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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Volatiles reaction during pyrolysis of corn stalk - Its influence on bio-oil composition and coking behavior of volatiles
Quan SM, Liu ZY, Shi L, Liu QY
9 - 17 Nanopore structure of deep-burial coals explored by AFM
Liu XF, Song DZ, He XQ, Wang ZP, Zeng MR, Deng K
18 - 23 A highly selective and efficient method for the production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from dehydration of fructose using SACS/DES catalytic system
Tran PH, Tran PV
24 - 33 Chemical kinetic modelling of ammonia/hydrogen/air ignition, premixed flame propagation and NO emission
da Rocha RL, Costa M, Bai XS
34 - 41 Pore-scale monitoring of CO2 and N-2 flooding processes in a tight formation under reservoir conditions using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): A case study
Wei B, Zhang X, Wu RN, Zou P, Gao K, Xu XG, Pu WF, Wood C
42 - 50 Conversion mechanism of fuel-N during pyrolysis of biomass wastes
Liu XR, Luo ZY, Yu CJ, Xie GL
51 - 59 Formation of surface chlorine species by low temperature reaction of HCl with metal-doped carbon
Tsubouchi N, Mochizuki Y, Shinohara Y, Kawashima A, Ohtsuka Y
60 - 68 The quantitative assessment of coke morphology based on the Raman spectroscopic characterization of serial petroleum cokes
Chen K, Zhang HR, Ibrahim UK, Xue WY, Liu H, Guo AJ
69 - 74 Experimental investigation on performance, combustion and emission analysis of a direct injection diesel engine fuelled with rapeseed oil biodiesel
Raman LA, Deepanraj B, Rajakumar S, Sivasubramanian V
75 - 78 Cashew apple juice as substrate for microbial fuel cell
Priya AD, Setty YP
79 - 92 Testing of anisole and methyl acetate as additives to diesel and biodiesel fuels in a compression ignition engine
Londhe H, Luo GQ, Park S, Kelley SS, Fang TG
93 - 103 Correlations for effect of temperature on oil/water relative permeability in clastic reservoirs
Esmaeili S, Sarma H, Harding T, Maini B
104 - 107 Evaporating spray characteristics of a diesel-ethanol micro-emulsion
Boggavarapu P, Ravikrishna RV
108 - 116 The effect of acetylene black on droplet combustion and flame regime of petrodiesel and soy biodiesel
Singh G, Esmaeilpour M, Ratner A
117 - 125 Effect of fracture on production characteristics and oil distribution during CO2 huff-n-puff under tight and low-permeability conditions
Bai H, Zhang QL, Li ZM, Li BF, Zhu D, Zhang LY, Lv GZ
126 - 132 Investigation of the relative abundances of single-core and multicore compounds in asphaltenes by using high-resolution in-source collision-activated dissociation and medium-energy collision-activated dissociation mass spectrometry with statistical considerations
Dong X, Zhang Y, Milton J, Yerabolu R, Easterling L, Kenttamaa HI
133 - 140 Slurry phase hydrocracking of vacuum residue in the presence of presulfided oil-soluble MoS2 catalyst
Liu B, Zhao KD, Chai YM, Li YP, Liu D, Liu YQ, Liu CG
141 - 148 Impact of closely-coupled triple-pilot and conventional double-pilot injection strategies in a LD diesel engine
Denny M, Holst F, Helmantel A, Persson H, Tunestal P, Andersson O
149 - 159 Kerogen pyrolysis model based on its chemical structure for predicting product evolution
You YL, Wang XY, Han XX, Jiang XM
160 - 168 Effects of imidazole ionic liquid on macroparameters and microstructure of bituminous coal during low-temperature oxidation
Jun D, Bai ZJ, Xiao Y, Shu CM, Bin LW
169 - 177 Flow regimes and storage efficiency of CO2 injected into depleted shale reservoirs
Myshakin EM, Singh H, Sanguinito S, Bromhal G, Goodman AL
178 - 186 Extinction limits of an ammonia/air flame propagating in a turbulent field
Ichimura R, Hadi K, Hashimoto N, Hayakawa A, Kobayashi H, Fujita O
187 - 195 Data-driven approach to fill in data gaps for life cycle inventory of dual fuel technology
Meng FX, Lafleur C, Wijesinghe A, Colvin J
196 - 203 A coupled Lattice Boltzmann approach to simulate gas flow and transport in shale reservoirs with dynamic sorption
Zhang T, Sun SY
204 - 211 Development of a natural gas Methane Number prediction model
Roy PS, Ryu C, Dong SK, Park CS
212 - 221 Comparative pyrolysis characteristics of representative commercial thermosetting plastic waste in inert and oxygenous atmosphere
Chen RY, Li QW, Xu XK, Zhang DD
222 - 231 Experimental and kinetic study on laminar burning velocities of 1,3-butadiene at pressures up to 1.5 MPa
Lu X, Hu EJ, Huang SH, Xu ZH, Li XJ, Huang ZH
232 - 243 Analysis of sorption and desorption of unsaturated hydrocarbons: Ethylene, propylene and acetylene on hard coals
Dudzinska A
244 - 258 Comparative analysis of detailed and reduced kinetic models for CH4 + H-2 combustion
Li R, He GQ, Qin F, Pichler C, Konnov AA
259 - 267 Micro-characteristics of low-temperature coal oxidation in CO2/O-2 and N-2/O-2 atmospheres
Ma L, Yu WC, Ren LF, Qin XY, Wang QH
268 - 276 Microwave assisted biodiesel production using a novel Bronsted acid catalyst based on nanomagnetic biocomposite
Chellappan S, Aparna K, Chingakham C, Sajith V, Nair V
277 - 284 Macroporous alumina- and titania-based catalyst for carbonyl sulfide hydrolysis at ambient temperature
He EY, Huang G, Fan HL, Yang C, Wang H, Tian Z, Wang LJ, Zhao YR
285 - 294 Effect of FGR position on the characteristics of combustion, emission and flue gas temperature deviation in a 1000 MW tower-type double-reheat boiler with deep-air-staging
Liu H, Zhang L, Li QQ, Zhu H, Deng L, Liu YH, Che DF
295 - 307 Catalytic partial oxidation reformation of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas for use in low temperature combustion engines
Hariharan D, Yang RN, Zhou YC, Gainey B, Mamalis S, Smith RE, Lugo-Pimentel MA, Castaldi MJ, Gill R, Davis A, Modroukas D, Lawler B
308 - 318 Experimental investigation on the permeability of a hydrate-bearing reservoir considering overburden pressure
Gao YH, Chen Y, Chen LT, Ji GM, Wang K, Sun BJ
319 - 329 Synergistic effects of co-pyrolysis of macroalgae and polyvinyl chloride on bio-oil/bio-char properties and transferring regularity of chlorine
Cao B, Sun YK, Guo JJ, Wang S, Yuan JP, Esakkimuthu S, Uzoejinwa BB, Yuan C, Abomohra A, Qian LL, Liu L, Li B, He ZX, Wang Q
330 - 339 Multi-fractal analysis for the AE energy dissipation of CO2 and CO2 + brine/water treated low-clay shales under uniaxial compressive tests
Tan JQ, Hu CE, Lyu Q, Dick JM, Ranjith PG, Li L, Wang ZH
340 - 348 Study on the moisture adsorption isotherms and different forms of water for lignite after hydrothermal and thermal upgrading
Zhang XP, Zhang C, Feng XF, Yu SH, Li X, Fang QY, Chen G
349 - 357 Atmospheric oxidation of tertiary amyl methyl and ethyl ethers. A quantum chemistry study
Iuga C, Ortiz E, Vivier-Bunge A
358 - 364 Oxidation removal of gaseous Hg-0 using enhanced-Fenton system in a bubble column reactor
Liu YX, Li Y, Xu H, Xu JJ
365 - 374 Integrated method of non-thermal plasma combined with catalytical oxidation for simultaneous removal of SO2 and NO
Cui SP, Hao RL, Fu D
375 - 385 Comparison and characterization of property variation of microalgal biomass with non-oxidative and oxidative torrefaction
Zhang CY, Wang CY, Cao GL, Chen WH, Ho SH
386 - 393 Pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass using bioleaching to reduce inorganic elements
Zhang N, Wang L, Zhang K, Walker T, Thy P, Jenkins B, Zheng Y
394 - 401 Characterization of soluble portions from cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin methanolysis
Yan HL, Li ZK, Wang ZC, Lei ZP, Ren SB, Pan CX, Tian YJ, Kang SG, Yan JC, Shui HF
402 - 407 Integrated methane production improvement from sugarcane rind by microwave coupled calcium hydroxide pretreatment
Wang Y, Hou F, Xu HL, Li J, Miao CK, Lu S, Cao WX, Sun C
408 - 416 Solar assisted catalytic pyrolysis of chicken-litter waste with in-situ and ex-situ loading of CaO and char
Weldekidan H, Strezov V, Kan T, Kumar R, He J, Town G
417 - 424 The factors on metallic iron crystallization from slag of direct coal liquefaction residue SiO2-Al2O3-Fe2O3-CaO-MgO-TiO2-Na2O-K2O system in the entrained flow gasification condition
Li XM, Zhi LF, He C, Kong LX, Bai J, Guhl S, Meyer B, Li W
425 - 442 Oil-in-water emulsification of Athabasca bitumen with pyrrolidine solution
Baek KH, Okuno R, Sharma H, Weerasooriya UP
443 - 453 Investigations of thermochemical upgrading of biomass and its model compounds: Opportunities for methane utilization
Wang AG, Austin D, Song H
454 - 465 Experimental study on spray and evaporation characteristics of diesel-fueled marine engine conditions based on optical diagnostic technology
Zhang WZ, Li X, Huang L, Feng MZ
466 - 475 Numerical investigation and thermodynamic analysis of syngas production through chemical looping gasification using biomass as fuel
Li ZW, Xu HP, Yang WM, Xu MC, Zhao FY
476 - 490 Laminar burning velocity of hydrogen and carbon-monoxide enriched natural gas (HyCONG): An experimental and artificial neural network study
Mehra RK, Duan H, Luo SJ, Ma FH
491 - 499 Effect of vanadium and nickel on iron-rich ash fusion characteristics
Wanga ZG, Kong LX, Bai J, Li HZ, He C, Yan TG, Guo ZX, Bai ZQ, Li W
500 - 515 Renewable methanol production and use through reversible solid oxide cells and recycled CO2 hydrogenation
Lonis F, Tola V, Cau G
516 - 520 Compositional features of the extracts from the methanolysis of Xilingol No. 6 lignite
Li S, Zong ZM, Wang SK, Xu ML, Wei XY, Liu FJ