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1 - 23 A review of the multi-component utilisation of coal fly ash
Blissett RS, Rowson NA
24 - 37 A new, accurate and simple model for calculation of productivity of deviated and highly deviated well - Part I: Single-phase incompressible and compressible fluid
Ghahri P, Jamiolahmady M
38 - 48 A practical numerical approach for prediction of particulate fouling in PC boilers
Waclawiak K, Kalisz S
49 - 60 Dehydrogenation of C-12-C-14 paraffins on PtCu/meso-structured Al2O3 catalyst for LAB production: Process simulation
Lira A, Tailleur RG
61 - 71 Optimization of combustion chamber geometry and engine operating conditions for compression ignition engines fueled with dimethyl ether
Park S
72 - 79 Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas oil using Zn for esterification step and solar radiation as energy source
Corro G, Tellez N, Banuelos F, Mendoza ME
80 - 88 Numerical analysis of a biomass pyrolysis particle model: Solution method optimized for the coupling to reactor models
Anca-Couce A, Zobel N
89 - 96 Prediction of asphaltene phase behavior in live oil with CPA equation of state
Shirani B, Nikazar M, Mousavi-Dehghani SA
97 - 108 Influence of different catalyst deactivation models in a validated simulator of an industrial UOP FCC unit with high-efficiency regenerator
Fernandes JL, Domingues LH, Pinheiro CIC, Oliveira NMC, Ribeiro FR
109 - 118 Boosting the gasoline octane number in thermally coupled naphtha reforming heat exchanger reactor using de optimization technique
Rahimpour MR, Iranshahi D, Pourazadi E, Bahmanpour AM
119 - 124 Effect of low ambient temperature on fuel consumption and pollutant and CO2 emissions of hybrid electric vehicles in real-world conditions
Alvarez R, Weilenmann M
125 - 130 Fuel economy and emission characteristics of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) and Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME) as alternative fuels for diesel engines
Hassaneen A, Munack A, Ruschel Y, Schroeder O, Krahl J
131 - 136 Determination of octane numbers in gasoline by distillation curves and partial least squares regression
Mendes G, Aleme HG, Barbeira PJS
137 - 150 Chemical looping combustion of low-ash and high-ash low rank coals using different metal oxides - A thermogravimetric analyser study
Saha C, Bhattacharya S
151 - 156 Application of artificial neural network to study the performance of jig for beneficiation of non-coking coal
Panda L, Sahoo AK, Tripathy A, Biswal SK, Sahu AK
157 - 165 Experimental investigation of the behavior of non-esterified rapeseed oil in a diesel engine mechanical fuel injection system
Vojtisek-Lom M, Pechout M, Barbolla A
166 - 173 Comparison of batch and fed-batch fermentations using corncob hydrolysate for bioethanol production
Chang YH, Chang KS, Huang CW, Hsu CL, Jang HD
174 - 185 The influence of salinity on the viscous instability in viscous-modified low-interfacial tension flow during surfactant-polymer flooding in heavy oil reservoirs
Jamaloei BY, Kharrat R, Asghari K
186 - 196 Use of biomarkers, porphyrins, and trace elements to assess the origin, maturity, biodegradation, and migration of Alturitas oils in Venezuela
Escobar M, Marquez G, Azuaje V, Da Silva A, Tocco R
197 - 201 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer of oil-water micro-emulsion in a three phase internal airlift reactor
Moraveji MK, Jafarkhani M, Sajjadi B, Davarnejad R
202 - 210 Effect of particle size and temperature on woody biomass fast pyrolysis at high temperature (1000-1400 degrees C)
Septien S, Valin S, Dupont C, Peyrot M, Salvador S
211 - 218 Ammonia-treated brown coal and its activity for oxygen reduction reaction in polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Muraoka M, Tomonaga H, Nagai M
219 - 232 Prompt considerations on the design of Chemical-Looping Combustion of coal from experimental tests
Cuadrat A, Abad A, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Gayan P, Adanez J
233 - 240 Effects of fine ash particles and alkali metals on ash deposition characteristics at the initial stage of ash deposition determined in 1.5 MWth pilot plant tests
Shimogori M, Mine T, Ohyatsu N, Takarayama N, Matsumura Y
241 - 244 Comparison of batch aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol and lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate
Meryemoglu B, Kaya B, Irmak S, Hesenov A, Erbatur O
245 - 252 Effect of nature of ceria support in CuO/CeO2 catalyst for PROX-CO reaction
Maciel CG, Silva TD, Hirooka MI, Belgacem MN, Assaf JM
253 - 261 Spray characteristics of gelled propellants in swirl injectors
Yang LJ, Fu QF, Qu YY, Zhang W, Du ML, Xu BR
262 - 268 The role of surface interaction forces and mixing in enhanced dewatering of coal preparation tailings
Ofori P, Nguyen AV, Firth B, McNally C, Hampton MA
269 - 276 Impact of barium and lanthanum incorporation to supported Pt and Rh on alpha-Al2O3 in the dry reforming of methane
Ghelamallah M, Granger P
277 - 287 Numerical simulation of pulverized coal jet flame employing the TDP model
Hashimoto N, Kurose R, Shirai H
288 - 305 A breakup model for transient Diesel fuel sprays
Turner MR, Sazhin SS, Healey JJ, Crua C, Martynov SB
306 - 314 Mixing and atomization characteristics in an internal-mixing twin-fluid atomizer
Li ZH, Wu YX, Cai CR, Zhang H, Gong YL, Takeno K, Hashiguchi K, Lu JF
315 - 320 Ignition characteristics of co-fired mixtures of petroleum coke and bituminous coal in a pilot-scale furnace
Clements BR, Zhuang Q, Pomalis R, Wong J, Campbell D
321 - 328 Flow behaviour of slags from coal and petroleum coke blends
Duchesne MA, Ilyushechkin AY, Hughes RW, Lu DY, McCalden DJ, Macchi A, Anthony EJ
329 - 336 Characterization of a new silica alumina-based backfill material utilizing large quantities of coal combustion byproducts
Yao Y, Sun HH
337 - 343 Effects of preparation conditions for active carbon-based catalyst on catalytic hydrolysis of carbon disulfide
Yi HH, He D, Tang XL, Wang HY, Zhao SZ, Li K
344 - 351 Experimental investigation on the role of kerogen and clay minerals in the formation of bitumen during the oxidation of Boom Clay
Blanchart P, Faure P, De Craen M, Bruggeman C, Michels R
352 - 357 Multivariate near infrared spectroscopy models for predicting the oxidative stability of biodiesel: Effect of antioxidants addition
Canha N, Felizardo P, Menezes JC, Correia MJN
358 - 365 Estimation of crude oil TBP from crude viscosity
Argirov G, Ivanov S, Cholakov G
366 - 372 Synthesis of geopolymer composites from blends of CFBC fly and bottom ashes
Li Q, Xu H, Li FH, Li PM, Shen LF, Zhai JP
373 - 378 Biodiesel production from rapeseed oil by various supercritical carboxylate esters
Goembira F, Matsuura K, Saka S
379 - 384 Production of phenolics and aromatics by pyrolysis of miscanthus
Park HJ, Park KH, Jeon JK, Kim J, Ryoo R, Jeong KE, Park SH, Park YK
385 - 389 A comparison of trace metal profiles of neem biodiesel and commercial biofuels using high performance ICP-MS
Pillay AE, Elkadi M, Fok SC, Stephen S, Manuel J, Khan MZ, Unnithan S
390 - 399 An experimental study of gasoline effects on injection rate, momentum flux and spray characteristics using a common rail diesel injection system
Payri R, Garcia A, Domenech V, Durrett R, Plazas AH
400 - 410 Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of ring opening of decalin
Govindhakannan J, Mouli KC, Phoenix A, Fairbridge CF, Dalai AK
411 - 417 Geotextile dewatering of flocculated, fiber reinforced fly-ash slurry
Maurer BW, Gustafson AC, Bhatia SK, Palomino AM
418 - 427 Complex injection strategies for hydrogen-fueled HCCI engines
Gowda BD, Echekki T
428 - 434 High pressure Water Gas Shift performance over a commercial non-sulfide CoMo catalyst using industrial coal-derived syngas
de la Osa AR, De Lucas A, Romero A, Casero P, Valverde JL, Sanchez P
435 - 442 CO2 capture over amine-functionalized MCM-22, MCM-36 and ITQ-2
Yang ST, Kim JY, Kim J, Ahn WS
443 - 449 Raman spectroscopy of coal macerals and fluidized bed char morphotypes
Guedes A, Valentim B, Prieto AC, Noronha F
450 - 456 Thermolysis of polanga seed cake to bio-oil using semi batch reactor
Shadangi KP, Singh RK
457 - 466 Modeling the slag layer in solid fuel gasification and combustion -Two-way coupling with CFD
Yong SZ, Ghoniem A
467 - 475 Simultaneous transesterification and esterification for biodiesel production with and without a sulphated zirconia catalyst
Rattanaphra D, Harvey AP, Thanapimmetha A, Srinophakun P
476 - 488 An investigation of the impact of injection strategy and biodiesel on engine NOx and particulate matter emissions with a common-rail turbocharged DI diesel engine
Ye P, Boehman AL
489 - 503 Organic sulphur alterations in biodesulphurized low rank coals
Gonsalvesh L, Marinov SP, Stefanova M, Carleer R, Yperman J
504 - 511 Hydrodemetallation (HDM) of nickel-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin (Ni-TPP) over NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst prepared by one-pot method with controlled precipitation of the components
Li JJ, Xia ZQ, Lai WK, Zheng JB, Chen BH, Yi XD, Fang WP
512 - 522 Acid-catalysed reactions between methanol and the bio-oil from the fast pyrolysis of mallee bark
Hu X, Gunawan R, Mourant D, Lievens C, Li X, Zhang S, Chaiwat W, Li CZ
523 - 530 Optimized foamers for natural gas well deliquification: A statistical design approach
Huang FF, Nguyen D
531 - 535 Determination of the short-chain fatty acid pattern in biodiesel using high throughput syringe solvent extraction and ion exclusion chromatography
Stromberg N, Sahlin E
536 - 551 Theoretical approach on the CLC performance with solid fuels: Optimizing the solids inventory
Cuadrat A, Abad A, Gayan P, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Adanez J
552 - 559 Thermal studies of new biodiesel antioxidants synthesized from a natural occurring phenolic lipid
Lomonaco D, Maia FJN, Clemente CS, Mota JPF, Costa AE, Mazzetto SE
560 - 568 Efficient conversion of pure and mixed terpene feedstocks to high density fuels
Meylemans HA, Quintana RL, Harvey BG
569 - 584 Microfracturing of coal due to interaction with CO2 under unconfined conditions
Hol S, Spiers CJ, Peach CJ
585 - 594 High octane number ethanol-gasoline blends: Quantifying the potential benefits in the United States
Anderson JE, DiCicco DM, Ginder JM, Kramer U, Leone TG, Raney-Pablo HE, Wallington TJ
595 - 602 Decrease of free fatty acid content in vegetable oil using silica supported ferric sulfate catalyst
Dokic M, Kesic Z, Krstic J, Jovanovic D, Skala D
603 - 611 The effect of long-term aging on the rheology of warm mix asphalt binders
Banerjee A, Smit AD, Prozzi JA
612 - 620 Manganese and ceria sorbents for high temperature sulfur removal from biomass-derived syngas - The impact of steam on capacity and sorption mode
Cheah S, Parent YO, Jablonski WS, Vinzant T, Olstad JL
621 - 629 Experimental and numerical study on suitable diesel fuel surrogates in low temperature combustion conditions
Luo J, Yao MF, Liu HF, Yang BB
630 - 637 Partial oxidation of methane on NiO-MgO-ZrO2 catalysts
Asencios YJO, Nascente PAP, Assaf EM
638 - 643 Commercial antioxidants and thermal stability evaluations
Santos NA, Cordeiro AMTM, Damasceno SS, Aguiar RT, Rosenhaim R, Carvalho JR, Santos IMG, Maia AS, Souza AG
644 - 650 Transformation behavior of mineral composition and trace elements during coal gangue combustion
Zhou CC, Liu GJ, Yan ZC, Fang T, Wang RW
651 - 657 Biodiesel production catalyzed by cinder supported CaO/KF particle catalyst
Liu H, Su LY, Shao Y, Zou LB
658 - 661 Preparation and characterization of methylic and ethylic biodiesel from cottonseed oil and effect of tert-butylhydroquinone on its oxidative stability
Fernandes DM, Serqueira DS, Portela FM, Assuncao RMN, Munoz RAA, Terrones MGH
662 - 669 Deep desulfurization of gas oil over NiMo catalysts supported on alumina-zirconia composites
Al-Daous MA, Ali SA
670 - 677 Optimization of supercritical dimethyl carbonate method for biodiesel production
Ilham Z, Saka S
678 - 684 Physical and rheological properties of asphalt binders containing various antiaging agents
Cong PL, Wang J, Li K, Chen SF
685 - 694 A quasi-discrete model for droplet heating and evaporation: Application to Diesel and gasoline fuels
Elwardany AE, Sazhin SS
695 - 702 Laminar flame speeds and extinction stretch rates of selected aromatic hydrocarbons
Hui X, Das AK, Kumar K, Sung CJ, Dooley S, Dryer FL
703 - 709 Continuous production of fatty acid ethyl esters from sunflower oil using supercritical ethanol
Velez A, Soto G, Hegel P, Mabe G, Pereda S
710 - 717 Determination of diesel quality parameters using support vector regression and near infrared spectroscopy for an in-line blending optimizer system
Alves JCL, Henriques CB, Poppi RJ
718 - 724 First Al2O3 based catalytic filter candles operating in the fluidized bed gasifier freeboard
Rapagna S, Gallucci K, Di Marcello M, Foscolo PU, Nacken M, Heidenreich S, Matt M
725 - 729 Relationships between the sorption behaviour of methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and ethane on coals
Sakurovs R, Day S, Weir S
730 - 740 Gasification of biomass and waste in a staged fluidized bed gasifier: Modeling and comparison with one-stage units
Nilsson S, Gomez-Barea A, Fuentes-Cano D, Ollero P
741 - 750 Catalytic oxygenless steam cracking of syngas-containing benzene model tar compound over natural Fe-bearing silicate minerals
Sarvaramini A, Larachi F
751 - 756 Biodiesel from saturated and monounsaturated fatty acid methyl esters and their influence over noise and air pollution
Redel-Macias MD, Pinzi S, Ruz MF, Cubero-Atienza AJ, Dorado MP
757 - 769 Experimental validation and CFD modeling study of biomass fast pyrolysis in fluidized-bed reactors
Xue Q, Dalluge D, Heindel TJ, Fox RO, Brown RC
770 - 782 Comparison of a pilot scale gasification installation performance when air or oxygen is used as gasification medium 2-Sulphur and nitrogen compounds abatement
Pinto F, Andre RN, Lopes H, Franco C, Carolino C, Galhetas M, Miranda M, Gulyurtlu I
783 - 795 Screening of metal oxides and metal sulfides as sorbents for elemental mercury at elevated temperatures
Couling DJ, Nguyen HV, Green WH
796 - 804 Hydrous ethanol-gasoline blends - Combustion and emission investigations on a Flex-Fuel engine
de Melo TCC, Machado GB, Belchior CRP, Colaco MJ, Barros JEM, de Oliveira EJ, de Oliveira DG
805 - 811 Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production for fuel cells from oxidative steam reforming of methanol
Wang JH, Chen H, Tian Y, Yao MF, Li YD
812 - 821 Life cycle assessment of transportation fuels from biomass pyrolysis
Iribarren D, Peters JF, Dufour J
822 - 831 Comparison of direct transesterification of algal biomass under supercritical methanol and microwave irradiation conditions
Patil PD, Gude VG, Mannarswamy A, Cooke P, Nirmalakhandan N, Lammers P, Deng SG
832 - 842 Numerical injection characteristics analysis of various renewable fuel blends
Torres-Jimenez E, Kegl M, Dorado R, Kegl B
843 - 847 Another look at the water solubility in biodiesels: Further experimental measurements and prediction with the CPA EoS
Oliveira MB, Pratas MJ, Queimada AJ, Coutinho JAP
848 - 855 Optimization of reactive extraction of castor seed to produce biodiesel using response surface methodology
Pradhan S, Madankar CS, Mohanty P, Naik SN
856 - 861 The impact of varying spark timing at different octane numbers on the performance and emission characteristics in a gasoline engine
Sayin C
862 - 868 Enhancing the viscoelastic properties of bituminous binders via thiourea-modification
Cuadri AA, Garcia-Morales M, Navarro FJ, Partal P
869 - 875 Lignin as both fuel and fusing binder in briquetted anthracite fines for foundry coke substitute
Lumadue MR, Cannon FS, Brown NR
876 - 878 Fast cathodic stripping voltammetric determination of elemental sulfur in petroleum fuels using renewable mercury film silver based electrode
Piech R, Bas B, Kubiak WW, Paczosa-Bator B
879 - 883 Spray characterization of straight vegetable oils at high injection pressures
Deshmukh D, Mohan AM, Anand TNC, Ravikrishna RV
884 - 886 Sulfamic acid: An efficient acid catalyst for esterification of FFA
D'Oca MGM, Soares RM, de Moura RR, Granjao VD
887 - 890 Effect of undiluted bioethanol on combustion and emissions reduction in a SI engine at various charge air conditions
Yoon SH, Lee CS
891 - 894 Highly efficient procedure for biodiesel synthesis using novel resorcinol-furaldehyde based acid catalyst
Wang XL, Liang XZ