Fuel Processing Technology

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ISSN: 0378-3820 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Metal-organic framework containing Bronsted acidity and Lewis acidity for efficient conversion glucose to levulinic acid
Qu HN, Liu BY, Gao GH, Ma YM, Zhou YM, Zhou H, Li L, Li YH, Liu SJ
7 - 18 Effect of co-flow oxygen concentration on the MILD combustion of pulverised coal
Saha M, Dally BB, Chinnici A, Medwell PR
19 - 30 Numerical study of HCl and SO2 impact on potassium emissions in pulverized-biomass combustion
Wan KD, Wang ZH, Xia J, Vervisch L, Domingo P, Lv Y, Liu YZ, He Y, Cen KF
31 - 38 The effect of O-2/C ratio on gasification performance and sodium transformation of Zhundong coal
Guo XW, Zhang HX, Zhu ZP
39 - 47 One-pot alcoholysis of carbohydrates to biofuel 5-ethoxymethylfufural and 5-methoxymethylfufural via a sulfonic porous polymer
Zhang LX, Zhu YJ, Tian L, He YF, Wang H, Deng FY
48 - 52 Enhanced methane yield from supercritical water gasification of pentadecanoic acid
Kong LP, Liu ST, Luo LG, Wang YY, Dai LY
53 - 62 Insights into the deactivation mechanism of Zn-Cr binary catalyst for isobutanol synthesis via syngas
Tian SP, Wu YQ, Ren HP, Xie HJ, Zhao YZ, Ma Q, Miao ZC, Tan YS
63 - 72 Impact of large sized inertinite particles on thermo-swelling and volatile release of coking coals
Xie W, Stanger R, Tran QA, Mahoney M, Lucas J, Yu JL, Wall T
73 - 81 Study on the surface structure development of porous char particles in catalytic supercritical water gasification process
Fan C, Jin H, Shang F, Feng HF, Sun JL
82 - 93 Improved dynamic performance of a thermally efficient reactor through water removal and defining new objective functions
Yasari E
94 - 101 Embedded Ni catalysts in Ni-O-Ce solid solution for stable hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming reaction
Wang FG, Zhang LJ, Deng JQ, Zhang JM, Han BL, Wang Y, Li ZC, Yu H, Cai WJ, Deng ZY
102 - 113 A techno-economic analysis of thermochemical pathways for corncob-to-energy: Fast pyrolysis to bio-oil, gasification to methanol and combustion to electricity
Brigagao GV, Araujo ODF, de Medeiros JL, Mikulcic H, Duic N
114 - 122 Optimization of nickel and ceria catalyst content for synthetic natural gas production through CO2 methanation
Alarcon A, Guilera J, Diaz JA, Andreu T
123 - 130 Kinetic study on hydrogen oxidation in supercritical H2O/CO2 mixtures
Li GX, Wang HX, Lu YJ
131 - 140 Comparative study on the pyrolysis of cellulose and its model compounds
Gao ZX, Li N, Chen M, Yi WM
141 - 148 Perovskite-derived trimetallic Co-Ni-Cu catalyst for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas
Ao M, Pham GH, Sage V, Pareek V, Liu SM
149 - 158 A semi-industrial preparation procedure of CaO-based pellets with high CO2 uptake performance
Tong XL, Liu WQ, Yang YD, Sun J, Hu YC, Chen HQ, Li QW
159 - 179 Introducing a novel process to enhance the syngas conversion to methanol over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst
Rahmatmand B, Rahimpour MR, Keshavarz P
180 - 186 Effect of potassium carbonate on the kinetic behaviors of coke gasification in a hydrogen-rich blast furnace
Lan CC, Liu XJ, Qie YN, Lyu Q, Jiang MF, Zhang SH
187 - 196 Transient LES based CFD modeling of coal-biomass co-firing combustion
Smith JD, Suo-Antilla A, Sreedharan V
197 - 203 A wet packed-bed scrubber for removing tar from biomass producer gas
Lotfi S, Ma WG, Austin K, Kumar A
204 - 211 Influence of reaction pressure on co-pyrolysis of LDPE and a heavy petroleum fraction
Schubert T, Lehner M, Karner T, Hofer W, Lechleitner A
212 - 220 Reactivity of biomass containing briquettes for metallurgical coke production
Florentino-Madiedo L, Diaz-Foes E, Barriocanal C
221 - 231 Catalytic furfural hydrogenation to furfuryl alcohol over Cu/SiO2 catalysts: A comparative study of the preparation methods
Du H, Ma XY, Yan PF, Jiang M, Zhao Z, Zhang ZC
232 - 243 Assessment of combustion properties of non-hydroprocessed Fischer-Tropsch fuels for aviation
Jurgens S, Osswald P, Selinsek M, Piermartini P, Schwab J, Pfeifer P, Bauder U, Ruoff S, Rauch B, Kohler M
244 - 262 Comparison of high-rank coals with respect to slagging/deposition tendency at the transfer-chute of iron-ore pelletizing grate-kiln plants: A pilot-scale experimental study accompanied by thermochemical equilibrium modeling and viscosity estimations
Sefidari H, Wiinikka H, Lindhlom B, Nordin LO, Wu G, Yazhenskikh E, Muller M, Ma C, Ohman M
263 - 272 Ethanol conversion into 1,3-butadiene over a mixed Hf-Zn catalyst: Effect of reaction conditions and water content in ethanol
Gonzalez GMC, Concepcion P, Perales ALV, Martinez A, Campoy M, Vidal-Barrero F
273 - 281 Effects of nickel additives with different anions on the structure and pyrolysis behavior of Hefeng coal
Zhong M, Zhao Y, Zhai JR, Jin LJ, Hu HQ, Bai ZQ, Li W
282 - 294 Slagging and fouling characteristics during co-combustion of Scots pine bark with low-temperature dried pulp and paper mill chemical sludge
Grimm A, Etula J, Salh R, Kalen G, Segerstrom M, Brucher J, Soderberg C, Soukup D, Pfeifer C, Larsson SH
295 - 303 Extraction techniques in sustainable biofuel production: A concise review
Li P, Sakuragi K, Makino H
304 - 316 Estimation of cold gas efficiency and reactor size of low-temperature gasifier for advanced-integrated coal gasification combined cycle systems
Furusawa Y, Taguchi H, Ismail SN, Thangavel S, Matsuoka K, Fushimi C
317 - 327 Regenerable alpha-MnO2 nanotubes for elemental mercury removal from natural gas
Chalkidis A, Jampaiah D, Hartley PG, Sabri YM, Bhargava SK
328 - 337 Preparation of pelletized coke by co-carbonization of caking coal and pyrolyzed char modified with tar produced during pyrolysis of woody biomass
Mochizuki Y, Tsubouchi N
338 - 347 Enhancing and upgrading bio-oil during catalytic pyrolysis of cellulose: The synergistic effect of potassium cation and different anions impregnation
Fu XC, Wang X, Li YY, Xin YJ, Li S
348 - 360 Catalytic performance of iron-promoted nickel-based ordered mesoporous alumina FeNiAl catalysts in dry reforming of methane
Li BT, Luo Y, Li B, Yuan XQ, Wang XJ
361 - 371 Chemical looping gasification of lignocellulosic biomass with iron-based oxygen carrier: Products distribution and kinetic analysis on gaseous products from cellulose
Wu ZQ, Zhang B, Wu S, Li GM, Zhao SD, Li YW, Yang BL
372 - 377 Study on the desulfurization performance of metal -based low transition temperature mixtures: Removal of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur recovery
Liu XP, Wang BH, Wang DD, Cheng J, Meng QM, Zhang ZJ, Gao PL, An JT, Lou J, Li MH
378 - 391 Reforming of biogas using a non-thermal, gliding-arc, plasma in reverse vortex flow and fate of hydrogen sulfide contaminants
Mousavi SMA, Piavis W, Turn S
392 - 403 New insights into the effect of pressure on catalytic hydropyrolysis of biomass
Stummann MZ, Hoj M, Hansen AB, Davidsen B, Wiwel P, Gabrielsen J, Jensen PA, Jensen AD
404 - 422 Recent development of production technology of diesel- and jet-fuel-range hydrocarbons from inedible biomass
Nakagawa Y, Tamura M, Tomishige K
423 - 423 Preface to the special issue on "Clean Energy and Advanced Carbon Materials (CEAM) 2018"
Yu JL, Jeon CH