bmim][PF6] with Gas-Inducing Stirrer Reactor
Sharma A, Julcour C, Kelkar AA, Deshpande RM, Delmas H
4083 - 4087 Fire Extinction Using Carbon Dioxide Hydrate
Hatakeyama T, Aida E, Yokomori T, Ohmura R, Ueda T
4088 - 4093 A Model To Predict the Concentration of Dispersed Solid Particles in an Aqueous Medium Confined inside Horizontal Cylindrical Channels
Loria H, Pereira-Almao P
4094 - 4100 A Model To Predict the Concentration of Submicrometer Solid Particles in Viscous Media Confined inside Horizontal Cylindrical Channels
Loria H, Pereira-Almao P
4101 - 4108 Study on Systems Based on Coal and Natural Gas for Producing Dimethyl Ether
Zhou L, Hu SY, Chen DJ, Li YR, Zhu B, Jin Y
4109 - 4118 Modeling of Aqueous Biomolecules Using a New Free-Volume Group Contribution Model
Pazuki GR, Taghikhani V, Vossoughi M
4119 - 4126 Unsteady State Heat Transfer from Cylinders to Air in Normal and Parallel Flow
Marla VT, Shambaugh RL, Papavassiliou DV
4127 - 4135 Compositional Polydispersity in Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Dominik A, Chapman WG, Swindoll RD, Eversdyk D, Jog PK, Srivastava R
4136 - 4144 Rheological Modification of Lubricating Greases with Recycled Polymers from Different Plastics Waste
Martin-Alfonso JE, Valencia C, Sanchez MC, Franco JM, Gallegos C
4145 - 4154 Linear Free Energy Relationship Correlations for Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: Revised Cation-Specific and Anion-Specific Equation Coefficients for Predictive Applications Covering a Much Larger Area of Chemical Space
Sprunger LM, Gibbs J, Proctor A, Acree WE, Abraham MH, Meng YJ, Yao C, Anderson JL
4155 - 4159 Technology for Processing Ammonium Rhodanide of Coking Plants into High-Purity Ammonium Thiocyanate and Thiourea
Urakaev FK
4160 - 4164 Neural Network Prediction of Interfacial Tension at Crystal/Solution Interface
Kumar KV
4165 - 4175 Variable Molecular Connectivity Indices for Predicting the Diamagnetic Susceptibilities of Organic Compounds
Mu LL, He HM, Yang WH, Feng CJ
4176 - 4176 Group Contribution Method for Predicting Melting Points of Imidazolium and Benzimidazolium Ionic Liquids (vol 48, pg 2212, 2009)
Xia SQ, Zhang Y, Ma PS
4176 - 4176 Optimal Wavelet Packets for Characterizing Surface Quality (vol 48, pg 2590, 2009)
Kim DY, Han CH, Liu JJ