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ISSN: 1364-5072 (Print) 

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2 - 14 Incorporating germination-induction into decontamination strategies for bacterial spores
Kohler LJ, Quirk AV, Welkos SL, Cote CK
15 - 27 The impact of the omics era on the knowledge and use of Lysobacter species to control phytopathogenic micro-organisms
Puopolo G, Tomada S, Pertot I
28 - 41 Unbiased random mutagenesis contributes to a better understanding of the virulent behaviour of Paenibacillus larvae
Descamps T, De Smet L, De Vos P, de Graaf DC
42 - 57 Effect of partially replacing a barley-based concentrate with flaxseed-based products on the rumen bacterial population of lactating Holstein dairy cows
Castillo-Lopez E, Moats J, Aluthge ND, Ramirez HAR, Christensen DA, Mutsvangwa T, Penner GB, Fernando SC
58 - 66 Biochanin A improves fibre fermentation by cellulolytic bacteria
Harlow BE, Flythe MD, Aiken GE
67 - 74 Phenotypic and genotypic profile of clinical and animal multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica isolates from Mexico
de Oca SAM, Talavera-Rojas M, Soriano-Vargas E, Barba-Leon J, Vazquez-Navarrete J, Acosta-Dibarrat J, Salgado-Miranda C
75 - 84 Piper regnellii extract biopolymer-based microparticles: production, characterization and antifungal activity
Brambilla LZS, Endo EH, Cortez DAG, Lima MMS, Dias BP
85 - 96 Antibacterial and antifungal activities of pyroligneous acid from wood of Eucalyptus urograndis and Mimosa tenuiflora
Araujo ED, Pimenta AS, Feijo FMC, Castro RVO, Fasciotti M, Monteiro TVC, de Lima KMG
97 - 107 An improved model for the analysis of combined antimicrobials: a replacement for the Chou-Talalay combination index method
Anastasiadi M, Polizzi K, Lambert RJW
108 - 125 Antibacterial aryl-crowned polyketide from Bacillus subtilis associated with seaweed Anthophycus longifolius
Chakraborty K, Thilakan B, Kizhakkekalam VK
126 - 135 Antimicrobial activity of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) cultivar Avenger against pathogenic bacteria, phytopathogenic filamentous fungi and yeast
Pacheco-Cano RD, Salcedo-Hernandez R, Lopez-Meza JE, Bideshi DK, Barboza-Corona JE
136 - 143 Novel aqueous oil-in-water emulsions containing extracts of natural coniferous resins are strongly antimicrobial against enterobacteria, staphylococci and yeasts, as well as on bacterial biofilms
Haapakorva E, Holmbom T, von Wright A
144 - 154 Functional characterization of O-methyltransferases used to catalyse site-specific methylation in the post-tailoring steps of pradimicin biosynthesis
Han JW, Ng BG, Sohng JK, Yoon YJ, Choi GJ, Kim BS
155 - 165 Fungal extracellular phosphatases: their role in P cycling under different pH and P sources availability
Della Monica IF, Godoy MS, Godeas AM, Scervino JM
166 - 178 Carvacrol and eugenol effectively inhibit Rhizopus stolonifer and control postharvest soft rot decay in peaches
Zhou D, Wang Z, Li M, Xing M, Xian T, Tu K
179 - 187 Antibacterial isoeugenol coating on stainless steel and polyethylene surfaces prevents biofilm growth
Nielsen CK, Subbiahdoss G, Zeng G, Salmi Z, Kjems J, Mygind T, Snabe T, Meyer RL
188 - 196 Yeasts and moulds contaminants of food ice cubes and their survival in different drinks
Francesca N, Gaglio R, Stucchi C, De Martino S, Moschetti G, Settanni L
197 - 208 Evaluation of the use of malic acid decarboxylase-deficient starter culture in NaCl-free cucumber fermentations to reduce bloater incidence
Zhai Y, Perez-Diaz IM, Diaz JT, Lombardi RL, Connelly LE
209 - 219 Detection of latent infections caused by Colletotrichum sp in olive fruit
Romero J, Agusti-Brisach C, Santa Barbara AE, Cherifi F, Oliveira R, Roca LF, Moral J, Trapero A
220 - 231 Evaluation of inter-individual differences in gut bacterial isoflavone bioactivation in humans by PCR-based targeting of genes involved in equol formation
Braune A, Blaut M
232 - 240 Effect of riboflavin-producing bacteria against chemically induced colitis in mice
Levit R, de Giori GS, de LeBlanc AD, LeBlanc JG
241 - 253 Identifying the mechanism of Escherichia coli O157:H7 survival by the addition of salt in the treatment with organic acids
Bae YM, Yoon JH, Kim JY, Lee SY
254 - 266 Isolation and screening of rare Actinobacteria, a new insight for finding natural products with antivascular calcification activity
Salimi F, Hamedi J, Motevaseli E, Mohammadipanah F
267 - 273 Non-Tuberculosis mycobacterium speciation using HPLC under Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) in India
Sebastian G, Nagaraja SB, Vishwanatha T, Voderhobli M, Vijayalakshmi N, Kumar P
274 - 285 Maternal vaccination as a Salmonella Typhimurium reduction strategy on pig farms
Smith RP, Andres V, Martelli F, Gosling B, Marco-Jimenez F, Vaughan K, Tchorzewska M, Davies R
286 - 293 Microbial sensor for drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Zhang ZT, Wang DB, Li CY, Deng JY, Zhang JB, Bi LJ, Zhang XE
294 - 301 A modified dose-response model that describes the relationship between haemagglutination inhibition titre and protection against influenza infection
Huang Y, Anderson SA, Forshee RA, Yang H
302 - 313 Bio-analytical applications of microbial fuel cell-based biosensors for onsite water quality monitoring
ElMekawy A, Hegab HM, Pant D, Saint CP