IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol.35, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0885-8969 (Print) 

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575 - 590 Mode Conversion and Structure Optimization of Quadrature Coils for Electric Vehicles Wireless Power Transfer
Zhang X, Zhang YM, Zhang ZM, Li MY
591 - 599 Active Demagnetization Fault Compensation for Axial Flux Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Using an Analytical Inverse Model
Verkroost L, De Bisschope J, Vansompel H, De Belie F, Sergeant P
600 - 610 Small-Signal Modeling and Design of Phase-Locked Loops Using Harmonic Signal-Flow Graphs
Shah SH, Koralewicz P, Gevorgian V, Parsa L
611 - 620 Energy Storage Requirements for Inverter-Based Microgrids Under Droop Control in d-q Coordinates
Bijaieh MM, Weaver WW, Robinett RD
621 - 630 A Nonlinear q-Axis Inductance Modeling of a 12-Slot 10-Pole IPM Using Approximate Analytical Methods
Gurleyen H, Mese E
631 - 639 Mathematical Modeling and Position-Sensorless Algorithm for Stator-Side Field-Oriented Control of Rotor-Tied DFIG in Rotor Flux Reference Frame
Prasad RM, Mulla MA
640 - 650 Voltage Control of Four-Leg VSC for Power System Applications With Nonlinear and Unbalanced Loads
Olives-Camps JC, Mauricio JM, Barragan-Villarejo M, Matas-Diaz FJ
651 - 661 A Multi-Physics Design Method for V-Shape Interior Permanent-Magnet Machines Based on Multi-Objective Optimization
Lin RY, Sudhoff SD, do Nascimento VC
662 - 671 New Submodule Improving Fault-Tolerant Capability of Modular Multilevel Converters
Ghazanfari A, Mohamed YARI
672 - 683 Improved Virtual Synchronous Generator Control of DFIG to Ride-Through Symmetrical Voltage Fault
Nian H, Jiao YZ
684 - 698 Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machines: A Review of Opportunities and Challenges-Part I: Fundamentals and Topologies
Chen H, EL-Refaie AM, Demerdash NAO
699 - 713 Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machines: A Review of Opportunities and Challenges-Part II: Design Aspects, Control, and Emerging Trends
Chen H, EL-Refaie AM, Demerdash NAO
714 - 723 Analysis and Mitigation of SSCI in DFIG Systems With Experimental Validation
Ali MT, Zhou D, Song YP, Ghandhari M, Harnefors L, Blaabjerg F
724 - 732 Speed-Sensorless Vector Control of an Induction Generator Including Stray Load and Iron Losses and Online Parameter Tuning
Basic M, Vukadinovic D, Grgic I, Bubalo M
733 - 745 Design Balancing Systems for Supercapacitors Based on Their Stochastic Model
Ibanez FM, Idrisov I, Martin F, Rujas A
746 - 756 Measurement of Impedance-Frequency Property of Traction Network Using Cascaded H-Bridge Converters: Device Design and On-Site Test
Wu ML, Li J, Liu QJ, Yang SB, Molinas M
757 - 764 Ground Testing of the World's First MW-Class Direct-Drive Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator
Song XW, Buhrer C, Brutsaert P, Ammar A, Krause J, Bergen A, Winkler T, Dhalle M, Hansen J, Rebsdorf AV, Wessel S, ter Brake M, Bauer M, Kellers J, Wiezoreck J, Putz H, Kyling H, Boy H, Seitz E
765 - 774 Effects of POD Control on a DFIG Wind Turbine Structural System
Edrah M, Zhao XW, Hung W, Qi PY, Marshall B, Karcanias A, Baloch S
775 - 785 Optimal Advance Angle for Aided Maximum-Speed-Node Design of Switched Reluctance Machines
Rocca R, Capponi FG, Papadopoulos S, De Donato G, Rashed M, Galea M
786 - 798 Topology Optimization of Ferromagnetic Components in Electrical Machines
Ma B, Zheng J, Lei G, Zhu JG, Jin P, Guo YG
799 - 807 An Inertia and Damping Control Method of DC-DC Converter in DC Microgrids
Zhu XR, Meng FQ, Xie ZY, Yue Y
808 - 817 Investigation of a Direct Liquid Cooling System in a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Petrov I, Lindh P, Niemel M, Scherman E, Wallmark O, Pyrhonen J
818 - 827 Performance Analysis of a New Switched Reluctance Motor With Two Sets of Embedded Permanent Magnets
Kondelaji MAJ, Farahani EF, Mirsalim M
828 - 836 Development of a Three-Phase Dual-Rotor Magnetless Flux Switching Generator for Low Power Wind Turbines
Selema A
837 - 853 Effect of Reactive Power Characteristic of Offshore Wind Power Plant on Low-Frequency Stability
Zhou WH, Wang YB, Torres-Olguin RE, Chen Z
854 - 862 Dual-Pole Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor With Series-Parallel Magnetic Structure
Ghoroghchian F, Aliabad AD, Amiri E
863 - 874 Development of a High-Speed, Permanent Magnet, SiC-Based Drive With Integrated Input Filters
Deng X, Mohamed MAS, Lambert S, Mecrow B
875 - 885 Phase Displacement Characteristics of a Parallel Hybrid Excitation Brushless DC Generator
Gu XP, Zhang ZR, Sun LN, Yu L
886 - 895 Sensor Malfunction Detection and Mitigation Strategy for a Multilevel Photovoltaic Converter
Teymouri A, Mehrizi-Sani A
896 - 907 Robust Sensorless Control Against Thermally Degraded Speed Performance in an IM Drive Based Electric Vehicle
Ali SMN, Hossain MJ, Wang D, Lu KY, Rasmussen PO, Sharma V, Kashif M
908 - 916 Macromodeling of Electric Machines From Ab Initio Models
Yadav AP, Altun T, Madani R, Davoudi A
917 - 927 Comprehensive Modeling of Large Photovoltaic Systems for Heterogeneous Parallel Transient Simulation of Integrated AC/DC Grid
Lin N, Cao SQ, Dinavahi V
928 - 937 Asymmetric Rotor Design of IPMSM for Vibration Reduction Under Certain Load Condition
Jung YH, Park MR, Lim MS
938 - 947 A Concise Transmitted Torque Calculation Method for Pre-Design of Axial Permanent Magnetic Coupler
Cheng XK, Liu W, Zhang Y, Liu ST, Luo WQ
948 - 955 Extended End-Winding Cooling Insert for High Power Density Electric Machines With Concentrated Windings
Vansompel H, Sergeant P
956 - 965 An Improved MTPA Control Based on Amplitude-Adjustable Square Wave Injection
Zhou XX, Zhou YP, Wang HJ, Lu M, Zeng FQ, Yu Y
966 - 976 Dynamic Surrogate Model Based Optimization for MPPT of Centralized Thermoelectric Generation Systems Under Heterogeneous Temperature Difference
Zhang XS, Yang B, Yu T, Jiang L
977 - 985 A Dynamic Model of Small Modular Reactor Based Nuclear Plant for Power System Studies
Poudel B, Joshi K, Gokaraju R
986 - 993 Conceptual Design of Fractional Slot Concentrated Winding Dual-Rotor Double-Speed Synchronous Motor
Hassannia A
994 - 1003 A Novel Driving Method for Switched Reluctance Motor With Standard Full Bridge Inverter
Sun HT, Moghaddam AF, Sergeant P, Van den Bossche A
1004 - 1013 Analysis, Modeling, and Verification of Limited Angle Torque Motors With Irregular Slot Numbers for Performance Improvement
Li Y, Ma PC, Wang Q, Zhao M
1014 - 1025 A New Local Control Method of Interlinking Converters to Improve Global Power Sharing in an Islanded Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid
Chang JW, Moon SI, Lee GS, Hwang PI
1026 - 1035 Thermal and Manufacturing Aspects of Traction Motors Potting: A Deep Experimental Evaluation
Nategh S, Boglietti A, Barber D, Liu YJ, Brammer R
1036 - 1045 Stray Loss Model for Induction Motors With Using Equivalent Circuit Parameters
Kumar R, Kumar P, Kanekawa T, Oishi K
1046 - 1053 Asymmetrical Fault Ride-Through Control Strategy for Rotor-Side Converter of DFIG
Chen LH, Zhang BH, Fan XK
1054 - 1064 A Comprehensive Review of Additive Manufacturing in Construction of Electrical Machines
Wrobel R, Mecrow B
1065 - 1077 Indirect Torque Control of a Cascaded Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Operating With Unbalanced Power Grid
Dauksha G, Iwanski G
1078 - 1087 Consensus Virtual Output Impedance Control Based on the Novel Droop Equivalent Impedance Concept for a Multi-Bus Radial Microgrid
Wong YCC, Lim CS, Rotaru MD, Cruden A, Kong X
1088 - 1097 Rotor Eddy Current Loss Reduction With Permeable Retaining Sleeve for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Zhu ZC, Huang YK, Dong JN, Peng F, Yao Y
1098 - 1109 Effect of Slot-Pole Combination on the Electromagnetic Performance of Ironless Stator AFPM Machine With Concentrated Windings
Wang C, Zhang ZR, Liu Y, Geng WW, Gao HM
1110 - 1119 Thermal Analysis and Management for Doubly Salient Brushless DC Generator With Flat Wire Winding
Zhang J, Zhang ZR, Xia YW, Yu L
1120 - 1128 Experimental Validation of a Full-Size Pole Pair Set-Up of an MW-Class Direct Drive Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator
Song XW, Mijatovic N, Buhrer C, Kellers J, Wiezoreck J, Krause J, Putz H, Hansen J, Rebsdorf AV
1129 - 1138 Small-Signal Modeling and Analysis of Virtual Inertia-Based PV Systems
Khazaei J, Tu ZH, Liu WX
1139 - 1146 Design of End-Iron-Free Voice Coil Motor With Appropriate PM Length Ratio
Luo CY, Li XW, Liao Y, Long X