Fuel Processing Technology

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1 - 9 Aggravated fine particulate matter emissions from heating-upgraded biomass and biochar combustion: The effect of pretreatment temperature
Hu ZF, Wang XB, Adeosun A, Ruan RH, Tan HZ
10 - 19 Modelling of indirect steam gasification in circulating fluidized bed reactors
Myohanen K, Palonen J, Hyppanen T
20 - 30 Green diesel production via continuous hydrotreatment of triglycerides over mesostructured gamma-alumina supported NiMo/CoMo catalysts
Taromi AA, Kaliaguine S
31 - 38 Particle agglomeration during fluidized bed combustion: Mechanisms, early detection and possible countermeasures
Scala F
39 - 44 Comparing the structural development of sand and rock ilmenite during long-term exposure in a biomass fired 12 MWth CFB-boiler
Corcoran A, Knutsson P, Lind F, Thunman H
45 - 53 Effect of water, fat, and protein in raw pork from swine carcasses on the pyrolytic gaseous and liquid product distribution
Zhang YK, Ma ZY, Yan JH
54 - 69 Techno-economic and environmental analysis of aviation biofuels
Neuling U, Kaltschmitt M
70 - 77 VOC off-gassing from pelletized steam exploded softwood bark: Emissions at different industrial process steps
Boren E, Larsson SH, Thyrel M, Averheim A, Brostrom M
78 - 88 Relevance of plant design on CLC process performance using a Cu-based oxygen carrier
Abad A, Gayan P, Garcia-Labiano F, de Diego LF, Adanez J
89 - 99 Co-production of syngas and potassium-based fertilizer by solar-driven thermochemical conversion of crop residues
Muller F, Patel H, Blumenthal D, Pozivil P, Das P, Wieckert C, Maiti P, Maiti S, Steinfeld A
100 - 109 Influence of the conditions for reforming HDPE pyrolysis volatiles on the catalyst deactivation by coke
Barbarias I, Artetxe M, Lopez G, Arregi A, Bilbao J, Olazar M
110 - 116 Gasification of low-rank coal for hydrogen-rich gas production in a dual loop gasification system
Xiao YH, Xu SP, Song YB, Wang C, Ouyang SB
117 - 123 Combination of DOSY and 1D selective gradient TOCSY: Versatile NMR tools for identify the mixtures from glycerol hydrogenolysis reaction
Lyu ZX, Yue F, Yan XY, Shan JF, Xiang DL, Pedersen CM, Li CJ, Wang YX, Qiao Y
124 - 132 Evaluation of fast pyrolysis feedstock conversion with a mixing paddle reactor
Zinchik S, Klinger JL, Westover TL, Donepudi Y, Hernandez S, Nabera JD, Bar-Ziv E
133 - 139 Formic acid and acetic acid production from corn cob by catalytic oxidation using O-2
Lu T, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Niu MG, Wang YP
140 - 147 Micro- and mesoporous-enriched carbon materials prepared from a mixture of petroleum-derived oily sludge and biomass
Wang J, Su C, Lin BC, Huang QX, Ma ZY, Chi Y, Yan JH
148 - 161 Integration of hydroprocessing modeling of bio-liquids into flowsheeting design tools for biofuels production
Atsonios K, Panopoulos KD, Nikolopoulos N, Lappas AA, Kakaras E
162 - 172 Numerical simulation of catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapours in a FCC riser
Ranganathan P, Gu S
173 - 182 Xinjiang lignite ash slagging and flowability under the weak reducing environment at 1300 degrees C - A new method to quantify slag flow velocity and its correlation with slag properties
Wu XJ, Ji HS, Dai BQ, Zhang L
183 - 191 Highly efficient extraction of phenolic compounds from oil mixtures by trimethylamine-based dicationic ionic liquids via forming deep eutectic solvents
Ji YA, Hou YC, Ren SH, Yao CF, Wu WZ
192 - 197 Calcium sulfation characteristics at high oxygen concentration in a 1MW(th) pilot scale oxy-fuel circulating fluidized bed
Li W, Xu MX, Li SY
198 - 204 The extent of sorbent attrition and degradation of ethanol-treated CaO sorbents for CO2 capture within a fluidised bed reactor
Clough PT, Greco G, Erans M, Coppola A, Montagnaro F, Anthony EJ
205 - 214 Pressurised chemical-looping combustion of an iron-based oxygen carrier: Reduction kinetic measurements and modelling
Zhang Z, Yao JG, Boot-Handford ME, Fennell PS
215 - 222 Destruction of tar during volatile-char interactions at low temperature
Song Y, Zhao YJ, Hu X, Zhang L, Sun SZ, Li CZ
223 - 231 Deposition of fine particles of gas oil on hydrotreating catalyst: Impact of process parameters and filtration trends
Rana R, Dalai AK, Hu YF, Adjaye J
232 - 247 Combustion measurements of type-1 pulverized coal flames operating under oxy-fired conditions
da Silva RC, Krautz HJ
248 - 257 An efficient coal pyrolysis model for detailed tar species vaporization
Li JQ, Singer SL
258 - 264 Density functional study of hydrogen sulfide adsorption mechanism on activated carbon
Shen FH, Liu J, Zhang Z, Dong YC, Gu CK
265 - 276 Hydrodynamics and oxygen transfer characterization in a net draft tube airlift reactor with water-in-diesel microemulsion
Dejaloud A, Vahabzadeh F, Habibi A
277 - 286 Integrated thermo-catalytic reforming of residual sugarcane bagasse in a laboratory scale reactor
Ahmad E, Jager N, Apfelbacher A, Daschner R, Hornung A, Pant KK
287 - 292 Mid- infrared uncooled sensor for the identification of pure fuel, additives and adulterants in gasoline
Maldonado M, Barreiro P, Gutierrez R, Vergara G
293 - 300 High-strength charcoal briquette preparation from hydrothermal pretreated biomass wastes
Wu SY, Zhang SY, Wang CW, Mu C, Huang XH
301 - 307 Reductive carbonylation of methanol for ethanol production in Rh-Ru-dppp-methyl iodide catalytic system under mild conditions - The effect of lithium salts and catalyst composition
Chen YZ, Liu DH
308 - 317 Bio-oil production from fast pyrolysis of rice husk in a commercial-scale plant with a downdraft circulating fluidized bed reactor
Cai WF, Liu RH, He YF, Chai MY, Cai JM
318 - 329 Efficient diagnosis of grate-fired biomass boilers by a simplified CFD-based approach
Rezeau A, Diez LI, Royo J, Diaz-Ramirez M
330 - 338 Influence of binder type on greenhouse gases and PAHs from the pyrolysis of biomass briquettes
Florentino-Madiedo L, Diaz-Foes E, Garcia R, Barriocanal C
339 - 349 Viscosity model for oxide melts relevant to fuel slags. Part 3: The iron oxide containing low order systems in the system SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O-FeO-Fe2O3
Wu GX, Seebold S, Yazhenskikh E, Hack K, Muller M
350 - 360 Laboratory study on the inhibitory effect of free radical scavenger on coal spontaneous combustion
Li JH, Li ZH, Yang YL, Kong B, Wang CJ
361 - 373 Char particle burning behavior: Experimental investigation of char structure evolution during pulverized fuel conversion
Kleinhans U, Halama S, Spliethoff H