Fuel Processing Technology

Fuel Processing Technology, Vol.159 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-3820 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Recent developments in cokemaking technologies in Japan
Nomura S
9 - 18 K2CO3-catalyzed steam gasification of ash-free coal char in a pressurized and vertically blown reactor. Influence of pressure on gasification rate and gas composition
Wu XT, Wang J
19 - 26 Improving hydrocarbon yield by two-step pyrolysis of pinewood in a fluidized-bed reactor
Zhang HY, Shao SS, Jiang Y, Vitidsant T, Reubroycharoen P, Xiao R
27 - 30 Extraction of direct coal liquefaction residue using dipropylamine as a CO2-triggered switchable solvent
Wang YG, Niu ZS, Shen J, Bai L, Niu YX, Wei XY, Li RF, Zhang J, Zou WY
31 - 37 Effect of nickel on phosphorus modified HZSM-5 in catalytic cracking of butene and pentene
Li JW, Li T, Ma HF, Sun QW, Ying WY, Fang DY
38 - 47 Analytical prediction of coal spontaneous combustion tendency: Velocity range with high possibility of self-ignition
Lin Q, Wang SG, Liang YT, Song SL, Ren TX
48 - 54 Effects of gasification temperature and atmosphere on char structural evolution and AAEM retention during the gasification of Loy Yang brown coal
Li TT, Zhang L, Dong L, Zhang S, Qiu PH, Wang S, Li CZ
55 - 66 Effect of mesoporosity of bimetallic Ni-Ru-Al2O3 catalysts for hydrogen production during supercritical water gasification of glucose
Hossain MZ, Chowdhury MBI, Alsharari Q, Jhawar AK, Charpentier PA
67 - 75 Some factors influencing the fluidity of coal blends: Particle size, blend ratio and inherent oxygen species
Mochizuki Y, Naganuma R, Uebo K, Tsubouchi N
76 - 87 Catalytic performance of CoMo catalysts supported on mesoporous ZSM-5 zeolite-alumina composites in the hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene
Yu QY, Zhang L, Guo R, Sun J, Fu WQ, Tang T, Tang TD
88 - 95 Thermochemical study of the briquetting process of mattress foams
Garrido MA, Font R, Conesa JA
96 - 110 Extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons from pyrolysis gasoline using tetrathiocyanatocobaltate-based ionic liquids: Experimental study and simulation
Larriba M, Navarro P, Delgado-Mellado N, Stanisci V, Garcia J, Rodriguez F
111 - 117 Catalytic etherification of bioglycerol with bioethanol over H-Beta, H-Y and H-MOR zeolites
Mravec D, Turan A, Filkova A, Mikeskova N, Volkovicsova E, Onyestyak G, Harnos S, Lonyi F, Valyon J, Kaszonyi A
118 - 127 Influence mechanism of zinc on the solution loss reaction of coke used in blast furnace
Wang W, Wang J, Xu RS, Yu Y, Jin Y, Xue ZL
128 - 144 Chemical equilibrium analysis of hydrogen production from shale gas using sorption enhanced chemical looping steam reforming
Adiya ZISG, Dupont V, Mahmud T
145 - 152 Simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification through an integrative process utilizing NaClO2/Na2S2O8
Hao RL, Yang S, Yuan B, Zhao Y
153 - 159 Study on the preheating stage of low rank coals liquefaction: Product distribution, chemical structural change of coal and hydrogen transfer
Hao P, Bai ZQ, Zhao ZT, Yan JC, Li X, Guo ZX, Xu JL, Bai J, Li W
160 - 167 In-situ catalytic pyrolysis of peanut shells using modified natural zeolite
Messina LIG, Bonelli PR, Cukierman AL
168 - 177 High-performance HZSM-5/cordierite monolithic catalyst for methanol to propylene reaction: A combined experimental and modelling study
Huang X, Li XG, Li H, Xiao WD
178 - 186 Evolution of char structure during mengdong coal pyrolysis: Influence of temperature and K2CO3
Hu JH, Chen YQ, Qian KZ, Yang ZX, Yang HP, Li Y, Chen HP
187 - 199 Corrosion of stainless steels in the riser during co-processing of bio-oils in a fluid catalytic cracking pilot plant
Brady MP, Keiser JR, Leonard DN, Zacher AH, Bryden KJ, Weatherbee GD
200 - 210 Analysis of the effects of diesel/methane dual fuel combustion on nitrogen oxides and particle formation through optical investigation in a real engine
Di Iorio S, Magno A, Mancaruso E, Vaglieco BM
211 - 221 Effects of thermal pretreatment and ex-situ grinding on the pyrolysis of mallee wood cylinders
Jiang SJ, Hu X, Shao X, Song Y, Xia DH, Li CZ
222 - 231 Photocatalytic oxidation removal of Hg-0 by ternary Ag@AgCl/Ag2CO3 hybrid under fluorescent light
Zhang AC, Zhang LX, Zhu QF, Dai BJ, Sheng W, Su S, Xiang J
232 - 246 Insights into individual and combined effects of phosphorus and EDTA on performance of NiMo/MesoAl(2)O(3) catalyst for hydrotreating of heavy gas oil
Badoga S, Dalai AK, Adjaye J, Hu YF
247 - 255 Valorisation of rice husks using a TORBED (R) combustion process
Blissett R, Sommerville R, Rowson N, Jones J, Laughlin B
256 - 265 Extension of the chemical percolation devolatilization model for predicting formation of tar compounds as soot precursor in coal gasification
Umemoto S, Kajitani S, Miura K, Watanabe H, Kawase M
266 - 271 Heterogeneous reaction kinetics of mercury oxidation by HCl over Fe2O3 surface
Yang YJ, Liu J, Wang Z, Liu F
272 - 279 Development of methods improving storage stability of bitumen modified with ground tire rubber: A review
Sienkiewicz M, Borzedowska-Labuda K, Wojtkiewicz A, Janik H
280 - 286 One-pot production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from cellulose using solid acid catalysts
Shirai H, Ikeda S, Qian EW
287 - 305 Biomass as an energy source in coal co-firing and its feasibility enhancement via pre-treatment techniques
Madanayake BN, Gan SY, Eastwick C, Ng HK
306 - 312 Cu-BTC metal-organic framework natural fabric composites for fuel purification
Abdelhameed RM, Emam HE, Rocha J, Silva AMS
313 - 319 Predicting the degree of surface oxidation on fine coals by measuring the oxygen transfer rate in coal suspensions
Chen XM, Chang ZY, Peng YJ
320 - 327 Hydrocracking of vacuum residue with solid and dispersed phase catalyst: Modeling of sediment formation and hydrodesulfurization
Manek E, Haydary J
328 - 339 Co-hydrotreatment of tire pyrolysis oil and vegetable oil for the production of transportation fuels
Han YL, Stankovikj F, Garcia-Perez M
340 - 344 Mercury emission from sintering process in the iron and steel industry of China
Xu WQ, Shao MP, Yang Y, Liu RH, Wu YH, Zhu TY
345 - 352 Superactivated carbons by CO2 activation of loquat stones
Plaza-Recobert M, Trautwein G, Perez-Cadenas M, Alcaniz-Monge J
353 - 362 Flow stabilized porous heterogeneous combustor. Part I: Design and development
Terracciano AC, De Oliveira S, Robayo M, Vasu SS, Orlovskaya N
363 - 368 Auto-ignition of a carbon-free aqueous ammonia/ammonium nitrate monofuel: A thermal and barometric analysis
Mosevitzky B, Shter GE, Grader GS
369 - 375 Influence of binder (coal tar and pitch) addition on coal caking property and coke strength
Nomura S, Arima T
376 - 385 Impact of nitrogenous alkaline agent on continuous HTL of lignocellulosic biomass and biocrude upgrading
Jensen CU, Rosendahl LA, Olofsson G
386 - 395 Separation and structural characterization of groups from a high-volatile bituminous coal based on multiple techniques
Tian B, Qiao YY, Bai L, Liu FJ, Tian YY, Xie KC
396 - 403 A recyclable and highly active magnetic solid superbase for hydrocracking C-O bridged bonds in sawdust
Liu XX, Zong ZM, Li WT, Li X, Li ZK, Wang SK, Wei XY
404 - 411 Coke and radicals formation on a sulfided NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst during hydroprocessing of an atmospheric residue in hydrogen donor media
Yan YX, Shi L, Liu QY, Shi XG, Wang T, Zhou QQ, Liu ZY, Han W, Li MF
412 - 420 Flow stabilized porous heterogeneous combustor. Part II: Operational parameters and the acoustic emission
Terracciano AC, De Oliveira S, Vasu SS, Orlovskaya N
421 - 435 Study on effect of dimethyl ether addition on combustion characteristics of turbulent methane/air jet diffusion flame
Kang YH, Shuang W, Jiang XC, Song YF, Sun SC, Zhang PY, Sun YM, Lu XF, Wang QH, Gou XL, Ji XY
436 - 441 Enhancement of conversion from bio-syngas to higher alcohols fuels over K-promoted Cu-Fe bimodal pore catalysts
Ding MY, Ma LL, Zhang Q, Wang CG, Zhang WN, Wang TJ
442 - 447 Exploration on the removal mechanism of sulfur ether model compounds for coal by microwave irradiation with peroxyacetic acid
Tang LF, Wang SW, Guo JF, Tao XX, He H, Feng L, Chen SJ, Xu N
448 - 459 Optimal design of a large scale Fischer-Tropsch microchannel reactor module using a cell-coupling method
Jung I, Na J, Park S, Jeon J, Mo YG, Yi JY, Chung JT, Han C
460 - 473 Selection of dolomite bed material for pressurized biomass gasification in BFB
Zhou CG, Rosen C, Engvall K