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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Thermodynamics and kinetics analysis of Ca-looping for CO2 capture: Application of carbide slag
Yang J, Ma LP, Liu HP, Wei Y, Keomounlath B, Dai QX
12 - 22 Evolution of permeability in a single granite fracture at high temperature
Shu B, Zhu RJ, Tan JQ, Zhang SH, Liang M
23 - 34 Achieving high efficient gasoline compression ignition (GCI) combustion through the cooperative-control of fuel octane number and air intake conditions
Jiang CX, Li ZL, Liu GB, Qian Y, Lu XC
35 - 40 Dynamic analysis of the anomalous diffusion in catalyst particles considering chemical reactions with non-linear kinetics
Callejas-Quiroz F, Hernandez-Aguirre A, Morales-Cabrera MA, Hernandez-Martinez E
41 - 49 Highly efficient synthesis and separation of fuel precursors from the concentrated ABE fermentation broth in a biphasic catalytic process
Xie SQ, Fu CH, Song WL, Zhang YL, Yi CH
50 - 61 Molecular dynamic simulation on the oxidation process of coal tar pitch
Xie LY, Shao YJ, Zhong WQ, Ben HX, Li KX
62 - 67 Analysis of urea pyrolysis in 132.5-190 degrees C
Wang DH, Dong N, Hui SE, Niu YQ
68 - 76 Effects of pulverized coal particle size on flame structure in a methane assisted swirl burner
Li X, Choi M, Kim K, Park Y, Sung Y, Muramatsu M, Choi G
77 - 83 Flow transportation inside shale samples during low temperature combustion: The effect of desorption and pyrolysis
Chen W, Yang JJ, Chen YL, Lei YF, Sun JF, Wang TX
84 - 95 Effect of n-butanol fumigation on the regulated and unregulated emission characteristics of a diesel engine
Gowtham M, Mohan CG, Prakash R
96 - 108 Effects of supercritical CO2 on micropores in bituminous and anthracite coal
Liu SQ, Sang SX, Ma JS, Wang T, Du Y, Fang HH
109 - 123 Experimental study of the spray collapse process of multi-hole gasoline fuel injection at flash boiling conditions
Wu SQ, Yang SZ, Wooldridge M, Xu M
124 - 132 Investigation of the effect of alumina-aerogel support on the CO2 capture performance of K2CO3
Bararpour ST, Karami D, Mahinpey N
133 - 139 Improving oxidative stability of biodiesel by cis-trans isomerization of carbon-carbon double bonds in unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters
Liu W, Lu GH, Yang GL, Bi YL
140 - 148 Effect of volatiles' reaction on composition of tars derived from pyrolysis of a lignite and a bituminous coal
Zhou QQ, Liu QY, Shi L, Yan YX, Wu JF, Xiang C, Wang T, Liu ZY
149 - 159 Experimental and numerical simulation of drying of lignite in a microwave assisted fluidized bed
Si CD, Wu JJ, Zhang YX, Liu GJ, Guo QJ
160 - 166 CO2 catalytic gasification with NaAlO2 addition for its low-volatility and tolerant to deactivate
Mei YG, Wang ZQ, Fang YT, Huang JJ, Li WZ, Guo S, Li L
167 - 173 Defining appropriate reaction scheme for hydrotreating of vegetable oil through proper calculation of kinetic parameters
Tirado A, Ancheyta J
174 - 183 Effect of the intensification of preconditioning on the separation of unburned carbon from coal fly ash
Yang L, Li DL, Zhu ZN, Xu M, Yan XK, Zhang HJ
184 - 194 Insight into the oxidative reactivity of pitch fractions for predicting and optimizing the oxidation stabilization of pitch
Guan TT, Zhang GL, Zhao JH, Wang JL, Li KX
195 - 210 A review of the current status of induced seismicity monitoring for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional tight oil and gas reservoirs
Li L, Tan JQ, Wood DA, Zhao ZG, Becker D, Lyu Q, Shu B, Cheng HC
211 - 221 Oxyfuel combustion and reactants preheating to enhance turbulent flame stabilization of low calorific blast furnace gas
Ba A, Cessou A, Marcano N, Panier F, Tsiava R, Cassarino G, Ferrand L, Honore D
222 - 231 Visualization of spatial distribution of the droplet size and velocity in flash boiling spray with extended glare-point imaging technique
Lu QN, Yu XX, Shen SQ, Ge BZ
232 - 242 Separation and analysis of maceral concentrates from Victorian brown coal
Yan YX, Qi Y, Marshall M, Jackson WR, Chaffee AL
243 - 254 n-Butanol reactivity modulation with early fuel injections for low NOx compression ignition combustion
Yu S, Li LG, Zheng M
255 - 264 Understanding the stabilization mechanism of bitumen-coated fine solids in organic media from non-aqueous extraction of oil sands
Liu J, Cui X, Huang J, Xie L, Tan XL, Liu Q, Zeng HB
265 - 276 Combination of hydrothermal carbonization and oxy-fuel combustion process for sewage sludge treatment: Combustion characteristics and kinetics analysis
Liu TT, Lang QQ, Xia Y, Chen ZL, Li D, Ma J, Gai C, Liu ZG
277 - 286 Study of chemical structure transition in the plastic layers sampled from a pilot-scale coke oven using a thermogravimetric analyzer coupled with Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
Lee S, Yu JL, Mahoney M, Tremain P, Moghtaderi B, Tahmasebi A, Stanger R, Wall T, Lucas J
287 - 294 Ultrasonic extraction and oxidation characteristics of functional groups during coal spontaneous combustion
Zhang YT, Yang CP, Li YQ, Huang Y, Zhang J, Zhang YB, Li QP
295 - 304 Heating rate and temperature effects on pyrolysis products from live wildland fuels
Safdari MS, Amini E, Weise DR, Fletcher TH
305 - 315 The transport behaviors of oil in nanopores and nanoporous media of shale
Zhang T, Li XF, Yin Y, He MX, Liu Q, Huang L, Shi JT
316 - 322 Analysis of the formation of radicals in biodiesel in contact with copper and metallic alloys via electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR)
Chendynski LT, Mantovani ACG, Savada FY, Messias GB, Santana VT, Salviato A, Di Mauro E, Borsato D
323 - 333 ZnO catalyzed transesterification of Madhuca indica oil in supercritical methanol
Lamba N, Gupta R, Modak JM, Madras G
334 - 342 Biological methanation of coal in various atmospheres containing CO2
Guo HY, Gao ZX, Xia DP, Yin XJ, Jia JB, Dou YL
343 - 344 Predicting fuel low-temperature combustion performance using Fourier-transform infrared absorption spectra of neat hydrocarbons
Daly SR, Tran K, Niemeyer KE, Cannella WJ, Hagen CL
345 - 354 Transesterification of waste cooking oil for biodiesel production catalyzed by Zn substituted waste egg shell derived CaO nanocatalyst
Borah MJ, Das A, Das V, Bhuyan N, Deka D
355 - 361 Study on competitive absorption of SO3 and SO2 by calcium hydroxide
He KJ, Song Q, Yan ZN, Zheng N, Yao Q
362 - 367 Deep structure analysis on coal slags with increasing silicon content and correlation with melt viscosity
Xuan WW, Wang HN, Xia DH
368 - 373 Suitability of ionic solutions as a chemical substance for chemical enhanced oil recovery - A simulation study
BinDahbag MS, Hassanzadeh H, AlQuraishi AA, Benzagouta MS
374 - 381 Observation of simultaneously low CO, NOx and SO2 emission during oxycoal combustion in a pressurized fluidized bed
Duan YQ, Duan LB, Wang J, Anthony EJ
382 - 388 Optical analysis during reduction of nitric oxide in microwave-induced plasma promoted by activated cokes at atmospheric pressure
Itaya Y, Matsubara K, Tanaka R, Kobayashi N
389 - 397 Conversion of char-N into NOx and N2O during combustion of biomass char
Liu XR, Luo ZY, Yu CJ
398 - 407 Theoretical study of the formation mechanism of sulfur-containing gases in the CO2 gasification of lignite
Chen SY, Ding JX, Li GY, Wang JP, Tian Y, Liang YH
408 - 415 Absorption spectroscopy to determine the extent and mechanisms of aging in bitumen and asphaltenes
Hung AM, Fini EH
416 - 424 Surface hydrophobicity of sub-bituminous and meta-bituminous coal and their flotation kinetics
Zhou Y, Albijanic B, Tadesse B, Wang YL, Yang JG, Li GS, Zhu XN
425 - 437 Quantitative investigation on the spray mixture formation for ethanol-gasoline blends via UV-Vis dual-wavelength laser absorption scattering (LAS) technique
Chen R, Nishida K, Shi BL
438 - 446 Predicting sooting tendencies of oxygenated hydrocarbon fuels with machine learning algorithms
Gao Z, Zou XY, Huang Z, Zhu L
447 - 454 Plasma processing of uranium-containing solid fuels
Messerle VE, Ustimenko AB
455 - 469 Investigating a new model-based calibration procedure for optimizing the emissions and performance of a turbocharged diesel engine
Nikzadfar K, Shamekhi AH
470 - 478 Decarburization characteristics of coalbed methane by membrane separation technology
Zhang N, Pan Z, Zhang L, Zhang ZE
479 - 486 Determination of total contents and volatile and non-volatile fractions of nickel and vanadium in gasohol by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after extraction induced by emulsion-breaking
Souza VS, Teixeira LSG, Korn MGA, Cerqueira UMFM, Bezerra MA
487 - 495 Fine tuning H-transfer and beta-scission reactions in VGO FCC using metal promoted dual functional ZSM-5
Mehla S, Kukade S, Kumar P, Rao PVC, Sriganesh G, Ravishankar R
496 - 506 Torrefaction of oil palm residual biomass: Thermogravimetric characterization
Talero G, Rincon S, Gomez A
507 - 519 Industrial gas turbine engine response and combustion performance to fuel changeovers in compositions and heating values
Liu KX, Sadasivuni S, Parsania N
520 - 531 Gasification of wood biomass with renewable hydrogen for the production of synthetic natural gas
Barbuzza E, Buceti G, Pozio A, Santarelli M, Tosti S
532 - 544 Effect of Re content and support in the liquid phase conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol and 2-methyl furan over ReOx catalysts
Toledo F, Ghampson IT, Sepulved C, Garcia R, Fierro JLG, Videla A, Serpell R, Escalona N
545 - 552 Specific kinetic triplet estimation of Tahe heavy oil oxidation reaction based on non-isothermal kinetic results
Chen YF, Pu WF, Liu XL, Li YB, Gong XL, Hui J, Guo H
553 - 561 Effects of chemical composition, disorder degree and crystallite structure of coal macromolecule on nanopores (0.4-150 nm) in different rank naturally-matured coals
Liu Y, Zhu YM, Chen SB
562 - 572 Thermal and mutual diffusivities of fuel-related binary liquid mixtures under pre-combustion conditions
Piszko M, Wu WC, Will S, Rausch MH, Giraudet C, Froba AP
573 - 579 Sodium cobalt(II) tetrasulfophthalocyanine and catalytic oxidation of ethanethiol
Scott DW, Myers DL, Hill H, Omadoko O
580 - 586 Pyrolytic lignin from fast pyrolysis bio-oil via cold-water precipitation: Optimal separation conditions and properties
Zhang MM, Wu HW
587 - 595 Fractionation of pyrolysis oil derived from lignin through a simple water extraction method
Zhang XH, Ma H, Wu SB, Jiang WK, Wei WQ, Lei M
596 - 606 Advanced numerical analyses on thermal, chemical and dilution effects of water addition on diesel engine performance and emissions utilizing artificial inert species
Neshat E, Bajestani AV, Honnery D
607 - 616 Flame brush thickness of lean turbulent premixed Bunsen flame and the memory effect on its development
Nie YH, Wang JH, Zhang WJ, Chang M, Zhang M, Huang ZH
617 - 623 Multi-technique characterization of recycled acetylene carbonylation catalyst CuY: deactivation and coke analysis
Liu NW, Xie H, Cao HX, Shi L, Meng X
624 - 637 Dynamic behavior investigations and disturbance rejection predictive control of solvent-based post-combustion CO2 capture process
Wu X, Shen J, Li YG, Wang MH, Lawal A, Lee KY
638 - 648 Numerical investigation of the mechanisms in co-injection of steam and enriched air process using combustion tube tests
Yang M, Harding TG, Chen ZX
649 - 663 Modeling temperature-based oil-water relative permeability by integrating advanced intelligent models with grey wolf optimization: Application to thermal enhanced oil recovery processes
Menad NA, Noureddine Z, Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Shamshirband S
664 - 672 Fluidized bed air gasification of solid recovered fuel and woody biomass: Influence of experimental conditions on product gas and pollutant release
Valin S, Ravel S, de Vincent PP, Thiery S, Miller H
673 - 686 Potential of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) as a biofuel
Li YQ, Tang W, Chen Y, Liu JW, Lee CFF
687 - 698 Tackling the challenges in the estimation of methane absolute adsorption in kerogen nanoporous media from molecular and analytical approaches
Pang WY, He YQ, Yan CH, Jin ZH
699 - 709 Comparative analysis of bark and woodchip biomass piles for enhancing predictability of self-heating
Krigstin S, Helmeste C, Jia HZ, Johnson KE, Wetzel S, Volpe S, Faizal W, Ferrero F
710 - 718 Roles of multicomponent adsorption and geomechanics in the development of an Eagle Ford shale condensate reservoir
Yang S, Wu KL, Xu JZ, Li J, Chen ZX
719 - 727 The effect of bio-derived additives on fatty acid methyl esters for improved biodiesel cold flow properties
Senra M, McCartney SN, Soh L
728 - 743 Measurements and modeling of high-pressure adsorption of CH4 and CO2 on shales
Qi RR, Ning ZF, Wang Q, Huang L, Wu XJ, Cheng ZL, Zhang WT
744 - 755 Investigating the role of water on CO2-Utica Shale interactions for carbon storage and shale gas extraction activities - Evidence for pore scale alterations
Goodman A, Sanguinito S, Tkach M, Natesakhawat S, Kutchko B, Fazio J, Cvetic P
756 - 774 Development of a detailed kinetic model for the combustion of biomass
Dhahak A, Bounaceur R, Le Dreff-Lorimier C, Schmidt G, Trouve G, Battin-Leclerc F
775 - 787 Liquid-liquid extraction: A promising alternative for inhibitors removing of pentoses fermentation
Roque LR, Morgado GP, Nascimento VM, Ienczak JL, Rabelo SC
788 - 793 Preparation of high concentration coal water slurry of lignite based on surface modification using the second fluid and the second particle
Chen X, Wang CY, Wang ZY, Zhao H, Liu HF
794 - 803 Improvement of cold flow properties of a new biofuel derived from glycerol
Lapuerta M, Gonzalez-Garcia I, Cespedes I, Estevez C, Bayarri N
804 - 818 Application of cumulative-in-situ-injection-production technology to supplement hydrocarbon recovery among fractured tight oil reservoirs: A case study in Changqing Oilfield, China
Yu HY, Yang ZL, Luo L, Liu JH, Cheng SQ, Qu XF, Lei QH, Lu J
819 - 827 Structural features of liquefaction residue from Shenmu-Fugu subbituminous coal
Li P, Zong ZM, Wei XY, Wang YG, Fan GX
828 - 836 KOH capture by coal fly ash
Wang GL, Jensen PA, Wu H, Frandsen FJ, Laxminarayan Y, Sander B, Glarborg P
837 - 845 Transformation of char carbon during bubbling fluidized bed gasification of biomass
Timmer KJ, Brown RC
846 - 862 Application of Nanosilica for inhibition of fines migration during low salinity water injection: Experimental study, mechanistic understanding, and model development
Moghadasi R, Rostami A, Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Motie M
863 - 870 Detection of heavy hydrocarbon plumes (Ethane, propane and Butane) using airborne longwave (7.6-13.5 mu m) infrared hyperspectral data
Scafutto RDM, de Souza CR
871 - 882 Soot formation and evolution characteristics in premixed methane/ethylene-oxygen-argon burner-stabilized stagnation flames
Liu SY, Chan TL, He Z, Lu YY, Jiang X, Wei FZ
883 - 892 A three-step dissociation method for converting Xiaolongtan lignite into soluble organic compounds: Insights into chemicals, geochemical clues, and structural characteristics
Liu FJ, Zong ZM, Li WT, Zhu XN, Wei XY, Tang MC, Huang ZX
893 - 893 Assessment of modern detailed kinetics mechanisms to predict CO formation from methane combustion using shock-tube laser-bsorption measurements (vol 236, pg 1164, 2019)
Mathieu O, Mulvihill CR, Petersen EL
894 - 894 Study of low pressure premixed laminar dimethyl ether/oxygen/argon flames with different equivalence ratios (vol 234, pg 1212, 2018)
Chen ZY, Li QQ, Chen XB, Chen H, Zhang CH, Yang JZ