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1 - 11 Rapid fabrication of KTa0.75Nb0.25/g-C3N4 composite via microwave heating for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Chen ZQ, Chen PF, Xing PX, Hu X, Lin HJ, Zhao LH, Wu Y, He YM
12 - 24 Investigation of gas slippage effect and matrix compaction effect on shale gas production evaluation and hydraulic fracturing design based on experiment and reservoir simulation
Rubin C, Zamirian M, Takbiri-Borujeni A, Gu M
25 - 32 Effect of residual air bubbles on diesel spray structure at the start of injection
Ghiji M, Goldsworthy L, Garaniya V, Brandner PA, Hield P, Novozhilov V, Moinuddin K, Joseph P
33 - 41 Experimental investigations of wall jet droplet impact on spray impingement fuel film formation
Pan HJ, Xiao D, Hung D, Xu M, Li XS
42 - 52 Investigation of electrical properties with medium and heavy Brazilian crude oils by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Rocha JWS, Vicente MA, Melo BN, Marques MDSP, Guimaraes RCL, Sad CMS, Castro EVR, Santos MFP
53 - 64 A new model of emulsion flow in porous media for conformance control
Yu L, Ding BX, Dong MZ, Jiang Q
65 - 70 Improving biodiesel monoglyceride determination by ASTM method D6584-17
Alleman TL, Christensen ED, Moser BR
71 - 82 Impact of gasoline direct injection fuel injector hole geometry on spray characteristics under flash boiling and ambient conditions
Jiang CZ, Parker MC, Helie J, Spencer A, Garner CP, Wigley G
83 - 93 Recent advances of surfactant-stabilized N-2/CO2 foams in enhanced oil recovery
Sun L, Bai BJ, Wei B, Pu WF, Wei P, Li DB, Zhang CY
94 - 104 Effects analysis on the gasification kinetic characteristics of food waste in supercritical water
Chen JW, Fan Y, Jiaqiang EQ, Cao W, Zhang F, Gong JK, Liu GL, Xu WW
105 - 117 Intrinsic relationship between Langmuir sorption volume and pressure for coal: Experimental and thermodynamic modeling study
Yang Y, Liu SM, Zhao W, Wang L
118 - 128 System simulation and experimental verification: Biomass-based integrated gasification combined cycle (BIGCC) coupling with chemical looping gasification (CLG) for power generation
Ge HJ, Zhang HF, Guo WJ, Song T, Shen LH
129 - 137 Effect of reflux digestion time on MoO3/ZrO2 catalyst for sulfur-resistant CO methanation
Gu J, Xin Z, Tao M, Lv YH, Gao WL, Si Q
138 - 154 Experimental study on soot formation, evolution and characteristics of diffusion ethylene/air flames in Psi-shaped mesoscale combustors
Chen MF, Liu D, Ying YY, Lei K, Luo MY, Liu GN, Zhang R, Jiang B
155 - 163 Ultrasonic parameter measurement as a means of assessing the quality of biodiesel production
Baesso RM, Costa-Felix RPB, Miloro P, Zeqiri B
164 - 175 The stage evolution characteristics of gas transport during mine gas extraction: Its application in borehole layout for improving gas production
Si LL, Li ZH, Yang YL, Gao RT
176 - 187 Combustion of straight algae oil in a swirl-stabilized burner using a novel twin-fluid injector
Akinyemi OS, Jiang LL, Hernandez R, McIntyre C, Holmes W
188 - 198 Raman spectroscopic study of chemical structure and thermal maturity of vitrinite from a suite of Australia coals
Zhang YL, Li ZS
199 - 206 Evolution of volatile cloud in pulverized coal combustion with high-speed digital inline holographic visualization
Lin XD, Wu YC, Wu CY, Yao LC, Wu XC, Chen LH, Cen KF
207 - 217 Efficient upgrading of pyrolysis bio-oil over Ni-based catalysts in supercritical ethanol
Lee JH, Lee IG, Park JY, Lee KY
218 - 226 Viscosity of oxygenated fuel: A model based on Eyring's absolute rate theory
Zhu CY, Yang F, Liu XY, Afzal W, He MG
227 - 233 Characterizing particulate matter emissions in an aviation kerosene-fueled model combustor at elevated pressures and temperatures
Zhang C, Mi XT, Hui X, Chen LF, Lin YZ, Mongia HC, Sung CJ
234 - 246 Petroleum generation kinetic models for Late Ordovician kukersite Yeoman Formation source rocks, Williston Basin (southern Saskatchewan), Canada
Chen ZH, Liu XJ, Osadetz KG
247 - 254 Assessment of the performance of asphaltene inhibitors using a multi-section packed bed column
Kuang J, Melendez-Alvarez AA, Yarbrough J, Garcia-Bermudes M, Tavakkoli M, Abdallah DS, Punnapala S, Vargas FM
255 - 263 Bio-crude oil production using catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) from native microalgae harvested by ozone-flotation
Bravo IN, Velasquez-Orta SB, Cuevas-Garcia R, Monje-Ramirez I, Harvey A, Ledesma MTO
264 - 272 High temperature pyrolysis of lignite and synthetic carbons
Apicella B, Russo C, Ciajolo A, Cortese L, Cerciello F, Stanzione F, Wuetscher A, Muhler M, Senneca O
273 - 282 Insights into the high-temperature oxidation of methylcyclohexane
Liu YL, Li GY, Ding JX
283 - 296 Study on the generation of active sites during low-temperature pyrolysis of coal and its influence on coal spontaneous combustion
Li JH, Li ZH, Yang YL, Zhang XY
297 - 303 Asphalt as raw material of graphene-like resources
Fernandez S, Mercado A, Cuara E, Yeverino-Miranda C, Sierra U
304 - 310 Prediction of ash-deformation temperature based on grey-wolf algorithm and support-vector machine
Xiao HP, Chen YH, Dou CZ, Ru Y, Cai L, Zhang C, Kang ZZ, Sun BM
311 - 318 Biodiesel production from heterogeneous catalysts based K2CO3 supported on extruded gamma-Al2O3
Silveira EG, Perez VH, Reyero I, Serrano-Lotina A, Justo OR
319 - 326 A new method of estimating derived cetane number for hydrocarbon fuels
Wang Y, Cao Y, Wei W, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
327 - 346 Formation, transformation, measurement, and control of SO3 in coal-fired power plants
Zheng CH, Wang YF, Liu Y, Yang ZD, Qu RY, Ye D, Liang CS, Liu SJ, Gao X
347 - 359 A new method of geochemical allocation and monitoring of commingled crude oil production using trace and ultra-trace multi-element analyses
Yang WH, Casey JF, Gao YJ, Li JX
360 - 371 Characterizations of pore, mineral and petrographic properties of marine shale using multiple techniques and their implications on gas storage capability for Sichuan Longmaxi gas shale field in China
Xu H, Zhou W, Zhang R, Liu SM, Zhou QM
372 - 381 Gasification performance of Spirulina microalgae - A thermodynamic study with tar formation
Adnan MA, Xiong QG, Hidayat A, Hossain MM
382 - 391 Kinetic analysis and modeling of coal pyrolysis with model-free methods
Yan JC, Jiao HR, Li ZK, Lei ZP, Wang ZC, Ren SB, Shui HF, Kang SG, Yan HL, Pan CX
392 - 401 Analysis of light weight fractions of coal-based crude oil by gas chromatography combined with mass spectroscopy and flame ionization detection
Li WY, Wang W, Mu H, Li W, Ye CP, Feng J
402 - 409 A semi-empirical NOx model for LES in pulverized coal air-staged combustion
Zhang Z, Wu YX, Chen DG, Shen HS, Li ZS, Cai NS, Zhou MM, Smith ST, Thornock JN, Isaac BJ
410 - 416 Direct estimation of shale oil potential by the structural insight of Indian origin kerogen
Bansal VR, Kumar R, Sastry MIS, Badhe RM, Kapur GS, Saxena D
417 - 431 Pore structure and its fractal dimensions of transitional shale: A cross-section from east margin of the Ordos Basin, China
Li Y, Wang ZS, Pan ZJ, Niu XL, Yu Y, Meng SZ
432 - 441 Fate of sulfur in chemical looping combustion of gaseous fuels using a Perovskite oxygen carrier
Pachler RF, Penthor S, Mayer K, Hofbauer H
442 - 450 Smart mobility control agent for enhanced oil recovery during CO2 flooding in ultra-low permeability reservoirs
Zhang Y, Gao MW, You Q, Fan HF, Li WH, Liu YF, Fang JC, Zhao G, Jin ZH, Dai CL
451 - 458 Study on the regenerable sulfur-resistant sorbent for mercury removal from nonferrous metal smelting flue gas
Quan ZW, Huang WJ, Liao Y, Liu W, Xu HM, Yan NQ, Qu Z
459 - 467 Identification of CO2 sequestration opportunities: CO2 miscible flooding guidelines
Zhang N, Yin MF, Wei MZ, Bai BJ
468 - 476 Shale gas accumulation mechanism in a syncline setting based on multiple geological factors: An example of southern Sichuan and the Xiuwu Basin in the Yangtze Region
Zhang K, Song Y, Jiang S, Jiang ZX, Jia CZ, Huang YZ, Liu XX, Wen M, Wang X, Li X, Wang PF, Shan CA, Liu TL, Liu WW, Xie XL
477 - 487 Numerical investigation of coal particle stream ignition in oxy-atmosphere
Farazi S, Hinrichs J, Davidovic M, Falkenstein T, Bode M, Kang S, Attili A, Pitsch H
488 - 494 Combustion, vibration and noise analysis of hydrogen-diesel dual fuelled engine
Nag S, Sharma P, Gupta A, Dhar A
495 - 505 Comparison of hydrocracking kinetic models based on SARA fractions obtained in slurry-phase reactor
Felix G, Ancheyta J
506 - 518 Single-cylinder engine evaluation of a multi-component Diesel surrogate fuel at partially-premixed and low-temperature combustion modes
Szymkowicz PG, Benajes J
519 - 521 Variability of metallurgical coke reactivity under the NSC test conditions
Koval L, Sakurovs R
522 - 532 Multiscale image-based fractal characteristic of shale pore structure with implication to accurate prediction of gas permeability
Song WH, Wang DY, Yao J, Li Y, Sun H, Yang YF, Zhang L
533 - 541 Pyrolytic behavior of coal-related model compounds connected with C-C bridged linkages by in-situ pyrolysis vacuum ultraviolet photoionization mass spectrometry
Zhou Y, Li L, Jin LJ, Zhou J, Shi ZW, Li Y, Hu HQ
542 - 549 On the molecular basis of aggregation and stability of Colombian asphaltenes and their subfractions
Morantes LR, Percebom AM, Mejia-Ospino E
550 - 557 Effects of thermal dissolution in different solvents on structural characteristics and pyrolysis behaviors of lignite
Li YL, Huang S, Wu YQ, Wu SY, Gao JS
558 - 563 Fractionation of tire pyrolysis oil into a light fuel fraction by steam distillation
Costa GA, dos Santos RG
564 - 570 NO oxidation in dry and humid conditions using hyper-cross-linked polymers: Impact of surface chemistry on catalytic conversion efficiency
Ghafari M, Ghamkhar R, Atkinson JD
571 - 578 Effect of moisture content on structural evolution characteristics of bituminous coal subjected to high-voltage electrical pulses
Yan FZ, Xu J, Lin BQ, Peng SJ, Zou QL, Zhang XL
579 - 584 Examinations of the sulfur emission from pulverized lignite fuel, under pyrolysis and oxy-fuel combustion condition
Ostrycharczyk M, Krochmalny K, Czerep M, Pawlak-Kruczek H, Zgora J
585 - 606 Large Eddy Simulation of a particle-laden flow around a cylinder: Importance of thermal boundary layer effects for slagging and fouling
Kleinhans U, Wieland C, Babat S, Spliethoff H
607 - 615 An improved Cu/ZnO catalyst promoted by Sc2O3 for hydrogen production from methanol reforming
Pu YC, Li SR, Yan S, Huang X, Wang D, Ye YY, Liu YQ
616 - 624 Deep oxidative desulfurization of diesel fuels using homogeneous and SBA-15-supported peroxophosphotungstate catalysts
Juliao D, Mirante F, Ribeiro SO, Gomes AC, Valenca R, Ribeiro JC, Pillinger M, de Castro B, Goncalves IS, Balula SS
625 - 636 An ANN based hybrid chemistry framework for complex fuels
Ranade R, Alqahtani S, Farooq A, Echekki T
637 - 645 Low temperature ignition delay times measurements of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene by rapid compression machine
Liu Y, Tang CL, Wu YT, Yang M, Huang ZH
646 - 652 Preparation of coal-based graphene quantum dots/alpha-Fe2O3 nanocomposites and their lithium-ion storage properties
Zhang YT, Zhang KB, Jia KL, Liu GY, Ren SZ, Li KK, Long XY, Li M, Qiu JS
653 - 668 ASP flooding in tight carbonate rocks
Ghosh P, Sharma H, Mohanty KK
669 - 675 The role of SiOxCy in the catalytic performance of Co/SiC catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Wang M, Guo SP, Li ZW, Ma ZY, Wang JG, Hou B, Jia LT, Li DB
676 - 685 Development and validation of a reduced chemical kinetic mechanism for supercritical gasoline of GDI engine
Song YK, Zheng ZL, Xiao J
686 - 694 Bio-oil hydrotreating using nickel phosphides supported on carbon-covered alumina
Mendes FL, da Silva VT, Pacheco ME, Toniolo FS, Henriques CA
695 - 703 Development of SO42--ZrO2 acid catalysts admixed with a CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether
Temvuttirojn C, Chuasomboon N, Numpilai T, Faungnawakij K, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J, Witoon T
704 - 714 Capturing methanol and dimethoxymethane gases with ionic liquids
Zhao HK, Gao H, Yu GQ, Li QS, Lei ZG
715 - 724 Nuclear magnetic resonance T-2 cutoffs of coals: A novel method by multifractal analysis theory
Zheng SJ, Yao YB, Liu DM, Cai YD, Liu Y, Li XW
725 - 732 Hansen solubility parameters and thermodynamic modeling for LLE description during glycerol-settling in ester production from coconut oil
Jimenez OAQ, Lemos VV, Batista EAC, Rolemberg MP, Basso RC
733 - 743 Computational intelligence-based design of lubricant with vegetable oil blend and various nano friction modifiers
Bhaumik S, Mathew BR, Datta S
744 - 752 Modeling the molecular composition of vacuum residue from oil sand bitumen
Alvarez-Majmutov A, Gieleciak R, Chen JW
753 - 766 A numerical investigation of the combustion kinetics of reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) combustion in an optical engine
Liu XL, Kokjohn S, Li Y, Wang H, Li HL, Yao MF
767 - 776 Prediction of CO2 adsorption-induced deformation in shale nanopores
Bakhshian S, Hosseini SA
777 - 785 Facile preparation of cuprous oxide decorated mesoporous carbon by one-step reductive decomposition for deep desulfurization
Jiang XS, Xu WL, Liu W, Yue MB, Zhu YZ, Yang MH
786 - 801 Effects of oxygen concentrations on the ignition and quasi-steady processes of n-heptane spray flames using large eddy simulation
Wei HQ, Zhao WH, Lu Z, Zhou L
802 - 812 ZIF-67 as precursor to prepare high loading and dispersion catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Particle size effect
Chen Y, Li X, Nisa MU, Lv J, Li ZH
813 - 825 Mechanistic modelling of non-equilibrium interphase mass transfer during solvent-aided thermal recovery processes of bitumen and heavy oil
Al-Gawfi A, Nourozieh H, Ranjbar E, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J
826 - 835 A simplified 1-butene mechanism with combined reduction method
Tian ZM, Yan YW, Li JH
836 - 844 Sensitivity analysis of kinetic parameters for heavy oil hydrocracking
Felix G, Ancheyta J, Trejo F
845 - 850 An experimental investigation and scaling analysis on flame sag of pool fire in cross flow
Zhang XZ, Zhang XL, Hu LH, Tu R, Delichatsios MA
851 - 860 Density functional theory study of CO formation through reactions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with atomic oxygen (O(P-3))
Yonder O, Hattig C
861 - 869 Assembly of metallophthalocyanine-polyoxometalate hybrid for highly efficient desulfurization of organic and inorganic sulfur under aerobic conditions
Li Y, Zhang HZ, Jiang Y, Shi M, Bawa M, Wang XH, Zhu SY
870 - 875 Determining the flocculation point of asphaltenes combining ultrasound and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Moncada J, Schartung D, Stephens N, Oh TS, Carrero CA
876 - 883 Effect of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blends on the spray macroscopic parameters in a common-rail diesel injection system
Corral-Gomez L, Rubio-Gomez G, Martinez-Martinez S, Sanchez-Cruz FA
884 - 891 Fully aerobic bioscrubber for the desulfurization of H2S-rich biogas
San-Valero P, Penya-Roja JM, Alvarez-Hornos FJ, Buitron G, Gabaldon C, Quijano G
892 - 900 Flash points measurements and prediction of biofuels and biofuel blends with aromatic fluids
901 - 913 Endoscopic visualization of engine combustion chamber using diesoline, diesosene and mineral diesel for comparative spatial soot and temperature distributions
Agarwal AK, Jiotode Y, Sharma N
914 - 932 Pore structure variations across structural deformation of Silurian Longmaxi Shale: An example from the Chuandong Thrust-Fold Belt
Zhu HJ, Ju YW, Huang C, Han K, Qi Y, Shi MY, Yu K, Feng HY, Li WY, Ju LT, Qian J
933 - 940 Ex-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of Beetle-killed lodgepole pine in a novel ablative reactor
Wise HG, Dichiara AB, Resende FLP
941 - 953 Effect of electric charge and temperature on the near-field atomization of diesel and biodiesel
Singh G, Pham PX, Kourmatzis A, Masri AR
954 - 961 Biohydrogen production using a granular sludge membrane bioreactor
Buitron G, Munoz-Paez KM, Hernandez-Mendoza CE
962 - 972 Influence of silica nanoparticles on heavy oil microrheology via time-domain NMR T-2 and diffusion probes
Wang H, Taborda EA, Alvarado V, Cortes FB
973 - 984 Experimental studies on two dimensional particle swarm gasification of different coal chars and petroleum coke at high temperature
Liu M, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Xu JL, Zhao H, Liu HF
985 - 988 A novel method for measuring film thickness of oily bubbles and its effect on attachment time in oily-bubble flotation
Chen SJ, Tao XX, Cheng G, Zhu XN, Gui DJ
989 - 996 Production and use of biofuels for transport in Poland and Brazil - The case of bioethanol
Maczynska J, Krzywonos M, Kupczyk A, Tucki K, Sikora M, Pinkowska H, Baczyk A, Wielewska I
997 - 1007 Adsorptive removal of nitrogen-containing compounds from fuel over hierarchical porous aluminosilicates synthesized by kinetic regulation method
You JA, Song HY, Zhang J, Chen CX, Han FQ
1008 - 1018 Poisoning effects of H2S and HCl on the naphthalene steam reforming and water-gas shift activities of Ni and Fe catalysts
Dou XM, Veksha A, Chan WP, Oh WD, Liang YN, Teoh F, Mohamed DKB, Giannis A, Lisak G, Lim TT
1019 - 1025 Dissociation behaviors of coal-related model compounds in ionic liquids
Lei ZP, Dong L, Kang SG, Huang YQ, Li ZK, Yan JC, Shui HF, Wang ZC, Ren SB, Pan CX
1026 - 1035 Solubility of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases in aqueous electrolyte solutions: A reliable computational strategy
Samani NN, Miforughy SM, Safari H, Mohammadzadeh O, Panahbar MH, Zendehboudi S
1036 - 1044 Porosity and storage capacity of Middle Devonian shale: A function of thermal maturity, total organic carbon, and clay content
Song LS, Martin K, Carr TR, Ghahfarokhi PK
1045 - 1057 A comprehensive review on interaction of nanoparticles with low salinity water and surfactant for enhanced oil recovery in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs
Olayiwola SO, Dejam M
1058 - 1067 Influence of blending and hot water extraction on the quality of wood pellets
Eisenbies MH, Volk TA, Amidon TE, Shi S
1068 - 1075 Effect of air jet momentum on the topological features of turbulent CNG inverse jet flame
Mahesh S, Mishra DP
1076 - 1084 Evaluation of solvents for in-situ asphaltene deposition remediation
Kuang J, Yarbrough J, Enayat S, Edward N, Wang JX, Vargas FM
1085 - 1094 Comparison of single particle combustion behaviours of raw and torrefied biomass with Turkish lignites
Magalhaes D, Panahi A, Kazanc F, Levendis YA
1095 - 1108 Investigating auto-ignition behavior of n-heptane/iso-octane/ethanol mixtures for gasoline surrogates through rapid compression machine measurement and chemical kinetics analysis
Fan QH, Wang Z, Qi YL, Wang YD
1109 - 1116 Nitrogen conversion during the homogeneous and heterogeneous stages of sludge steam gasification: Synergistic effects of Fenton's reagent and CaO conditioner
Lu G, Liu H, Zhang Q, Wang JX, Yi LL, Hu HY, Yao H
1117 - 1128 Surfactant flooding in oil-wet micromodels with high permeability fractures
Mejia L, Tagavifar M, Xu K, Mejia M, Du YJ, Balhoff M
1129 - 1137 Effect of temperature and simulated coal gas composition on tar production during pyrolysis of a subbituminous coal
Jin LJ, Zhao HB, Wang MY, Wei BY, Hu HQ
1138 - 1144 Comparative studies on the structural features of soluble portions from thermal dissolution/methanolysis and catalytic hydroconversion of an extraction residue from Heishan lignite
Yang Z, Wei XY, Li ZX, Zhang M, Teng DG, Zong ZM
1145 - 1163 Flow behavior of hydraulic fractured tight formations considering Pre-Darcy flow using EDFM
Xu JC, Chen BL, Sun BJ, Jiang RZ
1164 - 1171 Insight into aromatic structures of a middle-temperature coal tar pitch by direct characterization and ruthenium ion-catalyzed oxidation
Niu ZS, Wang YG, Shen J, Niu YX, Liu G, Zhao W, Wei XY
1172 - 1183 Performance and emissions of a DISI engine fueled with gasoline/ethanol and gasoline/C-4 oxygenate blends - Development of a PM index correlation for particulate matter emission assessment
Lemaire R, Boudreau A, Seers P
1184 - 1194 Synthesis and evaluation of the potential of nonionic surfactants/mesoporous silica systems as nanocarriers for surfactant controlled release in enhanced oil recovery
de Freitas FA, Keils D, Lachter ER, Maia CEB, da Silva MIP, Nascimento RSV
1195 - 1202 Role of chemical additives on water-based heavy oil mobilization: A microfluidic approach
Bazazi P, Sanati-Nezhad A, Hejazi SH
1203 - 1213 Entropy scaling based viscosity predictions for hydrocarbon mixtures and diesel fuels up to extreme conditions
Rokni HB, Moore JD, Gupta A, McHugh MA, Gavaises M
1214 - 1222 Predicting and alleviating coal ash-induced deactivation of CuO as an oxygen carrier for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling
Dai JZ, Whitty KJ
1223 - 1235 Evaluation of carbon dioxide storage and miscible gas EOR in shale oil reservoirs
Lashgari HR, Sun A, Zhang TW, Pope GA, Lake LW
1236 - 1236 Effect of chlorine, sulfur, moisture and ash content on the partitioning of As, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni and Pb during bituminous coal and pickling sludge co-combustion (vol 239, pg 601, 2019)
Zhang SR, Jiang XG, Lv GJ, Nixiang A, Jin YQ, Yan JH, Lin XL, Song HB, Cao JJ