Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.48, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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2 - 3 Preface to the L.-S. Fan Festschrift
Pfeffer R, Zakin J, Park AH
4 - 6 Diffusional Effects in Nickel Oxide Reduction Kinetics
Erri P, Varma A
7 - 11 Influence of Gas Flow Rate on Liquid Distribution in Trickle-Beds Using Perforated Plates as Liquid Distributors
Llamas JD, Lesage F, Wild G
12 - 26 Understanding Riser and Downer Based Fluid Catalytic Cracking Processes by a Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Reactor Model
Wu CN, Cheng Y, Jin Y
27 - 36 Minimum Fluidization Velocity of a Three-Phase Conical Fluidized Bed in Comparison to a Cylindrical Fluidized Bed
Zhou DD, Dong SS, Wang HL, Bi HT
37 - 46 Residence Time Distribution and Flow Patterns in the Single-Phase Annular Region of Annular Centrifugal Extractor
Deshmukh SS, Sathe MJ, Joshi JB, Koganti SB
47 - 57 Euler-Euler Modeling of Flow, Mass Transfer, and Chemical Reaction in a Bubble Column
Zhang DS, Deen NG, Kuipers JAM
58 - 68 Computed Tomographic Investigation of the Influence of Gas Sparger Design on Gas Holdup Distribution in a Bubble Column
Ong BC, Gupta P, Youssef A, Al-Dahhan M, Dudukovic MP
69 - 79 Active Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter Employing Microwave Heating
Pallavkar S, Kim TH, Rutman D, Lin J, Ho T
80 - 84 Collective Particle Interactions in the Sedimentation of Charged Colloidal Suspensions
Vesaratchanon J, Nikolov A, Wasan DT
85 - 92 Role of Gas-Aerosol Mixing during in Situ Coating of Flame-Made Titania Particles
Teleki A, Buesser B, Heine MC, Krumeich F, Akhtar MK, Pratsinis SE
93 - 101 Effect of High Shear Blending Protocols and Blender Parameters on the Degree of API Agglomeration in Solid Formulations
Llusa M, Sturm K, Sudah O, Stamato H, Goldfarb DJ, Ramachandruni H, Hammond S, Smith MR, Muzzio FJ
102 - 109 Preliminary Assessment of a Concept of Looping Combustion of Carbon
Salatino P, Senneca O
110 - 127 Viscous Irrotational Theories and the Force on an Expanding Bubble: A Cell-Model Analysis
Padrino JC, Joseph DD
128 - 133 Gas-Phase Catalytic Hydrochlorination of Acetylene in a Two-Stage Fluidized-Bed Reactor
Wei XB, Shi HB, Qian WZ, Luo GH, Jin Y, Wei F
134 - 141 Prediction of Solids Circulation Rate of Cork Particles in an Ambient-Pressure Pilot-Scale Circulating Fluidized Bed
Huang Y, Turton R, Famouri P, Boyle EJ
142 - 147 Desulfurization of Jet Fuel JP-5 Light Fraction by MCM-41 and SBA-15 Supported Cuprous Oxide for Fuel Cell Applications
Wang YH, Yang RT, Heinzel JM
148 - 158 Uniform Flow in Bubble Columns
Mudde RF, Harteveld WK, van den Akker HEA
159 - 165 Transient Granular Flows in an Inclined Rotating Cylinder: Filling and Emptying
Scott DM, Davidson JF, Cheah SE, Chua C, Gummow JG, Lam BPM, Reder I
166 - 171 Completing Irving and Kirkwood's Molecular Theory of Transport Processes: Nonequilibrium Entropy Conservation
Peters MH
172 - 181 Comparison of ECVT and MR Measurements of Voidage in a Gas-Fluidized Bed
Holland DJ, Marashdeh Q, Muller CR, Wang F, Dennis JS, Fan LS, Gladden LF
182 - 184 Voidage at the Layer Inversion Point in Binary-Solid Liquid-Fluidized Beds
Escudie R, Epstein N
185 - 190 Electrostatics Generation in a Small Cyclone Separator
Chen ZX, Bi HT, Grace JR
191 - 201 Removal of Oil from Water by Inverse Fluidization of Aerogels
Quevedo JA, Patel G, Pfeffer R
202 - 213 Simulations of Structures in Packed Columns and Validation by X-ray Tomography
Caulkin R, Jia X, Xu C, Fairweather M, Williams RA, Stitt H, Nijemeisland M, Aferka S, Crine M, Leonard A, Toye D, Marchot P
214 - 226 Modelling of Multiphase Flow in Ironmaking Blast Furnace
Dong XF, Yu AB, Burgess JM, Pinson D, Chew S, Zulli P
227 - 241 Drag Law for Bidisperse Gas-Solid Suspensions Containing Equally Sized Spheres
Yin XL, Sundaresan S
242 - 252 A Numerical Study of Taylor Bubbles
Lu XZ, Prosperetti A
253 - 261 Particle Motion in CFB Cyclones as Observed By Positron Emission Particle Tracking
Chan CW, Seville JPK, Fan XF, Baeyens J
262 - 273 Solution of Bivariate Population Balance Equations Using the Finite Size Domain Complete Set of Trial Functions Method of Moments (FCMOM)
Strumendo M, Arastoopour H
274 - 280 New Calibration Methods for Accurate Electrical Capacitance Tomography Measurements in Particulate-Fluid Systems
Hadi B, Berruti F, Briens C
281 - 289 Radial Distributions of Phase Holdups and Phase Propagation Velocities in a Three-Phase Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed (GLSCFB) Riser
Razzak SA, Zhu JX, Barghi S
290 - 301 Modeling of Regime Transition in Bubble Columns with Stability Condition
Chen JH, Yang N, Ge W, Li JH
302 - 309 Improved Drying in a Pulsation-Assisted Fluidized Bed
Akhavan A, van Ommen JR, Nijenhuis J, Wang XS, Coppens MO, Rhodes MJ
310 - 319 Entrance Effects on Gas-Solid Riser Flow Structure
You J, Wang DW, Zhu C
320 - 325 Effects of Pressure, Temperature, and Gas Velocity on Electrostatics in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds
Moughrabiah WO, Grace JR, Bi XT
326 - 329 Kinetic Theory Explanation of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Ring Structure near Choking
Tartan M, Gidaspow D, Jiradilok V
330 - 340 Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Microstructure in a Bubble Column by Planar Shadow Image Velocimetry
Sommerfeld M, Broder D
341 - 351 Exploratory Design Study on Reactor Configurations for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Conventional Power Plants Employing Regenerable Solid Sorbents
Yang WC, Hoffman J
352 - 360 In situ synthesis of TiO2-functionalized metal nanoparticles
King DM, Zhou Y, Hakim LF, Liang XH, Li P, Weimer AW
361 - 372 Development of Biomass Charcoal Combustion Heater for Household Utilization
Horio M, Suri A, Asahara J, Sagawa S, Aida C
373 - 379 Characteristics of Solid Residues Obtained from Hot-Compressed-Water Treatment of Woody Biomass
Kobayashi N, Okada N, Hirakawa A, Sato T, Kobayashi J, Hatano S, Itaya Y, Mori S
380 - 387 Thermogravimetric Analysis of Copper Oxide for Chemical-Looping Hydrogen Generation
Son SR, Go KS, Kim SD
388 - 398 Ion-Exchange Resins: A Retrospective from Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
Alexandratos SD
399 - 405 Neutralization of Acidic Wastewater by the Use of Waste Limestone from the Marble Industry. Mechanistic Aspects and Mass Transfer Phenomena of the Acid-Base Reaction at the Liquid-Solid Interface
Petruzzelli D, Petrella M, Boghetich G, Calabrese P, Petruzzelli V, Petrella A
406 - 414 Relationship between the Surface Properties and the Catalytic Performance of Al-, Ga-, and AlGa-Pillared Saponites
Vicente MA, Belver C, Sychev M, Prihod'ko R, Gil A
415 - 423 Method for Determination of the Main Bottleneck Enzyme in a Metabolic Reaction Network by Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis
Shiraishi F, Suzuki Y
424 - 429 Numerical Simulation of Barium Sulfate Precipitation Process in a Continuous Stirred Tank with Multiple-Time-Scale Turbulent Mixer Model
Zhang QH, Mao ZS, Yang C, Zhao CJ
430 - 439 Comparison of Nanosized Gold-Based and Copper-Based Catalysts for the Low-Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction
Mendes D, Garcia H, Silva VB, Mendes A, Madeira LM
440 - 445 A Mild Simple Method for Liquid-Phase Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Toluene with Ozone over CeO2 Promoted Sulfated TiO2
Wang B, Mao W, Ma HZ
446 - 452 Direct Preparation Kinetics of 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol from Glycerol Using Acetic Acid Catalyst
Luo ZH, You XZ, Li HR
453 - 462 Thermal Stability and Dispersion Behavior of Nanostructured CexZr1-xO2 Mixed Oxides over Anatase-TiO2: A Combined Study of CO Oxidation and Characterization by XRD, XPS, TPR, HREM, and UV-Vis DRS
Reddy BM, Bharali P, Saikia P, Thrimurthulu G, Yamada Y, Kobayashi T
463 - 482 Integrated Model for Refinery Planning, Oil Procuring, and Product Distribution
Guyonnet P, Grant FH, Lagajewicz MJ
483 - 498 A Continuous-Time Tightened Formulation for Single-Stage Batch Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Changeovers
Marchetti PA, Cerda J
499 - 509 Mnemonic Enhancement Optimization (MEO) for Real-Time Optimization of Industrial Processes
Fang XY, Shao ZJ, Wang ZQ, Chen WF, Wang KX, Zhang ZJ, Zhou Z, Chen X, Qian JX
510 - 516 Preparation and Oxygen Permeation Properties of Highly Asymmetric La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-alpha Perovskite Hollow-Fiber Membranes
Wang ZG, Yang NT, Meng B, Tan XY, Li K
517 - 527 Effect of Perforated Ratios of Distributor on the Fluidization Characteristics in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
Dong SQ, Cao CQ, Si CD, Guo QJ
528 - 533 Production of AlN by Carbothermal and Methanothermal Reduction of Al2O3 in a N-2 Flow Using Concentrated Thermal Radiation
Galvez ME, Frei A, Meier F, Steinfeld A
534 - 544 Physical Mechanism of Ultrasound-Assisted Synthesis of Biodiesel
Kalva A, Sivasankar T, Moholkar VS