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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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2179 - 2184 Direct measurement of formaldehyde and methanol emissions from gasohol engine via pulsed discharge helium ionization detector
Wei YJ, Liu SH, Liu FJ, Liu J, Zhu Z, Li GL
2185 - 2190 Study on combustion mechanism of asphalt binder by using TG-FTIR technique
Xu T, Huang XM
2191 - 2201 Experimental study of n-butanol additive and multi-injection on HD diesel engine performance and emissions
Yao MF, Wang H, Zheng ZQ, Yue Y
2202 - 2210 A reactor network model for predicting NOx emissions in gas turbines
Fichet V, Kanniche M, Plion P, Gicquel O
2211 - 2216 The effect of temperature on the adiabatic laminar burning velocities of CH4-air and H-2-air flames
Konnov AA
2217 - 2229 Response surface methodology optimization applied to rubber tyre and plastic wastes thermal conversion
Miranda M, Pinto F, Gulyurtlu I, Cabrita I, Nogueira CA, Matos A
2230 - 2233 Measurement of number and size distribution of particles emitted from a mid-sized transportation multipoint port fuel injection gasoline engine
Gupta T, Kothari A, Srivastava DK, Agarwal AK
2234 - 2243 Hydrothermal processing of microalgae using alkali and organic acids
Ross AB, Biller P, Kubacki ML, Li H, Lea-Langton A, Jones JM
2244 - 2251 High-temperature close coupled catalysts Pd/Ce-Zr-M/Al2O3 (M = Y, Ca or Ba) used for the total oxidation of propane
Wang G, Meng M, Zha YQ, Ding T
2252 - 2259 Numerical investigation on relationship between injection pressure fluctuations and unsteady cavitation processes inside high-pressure diesel nozzle holes
Wang X, Su WH
2260 - 2266 Glycerol removal from biodiesel using membrane separation technology
Saleh J, Tremblay AY, Dube MA
2267 - 2271 Preparation of KF/CaO nanocatalyst and its application in biodiesel production from Chinese tallow seed oil
Wen LB, Wang Y, Lu DL, Hu SY, Han HY
2272 - 2277 Production of biodiesel from palm oil using liquid core lipase encapsulated in kappa-carrageenan
Jegannathan KR, Jun-Yee L, Chan ES, Ravindra P
2278 - 2284 Characterization of tar content in the syngas produced in a downdraft type fixed bed gasification system from dried sewage sludge
Phuphuakrat T, Nipattummakul N, Namioka T, Kerdsuwan S, Yoshikawa K
2285 - 2291 Biodiesel production via peanut oil extraction using diesel-based reverse-micellar microemulsions
Nguyen T, Do L, Sabatini DA
2292 - 2298 Effect of primary amine hydrocarbon chain length for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx from diesel engine exhaust
Stanciulescu M, Charland JP, Kelly JF
2299 - 2304 Preparation and characterization of PSSA/PVA catalytic membrane for biodiesel production
Zhu ML, He BQ, Shi WY, Feng YH, Ding JC, Li JX, Zeng FD
2305 - 2316 Thermochemical conversion of polymer wastes into hydrocarbon fuels over various fluidizing cracking catalysts
Huang WC, Huang MS, Huang CF, Chen CC, Ou KL
2317 - 2322 Optimization of experimental conditions for recovery of coking coal fines by oil agglomeration technique
Chary GHVC, Dastidar MG
2323 - 2330 Detailed approach for apparent heat release analysis in HCCI engines
Fathi M, Saray RK, Checkel MD
2331 - 2337 Filtration combustion characteristics of low calorific gas in SiC foams
Zheng CH, Cheng LM, Li T, Luo ZY, Cen KF
2338 - 2345 Improved hydrocarbons analysis of heavy petroleum fractions by high temperature comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
Dutriez T, Courtiade M, Thiebaut D, Dulot H, Hennion MC
2346 - 2352 Investigation of flue-gas treatment with O-3 injection using NO and NO2 planar laser-induced fluorescence
Wang ZH, Li B, Ehn A, Sun ZW, Li ZS, Bood J, Alden M, Cen KF
2353 - 2364 In situ gasification and CO2 separation using chemical looping with a Cu-based oxygen carrier: Performance with bituminous coals
Dennis JS, Muller CR, Scott SA
2365 - 2375 Modelling of soot oxidation by NO2 in various types of diesel particulate filters
Schejbal M, Stepanek J, Marek M, Koci P, Kubicek M
2376 - 2386 Reduction of superheater corrosion by co-firing risky biomass with sewage sludge
Aho M, Yrjas P, Taipale R, Hupa M, Silvennoinen J
2387 - 2392 Transesterification of palm oil and esterification of palm fatty acid in near- and super-critical methanol with SO4-ZrO2 catalysts
Petchmala A, Laosiripojana N, Jongsomjit B, Goto M, Panpranot J, Mekasuwandumrong O, Shotipruk A
2393 - 2404 Spontaneous ignition of wood, char and RDF in a lab scale packed bed
van Blijderveen M, Gucho EM, Bramer EA, Brem G
2405 - 2410 Study of loss-on-ignition anomalies found in ashes from combustion of iron-rich coal
Vandenberghe RE, de Resende VG, da Costa GM, De Grave E
2411 - 2416 Particle grouping, a new method for reducing emission of submicron particles from diesel engines
Katoshevski D, Ruzal M, Shakked T, Sher E
2417 - 2424 Mass spectrometric investigations on the release of inorganic species during gasification and combustion of Rhenish lignite
Blasing M, Muller M
2425 - 2432 The influence of the inlet charge temperature on the second law balance under the various operating engine speeds in DI Diesel engine
Abassi A, Khalilarya S, Jafarmadar S
2433 - 2437 An enhanced-gravity method to recover ultra-fine coal from tailings: Falcon concentrator
Oruc F, Ozgen S, Sabah E
2438 - 2447 A kinetic-empirical model for particle size distribution evolution during pulverised fuel combustion
Shah KV, Cieplik MK, Betrand CI, van de Kamp WL, Vuthaluru HB
2448 - 2454 Partial hydrothermal oxidation of unsaturated high molecular weight carboxylic acids for enhancing the cold flow properties of biodiesel fuel
Jin FM, Zeng X, Cao JL, Kawasaki K, Kishita A, Tohji K, Enomoto H
2455 - 2462 High-efficiency combustion of natural gas with 21-30% oxygen-enriched air
Wu KK, Chang YC, Chen CH, Chen YD
2463 - 2467 Development of an HPLC-UV/Vis method for the determination of dyes in a gasoline sample employing different pre-treatments
Trindade MAG, Zanoni MVB, Matysik FM
2468 - 2476 Radiation and convective heat transfer, and burnout in oxy-coal combustion
Smart JP, O'Nions P, Riley GS
2477 - 2482 Catalysis of SO42-/ZrO2 in the reactions of coal-related model compounds
Wang ZC, Wang ZS, Shui HF, Lei ZP, Ren SB, Kang SG, Zhu YN
2483 - 2489 Evaluation of the oxidation stability of diesel/biodiesel blends
Karavalakis G, Stournas S, Karonis D
2490 - 2495 Effect of oxidizing agents on selenate formation in a wet FGD
Akiho H, Ito S, Matsuda H
2496 - 2504 Evaporation of single droplets of ethanol-fuel oil mixtures
Hallett WLH, Beauchamp-Kiss S
2505 - 2510 Effects of sewage sludge on rheological characteristics of coal-water slurry
Li WD, Li WF, Liu HF
2511 - 2521 Application of Chebyshev polynomials to predict phase behavior of fluids containing asphaltene and associating components using SAFT equation of state
Tabatabaei-Nejad SA, Khodapanah E
2522 - 2527 Product distribution of tricyclopentadiene from cycloaddition of dicyclopentadiene and cyclopentadiene: A theoretical and experimental study
Li YH, Zou JJ, Zhang XW, Wang L, Mi ZT
2528 - 2535 Evaluation of the radiological safety aspects of utilization of Turkish coal combustion fly ash in concrete production
Turhan S, Arikan IH, Yucel B, Varinlioglu A, Kose A
2536 - 2543 Effects of the operating variables on hydrotreating of heavy gas oil: Experimental, modeling, and kinetic studies
Mapiour M, Sundaramurthy V, Dalai AK, Adjaye J
2544 - 2548 Applicability of biogas digestate as solid fuel
Kratzeisen M, Starcevic N, Martinov M, Maurer C, Muller J
2549 - 2555 Sulphur dioxide removal using South African limestone/siliceous materials
Ogenga DO, Mbarawa MM, Lee KT, Mohamed AR, Dahlan I
2556 - 2560 Biodiesel production from Croton megalocarpus oil and its process optimization
Kafuku G, Mbarawa M
2561 - 2568 Modelling of the auto-ignition angle in diesel HCCI engines through D-optimal design
Hernandez JJ, Sanz-Argent J, Carot JM, Jabaloyes JM
2569 - 2582 Efficient and cost effective reburning using common wastes as fuel and additives
Su YX, Gathitu BB, Chen WY
2583 - 2591 Design and methodology of a high temperature gas sampling system for pressurized black liquor gasification
Wiinikka H, Carlsson P, Granberg F, Lofstrom J, Marklund M, Tegman R, Lindblom M, Gebart R
2592 - 2607 Cavitation, primary break-up and flash boiling of gasoline, iso-octane and n-pentane with a real-size optical direct-injection nozzle
Serras-Pereira J, van Romunde Z, Aleiferis PG, Richardson D, Wallace S, Cracknell RF
2608 - 2616 Influence of stoichiometry on the release of atomic sodium from a burning black liquor droplet in a flat flame with and without boron
Saw WL, Hupa M, Nathan GJ, Ashman PJ
2617 - 2622 Oxidative desulfurization of tire pyrolysis naphtha in formic acid/H2O2/pyrolysis char system
Bunthid D, Prasassarakich P, Hinchiranan N
2623 - 2627 Porous structure and sorption properties of nitrogen-containing activated carbon
Budaeva AD, Zoltoev EV
2628 - 2632 The effect of water on the sulphation of limestone
Wang CB, Jia LF, Tan YW, Anthony EJ
2633 - 2639 Experimental and modeling study of a lean premixed iso-butene/hydrogen/oxygen/argon flame
Dias V, Vandooren J
2640 - 2647 Mild coal extraction for the production of anode coke from Blue Gem coal
Andrews RJ, Rantell T, Jacques D, Hower JC, Gardner JS, Amick M
2648 - 2648 On the use of DME in gas turbines
Jones JC
2649 - 2649 On the transesterification of palm oil
Jones JC