IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol.62, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0018-9286 (Print) 

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4905 - 4916 Conditions for Almost Global Attractivity of a Synchronous Generator Connected to an Infinite Bus
Barabanov N, Schiffer J, Ortega R, Efimov D
4917 - 4932 Secure State Estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems Under Sensor Attacks: A Satisfiability Modulo Theory Approach
Shoukry Y, Nuzzo P, Puggelli A, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli AL, Seshia SA, Tabuada P
4933 - 4948 Control of a City Road Network: Distributed Exact Verification of Traffic Safety
Colombo A, de Campos GR, Della Rossa F
4949 - 4964 A Robust Event-Triggered Approach for Fast Sampled-Data Extremization and Learning
Poveda JI, Teel AR
4965 - 4979 Optimal Control of State-Dependent Service Rates in a MAP/M/1 Queue
Xia L, He QM, Alfa AS
4980 - 4993 DEXTRA: A Fast Algorithm for Optimization Over Directed Graphs
Xi CG, Khan UA
4994 - 5009 Stability and Performance Analysis of Spatially Invariant Systems with Networked Communication
Heijmans SHJ, Borgers DP, Heemels WPMH
5010 - 5025 Information Transfer of Control Strategies: Dualities of Stochastic Optimal Control Theory and Feedback Capacity of Information Theory
Charalambous CD, Kourtellaris CK, Tzortzis I
5026 - 5038 Reduction of Second-Order Network Systems With Structure Preservation
Cheng XD, Kawano Y, Scherpen JMA
5039 - 5054 Computable Delay Margins for Adaptive Systems With State Variables Accessible
Hussain HS, Yildiz Y, Matsutani M, Annaswamy AM, Lavretsky E
5055 - 5068 Toward Synchronization in Networks With Nonlinear Dynamics: A Submodular Optimization Framework
Clark A, Alomair B, Bushnell L, Poovendran R
5069 - 5081 Fekete Points, Formation Control, and the Balancing Problem
Montenbruck JM, Zelazo D, Allgower F
5082 - 5095 Convergence Rate of Distributed ADMM Over Networks
Makhdoumi A, Ozdaglar A
5096 - 5110 On the Consensus of Homogeneous Multiagent Systems With Positivity Constraints
Elena M, Zorzan I
5111 - 5123 Service Rate Control of Tandem Queues With Power Constraints
Xia L, Miller D, Zhou ZY, Bambos N
5124 - 5137 Homogeneous Rational Lyapunov Functions for Performance Analysis of Switched Systems With Arbitrary Switching and Dwell Time Constraints
Chesi G, Colaneri P
5138 - 5153 Analyzing the Stability of Switched Systems Using Common Zeroing-Output Systems
Lee TC, Tan Y, Mareels I
5154 - 5169 A Mean-Field Game of Evacuation in Multilevel Building
Djehiche B, Tcheukam A, Tembine H
5170 - 5184 An Input-Output Framework for Submanifold Stabilization
Montenbruck JM, Arcak M, Allgower F
5185 - 5197 Underapproximating Backward Reachable Sets by Semialgebraic Sets
Xue B, She ZK, Easwaran A
5198 - 5204 Swarm Aggregation under Fading Attractions
Chen XD
5205 - 5212 Visibility-Aware Optimal Contagion of Malware Epidemics
Eshghi S, Sarkar S, Venkatesh SS
5213 - 5219 On the Solution Set of the Admissible Bounded Control Problem via Orthogonal Polynomials
Choque-Rivero AE
5220 - 5226 Adaptive Backstepping Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Non-Triangular Structural Uncertainties
Cai JP, Wen CY, Su HY, Liu ZT, Xing LT
5227 - 5233 Distributed Continuous-Time Algorithm for Constrained Convex Optimizations via Nonsmooth Analysis Approach
Zeng XL, Yi P, Hong YG
5234 - 5239 Flocking of the Cucker-Smale Model on General Digraphs
Dong JG, Qiu L
5240 - 5247 Backstepping Design of Robust State Feedback Regulators for Linear 2 x 2 Hyperbolic Systems
Deutscher J
5248 - 5253 On Synchronous and Asynchronous Discrete Time Heterogeneous Cyclic Pursuit
Mukherjee D, Ghose D
5254 - 5261 Coprime Factors Model Reduction of Spatially Distributed LTV Systems Over Arbitrary Graphs
Abou Jaoude D, Farhood M
5262 - 5268 Non-Autonomous Coverage Control With Diffusive Evolving Density
Miah S, Fallah MMH, Spinello D
5269 - 5274 Sum of Squares Certificates for Stability of Planar, Homogeneous, and Switched Systems
Ahmadi AA, Parrilo PA
5275 - 5281 Ex-Post Max-Min Fairness of Generalized AGV Mechanisms
Wang T, Xu YJ, Ahipasaoglu SD, Courcoubetis C
5282 - 5288 Multi-Agent Second Order Average Consensus With Prescribed Transient Behavior
Macellari L, Karayiannidis Y, Dimarogonas DV
5289 - 5295 Distributed Charging Control of Electric Vehicles Using Online Learning
Ma WJ, Gupta V, Topcu U
5296 - 5301 Fault Detection Over Frequency Region: Generalized Spectral Factorization Approach
Stefanovski JD
5302 - 5309 Dynamic Teams and Decentralized Control Problems With Substitutable Actions
Asghari SM, Nayyar A
5310 - 5317 A Descriptor Approach to Robust Leader-Following Output Consensus of Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems With Delay
Shariati A, Tavakoli M
5318 - 5323 A Separation Principle for Underactuated Lossless Lagrangian Systems
Avila-Becerril S, Loria A, Panteley E
5324 - 5330 Truncated Predictor Control of Lipschitz Nonlinear Systems With Time-Varying Input Delay
Zuo ZY, Lin ZL, Ding ZT
5331 - 5336 Notes on Stability of Time-Delay Systems: Bounding Inequalities and Augmented Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals
Zhang CK, He Y, Jiang L, Wu M
5337 - 5342 Convex Distributed Controller Synthesis for Interconnected Heterogeneous Subsystems Via Virtual Normal Interconnection Matrices
Hoffmann C, Werner H
5343 - 5350 Robust Model Predictive Controller for Tracking Changing Periodic Signals
Pereira M, de la Pena DM, Limon D, Alvarado I, Alamo T
5351 - 5356 Some New Results on Sample Path Optimality in Ergodic Control of Diffusions
Arapostathis A
5357 - 5364 Linearizing Discrete-Time Hybrid Systems
Alimguzhin V, Mari F, Melatti I, Salvo I, Tronci E
5365 - 5371 Event-Triggered Control of Multiagent Systems for Fixed and Time-Varying Network Topologies
Cheng TH, Kan Z, Klotz JR, Shea JM, Dixon WE
5372 - 5379 Steady-State Matching and Model Reduction for Systems of Differential-Algebraic Equations
Scarciotti G
5380 - 5387 Output Reachable Set Estimation for Switched Linear Systems and Its Application in Safety Verification
Xiang WM, Tran HD, Johnson TT
5388 - 5395 Consensus With Output Saturations
Lim YH, Ahn HS
5396 - 5400 Dynamic Output-Feedback Control for Singular Markovian Jump System: LMI Approach
Kwon NK, Park IS, Park P, Park C
5401 - 5406 Static Output-Feedback Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems Without Mode Observation
Dolgov M, Hanebeck UD
5407 - 5414 Second-Order Switching Time Optimization for Switched Dynamical Systems
Stellato B, Ober-Blobaum S, Goulart PJ
5415 - 5421 Networked Fusion Estimation With Bounded Noises
Chen B, Ho DWC, Zhang WA, Yu L
5422 - 5428 Iterative Residual Generator for Fault Detection With Linear Time-Invariant State-Space Models
Zhao SY, Huang B
5429 - 5436 Distributed Biased Min-Consensus With Applications to Shortest Path Planning
Zhang YY, Li S
5437 - 5444 A Unified Framework for Deterministic and Probabilistic D-Stability Analysis of Uncertain Polynomial Matrices
Piga D, Benavoli A
5445 - 5450 Time Synchronization in WSNs With Random Bounded Communication Delays
Tian YP
5451 - 5456 On the Stability Margin of Networked Dynamical Systems
Kim Y
5457 - 5462 Controllability of Multiagent Networks With Antagonistic Interactions
Sun C, Hu GQ, Xie LH
5463 - 5469 Unbiased Minimum Variance Fault and State Estimation for Linear Discrete Time-Varying Two-Dimensional Systems
Wang YQ, Zhao D, Li YY, Ding SX
5470 - 5477 Equivalence of Finite Dimensional Input-Output Models of Solute Transport and Diffusion in Geosciences
Rapaport A, Rojas-Palma A, de Dreuzy JR, Ramirez H
5478 - 5484 A Numerical Approach to Stability of Multiclass Queueing Networks
Leahu H, Mandjes M, Oprescu AM
5485 - 5491 Delay Robustness of an L-1 Adaptive Controller for a Class of Systems With Unknown Matched Nonlinearities
Nguyen KD, Li Y, Dankowicz H