IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol.35, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0885-8969 (Print) 

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1151 - 1159 Influence of Pole-Pair Combinations on the Characteristics of the Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Oraee A, McMahon R, Abdi E, Abdi S, Ademi S
1160 - 1170 Q-Learning based Maximum Power Extraction for Wind Energy Conversion System With Variable Wind Speed
Kushwaha A, Gopal M, Singh B
1171 - 1181 TOCF Based Control for Optimum Operation of a Grid Tied Solar PV System
Singh B, Jain V
1182 - 1195 Design and Analysis of a Static Excitation Part of a Brushless Wound Rotor Excitation Synchronous Machine Without an Exciter
Zhu SS, Hu YH, Liu C, Wang K, Yu JY, Zhou Z, Jiang B
1196 - 1207 A New Method for the Accurate Prediction of On-Load Power Factor in Two-Pole Induction Motors Considering Shaft Eddy Currents
Olivo M, Bortolozzi M, Tessarolo A, Luise F
1208 - 1217 Enhanced SOGI Controller for Weak Grid Integrated Solar PV System
Ul Nazir F, Kumar N, Pal BC, Singh B, Panigrahi BK
1218 - 1227 A Dynamic Model for Bearingless Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Linear Machines
Sokolov M, Saarakkala SE, Hosseinzadeh R, Hinkkanen M
1228 - 1237 Vibration Characteristics of Thomson Coil Actuator Based on Simulation and Experiments
Zhu ZX, Yuan Z, Chen LX, He JJ, Zhu ZR
1238 - 1246 A Novel High-Performance Consequent Pole Dual Rotor Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine
Allahyari A, Torkaman H
1247 - 1257 Hardware-Assisted Simulation of Voltage-Behind-Reactance Models of Electric Machines on FPGA
Yadav AP, Xu SY, Schafer BC, Davoudi A
1258 - 1267 An Efficient Control Scheme of Grid Supported 4-Phase Switched Reluctance Motor-Driven SPWPS
Mishra AK, Singh B
1268 - 1277 Control of a Supercapacitor-Battery-PV Based Stand-Alone DC-Microgrid
Ravada BR, Tummuru NR
1278 - 1288 Novel Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor With Wide Flat Inductance Region to Simplify the Control of Torque and Levitation Force
Hao ZY, Cao X, Deng X, Shen X
1289 - 1300 Analytical Model of Modular Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Machines for In-Wheel Traction Applications
Zhang HL, Hua W, Gerada D, Xu ZY, Geradae C
1301 - 1308 Analysis of Integrated Magnetic Gear Motor With Dual Mechanical Output Port: A Block Diagram Approach
Ubadigha CU, Tsai MC
1309 - 1315 Study of a Prediction Method of the Failure Time and Failure Voltage of Generator Stator Bars Under the Electrical Stress Test
Sun YX, Chen QG, Cheng S
1316 - 1326 3-D Analytical Model and Direct Measurement Method of Ultra-Thin Open-Circuit Air-Gap Field of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor With Multi-Segmented Skew Poles and Multi-Layered Flat Wire Windings for Electric Vehicle
Ma CG, An YS, Zhao HC, Guo SL, Yin XR, Lu HF
1327 - 1337 Limit Cycle Detection in Line Start Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
Rabbi S, Little M, Liang XD
1338 - 1347 Shallow Versus Deep Neural Networks in Gear Fault Diagnosis
Cirrincione G, Kumar RR, Mohammadi A, Kia SH, Barbiero P, Ferretti J
1348 - 1359 Sensorless Control of Segmented Bilateral Switched Reluctance Linear Motor Based on Coupled Voltage for Long Rail Propulsion Application
Wang QL, Jiang W, Jing X, Yu Z
1360 - 1371 Fault Ride Through Strategy of Virtual-Synchronous-Controlled DFIG-Based Wind Turbines Under Symmetrical Grid Faults
Wang S, Shang L
1372 - 1380 Vibration Analysis of Brushless Doubly Fed Machines in the Presence of Rotor Eccentricity
Abdi S, Abdi E, Toshani H, McMahon R
1381 - 1393 An Improved Direct Torque Control for a Single-Winding Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor
Hao ZY, Yu Q, Cao X, Deng X, Shen X
1394 - 1401 Predicting Temperature Profile on the Surface of a Switched Reluctance Motor Using a Fast and Accurate Magneto-Thermal Model
Nasab PS, Moallem M, Chaharsoghi ES, Caicedo-Narvaez C, Fahimi B
1402 - 1410 Performance Analysis of Synchronous Generators Under Stator Windings Ground Faults Near the Star Point-Experimental Verification
Al Jaafan K, Toliyat HA
1411 - 1420 An SOC-Based Virtual DC Machine Control for Distributed Storage Systems in DC Microgrids
Zhi N, Ding K, Du L, Zhang H
1421 - 1431 Research and Design on Reducing the Difficulty of Magnetization of a Hybrid Permanent Magnet Memory Motor
Hu YS, Chen B, Xiao Y, Li X, Zhang ZD, Shi JF, Li LY
1432 - 1442 Intermodule Management Within a Large-Capacity High-Temperature Power-to-Hydrogen Plant
Xing XT, Lin J, Song YH, Song J, Mu SJ
1443 - 1452 A Comparative Study on Adaptive EKF Observers for State and Parameter Estimation of Induction Motor
Zerdali E
1453 - 1464 Analysis and Improved Design of Phase Compensated Proportional Resonant Controllers for Grid-Connected Inverters in Weak Grid
Xie B, Guo K, Mao MX, Zhou L, Liu TT, Zhang QJ, Hao GF
1465 - 1474 Performance Analysis of Double-Sided Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor With Quasi-Sinusoidal Ring Windings
Zhang ZJ, Luo MZ, Duan JA, Kou BQ
1475 - 1484 Cycle Life Study of Li-Ion Batteries With an Aging-Level-Based Charging Method
Lee CH, Wu ZY, Hsu SH, Jiang JA
1485 - 1493 Design Optimization of a Transverse Flux Halbach-Array PM Generator for Direct Drive Wind Turbines
Nasiri-Zarandi R, Ajamloo AM, Abbaszadeh K
1494 - 1504 Hybrid Parametric Average-Value/Detailed Modeling of Line-Commutated Rectifiers
Ebrahimi S, Amiri N, Jatskevich J
1505 - 1512 Designing Rotor Disks of a Coreless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machines by Using Simplified FEM and an Approximation Method
Pranjic F, Virtic P
1513 - 1521 Operational Envelope of an Electric Transmission Auxiliary System
Beik O
1522 - 1533 Optimization of Axial-Flux Induction Motors for the Application of Electric Vehicles Considering Driving Cycles
Dianati B, Kahourzade S, Mahmoudi A
1534 - 1546 Assistive Power Buffer Control via Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Massenio PR, Naso D, Lewis FL, Davoudi A
1547 - 1558 Electromagnetic Design of a Dual-Consequent-Pole Transverse Flux Motor
Yang XB, Kou BQ, Luo J, Zhang H
1559 - 1566 Stability Assessment of Grid-Connected Converter System Based on Impedance Model and Gershgorin Theorem
Ren YN, Duan RH, Chen L, Huang W, Wu C, Min Y
1567 - 1576 Design of a Bi-Harmonic 7-Phase PM Machine With Tooth-Concentrated Winding
Scuiller F, Becker F, Zahr H, Semail E
1577 - 1584 Cost-Effective High Torque Density Bi-Magnet Machines Utilizing Rare Earth and Ferrite Permanent Magnets
Du ZTS, Lipo TA
1585 - 1595 Reduced-Order Transfer Function Model of the Droop-Controlled Inverter via Jordan Continued-Fraction Expansion
Wang R, Sun QY, Zhang PJ, Gui YH, Qin DH, Wang P
1596 - 1605 Component-Level Optimization of Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Machines for a Specified Hybridization Ratio Using NSGA-II
Mohammadi AS, Trovao JPF, Antunes CH
1606 - 1616 Loss of Excitation Detection in Synchronous Generators Based on Dynamic State Estimation
Marchi P, Estevez PG, Messina F, Galarza CG
1617 - 1627 Torque Production Mechanism of Switched Reluctance Machines With Air-Gap Field Modulation Principle
Hua H, Hua W, Zhao GS, Cheng M
1628 - 1637 A Novel Fractional Slot Non-Overlapping Winding Hybrid Excited Machine With Consequent-Pole PM Rotor
Cai S, Zhu ZQ, Wang C, Mipo JC, Personnaz S
1638 - 1647 Capacitor Energy Storage Requirements in Mixed-Submodule Hybrid Cascaded MMCs
Shi XH, Filizadeh S, Gole A
1648 - 1657 Dual-Pole Line Start Synchronous Machine With Consequent-Magnetic Poles
Mahdavi F, Aliabad AD, Amiri E, Ghoroghchian F
1658 - 1666 Study on Braking Characteristics of a Novel Eddy Current-Hydraulic Hybrid Retarder for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Tian JS, Li DS, Ye LZ
1667 - 1675 Convergence of Core Losses in a Permanent Magnet Machine, as Function of Mesh Density Distribution, a Case-Study Using Finite-Element Analysis
Jansson E, Thiringer T, Grunditz E
1676 - 1687 Generic Slot and Pole Number Combinations for Novel Modular Permanent Magnet Dual 3-Phase Machines With Redundant Teeth
Li YX, Zhu ZQ, Thomas A
1688 - 1696 Analysis of Spoke Array Permanent Magnet Flux Reversal Machines
Qu H, Zhu ZQ
1697 - 1704 Commissioning of the World's First Full-Scale MW-Class Superconducting Generator on a Direct Drive Wind Turbine
Song XW, Buhrer C, Molgaard A, Andersen RS, Brutsaert P, Bauer M, Hansen J, Rebsdorf AV, Kellers J, Winkler T, Bergen A, Dhalle M, Wessel S, ter Brake M, Wiezoreck J, Kyling H, Boy H, Seitz E
1705 - 1714 Comparative Study of Series and Parallel Hybrid Excited Machines
Hua H, Zhu ZQ
1715 - 1718 Data-Driven Online Health Estimation of Li-Ion Batteries Using A Novel Energy-Based Health Indicator
Liu W, Xu Y
1719 - 1722 Understanding a Type of Forced Oscillation Caused by Steam-Turbine Governors
Xu YH, Gu Z, Sun K, Xu X
1723 - 1723 "Consensus Virtual Output Impedance Control Based on the Novel Droop Equivalent Impedance Concept for a Multi-Bus Radial Microgrid" (vol 35, pg 1078, 2020)
Wong YCC, Lim CS, Rotaru MD, Cruden A, Kong X