Fuel Processing Technology

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1 - 10 Activity of shaped Pt/AlSBA-15 catalysts in n-hexadecane hydroisomerization
Jaroszewska K, Masalska A, Czycz D, Grzechowiak J
11 - 17 Impact of HCl and O-2 on removal of elemental mercury by heat-treated activated carbon: Integrated X-ray analysis
Zheng JM, Shah KJ, Zhou JS, Pan SY, Chiang PC
18 - 30 Influence of injection timing and exhaust gas recirculation of a Calophyllum inophyllum methyl ester fuelled CI engine
Ashok B, Nanthagopal K, Raj RTK, Bhasker JP, Vignesh DS
31 - 42 Spatial distribution of chromium on the corroded tube surface characterised by synchrotron X-ray fluorescence (SXRF) mapping and mu-XANES: Co-existence of Ca-rich ash deposits and oxy-firing flue gas
Ja'baz I, Zhou S, Zhang L, Jiao FC, Yu DX, Etschmann B, Ninomiya Y, Paterson D
43 - 49 Effect of blending ratio of loblolly pine wood and bark on the properties of pyrolysis bio-oils
Ren XY, Meng JJ, Chang JM, Kelley SS, Jameel H, Park S
50 - 60 Selective conversion of bio-ethanol to propene over nano-HZSM-5 zeolite: Remarkably enhanced catalytic performance by fluorine modification
Zhang N, Mao DS, Zhai XL
61 - 68 Improvement of coal-water fuel combustion characteristics by using of electromagnetic treatment
Pinchuk VA, Sharabura TA, Kuzmin AV
69 - 77 Preparation and application of Cu/ZnO catalyst by urea hydrolysis method for low-temperature methanol synthesis from syngas
Fan RG, Kyodo M, Tan L, Peng XB, Yang GH, Yoneyama Y, Yang RQ, Zhang QD, Tsubaki N
78 - 91 Numerical evaluation of a microchannel methane reformer used for miniaturized GTL: Operating characteristics and greenhouse gases emission
Cao CX, Zhang N, Dang D, Cheng Y
92 - 98 Utilization of incineration fly ash from biomass power plants for zeolite synthesis from coal fly ash by hydrothermal treatment
Fukasawa T, Horigome A, Tsu T, Karisma AD, Maeda N, Huang AN, Fukui K
99 - 116 Zeolites for adsorptive desulfurization from fuels: A review
Dehghan R, Anbia M
117 - 126 Upgrading pyrolysis bio-oil to hydrocarbon enriched biofuel over bifunctional Fe-Ni/HZSM-5 catalyst in supercritical methanol
Cheng SY, Wei L, Julson J, Muthukumarappan K, Kharel PR
127 - 135 Multi-domain spectroscopy for composition measurement of water-containing bio-ethanol fuel
Middelburg LM, de Graaf G, Bossche A, Bastemeijer J, Ghaderi M, Wolffenbuttel FS, Visser J, Soltis R, Wolffenbuttel RF
136 - 145 Pyrolysis of low-rank coal with heat-carrying particles in a downer reactor
Fushimi C, Okuyama S, Kobayashi M, Koyama M, Tanimura H, Fukushima H, Thangavel S, Matsuoka K
146 - 152 Study on dual-frequency ultrasounds assisted surfactant extraction of oil sands
Fu LP, Zhang GC, Ge JJ, Liao KL, He YF, Wang X, Li HT
153 - 161 Characteristics of novel synthetic fuels using coal and sewage sludge impregnated bioliquid applying for a coal combustion system
Namkung H, Park JH, Lee YJ, Song GS, Choi JW, Kim JG, Park JS, Urn BH, Song KH, Park SJ, Choi YC
162 - 170 Enhanced catalytic performance in butylene cracking by hierarchical surface silicon-rich ZSM-5
Wu T, Chen SL, Yuan GM, Cao YQ, Su KY
171 - 182 Control of the solids retention time by multi-staging a fluidized bed reactor
Zhao K, Thunman H, Pallares D, Strom H
183 - 192 Modified product selectivity in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by catalyst pre-treatment
Sage V, Sun Y, Hazewinkel P, Bhatelia T, Braconnier L, Tang L, Chiang K, Batten M, Burke N
193 - 204 Influence of gaseous SO2 and sulphate-bearing ash deposits on the high-temperature corrosion of heat exchanger tube during oxy-fuel combustion
Ja'baz I, Jiao FC, Wu X, Yu DX, Ninomiya Y, Zhang L
205 - 214 Low-temperature NO decomposition through microwave catalysis on BaMnO3-based catalysts under excess oxygen: Effect of A-site substitution by Ca, K and La
Xu WT, Shi N, You ZM, Cai JJ, Peng K, Su ZM, Zhou JC
215 - 220 Grinding pyrolysis of Mallee wood: Effects of pyrolysis conditions on the yields of bio-oil and biochar
Hasan MM, Wang XS, Mourant D, Gunawan R, Yu CL, Hu X, Kadarwati S, Gholizadeh M, Wu HW, Li B, Zhang L, Li CZ
221 - 228 Tuning the property of Mn-Ce composite oxides by titanate nanotubes to improve the activity, selectivity and SO2/H2O tolerance in middle temperature NH3-SCR reaction
Chen XB, Wang PL, Fang P, Ren TY, Liu Y, Cen CP, Wang HQ, Wu ZB
229 - 240 Development and validation of new methods for identification of bio-char as an alternative solid bio-fuel for power generation
Sajdak M
241 - 249 Quantitative compositional analysis of Estonian shale oil using comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography
Ristic ND, Djokic MR, Konist A, Van Geem KM, Marin GB
250 - 262 COx-free hydrogen and carbon nanofibers production by thermocatalytic decomposition of methane over mesoporous MgO center dot Al2O3 nanopowder-supported nickel catalysts
Rastegarpanah A, Meshkani F, Rezaei M
263 - 270 Mercury removal from flue gas by magnetospheres present in fly ash: Role of iron species and modification by HF
Yang JP, Zhao YC, Zhang SB, Liu H, Chang L, Ma SM, Zhang JY, Zheng CG
271 - 280 Ignition characteristics of straight vegetable oils in relation to combustion and injection parameters, as well as their fatty acid composition
Plank M, Wachtmeister G, Remmele E, Thuneke K, Emberger P
281 - 291 Release of sugar by acid hydrolysis from rice bran for single cell oil production and subsequent in-situ transesterification for biodiesel preparation
Sutanto S, Go AW, Chen KH, Nguyen PLT, Ismadji S, Ju YH
292 - 305 Analysis of syngas methanation for bio-SNG production from wastes: kinetic model development and pilot scale validation
Materazzi M, Grimaldi F, Foscolo PU, Cozens P, Taylor R, Chapman C
306 - 313 High-temperature corrosion due to lead chloride mixtures simulating fireside deposits in boilers firing recycled wood
Kinnunen H, Lindberg D, Lauren T, Uusitalo M, Bankiewicz D, Enestam S, Yrjas P
314 - 321 SO3 formation and the effect of fly ash in a bubbling fluidised bed under oxy-fuel combustion conditions
Sarbassov Y, Duan LB, Jeremias M, Manovic V, Anthony EJ
322 - 333 Eu-Mn-Ti mixed oxides for the SCR of NOx with NH3: The effects of Eu-modification on catalytic performance and mechanism
Gao C, Shi JW, Fan ZY, Yu YK, Chen JS, Li ZH, Niu CM
334 - 344 High-quality oil and gas from pyrolysis of Powder River Basin coal catalyzed by an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive composite iron-sodium catalysts
Xu B, Lu WY, Sun Z, He T, Goroncy A, Zhang YL, Fan MH
345 - 354 Pyrolysis process using a bench scale high pressure thermobalance
Puig-Gamero M, Fernandez-Lopez M, Sanchez P, Valverde JL, Sanchez-Silva L
355 - 362 Arsenic oxidation and removal from flue gas using H2O2/Na2S2O8 solution
Zhao Y, Qiu W
363 - 370 Hydro-liquefaction of rice stalk in supercritical ethanol with in situ generated hydrogen
Li RD, Li BS, Kai XP, Yang TH
371 - 381 The fate of shrinking boiler nose to improve the flow-field deflection and asymmetric combustion in a 600 MWe supercritical down-fired boiler
Kuang M, Zhu QY, Yang GH, Ti SG, Li ZQ
382 - 387 Study on the desulfurization performance of hydramine/ionic liquid solutions at room temperature and atmospheric pressure
Liu XP, Li JP, Wang R
388 - 394 Behavior of selenium in the flue gas of pulverized coal combustion system: Influence of kind of coal and combustion conditions
Furuzono T, Nakajima T, Fujishima H, Takanashi H, Ohki A
395 - 403 Thermo-analytical characterizations of biodiesel produced from edible and non-edible oils
Yadav C, Saini A, Bera M, Maji PK
404 - 415 Influence of Y on the performance of Mg-Al-Y catalysts via hydrotalcite-like precursors for the synthesis of diethyl carbonate from ethyl carbamate and ethanol
Wang DF, Zhang XL, Zhou DG, Liu SF, Wei W
416 - 424 A reactive molecular dynamics study of CH4 combustion in O-2/CO2/H2O environments
Hong DK, Guo X
425 - 430 Sequential thermal dissolution and alkanolyses of extraction residue from Xinghe lignite
Li S, Zong ZM, Li ZK, Wang SK, Yang Z, Xu ML, Shi C, Wei XY, Wang YG
431 - 441 Effects of thermal treatment on carbon cryogel preparation for catalytic esterification of levulinic acid to ethyl levulinate
Zainol MM, Amin NAS, Asmadi M
442 - 450 Esterification of the levulinic acid with n-butyl and isobutyl alcohols over aluminum-containing MCM-41
Chermahini AN, Nazeri M
451 - 461 Air-steam and oxy-steam gasification of hydrolytic residues from biorefinery
Cerone N, Zimbardi F, Contuzzi L, Prestipino M, Carnevale MO, Valerio V
462 - 473 Structured catalytic reactor for soot abatement in a reducing, atmosphere
Camacho YSM, Bensaid S, Lorentzou S, Russo N, Fino D
474 - 483 Assessment on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with corn stalk pyrolysis bio-oil/diesel emulsions with Ce0.7Zr0.3O2 nanoadditive
Fu P, Bai XY, Yi WM, Li ZH, Li YJ, Wang LH
484 - 490 Selective low-temperature pyrolysis of microcrystalline cellulose to produce levoglucosan and levoglucosenone in a fixed bed reactor
Zhang HY, Meng X, Liu C, Wang Y, Xiao R
491 - 501 A facile method for char elimination during base-catalyzed depolymerization and hydrogenolysis of lignin
Shen XJ, Huang PL, Wen JL, Sun RC
502 - 510 Effects of kaolinite addition on the thermoplastic behaviour of coking coal during low temperature pyrolysis
Meng FY, Gupta S, Yu JL, Jiang Y, Koshy P, Sorrell C, Shen YS
511 - 523 Selection of dolomite bed material for pressurized biomass gasification in BFB
Zhou CG, Rosen C, Engvall K
524 - 534 Modeling of biodiesel production in Liquid-Liquid Film Reactors including mass transfer effects
Noriega MA, Narvaez PC, Cadavid JG, Habert AC
535 - 544 Structural transformations and hydrocarbon generation of low-rank coal (vitrinite) during slow heating pyrolysis
Song Y, Jiang B, Mathews JP, Yan GY, Li FL
545 - 554 Catalytic ozonation for low-temperature NOx (x=1, 2) removal with center dot OH radicals over Cu doped Ce0.90Co0.10O2 (-) (delta) catalysts and mechanism analysis
Guo LN, Zhong Q, Ding J, Deng ZY, Zhao WK
555 - 562 Effect of direct injection dimethyl ether on the micro-flame ignited (MFI) hybrid combustion and emission characteristics of a 4-stroke gasoline engine
Fu XQ, He BQ, Li HT, Chen T, Xu SP, Zhao H
563 - 574 Bio-oil production by lignocellulose fast-pyrolysis: Isolating and comparing the effects of indigenous versus external catalysts
Fermoso J, Hernando H, Jimenez-Sanchez S, Lappas AA, Heracleous E, Pizarro P, Coronado JM, Serrano DP
575 - 581 CO hydrogenation to higher alcohols over CuZnAl catalysts without promoters: Effect of pH value in catalyst preparation
Liu YJ, Deng X, Han PD, Huang W
582 - 607 Process simulation of a fluidized-bed catalytic cracking process for the conversion of algae oil to biokerosene
Pujan R, Hauschild S, Grongroft A
608 - 621 Development of an integrated system for electricity and hydrogen production from coal and water utilizing a novel chemical hydrogen storage technology
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
622 - 630 Development of polyethylenimine-functionalized mesoporous Si-MCM-41 for CO2 adsorption
Ahmed S, Ramli A, Yusup S
631 - 640 Drying recycled fiber rejects in a bench-scale cyclone: Influence of device geometry and operational parameters on drying mechanisms
Grimm A, Elustondo D, Makela M, Segerstrom M, Kalen G, Fraikin L, Leonard A, Larsson SH
641 - 647 Optimization of methyl ester production from waste cooking oil in a batch tri-orifice oscillatory baffled reactor
Soufi MD, Ghobadian B, Najafi G, Mousavi SM, Aubin J
648 - 654 Effect of hydrothermal treatment on structure and liquefaction behavior of Baiyinhua coal
Shi ZW, Jin LJ, Zhou Y, Li Y, Hu HQ
655 - 662 Interaction between thermal cracking and steam reforming reactions of aviation kerosene
Hou LY, Zhang DR, Zhang XX
663 - 669 Impact of HTC reaction conditions on the hydrochar properties and CO2 gasification properties of spent grains
Ulbrich M, Pressl D, Fendt S, Gaderer M, Spliethoff H
670 - 673 Highly efficient iron(III) molecular catalysts for solketal production
Esposito R, Cucciolito ME, D'Amora A, Di Guida R, Montagnaro F, Ruffo F
674 - 683 Liquefaction biocrudes and their petroleum crude blends for processing in conventional distillation units
Ramirez JA, Brown RJ, Rainey TJ
684 - 694 Activity comparison of Ni-Mo/Al2O3 and Ni-Mo/TiO2 catalysts in hydroprocessing of middle petroleum distillates and their blend with rapeseed oil
Vozka P, Orazgaliyeva D, Simacek P, Blazek J, Kilaz G
695 - 701 Mercury emissions from coal combustion in fluidized beds under oxy-fuel and air conditions: Influence of coal characteristics and O-2 concentration
Izquierdo MT, de las Obras-Loscertales M, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Mendiara T, Abad A, Gayan P, Adanez J
702 - 710 Olefin-rich gasoline-range hydrocarbons from oligomerization of bio-syngas over Ni/ASA catalyst
Zhang Q, Wang TJ, Li Y, Xiao R, Vitidsant T, Reubroycharoen P, Wang CG, Zhang Q, Ma LL
711 - 720 Co-Hydrothermal Carbonization of coal-biomass blend: Influence of temperature on solid fuel properties
Saba A, Saha P, Reza MT
721 - 729 Pyrolysis of pulverized coal to acetylene in magnetically rotating hydrogen plasma reactor
Ma J, Su BG, Wen GD, Yang QW, Ren QL, Yang YW, Xing HB
730 - 737 In-situ catalytic upgrading of bio-oil derived from fast pyrolysis of lignin over high aluminum zeolites
Kurnia I, Karnjanakom S, Bayu A, Yoshida A, Rizkiana J, Prakoso T, Abudula A, Guan GQ
738 - 746 Hydrogenation of bio-oil into higher alcohols over Ru/Fe3O4-SiO2 catalysts
Cherkasov N, Jadvani V, Mann J, Losovyj YB, Shifrina ZB, Bronstein LM, Rebrov EV
747 - 761 Computationally efficient CFD model for scale-up of bubbling fluidized bed reactors applied to sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming
Herce C, Cortes C, Stendardo S