Fuel Processing Technology

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ISSN: 0378-3820 (Print) 

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1 - 6 From orchids to biodiesel: Coco coir as an effective drywash material for biodiesel fuel
Ott LS, Riddell MM, O'Neill EL, Carini GS
7 - 14 Carbon nanotubes formation and its influence on steam reforming of toluene over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts: Roles of catalyst supports
He LM, Hu S, Jiang L, Liao G, Chen XF, Han HD, Xiao LF, Ren QQ, Wang Y, Su S, Xiang J
15 - 20 Fast pyrolysis and combustion characteristic of three different brown coals
Han J, Zhang L, Kim HJ, Kasadani Y, Li LY, Shimizu T
21 - 32 Investigation of strength and reduction reactivity during heat treatment in simulated-experimental blast furnace of carbon-containing pellet prepared by vapor deposition of tar to cold-bonded pellet with large particle size
Mochizuki Y, Tsubouchi N, Akiyama T
33 - 42 Low energy cost conversion of methane to ethylene in a hybrid plasma-catalytic reactor system
Delikonstantis E, Scapinello M, Stefanidis GD
43 - 49 Experimental study on NO emissions from pulverized char under MILD combustion in an O-2/CO2 atmosphere preheated by a circulating fluidized bed
Lyu QG, Zhu SJ, Zhu JG, Wu HX, Fan YQ
50 - 58 Prediction of hydrocarbon yield from wet Botryococcus braunii: The influences of colony surface charge and diameter on the amount of extractable hydrocarbon
Tsutsumi S, Saito Y, Matsushita Y, Aoki H
59 - 63 Effect of stannous chloride on low-temperature oxidation reaction of coal
Qin BT, Dou GL, Zhong XX
64 - 75 Prediction of ash fusion behavior from coal ash composition for entrained -flow gasification
Sasi T, Mighani M, Ors E, Tawani R, Grabner M
76 - 84 Production of activated carbon from peat by with natural soda ash and effect of nitrogen addition on the development of surface area
Tsubouchi N, Nishio M, Shinohara Y, Bud J, Mochizuki Y
85 - 90 Effect of Ca(NO3)(2) addition in coal on properties of activated carbon for methane decomposition to hydrogen
Wang JF, Jin LJ, Zhou Y, Li Y, Hu HQ
91 - 100 The effect of water addition on the surface energy, bulk and flow properties of lignite
Jin Y, Lu HF, Guo XL, Gong X
101 - 106 Conversion of CO2 into liquid hydrocarbons in the presence of a Co-containing catalyst based on the microporous metal-organic framework MIL-53(Al)
Tarasov AL, Isaeva VI, Tkachenko OP, Chernyshev VV, Kustov LM
107 - 118 Assessment of the improvement of chemical looping combustion of coal by using a manganese ore as oxygen carrier
Abad A, Gayan P, Mendiara T, Bueno JA, Garcia-Labiano F, de Diego LF, Adanez J
119 - 123 Tandem mass spectrometric evaluation of core structures of aromatic compounds after catalytic deoxygenation
Fan X, Li GS, Dong XM, Jiang J, Wei XY, Kenttamaa HI
124 - 130 NH3 inhibits mercury oxidation over low-temperature MnOx/TiO2 SCR catalyst
Li HL, Zhao JX, Zhang WL, Yang JP, Wang J, Zhang MG, Yan ZQ, Li LQ, Shih KM
131 - 137 Combustion characteristics and kinetic analysis of heavy tar from continuous pyrolysis of camellia shell
Wang MF, Chen ZW, Lv J, Ren YZ, Jiang Y, Jiang EC, Wang DH
138 - 145 New insight into the chemical structures of Huadian kerogen with supercritical ethanolysis: Cleavage of weak bonds to small molecular compounds
Liu Q, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Wang Q, Ren SH, Liu QY
146 - 152 Xylan/DBU as an efficient and green catalyst for chemical fixation of CO2
Zhou QS, Peng XW, Zhong LX, Li XH, Chua WT, Sun RC
153 - 166 Design of active and stable bimodal nickel catalysts for methane reforming with CO2
Li BT, Lin XR, Luo Y, Yuan XQ, Wang XJ
167 - 173 Study on the thermal liquefaction of Xilinguole lignite in solvent at high temperature
Wang ZC, Li L, Hu RN, Wang XL, Pan CX, Kang SG, Ren SB, Lei ZP, Shui HF
174 - 181 Kinetic analysis on the microwave drying of different forms of water in lignite
Li C, Liao JJ, Yin Y, Mo Q, Chang LP, Bao WR
182 - 189 Effect of thermophysical properties of heat carriers on performance of a laboratory-scale auger pyrolyzer
Daugaard TJ, Dalluge DL, Brown RC, Wright MM
190 - 196 Further exploring on aqueous chemistry of micron-sized lignite particles in lignite water slurry: Effects of humics adsorption
Chai WC, Wang WJ, Huang YF, Han GH, Cao YJ, Liu JT
197 - 204 Using two-zone fluidized bed reactor in propane aromatization over Zn/HZSM-5 catalyst
Roshanaei A, Alavi SM
205 - 210 Rapid beneficiation of fine coal tailings using a novel agglomeration technology
van Netten K, Galvin KP
211 - 220 Biomass pellet combustion: Cavities and ash formation characterized by synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography
Strandberg A, Thyrel M, Skoglund N, Lestander TA, Brostrom M, Backman R
221 - 229 Modeling pyrolytic behavior of pre-oxidized lignin using four representative beta-ether-type lignin-like model polymers
Jiang WK, Chu JY, Wu SB, Lucia LA
230 - 239 A comparison of partially burnt coal chars and the implications of their properties on the blast furnace process
Steer JM, Marsh R, Sexton D, Greenslade M
240 - 248 Catalytic upgrading of coal pyrolysis products over bio-char
Fu DQ, Li XH, Li WY, Feng J
249 - 257 Regioselective hydrogenolysis of alga-derived squalane over silica-supported ruthenium-vanadium catalyst
Nakaji Y, Nakagawa Y, Tamura M, Tomishige K
258 - 266 Understanding the unusual fluidity characteristics of high ash Indian bituminous coals
Das B, Suresh A, Dash PS, Chandra S, Diaz MC, Stevens LA, Snape CE
267 - 275 Adsorption and dispersion performance of oxidized sulfomethylated kraft lignin in coal water slurry
Konduri MKR, Fatehi P
276 - 282 Confinement of microporous MOF-74(Ni) within mesoporous gamma-Al2O3 beads for excellent ultra-deep and selective adsorptive desulfurization performance
Zhao ZP, Zuhra Z, Qin LB, Zhou YS, Zhang LJ, Tang F, Mu CC
283 - 295 Preparation of hierarchical structure of Y zeolite with ultrasonic-assisted alkaline treatment method used in catalytic cracking of middle distillate cut: The effect of irradiation time
Oruji S, Khoshbin R, Karimzadeh R
296 - 306 Particulate and gaseous emissions from charcoal combustion in barbecue grills
Vicente ED, Vicente A, Evtyugina M, Carvalho R, Tarelho LAC, Oduber FI, Alves C
307 - 315 Front velocity in the combustion of blends of poultry litter with straw
Polesek-Karczewska S, Turzynski T, Kardas D, Heda L
316 - 324 Enhanced hydrocracking C-ar-C-alk bridged bonds in the extraction residue from Piliqing subbituminous coal over a recyclable and active magnetic solid superacid
Yang Z, Wei XY, Zhang M, Teng DG, Wang YN, Liu ZQ, Zong ZM