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1 - 9 Fundamental study of hierarchical millisecond gas-phase catalytic cracking process for enhancing the production of light olefins from vacuum residue
Che YJ, Yuan M, Qiao YY, Liu Q, Zhang JH, Tian YY
10 - 17 Measurement of laminar burning velocity of n-pentanol plus air mixtures at elevated temperatures and a skeletal kinetic model
Katoch A, Alfazazi A, Sarathy SM, Chauhan A, Kumar R, Kumar S
18 - 27 Effect of water vapor on coal ash slag viscosity under gasification condition
Cao X, Kong LX, Bai J, Ge ZF, He C, Li HZ, Bai ZQ, Li W
28 - 39 Investigation of the macroscopic characteristics of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) spray using CFD method
Zhang ZC, Lu YJ, Roskilly AP, Yu XL, Wang YD, Smallbone A
40 - 49 Microwave mediated production of FAME from waste cooking oil: Modelling and optimization of process parameters by RSM and ANN approach
Selvaraj R, Moorthy IG, Kumar RV, Sivasubramanian V
50 - 59 Analysis of air-staged combustion of NH3/CH4 mixture with low NOx emission at gas turbine conditions in model combustors
Li S, Zhang SS, Zhou H, Ren ZY
60 - 70 Numerical investigation of the effects of different injection parameters on Damkohler number in the natural gas MILD combustion
Zhang ZW, Li XS, Zhang LQ, Luo C, Mao ZH, Xu YQ, Liu J, Liu GC, Zheng CG
71 - 80 Molecular dynamics modeling and simulation of bituminous binder chemical aging due to variation of oxidation level and saturate-aromatic-resin-asphaltene fraction
Fallah F, Khabaz F, Kim YR, Kommidi SR, Haghshenas HF
81 - 90 The adsorption heat of methane on coal: Comparison of theoretical and calorimetric heat and model of heat flow by microcalorimeter
Deng JC, Kang JH, Zhou FB, Li HJ, Zhang D, Li GH
91 - 116 Review of the effect of temperature on oil-water relative permeability in porous rocks of oil reservoirs
Esmaeili S, Sarma H, Harding T, Maini B
117 - 125 Simultaneous development of biodiesel synthesis and fuel quality via continuous supercritical process with reactive co-solvent
Akkarawatkhoosith N, Kaewchada A, Jaree A
126 - 132 The investigation of co-combustion characteristics of tobacco stalk and low rank coal using a macro-TGA
Cong KL, Han F, Zhang YG, Li QH
133 - 141 Experimental investigation on methanol auto-ignition in a compression ignition engine under DMDF mode
Wang B, Yao AR, Yao CD, Chen C, Lu H, Feng J
142 - 151 Steam reforming of shale gas with nickel and calcium looping
Adiya ZISG, Dupont V, Mahmud T
152 - 162 The visual and quantitative study of remaining oil micro-occurrence caused by spontaneous imbibition in extra-low permeability sandstone using computed tomography
Gu XY, Pu CS, Khan N, Wu FP, Huang FF, Xu HX
163 - 169 Viscosity temperature properties from molecular dynamics simulation: The role of calcium oxide, sodium oxide and ferrous oxide
Dai X, Bai J, Huang Q, Liu Z, Bai XJ, Cao RG, Wen XD, Li W, Du SY
170 - 177 Correlations between the sodium adsorption capacity and the thermal behavior of modified kaolinite during the combustion of Zhundong coal
Zhang XJ, Liu H, Xing HX, Wang GY, Deng HP, Hu HY, Li X, Yao H
178 - 190 Hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil over NiMo/zeolite-Al2O3: Influence of zeolite properties
Dik PP, Danilova IG, Golubev IS, Kazakov MO, Nadeina KA, Budukva SV, Pereyma VY, Klimov OV, Prosvirin IP, Gerasimov EY, Bok TO, Dobryakova IV, Knyazeva EE, Ivanova II, Noskov AS
191 - 201 Understanding spray and atomization characteristics of butanol isomers and isooctane under engine like hot injector body conditions
Kale R, Banerjee R
202 - 208 Experimental research on selective adsorption of gaseous mercury (II) over SiO2, TiO2 and gamma-Al2O3
Zheng YW, Duan YF, Tang HJ, Li CF, Li JC, Zhu C, Liu S
209 - 221 Experimental and numerical study on the influence of intake swirl on fuel spray and in-cylinder combustion characteristics on large bore diesel engine
Wang GX, Yu WB, Li XB, Su YP, Yang R, Wu WT
222 - 226 Solar powered Electrocoagulation system for municipal wastewater treatment
Nawarkar CJ, Salkar VD
227 - 235 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production by CdS nanofibers modified with graphene oxide and nickel nanoparticles under visible light
Quiroz-Cardoso O, Oros-Ruiz S, Solis-Gomez A, Lopez R, Gomez R
236 - 244 Fabrication of low-cost and high-performance coal fly ash nanofibrous membranes via electrospinning for the control of harmful substances
Ge JC, Kim JY, Yoon SK, Choi NJ
245 - 262 Experimental and comparative modeling study of high temperature and very high pressure methylcyclohexane pyrolysis
Liszka MK, Brezinsky K
263 - 275 Direct conversion of furan into levulinate esters via acid catalysis
Zhang ZM, Hu X, Zhang S, Liu Q, Hu S, Xiang J, Wang Y, Lu YZ
276 - 282 The effect of hydrogen bonds between flow improvers with asphaltene for heavy crude oil
Quan HP, Xing LM
283 - 297 A new approach to model shale gas production behavior by considering coupled multiple flow mechanisms for multiple fractured horizontal well
Lu T, Liu SM, Li ZP
298 - 307 Introducing a novel model and tool for design and performance forecasting of waterflood projects
Mollaei A, Delshad M
308 - 319 Real-time particle filtration of granular filters for hot gas clean-up
Wang FL, He YL, Tang SZ, Kulacki FA, Tao YB
320 - 334 Lean partially premixed turbulent flame equivalence ratio measurements using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Badawy T, Hamza M, Mansour MS, Abdel-Hafez AHH, Imam H, Abdel-Raheem MA, Wang CM, Lattimore T
335 - 343 Oil recovery from water-based drilling fluid waste
Pereira LB, Sad CMS, da Silva M, Corona RRB, dos Santos FD, Goncalves GR, Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR, Lacerda V
344 - 351 Physicochemical properties and potential applications of silica-based amphiphilic Janus nanosheets for enhanced oil recovery
Yin TH, Yang ZH, Dong ZX, Lin MQ, Zhang J
352 - 360 Reaction kinetic simulation of the combustion and emission characteristics of a dual-fuel aero-engine
Zeng W, Liu J, Yu L, Ma HA, Zheng WL
361 - 372 Synergetic effects of cerium and nickel in Ce-Ni-MFI catalysts on low-temperature water-gas shift reaction
Alamolhoda S, Vitale G, Hassan A, Nassar NN, Almao PP
373 - 379 Quantification and classification of cotton biodiesel content in diesel blends, using mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometric methods
Maquina ADV, Sitoe BV, Buiatte JE, Santos DQ, Neto WB
380 - 397 Application of nanoparticles in biofuels: An overview
Sekoai PT, Ouma CNM, du Preez SP, Modisha P, Engelbrecht N, Bessarabov DG, Ghimire A
398 - 404 Removal of crude oil residue from solid surfaces using microemulsions
Hernandez HW, Ehlert W, Trabelsi S
405 - 412 Analysis of aluminum particle combustion in a downward burning solid rocket propellant
Griego C, Yilmaz N, Atmanli A
413 - 428 Effect of injection strategies on particulate matter structures of a turbocharged GDI engine
Potenza M, Milanese M, de Risi A
429 - 441 Niobium modification effects on hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-DMDBT catalyzed on Ni-Mo-S active sites: A combination of experiments and theoretical study
Ding SJ, Li AQ, Jiang SJ, Zhou YS, Wei Q, Zhou WW, Huang YY, Yang Q, Fan TT
442 - 456 Modeling diesel spray tip and tail penetrations after end-of-injection
Zhou XY, Li T, Lai ZY, Wei YJ
457 - 464 Quantification of fugitive emissions from an oil sands tailings pond by eddy covariance
Zhang L, Cho S, Hashisho Z, Brown C
465 - 474 Optimisation design of SCR mixer for improving deposit performance at low temperatures
Zhang CF, Sun C, Wu MP, Lu K
475 - 485 Experimental investigation on the microprocess of hydrate particle agglomeration using a high-speed camera
Song GC, Li YX, Wang WC, Liu S, Wang XY, Shi ZZ, Yao SP
486 - 493 The evolution of flame height and air flow for double rectangular pool fires
He PX, Wang P, Wang K, Liu XP, Wang CM, Tao CF, Liu YQ
494 - 514 Prediction of microemulsion phase behavior from surfactant and co-solvent structures
Chang L, Pope GA, Jang SH, Tagavifar M
515 - 521 In-situ transesterification of residual vegetable oil in spent bleaching clay with alkali catalysts using CCD-RSM design of experiment
Sedghamiz MA, Raeissi S, Attar F, Salimi M, Mehrabi K
522 - 535 Isolation of the parametric effects of pre-blended fuel on low load gasoline compression ignition (GCI)
Roberts J, Chuahy FDF, Kokjohn SL, Roy S
536 - 544 Estimation of heats of formation and combustion of coal
Kaiho M, Kodera Y, Yamada O
545 - 554 Effects of H2O and CO2 on the catalytic oxidation property of V/W/Ti catalysts for SO3 generation
Qing MX, Su S, Wang LL, Liu LJ, Sun ZJ, Mostafa ME, Xu K, Hu S, Wang Y, Xiang J
555 - 565 Study on the modes of occurrence of rare earth elements in coal fly ash by statistics and a sequential chemical extraction procedure
Pan JH, Zhou CC, Tang MC, Cao SS, Liu C, Zhang NN, Wen MZ, Luo YL, Hu TT, Ji WS
566 - 579 Regulation the reaction intermediates in methanation reactions via modification of nickel catalysts with strong base
Zhang ZM, Hu X, Wang Y, Hu S, Xiang J, Li CC, Chen GZ, Liu Q, Wei T, Dong DH
580 - 591 Spray combustion of biomass fast pyrolysis oil: Experiments and modeling
Toth P, Ogren Y, Sepman A, Vikstrom T, Gren P, Wiinikka H
592 - 592 Special issue on the 13th International Conference on Energy for a Clean Environment
Costa M, Coelho P, Xu MH, Weber R
593 - 596 3,3 ',5,5 '-Tetramethoxybipheny1-4,4 '-diol: A new antioxidant enhancing oxidative stability of soybean biodiesel
Schirmann JG, Angilelli KG, Dekker RFH, Borsato D, Barbosa-Dekker AM
597 - 605 Synthesis and characterization of Zr incorporated small crystal size Y zeolite supported NiW catalysts for hydrocracking of vacuum gas oil
Cui QY, Wang SQ, Wei Q, Mu L, Yu GL, Zhang T, Zhou YS
606 - 618 Dust ignition characteristics of different coal ranks, biomass and solid waste
Rybak W, Moron W, Ferens W
619 - 629 An experimental investigation into the behavior of premixed flames of hydrogen/carbon monoxide/air mixtures in a half-open duct
Yang XF, Yu MG, Zheng K, Wan SJ, Wang L
630 - 636 Laminar burning velocities of iso-octane, toluene, 1-hexene, ethanol and their quaternary blends at elevated temperatures and pressures
Meng ZW, Liang K, Fang J
637 - 647 Predicting phase behavior of nonpolar mixtures from refractive index at ambient conditions
Sisco CJ, Abutaqiya MIL, Saade HS, Vargas FM
648 - 657 The blending effect on the sooting tendencies of alternative/conventional jet fuel blends in non-premixed flames
Xue X, Hui X, Vannorsdall P, Singh P, Sung CJ
658 - 675 A predictive 0-D HCCI combustion model for ethanol, natural gas, gasoline, and primary reference fuel blends
Zhou YC, Hariharan D, Yang RN, Mamalis S, Lawler B
676 - 685 Effects of ambient pressure on ignition and flame characteristics in diesel spray combustion
Pang KM, Jangi M, Bai XS, Schramm J, Walther JH, Glarborg P
686 - 693 Flash boiling spray of diesel fuel mixed with ethane and its effects on premixed diesel combustion
Kobashi Y, Hirako S, Matsumoto A, Naganuma K
694 - 706 Dual-fuel operation of gasoline and natural gas in a turbocharged engine
Singh E, Morganti K, Dibble R
707 - 719 Biodegradation and water washing in a spill-fill sequence of oilfields
Forsythe JC, Kenyon-Roberts S, O'Donnell M, Betancourt SS, Masurek N, Gisolf A, Bennett B, Nelson RK, Canas JA, Reddy CM, Peters KE, Zuo JY, Mullins OC
720 - 734 Visualization of fire flood behavior under declining air flux
Alamatsaz A, Moore GR, Mehta SA, Ursenbach MG
735 - 744 Evolution profile of gases during coal carbonization and relationship between their amounts and the fluidity or coke strength
Mochizuki Y, Ono Y, Tsubouchi N
745 - 752 Determination of physicochemical properties of biodiesel and blends using low-field NMR and multivariate calibration
Constantino AF, Cubides-Roman DC, dos Santos RB, Queiroz LHK, Colnago LA, Neto AC, Barbosa LL, Romao W, de Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR, Lacerda V
753 - 762 Enhancement of mesocarbon microbead (MCMB) preparation through supercritical fluid extraction and fractionation
Zhang DK, Zhang LZ, Fang XL, Xu ZM, Sun XW, Zhao SQ
763 - 768 Extraction, characterization and deoxy-liquefaction of crude polysaccharide from Enteromorpha prolifera to high-quality liquid oil
Su B, Ge BD, Li MZ, Chen YY, Chen YM, Zhang JH, Chen H, Li JH
769 - 774 Hydrate-liquid-vapor equilibrium condition of N-2 + CO2 + H2O system: Measurement and modeling
Jarrahian A, Nakhaee A
775 - 785 Effect of coal properties on the strength of coke under simulated blast furnace conditions
Xing X, Rogers H, Zulli P, Hockings K, Ostrovski O
786 - 792 A novel CO2-water leaching method for AAEM removal from Zhundong coal
Ding LZ, Gao YX, Li X, Wang WH, Xue Y, Zhu XQ, Xu K, Hu HY, Luo GQ, Naruse I, Yao H
793 - 805 Ultra-fast and highly efficient catalytic oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene at ambient temperature over low Mn loaded Co-Mo/Al2O3 and Ni-Mo/Al2O3 catalysts using NaClO as oxidant
Subhan S, Rahman AU, Yaseen M, Rashid HU, Ishaq M, Sahibzada M, Tong ZF
806 - 811 A comparison of turbulence models and two and three dimensional meshes for unsteady CFD ash deposition tools
Perez MG, Vakkilainen E
812 - 822 The simultaneous calcination/sulfation reaction of limestone under oxy-fuel CFB conditions
Chen L, Wang CB, Yan GJ, Zhao F, Anthony EJ
823 - 832 Brown pellet production using wheat straw from southern cities in Chile
Azocar L, Hermosilla N, Gay A, Rocha S, Diaz J, Jara P
833 - 839 Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers as clean diesel additives: Fuel freezing and prediction
Wang D, Zhu GL, Li Z, Xia CG
840 - 850 Different supports of modified heteropolyacid for ultra-deep oxidative desulfurization: A newly easy shaped catalyst and the DFT cluster model study
Li SW, Gao RM, Zhao JS
851 - 859 Iron transformation behavior in coal ash slag in the entrained flow gasifier and the application for Yanzhou coal
He C, Bai J, Li WC, Kong LX, Xu J, Guhl S, Li XM, Bai ZQ, Li W
860 - 873 Influences of organic matter and kaolinite on pore structures of transitional organic-rich mudstone with an emphasis on S-2 controlling specific surface area
Qi Y, Ju YW, Huang C, Zhu HJ, Bao Y, Wu JG, Meng SZ, Chen WG
874 - 887 Cyclically resolved flame and flow imaging in an alcohol fuelled SI engine
Koupaie MM, Cairns A, Xia J, Vafamehr H, Lanzanova T
888 - 894 Additive influence on maximum experimental safe gap of ethylene-air mixtures
Razus D, Mitu M, Giurcan V, Movileanu C, Oancea D
895 - 902 Double-adsorption functional carbon based solid acids derived from copyrolysis of PVC and PE for cellulose hydrolysis
Yuan SJ, Li TJ, Wang YM, Cai B, Wen X, Shen SG, Peng X, Li YH
903 - 910 Optimization of CaO-catalyzed sunflower oil methanolysis with crude biodiesel as a cosolvent
Todorovic ZB, Troter DZ, Dokic-Stojanovic DR, Velickovic AV, Avramovic JM, Stamenkovic OS, Veselinovic LM, Veljkovic VB
911 - 915 The primary products of cellulose pyrolysis in the absence of extraparticle reactions
Yu J, Paterson N, Millan M
916 - 936 An overview on performance characteristics of bio-jet fuels
Yang J, Xin Z, He Q, Corscadden K, Niu HB
937 - 960 A comprehensive review on the feasibility of using water emulsified diesel as a CI engine fuel
Mondal PK, Mandal BK
961 - 976 First quantification of < 2 mu m clay, < 0.2 mu m ultrafines and solids wettability in process streams from naphthenic froth treatment plant at commercial mined oil sands operations
Mercier PHJ, Tyo DD, Zborowski A, Kung J, Patarachao B, Kingston DM, Couillard M, Robertson G, McCracken T, Ng S
977 - 988 Insights into fractures and minerals in subbituminous and bituminous coals by FESEM-EDS and X-ray mu-CT
Cui J, Liu DM, Cai YD, Pan ZJ, Zhou YF
989 - 1002 Molecular dynamics simulation of hydrocarbon molecule adsorption on kaolinite (001) surface
Ma Y, Lu GW, Shao CJ, Li XF
1003 - 1012 Effect of multi-intensification on the liberation of maceral components in coal
Li Z, Fu YH, Zhou AN, Zhu CY, Yang C, Shen N, Yang C
1013 - 1020 Multi-response optimization to improve the performance and emissions level of a diesel engine fueled with ZnO incorporated water emulsified soybean biodiesel/diesel fuel blends
Vellaiyan S, Subbiah A, Chockalingam P
1021 - 1028 Effects of surface hydroxyl groups induced by the co-precipitation temperature on the catalytic performance of direct synthesis of isobutanol from syngas
Zhang T, Wu YQ, Gao XF, Xie HJ, Yang GH, Tsubaki N, Tan YS
1029 - 1039 Asphaltene precipitation and deposition during CO2 injection in nano shale pore structure and its impact on oil recovery
Fakher S, Imqam A
1040 - 1049 Pressure-dependent equilibrium molecular simulation of shale gas and its distribution and motion characteristics in organic-rich nano-slit
Li YX, Hu ZM, Liu XG, Duan XG, Gao SS, Wang WD, Chang J
1050 - 1056 Combustion performance and pollutant emissions analysis of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel and its blend with 2-methylfuran
Xiao HL, Yang XL, Hou BB, Wang R, Xue Q, Ju HL
1057 - 1067 Modeling of biomass pyrolysis kinetics using sequential multi-step reaction model
Burra KRG, Gupta AK
1068 - 1078 Interactions in bypassed oil-CO2 systems and their utilization in enhancing the recovery of bypassed oil
Ding MC, Wang YF, Han YG, Gao M, Wang RZ
1079 - 1085 Preparation of hierarchical HZSM-5 based sulfated zirconium solid acid catalyst for catalytic upgrading of pyrolysis vapors from lignite pyrolysis
Yang Z, Cao JP, Ren XY, Zhao XY, Liu SN, Guo ZX, Shen WZ, Bai J, Wei XY
1086 - 1107 Comprehensive review of carbonated water injection for enhanced oil recovery
Esene C, Rezaei N, Aborig A, Zendehboudi S
1108 - 1111 Biobased carbon content quantification through AMS radiocarbon analysis of liquid fuels
Haverly MR, Fenwick SR, Patterson FPK, Slade DA
1112 - 1118 Biodiesel synthesis from wastewater grown microalgal feedstock using enzymatic conversion: A greener approach
Guldhe A, Singh P, Renuka N, Bux F
1119 - 1131 Crude oil spectral signatures and empirical models to derive API gravity
Pabon REC, de Souza CR
1132 - 1140 Experimental determination and thermodynamic modeling of solid-liquid equilibrium of binary systems containing representative compounds of biodiesel and fossil fuels: Ethyl esters and n-dodecane
Bessa LCBA, Robustillo MD, Marques BC, Tadini CC, Pessoa PD
1141 - 1150 Condensation of KCl(g) under varied temperature gradient
Wang YB, Tan HZ
1151 - 1160 Effect of profile-control oil-displacement agent on increasing oil recovery and its mechanism
Cao WJ, Xie K, Lu XG, Liu YG, Zhang YB
1161 - 1176 Confined fluid interfacial tension calculations and evaluations in nanopores
Zhang KQ, Jia N
1177 - 1185 Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification on aluminum particle combustion for an upward burning solid rocket propellant
Griego C, Yilmaz N, Atmanli A
1186 - 1202 Investigation of coal particle gasification processes with application leading to underground coal gasification
Sutardi T, Paul MC, Karimi N
1203 - 1208 Biohydrogen production by co-fermentation of sewage sludge and grass residue: Effect of various substrate concentrations
Yang G, Wang JL
1209 - 1216 Characterization of organic compounds from hydrogen peroxide-treated subbituminous coal and their composition changes during microbial methanogenesis
Liu FJ, Guo HG, Wang QR, Haider R, Urynowicz MA, Fallgren PH, Jin S, Tang MC, Chen B, Huang ZX
1217 - 1227 A coupled model of air leakage in gas drainage and an active support sealing method for improving drainage performance
Wang ZM, Sun YN, Wang YL, Zhang JX, Sun ZD
1228 - 1243 An integrated multiscale model for gas storage and transport in shale reservoirs
Takbiri-Borujeni A, Fathi E, Kazemi M, Belyadi F
1244 - 1253 Ni supported Ce0.9Sm0.1O2-delta nanowires: An efficient catalyst for ethanol steam reforming for hydrogen production
Rodrigues TS, de Moura ABL, Silva FAE, Candido EG, da Silva AGM, de Oliveira DC, Quiroz J, Camargo PHC, Bergamaschi VS, Ferreira JC, Linardi M, Fonseca FC
1254 - 1261 A new correlation for the prediction of kinematic viscosities of biodiesel plus higher alcohols blends at atmospheric pressure
Cano-Gomez JJ, Iglesias-Silva GA
1262 - 1273 Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of light olefins production from CO hydrogenation using an efficient catalyst
Zafari R, Abdouss M, Zamani Y
1274 - 1280 Combustion wave of metalized extruded double-base propellants
Elbasuney S, Fahd A
1281 - 1290 Production of liquid fuel intermediates from furfural via aldol condensation over potassium-promoted Sn-MFI catalyst
Li WZ, Su MX, Zhang TW, Ma QZ, Fan W