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Journal of Applied Microbiology, Vol.128, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1364-5072 (Print) 

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1236 - 1247 Imidazolium salts as alternative compounds to control diseases caused by plant pathogenic bacteria
Neves YF, Eloi ACL, de Freitas HMM, Soares EGO, Rivillo D, da Silva VD, Schrekker HS, Badel JL
1248 - 1260 Current status and application of lactic acid bacteria in animal production systems with a focus on bacteria from honey bee colonies
Ramos OY, Basualdo M, Libonatti C, Vega MF
1261 - 1278 Role of heterotrophic aerobic denitrifying bacteria in nitrate removal from wastewater
Rajta A, Bhatia R, Setia H, Pathania P
1279 - 1288 Dispersal and inhibition of biofilms associated with infections
Yan Z, Huang M, Melander C, Kjellerup BV
1289 - 1300 Characterization of an Enterococcus faecium strain in a murine mastitis model
Montironi ID, Moliva MV, Campra NA, Raviolo JM, Bagnis G, Cariddi LN, Reinoso EB
1301 - 1311 Screening of natural lactic acid bacteria with potential effect on silage fermentation, aerobic stability and aflatoxin B1 in hot and humid area
Guan H, Ke W, Yan Y, Shuai Y, Li X, Ran Q, Yang Z, Wang X, Cai Y, Zhang X
1312 - 1323 A mixture of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate improved fermentation quality of whole-plant corn silage by shifting bacterial communities
Zhang Y, Liu Y, Meng Q, Zhou Z, Wu H
1324 - 1338 A method to evaluate factors influencing the microbial reduction in domestic dishwashers
Brands B, Struchtrup SS, Stamminger R, Bockmuhl DP
1339 - 1346 An interesting increase in immediate and residual efficacy of a trade mark of alcoholic 2% chlorhexidine gluconate, with and without dye, has been demonstrated by an in vitro study with ATCC micro-organisms and strains isolated from ICU patients
Herruzo R, Vizcaino MJ, de la Cruz JJ, Crosby C, Casey A
1347 - 1354 Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella strains from layer poultry farms in central Ecuador
S?nchez-Salazar E, Gudi?o ME, Sevillano G, Zurita J, Guerrero-L?pez R, Jaramillo K, Calero-C?ceres W
1355 - 1365 A compound isolated from Alpinia officinarum Hance. inhibits swarming motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and down regulates virulence genes
Lakshmanan D, Harikrishnan A, Jyoti K, Ali MI, Jeevaratnam K
1366 - 1377 Antibacterial potential of Juglomycin A isolated from Streptomyces achromogenes, an endophyte of Crocus sativus Linn
Ahmad T, Arora P, Nalli Y, Ali A, Riyaz-Ul-Hassan S
1378 - 1389 Mechanisms of killing of Bacillus thuringiensis Al Hakam spores in a blast environment with and without iodic acid
Camilleri E, Korza G, Huesca-Espita LDC, Setlow B, Stamatis D, Setlow P
1390 - 1399 Biosynthesis of poly-gamma-glutamic acid in Escherichia coli by heterologous expression of pgsBCAE operon from Bacillus
Liu CL, Dong HG, Xue K, Yang W, Liu P, Cai D, Liu X, Yang Y, Bai Z
1400 - 1413 An endophytic Penicillium oxalicum isolated from Citrus limon possesses antioxidant and genoprotective potential
Kaur R, Kaur J, Kaur M, Kalotra V, Chadha P, Kaur A
1414 - 1426 Production of fructooligosaccharides by Bacillus subtilis natto CCT7712 and their antiproliferative potential
Magri A, Oliveira MR, Baldo C, Tischer CA, Sartori D, Mantovani MS, Celligoi MAPC
1427 - 1439 Agro-industrial wastes for production of paclitaxel by irradiated Aspergillus fumigatus under solid-state fermentation
El-Sayed ER, Ahmed AS, Al-Hagar OEA
1440 - 1447 Development of a selective and differential media for the isolation and enumeration of Bacillus cereus from food samples
Talahmeh N, Abu-Rumeileh S, Al-Razem F
1448 - 1459 Assessing the quality of fresh Whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) meat based on micro-organism and histamine analysis using NGS, qPCR and HPLC-DAD
de Lira AD, Kothe CI, Rue O, Midoux C, Mann MB, Mallmann LP, de Castro IMS, Frazzon APG, Frazzon J
1460 - 1471 Apple rootstocks with different phosphorus efficiency exhibit alterations in rhizosphere bacterial structure
Chai X, Xie L, Wang X, Wang H, Zhang J, Han Z, Wu T, Zhang X, Xu X, Wang Y
1472 - 1485 Screening of biological activities of fungi associated with pistachio bark beetle, Chaetoptelius vestitus (Coleoptera, Curculionidae), infesting pistachio cultivations in Tunisia
Taieb KH, Gharsallah H, Ksentini I, Leclerque A, Schuster C, Cheffi M, Naayma S, Triki MA, Ksantini M
1486 - 1496 Synbiotic fermented soymilk with Weissella cibaria FB069 and xylooligosaccharides prevents proliferation in human colon cancer cells
Le B, Ngoc APT, Yang SH
1497 - 1502 Comparison of isothermal microcalorimetry and BACTEC MGIT960 for the detection of the metabolic activity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum samples
Braissant O, Theron G, Friedrich SO, Diacon AH, Bonkat G
1503 - 1513 Assessment of endoscope cleaning and disinfection efficacy, and the impact of endoscope storage on the microbiological safety level
Wiktorczyk N, Kwiecinska-Pirog J, Skowron K, Michalska A, Zalas-Wiecek P, Bialucha A, Budzynska A, Grudlewska-Buda K, Prazynska M, Gospodarek-Komkowska E
1514 - 1523 Inhibition of urease activity in the urinary tract pathogens Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Proteus mirabilis by dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
Deutch CE
1524 - 1531 Three-percent sucrose acts as a thermostabilizer for cell-adapted foot-and-mouth disease virus without any negative effect on viral growth
Hwang JH, Moon Y, Lee G, Kim MY, Lee KN, Park JH, Lee M, Kim B, Kim SM