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1 - 9 Comparative study on the pyrolysis behaviors of rice straw under different washing pretreatments of water, acid solution, and aqueous phase bio-oil by using TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS
Chen DY, Wang Y, Liu YX, Cen KH, Cao XB, Ma ZQ, Li YJ
10 - 18 A new insight into catalytic role of copper sulfate on elemental mercury oxidation: DFT and experimental study
Yang S, Liu K, Liu M, Yan X, Liu C, Wen M, Liu H, Chai LY
19 - 36 Ignition of the wood biomass particles under conditions of near-surface fragmentation of the fuel layer
Kuznetsov GV, Syrodoy SV, Gutareva NY, Kostoreva AA, Kostoreva ZA
37 - 46 Particle residence time measurement in a pressurized drop-tube reactor with radioactive tracer
Russig S, Gonzalez V, Schurz M, Krzack S, Kleeberg J, Guhl S, Meyer B
47 - 54 Regulating crystal structures of EDA-carbamates in solid-liquid phase-changing CO2 capture solutions
Li YN, Cheng J, Hu LQ, Liu N, Zhou JH, Cen KF
55 - 67 In-nozzle flash boiling flow of multi-component fuel and its effect on near-nozzle spray
Yang SZ, Li XS, Hung DLS, Arai M, Xu M
68 - 76 Estimation of diffusion coefficient of gases in liquids from swelling data - An analytical model for including the effects of advection and density change
Meng L, Sabet N, Maini B, Dong MZ, Hassanzadeh H
77 - 100 Gas diffusion in coal particles: A review of mathematical models and their applications
Zhao W, Cheng YP, Pan ZJ, Wang K, Liu SM
101 - 108 Sludge-based biochar activation to enhance Pb(II) adsorption
Zhang JJ, Shao JG, Jin QZ, Li ZQ, Zhang X, Chen YQ, Zhang SH, Chen HP
109 - 115 Experimental investigation on improved heavy oil recovery by air assisted steam injection with 2D visualized models
Wu ZB, Wang L, Xie CJ, Yang WB
116 - 124 Comprehensive thermochemical utilization of biomass residues from furfural plants and ELW technology
Wang Q, Liu YY, Liu SN, Wang W, Yu Q, Fu J, Liu SJ, Li J, Qi W
125 - 134 Experimental and numerical study of biomass fast pyrolysis oil spray combustion: Advanced laser diagnostics and emission spectrometry
Toth P, Brackmann C, Ogren Y, Mannazhi MN, Simonsson J, Sepman A, Bengtsson PE, Wiinikka H
135 - 142 Simplex lattice mixture design application for biodiesel production: Formulation and characterization of hybrid oil as feedstock
Nouadjep NS, Nso E, Kana EBG, Kapseu C
143 - 147 Mechanisms of enhanced bio-H-2 production in Ethanoligenens harbinense by L-cysteine supplementation: Analyses at growth and gene transcription levels
Zhao X, Ye SC, Qi N, Li XJ, Bao NS, Xing DF, Ren NQ
148 - 156 Novel methods of sewage sludge utilization for photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline-containing wastewater
Zhu XF, Yuan WY, Lang MQ, Zhen GY, Zhang XD, Lu XQ
157 - 163 Novel assessment and countermeasure for micro-annulus initiation of cement sheath during injection/fracturing
Yin F, Hou DL, Liu W, Deng Y
164 - 171 Melting solidification and leaching behaviors of V/As during co-combustion of the spent SCR catalyst with coal
Wang LL, Su S, Qing MX, Dai ZJ, Sun ZJ, Liu LJ, Wang Y, Hu S, Xu K, Xiang J
172 - 187 Paleoenvironmental conditions and organic matter accumulation in Upper Paleozoic organic-rich rocks in the east margin of the Ordos Basin, China
Li Y, Wang ZS, Gan Q, Niu XL, Xu WK
188 - 199 Fouling mechanisms of asphaltenes and fine solids on bare and electroless nickel-phosphorus coated carbon steel
Gong L, Wang JY, Zhang L, Fattahpour V, Mamoudi M, Roostaei M, Fermaniuk B, Luo JL, Zeng HB
200 - 209 Catalytic pyrolysis of demineralized lignocellulosic biomass
Persson H, Yang W
210 - 219 A simple permeability model for shale gas and key insights on relative importance of various transport mechanisms
Cai JC, Lin DL, Singh H, Zhou SW, Meng QB, Zhang Q
220 - 227 Effect of equivalence ratio on the CO selectivity of Fe/Ca-based oxygen carriers in biomass char chemical looping gasification
Xue N, Wang ZQ, Wu JL, He T, Zhang JZ, Li JQ, Wu JH
228 - 237 Preparations and remarkable catalytic cracking performances of Pt@FGS/JP-10 nanofluids
Liu GZ, Jia XK, Tian YJ, Gong SY, Wang L, Zhang XW
238 - 245 Low-temperature exothermic oxidation characteristics and spontaneous combustion risk of pulverised coal
Ren LF, Deng J, Li QW, Ma L, Zou L, Bin LW, Shu CM
246 - 253 Plasticizing effect of oxidized biodiesel on polyethylene observed by nondestructive method
Saad AK, Gomes FPC, Thompson MR
254 - 261 Sulfonated ZrO2-TiO2 nanorods as efficient solid acid catalysts for heterogeneous esterification of palmitic acid
Fan MM, Si ZK, Sun WJ, Zhang PB
262 - 271 In-situ upgrading and enhanced recovery of heavy oil from carbonate reservoirs using nano-catalysts: Upgrading reactions analysis
Elahi SM, Scott CE, Chen ZX, Pereira-Almao P
272 - 280 Evaluation of wettabilities and pores in tight oil reservoirs by a new experimental design
Yan WC, Sun JM, Golsanami N, Li M, Cui LK, Dong HM, Sun Y
281 - 294 Verification of model for calculating capillary pressure from resistivity using experimental data
Li KW, Hou BC, Bian HY, Liu HL, Wang CR, Xie RH
295 - 303 Experimental investigation of natural gas hydrate production characteristics via novel combination modes of depressurization with water flow erosion
Chen BB, Sun HR, Li KH, Wang DY, Yang MJ
304 - 315 Experimental study on the burning rates of Ethanol-Gasoline blends pool fires under low ambient pressure
Zhu P, Tao ZX, Li C, Liu QY, Shao Q, Yang R, Zhang H
316 - 324 Isobutane alkylation with 2-butene in novel ionic liquid/solid acid catalysts
Liu Y, Wu GQ, Pang XY, Gao GJ
325 - 338 Comparisons of methods for reconstructing particle size distribution from its moments
Wu SH, Yang WM
339 - 349 Potential of two-stage cultivation in microalgae biofuel production
Nagappan S, Devendran S, Tsai PC, Dahms HU, Ponnusamy VK
350 - 359 Inhibitory effects of furfural and vanillin on two-stage gaseous biofuel fermentation
Sun CH, Xia A, Liao Q, Guo XB, Fu Q, Huang Y, Zhu X, Ding LK, Chen C
360 - 370 Bio-oil recovery from olive mill wastewater in sub-/supercritical alcohol-water system
Hadhoum L, Burnens G, Loubar K, Balistrou M, Tazerout M
371 - 392 Dynamic one-dimensional pseudohomogeneous model for Fischer-Tropsch fixed-bed reactors
Mendez CI, Ancheyta J
393 - 402 Tri-pyrolysis: A thermo-kinetic characterisation of polyethylene, cornstalk, and anthracite coal using TGA-FTIR analysis
Gou X, Zhao X, Singh S, Qiao D
403 - 407 Ageing of bio-oil and its fractions in presence of surfactants
Zhang MM, Li MY, Wu HW
408 - 416 Numerical study of a pulsed auto-igniting jet flame with detailed tabulated chemistry
Inanc E, Kempf AM
417 - 426 Chemical and rheological evaluation of aging properties of high content SBS polymer modified asphalt
Yan CQ, Huang WD, Lin P, Zhang Y, Lv Q
427 - 438 Evaporation characteristics of ethanol as alternative fuel in direct injection injector under high-temperature conditions
Chang M, Park S
439 - 447 Application of Peng-Robinson equation of state for modelling the multiphase equilibrium properties in Athabasca bitumen/ethane mixtures
Sun T, Takbiri-Borujeni A, Nourozieh H, Gu M
448 - 457 Gas hydrate formation probability distributions: Induction times, rates of nucleation and growth
Metaxas PJ, Lim VWS, Booth C, Zhen J, Stanwix PL, Johns ML, Aman ZM, Haandrikman G, Crosby D, May EF
458 - 468 Hydrate formation management simulations with anti-agglomerants and thermodynamic inhibitors in a subsea tieback
Wang Y, Koh CA, White J, Patel Z, Zerpa LE
469 - 474 The effect of mechanical pretreatment on the anaerobic digestion of Hybrid Pennisetum
Kang XH, Zhang Y, Song B, Sun YM, Li LH, He Y, Kong XY, Luo XJ, Yuan ZH
475 - 487 Numerical simulation of secondary atomization of an emulsion fuel droplet due to puffing: Dynamics of wall interaction of a sessile droplet and comparison with a free droplet
Tanimoto D, Shinjo J
488 - 495 Effect of CeO2 loading of the Ce-Al mixed oxide on ultrahigh temperature water-gas shift performance over Ce-Al mixed oxide supported Ni catalysts
Sangsong S, Ratana T, Tungkamani S, Sornchamni T, Phongaksorn M
496 - 503 Numerical investigation of oblique detonation structure in hydrogen-oxygen mixtures with Ar dilution
Tian C, Teng HH, Ng HD
504 - 511 Correlation of combustor lean blowout performance to supercritical pyrolysis products
Casselberry RQ, Corporan E, DeWitt MJ
512 - 521 NO emissions under pulverized char combustion in O-2/CO2/H2O preheated by a circulating fluidized bed
Zhu SJ, Zhu JG, Lyu QG, Pan F, Zhang Y, Liu W
522 - 533 Comprehensive study of the interactions between the critical dimensionless numbers associated with multiphase flow in 3D porous media
Fan M, Dalton LE, McClure J, Ripepi N, Westman E, Crandall D, Chen C
534 - 541 Premixed flame propagation in a step-stratified charge
Chen Y
542 - 552 Effects of dual-alcohol gasoline blends on physiochemical properties and volatility behavior
Shirazi SA, Abdollahipoor B, Martinson J, Windom B, Foust TD, Reardon KF
553 - 566 Thermal/catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons for the production of olefins; a state-of-the-art review III: Process modeling and simulation
Fakhroleslam M, Sadrameli SM
567 - 573 Application of time-domain NMR as a methodology to quantify adulteration of diesel fuel with soybean oil and frying oil
Cunha DA, Neto AC, Colnago LA, Castro EVR, Barbosa LL
574 - 580 Rapid methane hydrate formation in aluminum honeycomb
Li RL, Liu DP, Yang L, Cui GM, Wang J, Wang X, Liu ZZ
581 - 588 Synergetic effect of resins and asphaltenes on water/oil interfacial properties and emulsion stability
Liu DW, Li CX, Yang F, Sun GY, You J, Cui KX
589 - 597 Liquid hot water extraction followed by mechanical extrusion as a chemical-free pretreatment approach for cellulosic ethanol production from rigid hardwood
Tian D, Shen F, Yang G, Deng SH, Long LL, He JS, Zhang J, Huang CR, Luo L
598 - 611 The effect of fuel composition on particulate emissions from a highly boosted GDI engine - An evaluation of three particulate indices
Leach FCP, Stone R, Richardson D, Lewis AGJ, Akehurst S, Turner JWG, Shankar V, Chahal J, Cracknell RF, Aradi A
612 - 621 Competitive adsorption behavior of hydrocarbon(s)/CO2 mixtures in a double-nanopore system using molecular simulations
Liu YL, Ma XM, Li HA, Hou J
622 - 634 Heavy oil recovery by surface modified silica nanoparticle/HPAM nanofluids
Corredor LM, Aliabadian E, Husein M, Chen ZX, Maini B, Sundararaj U
635 - 645 Laboratory studies on the influence of biomass particle size on pyrolysis and combustion using TG GC/MS
Mlonka-Medrala A, Magdziarz A, Dziok T, Sieradzka M, Nowak W
646 - 652 Desulfurization of flue gas by means of lignite-derived potassium humate
Cheng G, Zhang CX, Zhang XM, Jia K
653 - 665 Superior catalytic performance of micro-mesoporous Beta-SBA-15 composite with a high indexed isomerization factor in hydroisomerization of n-heptane
Gao L, Shi ZY, Etim UJ, Wu PP, Xing W, Zhang Y, Bai P, Yan ZF
666 - 674 Upgrading low-quality oil shale using high-density gas-solid fluidized bed
Zhu GQ, Zhang B, Zhao PF, Duan CL, Zhao YM, Zhang ZX, Yan GH, Zhu XN, Ding WJ, Rao ZH
675 - 698 Optical investigation of mixing-controlled combustion using a novel transgenic plant oil
Groendyk M, Rothamer DA
699 - 709 Passive cell disruption lipid extraction methods of microalgae for biofuel production - A review
Nagappan S, Devendran S, Tsai PC, Dinakaran S, Dahms HU, Ponnusamy VK
710 - 721 A modeling strategy to investigate carbonated water injection for EOR and CO2 sequestration
Esene C, Zendehboudi S, Aborig A, Shiri H
722 - 729 Experimental study on harmless disposal of waste oil based mud using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
Ma B, Wang RH, Ni HJ, Wang KZ
730 - 752 Statistic evaluation of failure criteria in wellbore stability with temperature effects
Meng M, Chen PJ, Ren R
753 - 791 A comprehensive review of asphaltene deposition in petroleum reservoirs: Theory, challenges, and tips
Alimohammadi S, Zendehboudi S, James L
792 - 798 Identification of organooxygen compounds in the methanol-soluble portion from the methanolysis of pretreated rice straw with Trichoderma sp. AH
Zheng QX, Wei XY, Guo L, Xin L, Xu X, Zong ZM, Hu JQ
799 - 811 Impacts of gasoline aromatic and ethanol levels on the emissions from GDI vehicles: Part 1. Influence on regulated and gaseous toxic pollutants
Yang JC, Roth P, Durbin T, Karavalakis G
812 - 820 Impacts of gasoline aromatic and ethanol levels on the emissions from GDI vehicles: Part 2. Influence on particulate matter, black carbon, and nanoparticle emissions
Yang JC, Roth P, Zhu HW, Durbin TD, Karavalakis G
821 - 831 Simulating volatiles conversion in dense burning coal suspensions. 1. Validation of chemical reaction mechanisms
Niksa S
832 - 840 Simulating volatiles conversion in dense burning coal suspensions. 2. Extrapolations to commercial p.f. firing conditions
Niksa S
841 - 847 Simulating volatiles conversion in dense burning coal suspensions. Part 3. Extrapolations to entrained flow gasification conditions
Niksa S
848 - 850 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and polyethylene in a tandem micropyrolyzer (vol 166, pg 227, 2016)
Xue Y, Kelkar A, Bai XL