IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol.36, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0885-8969 (Print) 

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3 - 10 Experimental Evaluation of a Rare Earth-Free Permanent Magnet Generator
Eklund P, Sjolund J, Berg M, Leijon M, Eriksson S
11 - 22 Enhanced Hierarchical Control Framework of Microgrids With Efficiency Improvement and Thermal Management
Wang YB, Liu P, Liu D, Deng FJ, Chen Z
23 - 35 Slot Number Thermal Effects on Electrical Machines
Zhang FY, Gerada D, Xu ZY, Zhang XC, Tighe C, Zhang H, Hua W, Gerada C
36 - 47 Power Loss and Thermal Impedance Modeling of Multilevel Power Converter With Discontinuous Modulation
Islam MM, Rahman MA, Islam MR
48 - 62 Active Disturbance Rejection Control Based Single Current Feedback Resonance Damping Strategy for LCL-Type Grid-Connected Inverter
Ma WJ, Guan YP, Zhang B, Wu LH
63 - 70 Asynchronous Grid Connection of a Cage Induction Generator Excited by a Power Electronic Converter
Gorski DA, Iwanski G
71 - 80 Electric Machine Bearing Health Monitoring and Ball Fault Detection by Simultaneous Thermo-Mechanical Fibre Optic Sensing
Mohammed A, Djurovic S
81 - 94 Absolute Inductance Estimation of PMSM Considering High-Frequency Resistance
Li C, Kudra B, Balaraj V, Akin B
95 - 110 Coordinated Control of Networked AC/DC Microgrids With Adaptive Virtual Inertia and Governor-Gain for Stability Enhancement
Zhang Y, Sun QY, Zhou JG, Li LJ, Wang PF, Guerrero JM
111 - 119 An Online Method of Estimating State of Health of a Li-Ion Battery
Goud JS, Kalpana R, Singh B
120 - 130 Coupled Magnetic Field-Thermal Network Analysis of Modular-Spoke-Type Permanent-Magnet Machine for Electric Motorcycle
Yu WF, Hua W, Qi J, Zhang HL, Zhang G, Xiao HF, Xu S, Ma GT
131 - 138 Research on Heat Dissipation Optimization of a Novel Liquid-Cooling Eddy Current Brake
Tian JS, Li DS, Ning KY, Ye LZ
139 - 148 Mechanical and Magnetic Pivot Roles of Tooth in Vibration of Electrical Machines
Wang SM, Hong JF, Sun YG, Cao HX
149 - 158 Voltage and Frequency Consensusability of Autonomous Microgrids Over Fading Channels
Dehkordi NM, Khorsandi A, Baghaee HR, Sadati N, Moghaddam SS, Guerrero JM
159 - 172 A Stator-PM Resolver With Field Modulation Principle
Sun L, Luo ZJ, Wang K, Cao RW, Ding SC
173 - 185 Nonlinear Analytical Solution of Magnetic Field and Performances of a Spoke Array Vernier Permanent Magnet Machine
Wang WB, Cheng M, Li XL, Tong MH, Qi J
186 - 196 Leakage Current Suppression in Double Stage SECS Enabling Harmonics Suppression Capabilities
Shah P, Singh B
197 - 206 Effects of Manufacturing Processes on Core Losses of Electrical Machines
Sundaria R, Lehikoinen A, Arkkio A, Belahcen A
207 - 217 Thermal and Electromagnetic Stator Vent Design Optimisation for Synchronous Generators
Bersch K, Nuzzo S, Connor PH, Eastwick CN, Rolston R, Galea M
218 - 229 Transient Stability Enhancement Control Strategy Based on Improved PLL for Grid Connected VSC during Severe Grid Fault
Liu Y, Yao J, Pei JX, Zhao Y, Sun P, Zeng DY, Chen SY
230 - 241 An Analytical Model and Optimization of a Novel Hybrid Rotor Machine for High Torque Density
Liu YX, Li LY, Gao QH, Cao JW, Sun ZY
242 - 252 An Improved DC-Link Series IGBT Chopping Strategy for Brushless DC Motor Drive With Small DC-Link Capacitance
Zheng BN, Cao YF, Li XM, Shi TN
253 - 263 Return Ratio Shaping Approach to Stabilize Inverter-Weak Grid System
Malkhandi A, Senroy N, Mishra S
264 - 271 A Simple Flux-Based Technique to Specify the Faulty Pole of the Salient Pole Synchronous Machines
Milasi ME, Afrandideh S, Haghjoo F
272 - 280 Flux-Weakening Control for Variable Flux Reluctance Machine Excited by Zero-Sequence Current Considering Zero-Sequence Resistive Voltage Drop
Guo JQ, Liu X, Li SH
281 - 290 An Improved Multilevel Inverter for Single-Phase Transformerless PV System
Faraji F, Birjandi AAM, Mousavi GSM, Zhang JH, Wang BC, Guo XQ
291 - 299 A Rectangular End-Winding Model for Enhanced Circulating Current Prediction in AC Machines
Maurer F, Noland JK
300 - 313 Robust Design Optimization of Electrical Machines: A Comparative Study and Space Reduction Strategy
Lei G, Bramerdorfer G, Liu CC, Guo YG, Zhu JG
314 - 324 Multiple Open-Switch Fault Diagnosis for Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Machine Utilizing Currents in Stationary Reference Frame
Kong JW, Wang K, Zhang JY, Zhang H
325 - 337 Accurate Analytical Method for Magnetic Field Calculation of Interior PM Motors
Wu S, Shi TN, Guo LY, Wang HM, Xia CL
338 - 347 Analysis of Non-Intrusive Rotor Speed Estimation Techniques for Inverter-Fed Induction Motors
Chirindo M, Khan MA, Barendse P
348 - 357 System-Level Robust Design Optimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System Considering Multiple Driving Cycles
Diao KK, Sun XD, Lei G, Bramerdorfer G, Guo YG, Zhu JG
358 - 367 Comprehensive Sensitivity Analysis and Multiphysics Optimization of the Rotor for a High Speed Permanent Magnet Machine
Du GH, Huang N, Zhao YY, Lei G, Zhu JG
368 - 379 A Consequent-Pole Hybrid Exciter for Synchronous Generators
Nuzzo S, Bolognesi P, Decuzzi G, Giangrande P, Galea M
380 - 389 Module Level Electronic Circuit Based PV Array for Identification and Reconfiguration of Bypass Modules
Murtaza AF, Sher HA, Al-Haddad K, Spertino F
390 - 401 Robust Design Optimization of Electrical Machines: Multi-Objective Approach
Lei G, Bramerdorfer G, Ma B, Guo YG, Zhu JG
402 - 411 Design and Analysis of a Novel Modular Electromagnetic Actuator for Micro-Nano Satellite Application
Zhang H, Kou BQ, Xie YX
412 - 420 Model Parameter and Performance Calculation of Cylindrical Wound-Rotor Synchronous Motors
Mabhula M, Kamper MJ
421 - 430 An Analytical-Numerical Approach to Model and Analyse Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Marfoli A, Papini L, Bolognesi P, Gerada C
431 - 440 Simplified Nonlinear Voltage-Mode Control of PWM DC-DC Buck Converter
Al-Baidhani H, Salvatierra T, Ordonez R, Kazimierczuk MK
441 - 455 LightGBM Technique and Differential Evolution Algorithm-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Design of DS-APMM
Pan ZB, Fang SH, Wang H
456 - 467 Influence of Insulation Thermal Aging on the Temperature Assessment in Electrical Machines
Madonna V, Giangrande P, Galea M
468 - 479 DC Current and Voltage Droop Control Method of Hybrid HVDC Systems for an Offshore Wind Farm Connection to Enhance AC Voltage Stability
Lee GS, Kwon DH, Moon SI
480 - 487 Decentralized Frequency Control for Black Start of Full-Converter Wind Turbines
Asensio AP, Gomez SA, Rodriguez-Amenedo JL, Cardiel-Alvarez MA
488 - 499 Modeling and Analysis of Inner Controls Effects on Damping and Synchronizing Torque Components in VSG-Controlled Converter
Qu ZS, Peng JCH, Yang H, Srinivasan D
500 - 512 An ANOVA-Based Fault Diagnosis Approach for Variable Frequency Drive-Fed Induction Motors
Shabbir MNSK, Liang XD, Chakrabarti S
513 - 523 A Single Back-to-Back Converter Based System Emulator for Testing Unbalanced Microgrids
Vijay AS, Doolla S, Chandorkar MC
524 - 533 Optimal Control of Lossy Energy Storage Systems With Nonlinear Efficiency Based on Dynamic Programming and Pontryagin's Minimum Principle
Chowdhury NR, Ofir R, Zargari N, Baimel D, Belikov J, Levron Y
534 - 546 Six-Phase Pole-Changing Winding Induction Machines With Improved Performance
Mallampalli S, Zhu ZQ, Mipo JC, Personnaz S
547 - 559 A Homothetic Scaling Criteria for Synchronous Reluctance Machines Design
Murataliyev M, Degano M, Di Nardo M, Prystupa D, Wang S, Buticchi G, Zhang H, Gerada C, Galea M
560 - 569 Modified Core Loss Calculation for High-Speed PMSMs With Amorphous Metal Stator Cores
Tong WM, Li SQ, Sun RL, Sun L, Tang RY
570 - 573 Damping Effect of Virtual Synchronous Machines Provided by a Dynamical Virtual Impedance
Huang LB, Xin HH, Yuan H, Wang GZ, Ju P