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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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4561 - 4585 Heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation in supercritical fluids: Potential and limitations
Seki T, Grunwaldt JD, Baiker A
4586 - 4597 Functionalized membranes by layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes and in situ polymerization of acrylic acid for applications in enzymatic catalysis
Datta S, Cecil C, Bhattacharyya D
4598 - 4606 Investigation of levulinic acid distribution from aqueous phase to organic phase with TOA extractant
Uslu H, Kirbaslar SI
4607 - 4616 Indirect electrochemical oxidation of p-methoxy-toluene to p-methoxy-benzaldehyde using ceric methanesulphonate: A scale-up study
Devadoss V, Basha CA, Jayaraman K
4617 - 4622 Kinetic evaluation of methane-carbon dioxide reforming process based on the reaction steps
Abreu CAM, Santos DA, Pacifico JA, Lima NM
4623 - 4631 Hydrogenation of alpha-methylstyrene in a piston-oscillating monolith reactor
Bussard AG, Waghmare YG, Dooley KM, Knopf FC
4632 - 4640 Simulation of performance of cracking reactions of particle clusters in FCC risers
Wang SY, He YR, Lu HL, Ding JM, Yin LJ, Liu WT
4641 - 4647 Selective hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene on a Ru/Al2O3/cordierite monolithic catalyst: Effect of mass transfer on the catalytic performance
Zhao YJ, Zhou J, Zhang JG, Li DY, Wang SD
4648 - 4657 Molecule simulation for the secondary reactions of fluid catalytic cracking gasoline by the method of structure oriented lumping combined with Monte Carlo
Yang BL, Zhou XW, Chen C, Yuan J, Wang LY
4658 - 4664 Direct reduction of sulfur dioxide to elemental sulfur with hydrogen over Sn-Zr-based catalysts
Han GB, Park NK, Yoon SH, Lee TJ, Han GY
4665 - 4674 Comparative assessment of batch reactors for scalable hydrogen production
Damm DL, Fedorov AG
4675 - 4682 Combinatorial assessment of the activity-composition correlation for several alloy nanoparticle catalysts
Shi XJ, Luo J, Njoki PN, Lin Y, Lin TH, Mott D, Lu SS, Zhong CJ
4683 - 4688 Improving selectivity of temperature-sensitive exothermal reactions with microreactor
Wang K, Lu YC, Shao HW, Luo GS
4689 - 4696 Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the hydrolysis of urea for ammonia generation in a semibatch reactor
Sahu JN, Mahalik K, Patwardhan AV, Meikap BC
4697 - 4702 Spray coating of adsorbent with polymer latex on sand particles for fluoride removal in drinking water
Wu HX, Wang TJ, Dou XM, Zhao B, Chen L, Jin Y
4703 - 4711 Biocorrosion of AISI 304 stainless steel by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans in seawater
Nguyen TMP, Sheng XX, Ting YP, Pehkonen SO
4712 - 4716 Basic amid acid-assisted synthesis of resorcinol-formaldehyde polymer and carbon nanospheres
Dong YR, Nishiyama N, Egashira Y, Ueyama K
4717 - 4725 Enhancement of shelf life and handling properties of drug nanoparticles: Nanoscale mixing of itraconazole with silica
Sanganwar GP, Gupta RB
4726 - 4735 Corrosion in aqueous solution of two alkanolamines with CO2 and H2S: N-methyldiethanolamine plus diethanolamine at 393 K
Eustaquio-Rincon R, Rebolledo-Libreros ME, Trejo A, Molnar R
4736 - 4742 Expansion, morphological, and mechanical properties of starch-polystyrene foams containing various additives
Pushpadass HA, Weber RW, Hanna MA
4743 - 4749 Synthesis of ZSM-5-type zeolite membranes on, porous disks loaded with different amounts of seed
Dincer E, Kalipcilar H, Culfaz A
4750 - 4753 Visible-light-induced photocatalyst based on nickel titanate nanoparticles
Shu X, He J, Chen D
4754 - 4757 Activated carbons obtained from rice husk: Influence of leaching on textural parameters
Deiana C, Granados D, Venturini R, Amaya A, Sergio M, Tancredi N
4758 - 4764 Batch removal of aqueous Cu2+ ions using nanoparticles of zero-valent iron: A study of the capacity and mechanism of uptake
Karabelli D, Uzum C, Shahwan T, Eroglu AE, Scott TB, Hallam KR, Lieberwirth I
4765 - 4774 Dynamic operability analysis for stable and unstable linear processes
Santoso H, Bao J, Lee PL
4775 - 4783 Robust online monitoring for multimode processes based on nonlinear external analysis
Ge ZQ, Yang CJ, Song ZH, Wang HQ
4784 - 4790 Simple robust dead-time compensator for first-order plus dead-time unstable processes
Normey-Rico JE, Camacho EF
4791 - 4796 Nonlinear model identification for temperature control in single wafer rapid thermal processing
Cho WH, Edgar TF, Lee J
4797 - 4806 Dynamics of axially dispersed reactors
4807 - 4816 A methodology to determine controllability indices in the frequency domain
Gabor M, Mizsey P
4817 - 4829 Design and optimization of indirect energy storage systems for batch process plants
Chen CL, Ciou YJ
4830 - 4844 Effects of relative volatility ranking on design and control of reactive distillation systems with ternary decomposition reactions
Chen CS, Yu CC
4845 - 4860 Integrated operational planning and medium-term scheduling for large-scale industrial batch plants
Verderame PA, Floudas CA
4861 - 4869 Numerical simulation of multiphase flow and collision humidification in the multifluid alkaline spray generator for a novel semidry flue gas desulfurization system
Zhou YG, Cao WC, Wang L, Zhang MC
4870 - 4882 Quantitative application of in situ ATR-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in crystallization processes
Cornel J, Lindenberg C, Mazzotti M
4883 - 4890 Reducing the cost of CO2 capture from flue gases using pressure swing adsorption
Ho MT, Allinson GW, Wiley DE
4891 - 4897 Adsorption of lead(II) ion from aqueous solution using rice hull ash
Wang LH, Lin CI
4898 - 4904 Gas transport through nano poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) composite membranes
Kumar SA, He YL, Ding YM, Le Y, Kumaran MG, Thomas S
4905 - 4908 A new method for synthesis of Mg-Al, Mg-Fe, and Zn-Al layered double hydroxides and their uptake properties of bromide ion
Chitrakar R, Tezuka S, Sonoda A, Sakane K, Hirotsu T
4909 - 4916 Properties of nanosize zinc titanium desulfurization sorbents promoted with iron and cerium oxides
Jung SY, Lee SJ, Park JJ, Lee SC, Jun HK, Lee TJ, Ryu CK, Kim JC
4917 - 4923 Modelling of the batch sucrose crystallization kinetics using artificial neural networks: Comparison with conventional regression analysis
Kumar KV, Martins P, Rocha F
4924 - 4928 Decolorization of biopetroleum and analysis of colored components
Li JH, Wang C, Yang ZY
4929 - 4936 Integral identification of continuous-time delay systems in the presence of unknown initial conditions and disturbances from step tests
Wang QG, Liu M, Hang CC, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zheng WX
4937 - 4943 Regression analysis study on the carbon dioxide capture process
Zhou Q, Chan CW, Tontiwachiwuthikul P
4944 - 4952 Effect of macroinstabilities in single- and multiple-impeller stirred tanks
Paglianti A, Liu Z, Montante G, Magelli F
4953 - 4961 Prediction of hydrodynamic properties of mixed-particle systems and theoretical analysis of loop pressure profile in a CFB unit
Das M, Meikap BC, Saha RK
4962 - 4965 Nickel catalyst stability toward carboxylic acids
Pienaar AD, de Klerk A
4966 - 4970 A mathematical model based on artificial neural network technique for estimating liquid water-hydrate equilibrium of water-hydrocarbon system
Mohammadi AH, Richon D