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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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3799 - 3799 In memory of Jerome A. Seiner 1932-1998
Paul DR
3800 - 3805 Intrinsic kinetics and mechanism of rutile chlorination by CO+Cl-2 mixtures
Sohn HY, Zhou L, Cho K
3806 - 3811 Thermogravimetric studies on the kinetics of rice hull pyrolysis and the influence of water treatment
Teng H, Wei YC
3812 - 3819 Influence of catalyst weight/biomass flow rate ratio on gas production in the catalytic pyrolysis of pine sawdust at low temperatures
Garcia L, Salvador ML, Arauzo J, Bilbao R
3820 - 3829 Mechanism and kinetics of the acid-catalyzed dehydration of 1-and 2-propanol in hot compressed liquid water
Antal MJ, Carlsson M, Xu X, Anderson DGM
3830 - 3837 Effects of temperature, pressure, and carrier gas on the cracking of coal tar over a char-dolomite mixture and calcined dolomite in a fixed-bed reactor
Seshadri KS, Shamsi A
3838 - 3845 Hydrogenation of CO2 over a rice husk ash supported nickel catalyst prepared by deposition-precipitation
Chang FW, Hsiao TJ, Shih JD
3846 - 3852 The influence of calcination treatment over bifunctional Ni/HZSM-5 catalysts
Romero MD, Calles JA, Rodriguez A, Cabanelas JC
3853 - 3863 Higher alcohols from synthesis gas using carbon-supported doped molybdenum-based catalysts
Li XG, Feng LJ, Liu ZY, Zhong B, Dadyburjor DB, Kugler EL
3864 - 3868 Oxidation of diesel-generated volatile organic compounds in the selective catalytic reduction process
Koebel M, Elsener M
3869 - 3878 Synthesis and characterization of sulfated titania solid acid catalysts
Dalai AK, Sethuraman R, Katikaneni SPR, Idem RO
3879 - 3887 Kinetics of hydrogenation of o-nitrophenol to o-aminophenol on Pd/carbon catalysts in a stirred three-phase slurry reactor
Choudhary VR, Sane MG, Tambe SS
3888 - 3895 Ethanol dehydrogenation with a palladium membrane reactor : an alternative to wacker chemistry
Raich BA, Foley HC
3896 - 3908 Development of a process for higher alcohol production via synthesis gas
Beretta A, Micheli E, Tagliabue L, Tronconi E
3909 - 3918 Combustion kinetics of char obtained by flash pyrolysis of pine wood
Janse AMC, de Jonge HG, Prins W, van Swaaij WPM
3919 - 3923 Use of ultrasonic energy in the enzymatic treatment of cotton fabric
Yachmenev VG, Blanchard EJ, Lambert AH
3924 - 3929 Synthesis and permeation properties of SAPO-34 tubular membranes
Poshusta JC, Tuan VA, Falconer JL, Noble RD
3930 - 3938 Effect of shear stress within the spinneret on hollow fiber membrane morphology and separation performance
Chung TS, Teoh SK, Lau WWY, Srinivasan MP
3939 - 3942 Fractal surface analysis by using capillary condensation data
Lee CK
3943 - 3949 Preparation of macroporous lime from natural lime by swelling method with acetic acid for high-temperature desulfurization
Sasaoka E, Sada N, Uddin MA
3950 - 3955 Active cadmium sulfide photocatalysts for hydrogen production from water
Arora MK, Sinha ASK, Upadhyay SN
3956 - 3970 Improving the prediction capability of radial basis function networks
Gurumoorthy A, Kosanovich KA
3971 - 3979 Multivariate statistical analysis of an emulsion batch process
Neogi D, Schlags CE
3980 - 3984 On predicting closed-loop variability
Hurowitz SE, Riggs JB, Oldham WJB
3985 - 3991 Software sensor design using Bayesian automatic classification and back-propagation neural networks
Chen FZ, Wang XZ
3992 - 4002 Product quality control in reduced dimensional spaces
Clarke-Pringle T, MacGregor JF
4003 - 4016 A tuning strategy for unconstrained multivariable model predictive control
Shridhar R, Cooper DJ
4017 - 4022 Economic optimization of an industrial semibatch reactor applying dynamic programming
Guntern C, Keller AH, Hungerbuhler K
4023 - 4035 Design of simulated moving bed chromatography for amino acid separations
Wu DJ, Xie Y, Ma Z, Wang NHL
4036 - 4048 Optimal design of distributed wastewater treatment networks
Galan B, Grossmann IE
4049 - 4058 A new algorithm for large-scale scheduling problems : Sequence branch algorithm
Lee S, Bok JK, Park S
4059 - 4070 Control of oscillating microbial cultures described by population balance models
Kurtz MJ, Zhu GY, Zamamiri A, Henson MA, Hjortso MA
4071 - 4083 Effect of operating conditions and membrane quality on the separation performance of composite silicalite-1 membranes
van de Graaf JM, van der Bijl E, Stol A, Kapteijn F, Moulijn JA
4084 - 4089 Copper extraction from ammoniacal solutions with LIX 84 and LIX 54
Kyuchoukov G, Bogacki MB, Szymanowski J
4090 - 4098 Synthesis and characterization of high-affinity, low molecular weight displacers for cation-exchange chromatography
Shukla AA, Bae SS, Moore JA, Barnthouse KA, Cramer SM
4099 - 4106 Separation of m-cresol from neutral oils with liquid-liquid extraction
Venter DL, Nieuwoudt I
4107 - 4117 Rate-based modeling of reactive absorption of CO2 and H2S into aqueous methyldiethanolamine
Pacheco MA, Rochelle GT
4118 - 4127 Mass transfer modeling for salt transport in amphoteric nanofiltration membranes
Afonso MD, de Pinho MN
4128 - 4135 Effects of polarization on mass transport through hydrophobic porous membranes
Martinez-Diez L, Vazquez-Gonzalez MI
4136 - 4141 Use of flow calorimetry for determining enthalpies of absorption and the solubility of CO2 in aqueous monoethanolamine solutions
Mathonat C, Majer V, Mather AE, Grolier JPE
4142 - 4151 Gas-liquid desorption through blind-ended microporous hollow fibers for an intravascular artificial lung
Baskaran H, Nodelman V, Ultman JS
4152 - 4156 Pressure filtration technique for complete characterization of consolidating suspensions
Green MD, Landman KA, de Kretser RG, Boger DV
4157 - 4166 Zeolite-supported metal oxide sorbents for hot-gas desulfurization
Gasper-Galvin LD, Atimtay AT, Gupta RP
4167 - 4174 Mixing of particles in gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds containing a binary mixture of particles
Kang Y, Ko MH, Woo KJ, Kim SD, Park SH, Yashima M, Fan LT
4175 - 4182 Prediction of phase equilibria in binary aqueous systems containing alkanes, cycloalkanes, and alkenes with the cubic-plus-association equation of state
Yakoumis IV, Kontogeorgis GM, Voutsas EC, Hendriks EM, Tassios DP
4183 - 4189 Nonprimitive model of mean spherical approximation applied to aqueous electrolyte solutions
Liu WB, Li YG, Lu JF
4190 - 4197 Steric effects and preferential interactions in supercritical carbon dioxide
Saquing CD, Lucien FP, Foster NR
4198 - 4202 Comparison of bauxite and Bayer liquor humic substances by C-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Implications for the fate of humic substances in the Bayer process
Baker AR, Greenaway AM
4203 - 4206 Homogeneous catalytic hydroformylation of 1-octene in supercritical carbon dioxide using a novel rhodium catalyst with fluorinated arylphosphine ligands
Palo DR, Erkey C