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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Experimental study of influence of natural surfactant soybean phospholipid on wettability of high-rank coal
Lyu SF, Chen XJ, Shah SM, Wu XM
13 - 23 Coal microcrystalline structural changes related to methane adsorption/desorption
Pan JN, Lv MM, Hou QL, Han YZ, Wang K
24 - 31 Oxidative desulfurization kinetics of refractory sulfur compounds in hydrotreated middle distillates
Safa MA, Bouresli R, Al-Majren R, Al-Shamary T, Ma XL
32 - 43 Molecular insight into competitive adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide in montmorillonite: Effect of clay structure and water content
Wang Q, Huang L
44 - 52 Hydrogenation of CO2 to light olefins on CuZnZr@(Zn-)SAPO-34 catalysts: Strategy for product distribution
Chen JY, Wang X, Wu DK, Zhang JL, Ma QX, Gao XH, Lai XY, Xia HQ, Fan SB, Zhao TS
53 - 62 Imaged based fractal characterization of micro-fracture structure in coal
Wu H, Zhou YF, Yao YB, Wu KJ
63 - 69 Effects of pore compression pretreatment on the flotation of low-rank coal
Yang ZL, Xia YC, Li M, Ma ZJ, Xing YW, Gui XH
70 - 75 Removal of gaseous hydrogen sulfide using Fenton reagent in a spraying reactor
Wang Y, Wang ZL, Pan JF, Liu YX
76 - 86 Mechanical testing of anthracite to assess its surface energy and temperature dependence
Kang JT, Zhang B, Wang JF, Wu JM, Wang LL, Yin B, Kang TH
87 - 96 Molecular simulation of coal-fired plant flue gas competitive adsorption and diffusion on coal
Wu SY, Jin ZX, Deng CB
97 - 107 Experimental study on the spray and mixing characteristics for equilateral triangular and circular nozzles with diesel and biodiesel under high injection pressures
Yu SH, Yin BF, Deng WX, Jia HK, Ye Z, Xu B, Xu HP
108 - 116 Formation of the heavy tar during bio-oil pyrolysis: A study based on Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Xiong Z, Han HD, Azis MM, Hu X, Wang Y, Su S, Hu S, Xiang J
117 - 125 Comparative evaluation on the thermal behaviors and kinetics of combustion of heavy crude oil and its SARA fractions
Zhao S, Pu WF, Sun BS, Gu F, Wang LL
126 - 137 Rheology of natural gas hydrate slurry: Effect of hydrate agglomeration and deposition
Ding L, Shi BH, Liu Y, Song SF, Wang W, Wu HH, Gong J
138 - 144 Elemental mercury removal from syngas by porous carbon-supported CuCl2 sorbents
Shen FH, Liu J, Dong YC, Wu DW, Gu CK, Zhang Z
145 - 152 Enhancement of the surface hydrophobicity of low-rank coal by adsorbing DTAB: An experimental and molecular dynamics simulation study
Xia YC, Yang ZL, Zhang R, Xing YW, Gui XH
153 - 161 Engine performance, emission and bio characteristics of rice bran oil derived biodiesel blends
Dharmaraja J, Nguyen DD, Shobana S, Saratale GD, Arvindnarayan S, Atabani AE, Chang SW, Kumar G
162 - 172 Exploration of reaction mechanism between acid gases and elemental mercury on the CeO2-WO3/TiO2 catalyst via in situ DRIFTS
Li GL, Wang SX, Wu QR, Li JH, You XQ, Shao S, Liu KY
173 - 179 Investigation into the inhibition of methane hydrate formation in the presence of hydroxy-terminated poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)
Wan L, Liang DQ, Ding QH, Hou GD
180 - 190 Structure evolution and gasification characteristic analysis on co-pyrolysis char from lignocellulosic biomass and two ranks of coal: Effect of wheat straw
Wu ZQ, Ma C, Jiang Z, Luo ZY
191 - 201 Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic catalysts Pd-Ru and Pt-Ru supported on gamma-alumina and zeolite FAU for the catalytic transformation of HMF
Perez-Bustos HF, Lucio-Ortiz CJ, de la Rosa JR, del Rio DAD, Sandoval-Rangel L, Martinez-Vargas DX, Maldonado CS, Rodriguez-Gonzalez V, Garza-Navarro MA, Morales-Leal FJ
202 - 218 Pore-level visual analysis of heavy oil recovery using chemical-assisted waterflooding process - Use of a new chemical agent
Mohammadzadeh O, Sedaghat MH, Kord S, Zendehboudi S, Giesy JP
219 - 229 Insights into the synergetic effect for co-pyrolysis of oil sands and biomass using microwave irradiation
Li H, Li J, Fan XL, Li XG, Gao X
230 - 238 Formation of carbon nanotubes from potassium catalyzed pyrolysis of bituminous coal
Zhang TK, Wang Q, Li GQ, Zhao YQ, Lv XM, Luo YH, Zhang YF
239 - 244 Catalytic valorization of lignin to liquid fuels over solid acid catalyst assisted by microwave heating
Zhou MH, Sharma BK, Li J, Zhao JP, Xu JM, Jiang JC
245 - 262 Effects of low-level water addition on spray, combustion and emission characteristics of a medium speed diesel engine fueled with biodiesel fuel
Zhang ZQ, E JQ, Chen JW, Zhu H, Zhao XH, Han DD, Zuo W, Peng QG, Gong JK, Yin ZB
263 - 271 Skeletal mechanism construction for heavy saturated methyl esters in real biodiesel fuels
Li H, Yang WM, Zhou DZ, Yu WB
272 - 281 A two-step method for the integrated removal of HCl, SO2 and NO at low temperature using viscose-based activated carbon fibers modified by nitric acid
Wang Z, Jin H, Wang K, Xie YH, Ning J, Tu YJ, Chen YM, Liu H, Zeng HC
282 - 289 Effect of the pre-reforming by Fe/bio-char catalyst on a two-stage catalytic steam reforming of bio-oil
Liu QC, Xiong Z, Syed-Hassan SSA, Deng ZT, Zhao XY, Su S, Xiang J, Wang Y, Hu S
290 - 296 Effect of calcination temperature on the application of molybdenum trioxide acid catalyst: Screening of substrates for biodiesel production
Pinto BF, Garcia MAS, Costa JCS, de Moura CVR, de Abreu WC, de Moura EM
297 - 311 A comparison of random forest and support vector machine approaches to predict coal spontaneous combustion in gob
Lei CK, Deng J, Cao K, Xiao Y, Ma L, Wang WF, Ma T, Shu CM
312 - 319 Enhanced sodium adsorption capacity of kaolinite using a combined method of thermal pre-activation and intercalation-exfoliation: Alleviating the problems of slagging and fouling during the combustion of Zhundong coal
Xing HX, Liu H, Zhang XJ, Deng HP, Hu HY, Yao H
320 - 329 The formation mechanism for OPAHs during the cellulose thermal conversion in inert atmosphere at different temperatures based on ESI(-) FT-ICR MS measurement and density functional theory (DFT)
Xiao LF, Hu S, Song Y, Zhang LP, Han HD, Liu CY, Jiang L, Xu K, Su S, Wang Y, Xiang J
330 - 337 Numerical simulation investigation of ignition and combustion process for single pulverized particle of anthracite
Qi YF, Wang MT, Ma R, Ge PL, Wu J, Gu MY, Ji S
338 - 346 Microfluidic investigations of crude oil-brine interface elasticity modifications via brine chemistry to enhance oil recovery
Liu YF, Kaszuba J, Oakey J
347 - 356 Role of cobalt and calcium on coal catalytic hydrogasification in a pressurized fluidized bed
Qu X, Yan S, Yan XQ, Zhang JS, Zheng Q, An YB
357 - 364 Structure transition from oxygen-enhanced to oxy-fuel methane non-premixed flames near extinction
Habisreuther P, Stelzner B, Loukou A, Vlavakis P, Trimis D
365 - 372 Pathway of biomass-potassium migration in co-gasification of coal and biomass
Song YC, Li QT, Li FZ, Wang LS, Hu CC, Feng J, Li WY
373 - 386 Structure-reactivity study of model and Biodiesel soot in model DPF regeneration conditions
Zhang HL, Pereira O, Legros G, Iojoiu EE, Galvez ME, Chen YQ, Da Costa P
387 - 402 Heterogeneity of Paleozoic Wufeng-Longmaxi formation shale and its effects on the shale gas accumulation in the Upper Yangtze Region, China
Tang XL, Jiang S, Jiang ZX, Li Z, He ZL, Long SX, Zhu DY
403 - 412 Lipid nanostructures as surfactant carriers for enhanced oil recovery
Rosestolato JCS, Perez-Gramatges A, Lachter ER, Nascimento RSV
413 - 420 Low-field NMR: A new alternative to determine the aromatic content of petroleum distillates
Montes LF, Oliveira ECS, Neto AC, Menezes SMC, Castro ERV, Barbosa LL
421 - 428 Multivariate data analysis applied in the evaluation of crude oil blends
Sad CMS, da Silva M, dos Santos FD, Pereira LB, Corona RRB, Silva SRC, Portela NA, Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR, Lacerda V
429 - 436 Low-temperature oxidation of free radicals and functional groups in coal during the extraction of coalbed methane
Xu Q, Yang SQ, Hu XC, Song WX, Cai JW, Zhou BZ
437 - 445 Online prediction of biomass moisture content in a fluidized bed dryer using electrostatic sensor arrays and the Random Forest method
Zhang WB, Cheng XF, Hu YH, Yan Y
446 - 451 Application of gaseous pyrolysis products of the waste cooking oil as coal flotation collector
Shen L, Min FF, Liu LY, Zhu JB, Xue CG, Cai CC, Zhou W, Wang C
452 - 460 Residue upgradation with slurry phase catalyst: Effect of feedstock properties
Prajapati R, Kohli K, Maity SK
461 - 470 In pursuit of the best artificial neural network configuration for the prediction of output parameters of corrugated plate heat exchanger
Dheenamma M, Soman DP, Muthamizhi K, Kalaichelvi P
471 - 483 The impact of the coal macrolithotype on reservoir productivity, hydraulic fracture initiation and propagation
Liu YL, Xu H, Tang DZ, Mathews JP, Zhai YY, Hou W, Li S, Tao S, Xiong XY, Wang W
484 - 490 Insight into cross-linking reactions induced by carboxylates in direct coal liquefaction using coal-related model compounds and hydrogen transfer calculation
Li X, Li J, Ma ZB, Bai ZQ, Zhang JL, Wu GG, Li W
491 - 501 Ethylene production via catalytic ethanol dehydration by 12-tungstophosphoric acid@ceria-zirconia
Clemente MCH, Martins GAV, de Freitas EF, Dias JA, Dias SCL
502 - 510 Investigation of the performance of ionic liquids of removal of mercaptan/ methanol from light oil: A computational and experimental study
Li X, Zhang J, Li JW, Chen BH
511 - 520 Response surface methodology based optimization of in situ transesterification of dry algae with methanol, H2SO4 and NaOH
Chamola R, Khan MF, Raj A, Verma M, Jain S
521 - 533 A novel approach for quantitative measurements of preferential evaporation of fuel by means of two-tracer laser induced fluorescence
Bardi M, Di Lella A, Bruneaux G
534 - 546 Towards oxy-steam combustion: The effect of increasing the steam concentration on coal reactivity
Dueso C, Mayoral MC, Andres JM, Escudero AI, Diez LI
547 - 558 Spatially confined cobalt nanoparticles on zirconium phosphate-modified KIT-6 for an enhanced stability of CO hydrogenation to hydrocarbons
Cho JM, Kasipandi S, Park YM, Bae JW
559 - 572 Molecular structure characterization of middle-high rank coal via XRD, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy: Implications for coalification
Jiang JY, Yang WH, Cheng YP, Liu ZD, Zhang Q, Zhao K
573 - 578 Hydrocarbon fuel from brown grease: Effects of reaction temperature profile on yields and product distribution
Strothers J, Matthews RB, Toney A, Cobham MR, Cox S, Ford W, Joseph S, Joyette W, Khadka S, Pinnock S, Burns M, Noel M, Tamang MG, Saint Hilaire D, Kim JH, Pratt LM
579 - 586 Ag-Fe3O4@rGO ternary magnetic adsorbent for gaseous elemental mercury removal from coal-fired flue gas
Ma YP, Mu BL, Zhang XJ, Xu HM, Qu Z, Gao L, Li B, Tian JJ
587 - 600 Temporal scale analysis of shale gas dynamic coupling flow
Li BL, Su YL, Li XW, Wang WD, Husein MM, Aguilera R
601 - 610 Effect of chlorine, sulfur, moisture and ash content on the partitioning of As, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni and Pb during bituminous coal and pickling sludge co-combustion
Zhang SR, Jiang XG, Lv GJ, Nixiang A, Jin YQ, Yan JH, Lin XL, Song HB, Cao JJ
611 - 616 Dissolution and recovery of waste expanded polystyrene using alternative essential oils
Gil-Jasso ND, Segura-Gonzalez MA, Soriano-Giles G, Neri-Hipolito J, Lopez N, Mas-Hernandez E, Barrera-Diaz CE, Varela-Guerrero V, Ballesteros-Rivas MF
617 - 622 Investigation on the detonation propagation limit criterion for methane-oxygen mixtures in tubes with different scales
Zhang B, Liu H, Yan BJ
623 - 635 Effect of air flowrate on pollutant dispersion pattern of coal dust particles at fully mechanized mining face based on numerical simulation
Cai P, Nie W, Chen DW, Yang SB, Liu ZQ
636 - 651 Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of pulverized biomass jet using spheroidal particle approximation
Guo N, Li T, Zhao LH, Lovas T
652 - 658 Acid-catalyzed rearrangement of tetrahydrotricyclopentadiene for synthesis of high density alkyl-diamondoid fuel
Xie JW, Zhang XW, Xie JJ, Xu JS, Pan L, Zou JJ
659 - 666 Effects of endothermic hydrocarbon fuel composition on the pyrolysis and anti-coking performance under supercritical conditions
Sun DA, Li CY, Du YM, Kou LG, Zhang JW, Li Y, Wang ZX, Li JW, Feng H, Lu J
667 - 676 Pressure and particle property impacts on radiation in oxy-coal combustion
Adams BR, Hosler TR
677 - 692 Spray characteristics of a gasoline-diesel blend (ULG75) using high-speed imaging techniques
Wang CM, Sahu A, Coratella C, Xu CS, Saul J, Xu HM
693 - 700 Enhancement of waste biomass fuel properties by sequential leaching and wet torrefaction
Gong SH, Im HS, Um M, Lee HW, Lee JW
701 - 708 Investigating the influence of CO2 injection and reservoir cores on the phase behavior of two low-permeability crude oils: Experimental verification and thermodynamic model development
Liu H, Guo P, Du JF, Ou H, Wang ZH, Yang L, Jiang X, Wang CX
709 - 716 Visualization study of the effects of oil type and model geometry on oil recovery under ultrasonic irradiation in a glass micro-model
Dehshibi RR, Mohebbi A, Riazi M, Danafar F
717 - 725 Performance of used lubricating oil as flotation collector for the recovery of clean low-rank coal
Xia YC, Yang ZL, Zhang R, Xing YW, Gui XH
726 - 736 Modified coal fly ash waste as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for dehydration of xylose to furfural in biphasic medium
Chatterjee A, Hu XJ, Lam FLY
737 - 746 Performance of metal-functionalized rice husk cellulose for CO2 sorption and CO2/N-2 separation
Campbell S, Bernard FL, Rodrigues DM, Rojas MF, Carreno LA, Chaban VV, Einloft S
747 - 763 An asymptotic assessment of non-premixed flames fed with porous biomass particles in counter-flow configuration considering the effects of thermal radiation and thermophoresis
Rasam H, Nematollahi M, Sadeghi S, Bidabadi M
764 - 773 Upgrading of vacuum residue with chemical looping partial oxidation over Fe-Mn mixed metal oxides
Wang DC, Jin LJ, Li Y, Wei BY, Yao DM, Hu HQ
774 - 785 Release of uranium and other trace elements from coal ash by (NH4)(2)SO4 activation of amorphous phase
Yang Z, Li YL, Lou QS, Liu DQ, Ning Y, Yang S, Tang Y, Zhang YY, Tang Z, Wang XB
786 - 793 The Rate-Controlled Constrained-Equilibrium combustion modeling of n-butane/oxygen/diluent mixtures
Yu GY, Zhang YQ, Wang ZY, Bai ZW, Metghalchi H
794 - 803 Enhancing the dimethyl ether carbonylation performance over mordenite catalysts by simple alkaline treatment
Wang XS, Li RJ, Yu CC, Liu YX, Zhang LY, Xu CM, Zhou HJ
804 - 813 Gas generation potential and processes of Athabasca oil sand bitumen from gold tube pyrolysis experiments
Xu X, Huang HP, Zhang SC, Hu SY
814 - 829 Experimental and kinetic modeling study of para-xylene chemistry in laminar premixed flames
Dupont L, Do HQ, Capriolo G, Konnov AA, El Bakali A
830 - 840 Removal of elemental mercury using large surface area micro-porous corn cob activated carbon by zinc chloride activation
Duan XL, Yuan CG, Jing TT, Yuan XD
841 - 851 Microfluidic platform to evaluate asphaltene deposition during solvent-based extraction of bitumen
Keshmiri K, Huang HB, Nazemifard N
852 - 861 Effects of direct injection timing associated with spark timing on a small spark ignition engine equipped with ethanol dual-injection
Al-Muhsen NFO, Huang YH, Hong G
862 - 873 Study on decanol and Calophyllum Inophyllum biodiesel as ternary blends in CI engine
Nanthagopal K, Ashok B, Saravanan B, Pathy MR, Sahil G, Ramesh A, Nabi MN, Rasul MG
874 - 885 Development of high biomass and lipid yielding medium for newly isolated Rhodotorula mucilaginosa
Prabhu AA, Gadela R, Bharali B, Deshavath NN, Dasu VV
886 - 895 Acidic ionic liquid-functionalized mesoporous melamine-formaldehyde polymer as heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production
Pan H, Li H, Zhang H, Wang AP, Yang S
896 - 904 A comparison of two-phase and three-phase CO2 methanation reaction kinetics
Lefebvre J, Bajohr S, Kolb T
905 - 916 Differences in desorption rate and composition of desorbed gases between undeformed and mylonitic coals in the Zhina Coalfield, Southwest China
Chen YL, Qin Y, Li ZP, Shi QM, Wei CT, Wu CF, Cao CH, Qu ZH
917 - 925 Effects of temperature and solvents on structure variation of Yunnan lignite in preheating stage of direct liquefaction
Hou RR, Bai ZQ, Hao P, Dai X, Xu JL, Zheng HY, Guo ZX, Kong LX, Bai J, Li W
926 - 934 Separation of phenolic compounds from oil mixtures using environmentally benign biological reagents based on Bronsted acid-Lewis base interaction
Ji YA, Hou YC, Ren SH, Yao CF, Wu WZ
935 - 945 High pressure pyrolysis mechanism and kinetics of a strained-caged hydrocarbon fuel quadricyclane
Wang HY, Gong SY, Wang L, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
946 - 954 The promoting effect of Pt on the co-aromatization of pentane with methane and propane over Zn-Pt/HZSM-5
He P, Jarvis J, Liu LJ, Song H
955 - 963 Experimental study of drainage radius considering borehole interaction based on 3D monitoring of gas pressure in coal
Zhang CL, Xu J, Peng SJ, Li QX, Yan FZ
964 - 981 Physical experiments of CBM coproduction: A case study in Laochang district, Yunnan province, China
Wang ZW, Qin Y
982 - 990 Efficient removal of elemental mercury by magnetic chlorinated biochars derived from co-pyrolysis of Fe(NO3)(3)-laden wood and polyvinyl chloride waste
Xu Y, Luo GQ, He SW, Deng FF, Pang QC, Xu YQ, Yao H
991 - 1000 Experimental study on the ash behaviour in combustion of pelletized residual agricultural biomass
Royo J, Canalis P, Quintana D, Diaz-Ramirez M, Sin A, Rezeau A
1001 - 1014 Load limits of an HCCI engine fueled with natural gas, ethanol, and methanol
Gharehghani A
1015 - 1027 Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol as a model compound of lignin-derived pyrolysis bio-oil over zirconia-supported Rh catalyst: Process optimization and reaction kinetics
He YF, Bie YW, Lehtonen J, Liu RH, Cai JM
1028 - 1037 Parametrization of the temperature dependence of laminar burning velocity for methane and ethane flames
Han XL, Wang ZH, Wang SX, Whiddon R, He Y, Lv Y, Konnov AA
1038 - 1045 Emissions performance of high moisture wood fuels burned in a residential stove
Price-Allison A, Lea-Langton AR, Mitchell EJS, Gudka B, Jones JM, Mason PE, Williams A
1046 - 1054 Evaluation of high-temperature CO2 capture performance of cellulose-templated CaO-based pellets
Sun J, Liang C, Tong XL, Guo YF, Li WL, Zhao CW, Zhang JB, Lu P
1055 - 1060 CdSe quantum dots as fluorescent nanomarkers for diesel oil
do Nascimento AS, Cabral PE, Fontes A, Santos BS, de Carvalho FR, Stragevitch L, Leite ES
1061 - 1071 A surface activation function method to determine the intrinsic reactivity of coal char oxyfuel conversion
Liu Y, Fu PF, Yue F, Bie K
1072 - 1082 Performance and emissions study of diesel and waste biodiesel blends with nanosized CZA2 of high oxygen storage capacity
Pimenidou P, Shanmugapriya N, Shah N
1083 - 1090 Upgrading phenolic compounds and bio-oil through hydrodeoxygenation using highly dispersed Pt/TiO2 catalyst
Shu RY, Lin BQ, Wang C, Zhang JT, Cheng ZD, Chen Y
1091 - 1101 Experimental study of pyrolysis-combustion coupling in a regeneratively cooled combustor: Heat transfer and coke formation
Taddeo L, Gascoin N, Chetehouna K, Ingenito A, Stella F, Bouchez M, Le Naour B
1102 - 1114 Characterization of pure and blended biodiesel spray in a compression ignition engine by means of advanced diagnostics and 1D model
Mancaruso E, Perozziello C, Sequino L, Vaglieco BM
1115 - 1124 Sintering reduction of herbaceous biomass when blended with woody biomass: predictive and combustion tests
Fernandez MJ, Mediavilla I, Barro R, Borjabad E, Ramos R, Carrasco JE
1125 - 1133 Highly active and selective Cu-ZnO based catalyst for methanol and dimethyl ether synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation
Ren SJ, Shoemaker WR, Wang XF, Shang ZY, Klinghoffer N, Li SG, Yu M, He XQ, White TA, Liang XH
1134 - 1142 Demonstration of a gas turbine combustion-tuning method and sensitivity analysis of the combustion-tuning parameters with regard to NOx emissions
Park S, Choi GM, Tanahashi M
1143 - 1148 Discovery of novel octane hyperboosting phenomenon in prenol biofuel/gasoline blends
Monroe E, Gladden J, Albrecht KO, Bays JT, McCormick R, Davis RW, George A
1149 - 1161 Molecular dynamics investigation of substrate wettability alteration and oil transport in a calcite nanopore
Zhao J, Yao G, Ramisetti SB, Hammond RB, Wen D
1162 - 1172 Multiscale CFD modelling and analysis of TBR behavior for an HDS process: Deviations from ideal behaviors
Uribe S, Cordero ME, Reyes EP, Regalado-Mendez A, Zarate LG
1173 - 1178 Evaluation of gas switch effect on isothermal gas-solid reactions in a thermogravimetric analyzer
Zhang Q, Yuan Q, Wang HL, Wang ZQ, Yu ZL, Liang LT, Fang YT, Huang W
1179 - 1193 Mechanistic simulation study of gas Puff and Huff process for Bakken tight oil fractured reservoir
Wang LZ, Yu W
1194 - 1203 Effect of inherent mineral matter on the co-pyrolysis of highly reactive brown coal and wheat straw
Zhou LM, Zhang GJ, Reinmoller M, Meyer B
1204 - 1212 Study and optimization of conditions of biodiesel production from edible oils using ZnO/BiFeO3 nano magnetic catalyst
Salimi Z, Hosseini SA
1213 - 1223 Non-linear system identification of solvent-based post-combustion CO2 capture process
Akinola TE, Oko E, Gu YL, Wei HL, Wang MH
1224 - 1230 Emission and vibration analysis of diesel engine fuelled diesel fuel containing metallic based nanoparticles
Yasar A, Keskin A, Yildizhan S, Uludamar E
1231 - 1239 Optimization and kinetic study of biodiesel production through esterification of oleic acid applying ionic liquids as catalysts
Roman FF, Ribeiro AE, Queiroz A, Lenzi GG, Chaves ES, Brito P
1240 - 1245 Engineering an effective MnO2 catalyst from LaMnO3 for catalytic methane combustion
Yu Q, Wang C, Li XY, Li Z, Wang L, Zhang Q, Wu GL, Li ZC
1246 - 1257 Experimental investigation on the effect of wettability on rock-electricity response in sandstone reservoirs
Han YJ, Zhou CC, Yu J, Li CL, Hu FL, Xu HJ, Yuan C
1258 - 1264 Evidence of naturally-occurring vanadyl porphyrins containing multiple S and O atoms
Qian KN, Fredriksen TR, Mennito AS, Zhang YL, Harper MR, Merchant S, Kushnerick JD, Rytting BM, Kilpatrick PK
1265 - 1273 Designing supported NiMoS2 catalysts for hydrocracking of vacuum residue
Park HB, Lee YK
1274 - 1283 Fouling in coal-fired boilers: Biomass co-firing, full conversion and use of additives - A thermodynamic approach
Stam AF, Brem G
1284 - 1292 Experimental understanding on the dynamics of micro-explosion and puffing in ternary emulsion droplets
Avulapati MM, Megaritis T, Xia J, Ganippa L
1293 - 1303 Effect of silicon incorporation method in the supports of NiMo catalysts for hydrotreating reactions
Rayo P, Torres-Mancera P, Centeno G, Alonso F, Munoz JAD, Ancheyta J
1304 - 1314 Facile use of lignite as robust organic ligands to construct Zr-based catalysts for the conversion of biomass derived carbonyl platforms into alcohols
Hao JX, Han LM, Sha YF, Yu XX, Liu HY, Ma XY, Yang YZ, Zhou HC, Liu QS
1315 - 1323 Bioethanol production via different saccharification strategies from H-tetrachotoma ME03 grown at various concentrations of municipal wastewater in a flat-photobioreactor
Onay M
1324 - 1330 Experimental and computer simulation studies of dehydration on microporous adsorbent of natural gas used as motor fuel
Petryk MR, Khimich A, Petryk MM, Fraissard J
1331 - 1337 Progressive crude oil distillation: An energy-efficient alternative to conventional distillation process
Nalinakshan S, Sivasubramanian V, Ravi V, Vasudevan A, Sankar MSR, Arunachalam K
1338 - 1350 Influences of phosphorus on ash fusion characteristics of coal and its regulation mechanism
Li FH, Fan HL, Wang XC, Wang T, Fang YT
1351 - 1362 Lean ignition and blow-off behaviour of butyl butyrate and ethanol blends in a gas turbine combustor
Zhang ZC, Chen LF, Lu YJ, Roskilly AP, Yu XL, Smallbone A, Wang YD
1363 - 1375 Impact of bioconversion on matrix strain response of coal reservoirs: Part 1-Experimental insights
Pandey R, Harpalani S
1376 - 1387 Impact of bioconversion on matrix strain response of coal reservoirs: Part 2-Reservoir insights
Pandey R, Harpalani S
1388 - 1404 Experimental characterization of jet fuels under engine relevant conditions-Part 1: Effect of chemical composition on autoignition of conventional and alternative jet fuels
Kang D, Kim D, Kalaskar V, Violi A, Boehman AL
1405 - 1416 Experimental characterization of jet fuels under engine relevant conditions - Part 2: Insights on optimization approach for surrogate formulation
Kang D, Kim D, Kalaskar V, Boehman A, Violi A
1417 - 1417 Effect of pore structure on displacement efficiency and oil-cluster morphology by using micro computed tomography (mu CT) technique (vol 230, pg 430, 2018)
Guo CH, Wang X, Wang H, He S, Liu H, Zhu P
1418 - 1418 RETRACTION: Experimental investigations of oxidation stability of biodiesel produced from prunus armeniaca oil (apricot oil) and effect of various antioxidants on stability, engine performance and emissions (Retraction of Vol 216, Pg 861, 2018)
Kumar S, Kumar R, Kumar M