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1726 - 1726 Best Papers and Star Reviewers
Tessarolo A
1727 - 1735 Improvement of Concentrated Winding Layouts for Six-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Rezazadeh G, Tahami F, Capolino GA, Vaschetto S, Nasiri-Gheidari Z, Henao H
1736 - 1746 Distributed Supervisory Secondary Control for a DC Microgrid
Liu XK, Wang YW, Lin PF, Wang P
1747 - 1761 Active Disturbance Rejection Control Based Control Strategy for Virtual Synchronous Generators
Ma WJ, Guan YP, Zhang B
1762 - 1771 DQ Impedance Stability Analysis for the Power-Controlled Grid-Connected Inverter
Li CY, Liang J, Cipcigan LM, Ming WL, Colas F, Guillaud X
1772 - 1780 Optimal Design of a Novel Exterior Permanent Magnet Tubular Machine for Energy Harvesting From Vehicle Suspension System
Duong MT, Chun YD
1781 - 1795 Sensorless Voltage Control Schemes for Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generators in Stand-Alone and Grid-Connected Applications
Xu W, Hussien MG, Liu Y, Islam MR, Allam SM
1796 - 1805 Speed Harmonic Based Decoupled Torque Ripple Minimization Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine With Minimized Loss
Feng GD, Lai CY, Kar NC
1806 - 1814 Optimal Brake Allocation in Electric Vehicles for Maximizing Energy Harvesting During Braking
Heydari S, Fajri P, Sabzehgar R, Asrari A
1815 - 1824 Robust Design Optimization of Electrical Machines Considering Hybrid Random and Interval Uncertainties
Ma B, Zheng J, Zhu JG, Wu JL, Lei G, Guo YG
1825 - 1836 Autonomous Model Predictive Controlled Smart Inverter With Proactive Grid Fault Ride-Through Capability
Easley M, Jain S, Shadmand M, Abu-Rub H
1837 - 1848 A Method for Evaluating the Worst-Case Cogging Torque Under Manufacturing Uncertainties
Yang YX, Bianchi N, Zhang CN, Zhu XF, Liu HP, Zhang S
1849 - 1858 Design Optimization of a PM Motor: A Practical Approach for Mass Production
Beik O
1859 - 1867 A Novel Structure of Switched Reluctance Machine With Higher Mean Torque and Lower Torque Ripple
Davarpanah G, Faiz J
1868 - 1876 A Power Circulation Method Using Two Frequencies in Motor Emulator System
Lee J, Nam K
1877 - 1885 Optimum Split Ratio in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines With Pieced Halbach Magnet Array
Ni YY, Liu ZW, Xiao BX, Wang QJ
1886 - 1896 Capacitor-Energy-Based Control of Doubly Salient Brushless DC Generator for Dynamic Performance Optimization
Xu YW, Zhang ZR, Bian ZM, Yu L
1897 - 1906 Highly Reliable and Efficient Voltage Optimizer Based on Direct PWM AC-AC Buck Converter
Wang JG, McMahon R
1907 - 1915 A Novel Analysis on a New DC-Excited Flux-Switching Machine Using Modified MEC Method for Ground Power Unit Application
Naderi P, Sharouni S, Heidary M
1916 - 1925 A Sensorless DTC Scheme for 60-Pulse AC-DC Converter Fed 5-Level Six-Leg NPC Inverter Based Medium Voltage Induction Motor Drive
Kant P, Singh B
1926 - 1934 Quantification and Propagation of Uncertainty in the Magnetic Characteristic of Steel and Permanent Magnets of a Synchronous Machine Drive
Sahu A, Aliprantis D, Bilionis I
1935 - 1943 Effect of the Manufacturing Impact on the Optimal Electric Machine Design and Performance
Bramerdorfer G
1944 - 1953 Power Flow Approach for Modeling Shipboard Power System in Presence of Energy Storage and Energy Management Systems
Balsamo F, De Falco P, Mottola F, Pagano M
1954 - 1963 Investigation of Unbalanced Magnetic Force in Fractional-Slot Permanent Magnet Machines Having an Odd Number of Stator Slots
Wang Y, Zhu ZQ, Feng JH, Guo SY, Li YF
1964 - 1972 Nonlinear Secondary Voltage Control of Islanded Microgrid via Distributed Consistency
Liu JY, Li JQ, Song HH, Nawaz A, Qu YB
1973 - 1980 Online Static/Dynamic Eccentricity Fault Diagnosis in Inverter-Driven Electrical Machines Using Resolver Signals
Lasjerdi H, Nasiri-Gheidari Z, Tootoonchian F
1981 - 1984 Availability Modeling in Power Converters Considering Components Aging
Peyghami S, Blaabjerg F
1985 - 1988 Interfacing of Parametric Average-Value Models of LCR Systems in Fixed-Time-Step Real-Time EMT Simulations
Ebrahimi S, Amiri N, Jatskevich J
1989 - 1992 Continuous Partial Discharges Analysis During Automated Thermal Cycle Aging Experiment
Santos MG, Braulio GA, Bernardes JV, Salles C, Milanez JRC, Bortoni EC, Bastos GS
1995 - 1996 Guest Editorial: Robust Design and Analysis of Electric Machines and Drives
Bramerdorfer G, Cavagnino A, Choi S, Lei G, Lowther D, Stipetic S, Sykulski J, Zhang YC, Zhu JG
1997 - 2012 More Robust and Reliable Optimized Energy Conversion Facilitated through Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives, and Their Control: State-of-the-Art and Trends
Bramerdorfer G, Lei G, Cavagnino A, Zhang YC, Sykulski J, Lowther DA
2013 - 2024 Robust Design Optimization of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor Based on Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problem
Dong F, Zhao JW, Song JC, Zhao J, Yao Z
2025 - 2035 Parameter Design for a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Machine Under Multiphysics Constraints
Du GH, Huang N, He HC, Lei G, Zhu JG
2036 - 2044 Robust Design Optimization of a Five-Phase PM Hub Motor for Fault-Tolerant Operation Based on Taguchi Method
Shi Z, Sun XD, Cai YF, Yang ZB
2045 - 2055 Robust Electromagnetic Design of Double-Canned IM for Submergible Rim Driven Thrusters to Reduce Losses and Vibration
Zhao HS, Eldeeb HH, Zhan Y, Ren ZY, Xu GR, Mohammed OA
2056 - 2065 Robust Design Optimization of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Uncertainty Characterization by Bootstrap Method
Kim S, Lee SG, Kim JM, Lee TH, Lim MS
2066 - 2075 Robust-Oriented Optimization Design for Permanent Magnet Motors Considering Parameter Fluctuation
Zhu XY, Yang J, Xiang ZX, Jiang M, Zheng SY, Quan L
2076 - 2085 Robust Design Optimization of SPMSM for Robotic Actuator Considering Assembly Imperfection of Segmented Stator Core
Lee SG, Kim S, Park JC, Park MR, Lee TH, Lim MS
2086 - 2094 Robust Design and Optimization for a Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine With Hybrid Stator
Xu L, Wu WJ, Zhao WX, Liu GH, Niu SX
2095 - 2105 A Robust Design Methodology for Synchronous Reluctance Motors
Credo A, Fabri G, Villani M, Popescu M
2106 - 2115 Multi-Objective Robust Optimization of a Dual-Flux-Modulator Magnetic Geared Machine With Hybrid Uncertainties
Liu X, Zhao YY, Zhu JG, Chen Z, Huang SD
2116 - 2128 Methods to Reduce the Computational Burden of Robust Optimization for Permanent Magnet Motors
Yang YX, Bianchi N, Bacco G, Zhang S, Zhang CN
2129 - 2140 Influence of Asymmetrical Stator Axes on the Performance and Multi-Physical Field of Canned Permanent Magnet Machine for Vacuum Dry Pump With Vector Converter Supply
Zhang ZH, An YJ, Li M, Wang GY, Kong XL, Deng WY, Qi LJ
2141 - 2151 Calculation and Analysis of the Electromagnetic Field and Temperature Field of the PMSM Based on Fault-Tolerant Control of Four-Leg Inverters
Tang HY, Li WL, Li JY, Gao HY, Wu ZG, Shen XH
2152 - 2161 Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis in a Nonlinear Finite-Element Model of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Beltran-Pulido A, Aliprantis D, Bilionis I, Munoz AR, Leonardi F, Avery SM
2162 - 2169 Managing Uncertainties of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine by Adaptive Kriging Assisted Weight Index Monte Carlo Simulation Method
Ren ZY, Ma JG, Qi YL, Zhang DH, Koh CS
2170 - 2180 Quantifying the Impact of Tolerance-Affected Parameters on the Performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
Bramerdorfer G
2181 - 2190 Modeling and Analysis of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines With Coexistence of Rotor Radial Deviation and Angular Eccentricity
Tong WM, Dai SH, Li SQ, Li JS, Tang RY
2191 - 2200 Analytical Model for Cogging Torque Calculation in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors With Rotor Eccentricity and Magnet Defects
Tong WM, Li SQ, Pan XL, Wu SN, Tang RY
2201 - 2209 Robustness to Large-Scale Mass Production Manufacturing Tolerances by Means of Sensitivity and Statistical Analysis for IPMSMs
Pop AC, Pinto DE, Tuchsen J, Koch M
2210 - 2221 Sensitivity Analysis of Manufacturing Tolerances in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines With Stator Segmentation
Kolb J, Hameyer K
2222 - 2230 Robust Predictive Current Control With Parallel Compensation Terms Against Multi-Parameter Mismatches for PMSMs
Li YF, Li Y, Wang Q
2231 - 2239 A Gain Design Method for a Linear Extended State Observers to Improve Robustness of Deadbeat Control
Zhang QS, Fan Y, Mao CY
2240 - 2248 Robust Predictive Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Using Discrete Hybrid Prediction Model
Yan LM, Wang FX, Tao P, Zuo KK
2249 - 2260 Integral Sliding Mode-Based Model Predictive Current Control With Low Computational Amount for Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter-Fed PMSM Drives
Teng QF, Xu RQ, Han X
2261 - 2268 Influences on the Accuracy of Torque Calculation for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
Thul A, Groschup B, Hameyer K
2269 - 2280 Model-Free Predictive Current Control of a DFIG Using an Ultra-Local Model for Grid Synchronization and Power Regulation
Zhang YC, Jiang T, Jiao J