IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol.62, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0018-9286 (Print) 

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4305 - 4317 Asynchronous Networked MPC With ISM for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Incremona GP, Ferrara A, Magni L
4318 - 4332 Optimality Conditions for Long-Run Average Rewards With Underselectivity and Nonsmooth Features
Cao XR
4333 - 4346 Why RLC Realizations of Certain Impedances Need Many More Energy Storage Elements Than Expected
Hughes TH
4347 - 4362 On the Relation Between the Minimum Principle and Dynamic Programming for Classical and Hybrid Control Systems
Pakniyat A, Caines PE
4363 - 4375 Robust Output Regulation for Continuous-Time Periodic Systems
Paunonen L
4376 - 4391 String Stability and a Delay-Based Spacing Policy for Vehicle Platoons Subject to Disturbances
Besselink B, Johansson KH
4392 - 4404 Preserving Strong Connectivity in Directed Proximity Graphs
Poonawala HA, Spong MW
4405 - 4420 On the Convergence of a Distributed Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonconvex Optimization
Chatzipanagiotis N, Zavlanos MM
4421 - 4435 Asynchronous Multiagent Primal-Dual Optimization
Hale MT, Nedic A, Egerstedt M
4436 - 4450 Multivalued Robust Tracking Control of Lagrange Systems: Continuous and Discrete-Time Algorithms
Miranda-Villatoro FA, Brogliato B, Castanos F
4451 - 4466 Robust Tracking Commitment
Bitlislioglu A, Gorecki TT, Jones CN
4467 - 4482 Modeling and Control of Stochastic Systems With Poorly Known Dynamics
do Val JBR, Souto RF
4483 - 4498 Data-Dependent Convergence for Consensus Stochastic Optimization
Bijral AS, Sarwate AD, Srebro N
4499 - 4511 Fast Moving Horizon State Estimation for Discrete-Time Systems Using Single and Multi Iteration Descent Methods
Alessandri A, Gaggero M
4512 - 4526 Strong Stationarity Conditions for Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems
Hempel AB, Goulart PJ, Lygeros J
4527 - 4536 Design of Integral Controllers for Nonlinear Systems Governed by Scalar Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
Trinh NT, Andrieu V, Xu CZ
4537 - 4548 Dynamic Control of Agents Playing Aggregative Games With Coupling Constraints
Grammatico S
4549 - 4563 An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Multiagent Persistent Monitoring in Stochastic Environments With Temporal Logic Constraints
Deng K, Chen YS, Belta C
4564 - 4579 Optimal Estimation and Control for Lossy Network: Stability, Convergence, and Performance
Lin H, Su HY, Shi P, Shu Z, Lu RQ, Wu ZG
4580 - 4592 Likelihood Analysis of Power Spectra and Generalized Moment Problems
Georgiou TT, Lindquist A
4593 - 4597 On Lyapunov-Metzler Inequalities and S-Procedure Characterizations for the Stabilization of Switched Linear Systems
Heemels WPMH, Kundu A, Daafouz J
4598 - 4603 Foundations of a Bicoprime Factorization Theory
Tsiakkas M, Lanzon A
4604 - 4610 Sliding Mode Control of Discrete-Time Switched Systems with Repeated Scalar Nonlinearities
Su XJ, Liu XX, Shi P, Yang RN
4611 - 4617 Optimal Sensor Data Scheduling for Remote Estimation Over a Time-Varying Channel
Qi YF, Cheng P, Chen JM
4618 - 4624 Dynamic Attack Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems With Side Initial State Information
Chen Y, Kar S, Moura JMF
4625 - 4630 Stabilizing Quantum States and Automatic Error Correction by Dissipation Control
Pan Y, Nguyen T
4631 - 4638 Reverse and Forward Engineering of Frequency Control in Power Networks
Chen LJ, You S
4639 - 4646 An Auxiliary Particle Filtering Algorithm With Inequality Constraints
Li BB, Liu CJ, Chen WH
4647 - 4653 Coordination Over Multi-Agent Networks With Unmeasurable States and Finite-Level Quantization
Meng Y, Li T, Zhang JF
4654 - 4659 Adaptive Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Non-Identical Partially Unknown Control Directions and Bounded Modelling Errors
Chen C, Wen CY, Liu Z, Xie K, Zhang Y, Chen CLP
4660 - 4666 MAS Consensus and Delay Limits Under Delayed Output Feedback
Qi T, Qiu L, Chen J
4667 - 4674 Realization Theory for LPV State-Space Representations With Affine Dependence
Petreczky M, Toth R, Mercere G
4675 - 4682 Robust Transport Over Networks
Chen YX, Georgiou T, Pavon M, Tannenbaum A
4683 - 4690 Distributed Adaptive Consensus Output Regulation of Network-Connected Heterogeneous Unknown Linear Systems on Directed Graphs
Ding ZT
4691 - 4697 Necessary Stability Conditions for Neutral Type Systems With a Single Delay
Gomez MA, Egorov AV, Mondie S
4698 - 4705 Predictive Networked Control of Discrete Event Systems
Shu SL, Lin F
4706 - 4712 Relaxed Conditions for the Input-to-State Stability of Switched Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems
Chen GP, Yang Y
4713 - 4718 Estimation of Sampling Period for Stochastic Nonlinear Sampled-Data Systems With Emulated Controllers
Gao YF, Sun XM, Wen CY, Wang W
4719 - 4726 A General Dynamic Scaling Based Control Redesign to Handle Input Unmodeled Dynamics in Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Krishnamurthy P, Khorrami F
4727 - 4733 Stabilization of Uncertain Discrete-Time Linear System With Limited Communication
Tripathy NS, Kar IN, Paul K
4734 - 4740 Non-Intrusive Reference Governors for Over-Actuated Linear Systems
Zhou JQ, Canova M, Serrani A
4741 - 4746 Synchronization of Multiagent Systems Using Event-Triggered and Self-Triggered Broadcasts
Almeida J, Silvestre C, Pascoal A
4747 - 4752 Global Chartwise Feedback Linearization of the Quadcopter With a Thrust Positivity Preserving Dynamic Extension
Chang DE, Eun Y
4753 - 4759 Quantized/Saturated Control for Sampled-Data Systems Under Noisy Sampling Intervals: A Confluent Vandermonde Matrix Approach
Shen B, Tan HL, Wang ZD, Huang TW
4760 - 4767 Boundary Stabilization of Wave Equation With Velocity Recirculation
Su LL, Guo W, Wang JM, Krstic M
4768 - 4775 Event-Triggered State Estimation With an Energy Harvesting Sensor
Huang JR, Shi DW, Chen TW
4776 - 4783 Low-Gain Integral Control for Multi-Input Multioutput Linear Systems With Input Nonlinearities
Guiver C, Logemann H, Townley S
4784 - 4790 Local Condition Based Consensus Filtering With Stochastic Nonlinearities and Multiple Missing Measurements
Han F, Wei GL, Ding DR, Song Y
4791 - 4797 Stability Analysis of Impulsive Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
Ren W, Xiong JL
4798 - 4803 Parameter and Controller Dependent Lyapunov Functions for Robust D-Stability and Robust Performance Controller Design
Chesi G
4804 - 4810 Inverse Feedback Shapers for Coupled Multibody Systems
Hromcik M, Vyhlidal T
4811 - 4818 Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking by a Consensus Based Approach
Ye MJ, Hu GQ
4819 - 4826 Stability and Bifurcation of Delayed Fractional-Order Dual Congestion Control Algorithms
Xiao M, Zheng WX, Jiang GP, Cao JD
4827 - 4833 On Minimizing the Maximal Characteristic Frequency of a Linear Chain
Zarai Y, Margaliot M
4834 - 4839 The Analytic Solutions of the Homogeneous Modified Algebraic Riccati Equation
Zhang LY, Chen MZQ, Li CY
4840 - 4847 Distributed Fault Detection Isolation and Accommodation for Homogeneous Networked Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Marino A, Pierri F, Arrichiello F
4848 - 4854 Joint State Estimation and Delay Identification for Nonlinear Systems With Delayed Measurements
Cacace F, Conte F, Germani A, Palombo G
4855 - 4861 Distributed Global Output-Feedback Control for a Class of Euler-Lagrange Systems
Yang QK, Fang H, Chen J, Jiang ZP, Cao M
4862 - 4868 The Effect of Uncertainty on Production-Inventory Policies With Environmental Considerations
Kogan K, Venturi B, Shnaiderman M
4869 - 4875 SVD-Based Kalman Filter Derivative Computation
Tsyganova JV, Kulikova MV
4876 - 4883 Verifiable Conditions for Multioutput Observer Error Linearizability
Lee HG
4884 - 4890 On H-infinity Finite-Horizon Filtering Under Stochastic Protocol: Dealing With High-Rate Communication Networks
Zou L, Wang ZD, Hu J, Gao HJ
4891 - 4897 Effect of Adding Edges to Consensus Networks With Directed Acyclic Graphs
Zhang HT, Chen ZY, Mo XY