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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Experimental investigation on GDI spray behavior of isooctane and alcohols at elevated pressure and temperature conditions
Kale R, Banerjee R
13 - 29 Development of a quasi-dimensional, fractal-base combustion model for SI engines by simulating flame-wall interaction phenomenon
Pashaei J, Saray RK
30 - 42 Development of a new reduced diesel/natural gas mechanism for dual-fuel engine combustion and emission prediction
Huang HZ, Lv DL, Zhu JZ, Zhu ZJ, Chen YJ, Pan YP, Pan MZ
43 - 54 Co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass with low-quality coal: Optimal design and synergistic effect from gaseous products distribution
Wu ZQ, Li YW, Xu DH, Meng HY
55 - 64 Effect of support on the acidity of NiMo/Al2O3-MgO and NiMo/TiO2-Al2O3 catalysts and on the resulting competitive hydrodesulfurization/hydrodenitrogenation reactions
Vazquez-Garrido I, Lopez-Benitez A, Berhault G, Guevara-Lara A
65 - 74 Effects of C3-C5 alcohols on solubility of alcohols/diesel blends
Jin C, Pang XT, Zhang XY, Wu S, Ma MX, Xiang Y, Ma JS, Ji J, Wang G, Liu HF
75 - 81 Oxidation of Xiaolongtan lignite to oxygen-containing chemicals over NaVO3-H2SO4 by introducing methanol to suppress the formation of CO2
Yang F, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Lu T, Liu ZY
82 - 91 Assessment of coke quality related to of effective permeability coefficient and anisotropy coefficient
Walowski G
92 - 99 Relationship between the tensile strength of irregularly shaped coal particles and various fuel properties
Zhong S, Baitalow F, Reinmoller M, Meyer B
100 - 109 Influence of bio-clogging induced formation damage on performance of microbial enhanced oil recovery processes
Sivasankar P, Kumar GS
110 - 123 Rigorous prognostication of permeability of heterogeneous carbonate oil reservoirs: Smart modeling and correlation development
Rostami A, Baghban A, Mohammadi AH, Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Habibzadeh S
124 - 134 Description of the char conversion process in coal combustion based on premixed FGM chemistry
Knappstein R, Kuenne G, Nicolai H, di Mare F, Sadiki A, Janicka J
135 - 146 Study of CO2 removal in natural gas process using mixture of ionic liquid and MEA through process simulation
Akinola TE, Oko E, Wang MH
147 - 165 Studies on the effects of methane fraction and injection strategies in a biogas diesel common rail dual fuel engine
Rahman KA, Ramesh A
166 - 178 Gasification kinetics of lignite char in a fluidized bed of reactive oxygen carrier particles
Haus J, Goltzsche M, Hartge EU, Heinrich S, Werther J
179 - 189 Effect of coal maturity on CO2-based hydraulic fracturing process in coal seam gas reservoirs
Sampath KHSM, Perera MSA, Elsworth D, Ranjith PG, Matthai SK, Rathnaweera T, Zhang G
190 - 200 Gas desorption characteristics effected by the pulsating hydraulic fracturing in coal
Ni GH, Dong K, Li S, Sun Q
201 - 213 Quantifying self-heating ignition of biochar as a function of feedstock and the pyrolysis reactor temperature
Restuccia F, Masek O, Hadden RM, Rein G
214 - 220 Aerial and subaquatic oxidation of coal by molecular oxygen
Taraba B
221 - 227 Efficiency assessment of underground gasification of ortho- and meta-lignite: High-pressure ex situ experimental simulations
Wiatowski M, Kapusta K, Stanczyk K, Stanczyk K
228 - 235 Transformation behaviors of C, H, O, N and S in lignite during hydrothermal dewatering process
Mo Q, Liao JJ, Chang LP, Chaffee AL, Bao WR
236 - 243 Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of dibenzofuran to fuel graded molecule over mesoporous supported bimetallic catalysts
Ambursa MM, Voon LH, Ching JJ, Yahaya Y, Appaturi JN
244 - 250 NOx emission profile determined by in-situ gas monitoring of iron ore sintering during packed-bed coke combustion
Taira K
251 - 263 Tetramethyl ammonium chloride as dual functional inhibitor for methane and carbon dioxide hydrates
Khan MS, Lal B, Keong LK, Ahmed I
264 - 277 A data-driven model for predicting the effect of temperature on oil-water relative permeability
Esmaeili S, Sarma H, Harding T, Maini B
278 - 283 Analysis of Pb-210 and Po-210 emissions from coal-fired power plants
Li JF, Wang CG, Pan ZQ, Jiang ZY, Chen L, Zhang YQ, Pan JS, Wang CH, Li JJ, Liu RR
284 - 296 Modelling and understanding deposit formation and reduction in combustion engines - Application to the concrete case of internal GDI injector deposit
Pickl F, Russer M, Hauenstein M, Wensing M
297 - 305 Reactivity of sewage sludge, RDF, and straw chars towards NO
Ulusoy B, Wu H, Lin WG, Karlstrom O, Li SG, Song WL, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K
306 - 312 Pinewood pyrolysis occurs at lower temperatures following treatment with choline-amino acid ionic liquids
Brunner M, Li H, Zhang ZZ, Zhang DK, Atkin R
313 - 324 Influence of n-butanol-diesel-PODE3-4 fuels coupled pilot injection strategy on combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine
Huang HZ, Li ZJ, Teng WW, Zhou CZ, Huang R, Liu HF, Pan MZ
325 - 337 Biomass derived activated carbon cathode performance for sustainable power generation from Microbial Fuel Cells
Bose D, Sridharan S, Dhawan H, Vijay P, Gopinath M
338 - 353 Literature review of low salinity waterflooding from a length and time scale perspective
Bartels WB, Mahani H, Berg S, Hassanizadeh SM
354 - 364 Study on the combustion characteristics and ignition limits of the methane homogeneous charge compression ignition with hydrogen addition in micro-power devices
Wang Q, Zhao Y, Wu F, Bai J
365 - 372 Experimental analysis of nanofuel additives with magnetic fuel conditioning for diesel engine performance and emissions
Sahoo RR, Jain A
373 - 381 Oxidation of n-hexane in the vicinity of the auto-ignition temperature
Mevel R, Rostand F, Lemarie D, Breyton L, Shepherd JE
382 - 393 Quantitative evaluation of the impacts of drilling mud on the damage degree to the permeability of fractures at different scales in coal reservoirs
Ni XM, Liu ZD, Wei JP
394 - 403 Numerical analysis of knock combustion with methanol-isooctane blends in downsized SI engine
Feng HQ, Wei JN, Zhang J
404 - 427 A review of the current progress of CO2 injection EOR and carbon storage in shale oil reservoirs
Jia B, Tsau JS, Barati R
428 - 436 Hydroisomerization of n-dodecane over bi-porous Pt-containing bifunctional catalysts: Effects of alkene intermediates' journey distances within the zeolite micropores
Zhang YD, Liu D, Men ZW, Huang K, Lv YJ, Li M, Lou B
437 - 444 Exploration of the pyrolysis chemistry of 1,1-diethoxybutane: A flow reactor and kinetic modeling study
Zeng MR, Li YY, Yuan WH, Zhang Y, Yang JZ, Qi F
445 - 451 Experimental study on the load response rate under the dynamic combined combustion of PC coal and CFB coal in a CFB boiler
Liu ZY, Ma SX, Pan XF, Chen J
452 - 460 Measurements and modeling of PAH soot precursors in coflow ethylene/air laminar diffusion flames
Jerez A, Villanueva JJC, da Silva LFF, Demarco R, Fuentes A
461 - 467 Revision of country specific NCVs and CEFs for all coal categories in Indian context and its impact on estimation of CO2 emission from coal combustion activities
Sarkar P, Sahu SG, Bhattacharya S, Mukherjee A, Kumar M, Adak AK
468 - 479 Preferential adsorption of nickel porphyrin to resin to increase asphaltene precipitation
Mousavi M, Hosseinnezhad S, Hung AM, Fini EH
480 - 492 Molecular dynamics simulations of natural gas-water interfacial tensions over wide range of pressures
Li WH, Jin ZH
493 - 500 CO2 injection in coal: Advantages and influences of temperature and pressure
Zhou YB, Li ZH, Zhang RL, Wang GZ, Yu H, Sun GZ, Chen L
501 - 515 Detailed parametric investigation of dry gasification oxy-combustion power cycle using ASPEN Plus simulations
Dattatray AD, Shilapuram V
516 - 524 Characteristics and stability of biofuels used as drop-in replacement for NATO marine diesel
Fu JX, Turn SQ
525 - 534 Active phases and reaction performance of Mo improved Ni/Al2O3 catalysts for thioetherification
Shen ZB, Ke M, Lan L, He P, Liang SR, Zhang JT, Song H
535 - 543 Methane number measurements of hydrogen/carbon monoxide mixtures diluted with carbon dioxide for syngas spark ignited internal combustion engine applications
Diaz GJA, Martinez LMC, Montoya JPG, Olsen DB
544 - 553 Bioethanol production from various lignocellulosic feedstocks by a novel "fractional hydrolysis" technique with different inorganic acids and co-culture fermentation
Mishra A, Ghosh S
554 - 573 Beech wood gasification in a dense and fast internally circulating fluidized bed
Pecate S, Kessas SA, Morin M, Hemati M
574 - 582 Evaluation of gaseous and solid products from the pyrolysis of waste biomass blends for energetic and environmental applications
Vamvuka D, Sfakiotakis S, Pantelaki O
583 - 588 Prevention of lean flame blowout using a predictive chemical reactor network control
Gupta S, Malte P, Brunton SL, Novosselov I
589 - 597 Novel route of synthesis of ultra-small Au nanoparticles on SiO2 supports
Kotolevich Y, Martynyuk O, Martinez-Gonzalez S, Tiznado H, Pestryakov A, Borja MA, Corberan VC, Bogdanchikova N
598 - 607 Comparative study of fuel-N and tar evolution in chemical looping combustion of biomass under both iG-CLC and CLOU modes
Perez-Astray A, Adanez-Rubio I, Mendiara T, Izquierdo MT, Abad A, Gayan P, de Diego LF, Garcia-Labiano F, Adanez J
608 - 614 Experimental investigations of oxyfuel burner for cement production application
Carrasco F, Grathwohl S, Maier J, Ruppert J, Scheffknecht G
615 - 621 Effect of CO2 atmosphere and presence of NOx (NO and NO2) on the moist oxidation of CO
Abian M, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
622 - 635 A novel approach for solving nonlinear flow equations: The next step towards an accurate assessment of shale gas resources
Bezyan Y, Ebadi M, Gerami S, Rafati R, Sharifi M, Koroteev D
636 - 642 Comparison of air and oily bubbles flotation kinetics of long-flame coal
Chen SJ, Tao XX, Wang SW, Tang LF, Liu QZ, Li LL
643 - 665 Computational modeling of pulverized coal fired boilers - A review on the current position
Sankar G, Kumar DS, Balasubramanian R
666 - 676 A novel fuel containing glycerol triacetate additive, biodiesel and diesel blends to improve dual-fuelled diesel engines performance and exhaust emissions
Akbarian E, Najafi B
677 - 685 Spray morphology transformation of propane, n-hexane and iso-octane under flash-boiling conditions
Li YF, Guo HJ, Zhou ZF, Zhang Z, Ma X, Chen LF
686 - 694 Numerical study of steam methane reforming over a pre-heated Ni-based catalyst with detailed fluid dynamics
Pashchenko D
695 - 708 Characteristics comparison of tar from lignite pyrolysis with inherent and simulated moisture for adopting a two-stage gasification process
Zhang LJ, Zeng X, Wang JL, Wang F, Zhang JL, Guo MC, Peng CN, Wu RC, Xu GW
709 - 716 Experimental investigation of CO2 injection into coal seam reservoir at in-situ stress conditions for enhanced coalbed methane recovery
Liu ZD, Cheng YP, Wang YK, Wang L, Li W
717 - 729 Deep and fast oxidative desulfurization of fuels using graphene oxide-based phosphotungstic acid catalysts
Dizaji AK, Mokhtarani B, Mortaheb HR
730 - 746 Performance evaluation of CO2 flooding process in tight oil reservoir via experimental and numerical simulation studies
Zhou X, Yuan QW, Zhang YZ, Wang HY, Zeng FH, Zhang LH
747 - 754 Characterization and evaluation of synthetic Dawsonites as CO2 sorbents
Lundvall F, Kalantzopoulos GN, Wragg DS, Arstad B, Blom R, Sjastad AO, Fjellvag H
755 - 768 Investigations on spontaneous imbibition and the influencing factors in tight oil reservoirs
Wang J, Liu HQ, Qian GB, Peng YC, Gao Y
769 - 777 The influence of CO2 on the structure of confined asphaltenes in calcite nanopores
Mohammed S, Gadikota G
778 - 791 Exploring the potential of reformed-exhaust gas recirculation (R-EGR) for increased efficiency of methanol fueled SI engines
Nguyen DK, Sileghem L, Verhelst S
792 - 802 Effect of chemical additives on hard deposit formation and ash composition in a commercial circulating fluidized bed boiler firing Korean solid recycled fuel
Park JH, Lee DH, Han KH, Shin JS, Bae DH, Shim TE, Lee JH, Shun D
803 - 810 Direct and simultaneous determination of four phenolic antioxidants in biodiesel using differential pulse voltammetry assisted by artificial neural networks and variable selection by decision trees
Schaumloffel LD, Dambros JWV, Fernandes PRB, Gutterres M, Piatnicki CMS
811 - 819 Atomization characteristics of nano-Al/ethanol nanofluid fuel in electrostatic field
Li SJ, Zhuo Z, He LJ, Huang XF
820 - 828 Influence of temperature and gas residence time on the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) during the pyrolysis of ethanol
Viteri F, Lopez A, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
829 - 835 Using fieldable spectrometers and chemometric methods to determine RON of gasoline from petrol stations: A comparison of low-field H-1 NMR@ 80 MHz, handheld RAMAN and benchtop NIR
Voigt M, Legner R, Haefner S, Friesen A, Wirtz A, Jaeger M
836 - 842 Accumulation behaviors of methane in the aqueous environment with organic matters
Li Z, Yao J, Ren ZJ, Sun H, Zhang L, Yang YF, Fan JT, Kou JL
843 - 850 Interaction of two drops in the bag breakup regime by a continuous air jet
Zhao H, Wu ZW, Li WF, Xu JL, Liu HF
851 - 860 Flow regimes during surfactant flooding: The influence of phase behaviour
Alzahid YA, Mostaghimi P, Walsh SDC, Armstrong RT
861 - 869 Pretreatment of lignite by acidic bronsted ionic liquid [B(SO3H)mim]OTf for lignite pyrolysis
Yu WH, Zhang H, Lei ZP, Shui HF, Kang SG, Wang ZC, Ren SB, Pan CX
870 - 879 Improved thermal model considering hydrate formation and deposition in gas-dominated systems with free water
Wang ZY, Yu J, Zhang JB, Liu S, Gao YH, Xiang H, Sun BJ
880 - 889 A comparison of the NaOH-HCl and HCl-HF methods of extracting kerogen from two different marine oil shales
Alhesan JSA, Amer MW, Marshall M, Jackson WR, Gengenbach T, Qi Y, Gorbaty ML, Cassidy PJ, Chaffee AL
890 - 911 An overview on the light alcohol fuels in diesel engines
Celebi Y, Aydin H
912 - 927 Spray, combustion and soot of water-in-fuel (n-dodecane) emulsions investigated in a constant volume combustion chamber part 1: Influence of low water content
Wuethrich D, von Rotz B, Herrmann K, Boulouchos K
928 - 933 Synthesis and characterization of Pt-, Pd-, and Ru-promoted Ni-Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 catalysts for efficient biodiesel production by deoxygenation of oleic acid
Jeon KW, Shim JO, Cho JW, Jang WJ, Na HS, Kim HM, Lee YL, Jeon BH, Bae JW, Roh HS
934 - 941 Diisopropyl ether production via 2-propanol dehydration using supported iron oxides catalysts
Armenta MA, Valdez R, Silva-Rodrigo R, Olivas A
942 - 948 Doping of alkali metals in carbon frameworks for enhancing CO2 capture: A theoretical study
Ma XC, Li LQ, Chen RF, Wang CH, Zhou K, Li HL
949 - 959 Heat transfer and fouling performance of finned tube heat exchangers: Experimentation via on line monitoring
Wang FL, Tang SZ, He YL, Kulacki FA, Yu Y
960 - 974 Insights into the evolution of chemical structures in lignocellulose and non-lignocellulose biowastes during hydrothermal carbonization (HTC)
Zhuang XZ, Zhan H, Song YP, He C, Huang YQ, Yin XL, Wu CZ
975 - 983 Effect of acoustically absorbing wall tubes on the near-limit detonation propagation behaviors in a methane-oxygen mixture
Zhang B, Liu H, Yan BJ
984 - 992 The impact of components of synthesis gas from coal gasification on conversion of model tar compounds over Ni/CeZrO2 catalyst
Lamacz A, Babinski P, Labojko G
993 - 1007 Chemical and microbial storage stability studies and shelf life determinations of commercial Brazilian biodiesels stored in carbon steel containers in subtropical conditions
Cavalcanti EHD, Zimmer AR, Bento FM, Ferrao MF
1008 - 1017 Investigation of particle level kinetic modeling for babul wood pyrolysis
Ghodke P, Mandapati RN
1018 - 1025 Kinetics study of H-atom abstraction from 3-pentanone by <(H)over dot> and <(C)over dot>H-3 radicals and the subsequent isomerization reactions
Cheng J, Zou C, Liu Y, Liu SB, Jia HQ, You XQ
1026 - 1036 Gas and liquid permeability measurements in Wolfcamp samples
Bhandari AR, Flemings PB, Ramiro-Ramirez S, Hofmann R, Polito PJ
1037 - 1042 Mass spectrometric evaluation of the soluble species of Shengli lignite using cluster analysis methods
Yu YR, Fan X, Chen L, Dong XM, Zhao YP, Li B, Wei XY, Ma FY, Nulahong A
1043 - 1049 Porous extruded-spheronized Li4SiO4 pellets for cyclic CO2 capture
Hu YC, Qu MY, Li HL, Yang YD, Yang JP, Qu WQ, Liu WQ
1050 - 1056 Deactivation kinetics for lignite gasification in a fluidized bed reactor
Uyar T, Suyadal Y
1057 - 1064 Density functional theory study on improved reactivity of alkali-doped Fe2O3 oxygen carriers for chemical looping hydrogen production
Feng YC, Wang NN, Guo X
1065 - 1077 Scaling law for slip flow of gases in nanoporous media from nanofluidics, rocks, and pore-scale simulations
Tian Y, Yu XY, Li J, Neeves KB, Yin XL, Wu YS
1078 - 1092 TSR, deep oil cracking and exploration potential in the Hetianhe gas field, Tarim Basin, China
Zhu GY, Zhang Y, Zhou XX, Zhang ZY, Du DD, Shi SB, Li TT, Chen WY, Han JF
1093 - 1099 Origin based classification of crude oils by infrared spectrometry and chemometrics
Garmarudi AB, Khanmohammadi M, Fard HG, de la Guardia M
1100 - 1109 A computational model to simulate self-heating ignition across scales, configurations, and coal origins
Yuan H, Restuccia F, Richter F, Rein G
1110 - 1116 Characteristics of co-combustion of strongly caking and non-caking coals in a pilot circulating fluidized bed combustor (CFBC)
Park K, Lee JM, Kim DW, Lee GH, Kang Y
1117 - 1127 Neural networks to fit potential energy curves from asphaltene-asphaltene interaction data
Pacheco-Sanchez JH, Alejo R, Cruz-Reyes H, Alvarez-Ramirez F
1128 - 1145 Screening and construction of a novel microbial consortium SSA-6 enriched from the gut symbionts of wood-feeding termite, Coptotermes formosanus and its biomass-based biorefineries
Ali SS, Al-Tohamy R, Sun JZ, Wu J, Liu HZ
1146 - 1155 Thermodynamic analysis and experimental study of partial oxidation reforming of biodiesel and hydrotreated vegetable oil for hydrogen-rich syngas production
Lin KW, Wu HW
1156 - 1163 Highly productive xylose dehydration using a sulfonic acid functionalized KIT-6 catalyst
Tran TTV, Kongparakul S, Karnjanakom S, Reubroycharoen P, Guan GQ, Chanlek N, Samart C
1164 - 1180 Assessment of modern detailed kinetics mechanisms to predict CO formation from methane combustion using shock-tube laser-absorption measurements
Mathieu O, Mulvihill CR, Petersen EL
1181 - 1190 Desulfurization of coal using four ionic liquids with [HSO4](-)
Wang LY, Jin GS, Xu YL
1191 - 1203 Influence of heat-exchanging tubes diameter on the gas holdup and bubble dynamics in a bubble column
Jasim AA, Sultan AJ, Al-Dahhan MH
1204 - 1212 Thermal effects and active group differentiation of low-rank coal during low-temperature oxidation under vacuum drying after water immersion
Zhong XX, Kan L, Xin HH, Qin BT, Dou GL
1213 - 1225 Study of the reaction mechanism of oxygen to heterogeneous reduction of NO by char
Chen P, Gu MY, Chen X, Chen JC
1226 - 1242 An experimental/numerical investigation of the role of the quarl in enhancing the blowout limits of swirl-stabilized turbulent non-premixed flames
Elbaz AM, Yu S, Liu X, Bai XS, Khesho I, Roberts WL
1243 - 1253 Aromatization of C-5 hydrocarbons over Ga-modified hierarchical HZSM-5 nanosheets
Wannapakdee W, Suttipat D, Dugkhuntod P, Yutthalekha T, Thivasasith A, Kidkhunthod P, Nokbin S, Pengpanich S, Limtrakul J, Wattanakit C
1254 - 1262 Dry reforming of methane over CeO2-ZnAl2O4 supported Ni and Ni-Co nano-catalysts
Movasati A, Alavi SM, Mazloom G
1263 - 1272 Detailed kinetics of Fischer Tropsch synthesis over Fe-Co bimetallic catalyst considering chain length dependent olefin desorption
Sonal, Pant KK, Upadhyayula S
1273 - 1281 Parametric study of pilot-main injection strategies on the performance of a light-duty diesel engine fueled with diesel or a WCO biodiesel-diesel blend
Plamondon E, Seers P
1282 - 1292 Exploring gasoline oxidation chemistry in jet stirred reactors
Chen BJ, Wang ZD, Wang JY, Wang HY, Togbe C, Alonso PEA, Almalki M, Mehl M, Pitz WJ, Wagnon SW, Zhang KW, Kukkadapu G, Dagaut P, Sarathy SM
1293 - 1300 Tuning the acidity and reducibility of Fe/ZSM-5 catalysts for methane dehydroaromatization
Denardin F, Perez-Lopez OW
1301 - 1310 Pt-Zn/HZSM-5 as a highly selective catalyst for the Co-aromatization of methane and light straight run naphtha
Jarvis J, He P, Wang AG, Song H
1311 - 1320 Unlocking and functional profiling of the bacterial communities in diesel tanks upon additive treatment
da Fonseca MMB, Minnicelli CF, Silva-Portela RDB, de Farias MF, dos Santos PRS, Fernandes GJT, Agnez-Lima LF
1321 - 1333 Macro-and micro-scale observations of a surface-functionalized nanocellulose based aqueous nanofluids in chemical enhanced oil recovery (C-EOR)
Wei B, Li QZ, Ning J, Wang YY, Sun L, Pu WF
1334 - 1344 Insight into the interaction between hydrogen bonds in brown coal and water
Han YN, Liao JJ, Li W, Ma H, Bai ZQ
1345 - 1355 Enhanced production of secondary biogenic coalbed natural gas from a subbituminous coal treated by hydrogen peroxide and its geochemical and microbiological analyses
Wang QR, Guo HG, Wang HJ, Urynowicz MA, Hu AY, Yu CP, Fallgren P, Jin S, Zheng H, Zeng RJ, Liu FJ, Chen B, Zhang RG, Huang ZX
1356 - 1365 Spontaneous-Raman-scattering measurements in diesel-like n-heptane jets: Spectroscopy and flame structure
Raffius T, Schulz C, Ottenwalder T, Grunefeld G, Heufer KA, Koss HJ, Pischinger S
1366 - 1376 Comparative compression ignition engine performance, combustion, and emission characteristics, and trace metals in particulates from Waste cooking oil, Jatropha and Karanja oil derived biodiesels
Patel C, Chandra K, Hwang J, Agarwal RA, Gupta N, Bae C, Gupta T, Agarwal AK
1377 - 1390 Purely predictive method for density, compressibility, and expansivity for hydrocarbon mixtures and diesel and jet fuels up to high temperatures and pressures
Rokni HB, Gupta A, Moore JD, McHugh MA, Bamgbade BA, Gavaises M
1391 - 1399 Laser-induced spark ignition of DME-air mixtures in microgravity: Comparison of ignition characteristics between normal gravity and microgravity
Kobayashi Y, Tsujino T, Nakaya S, Tsue M, Takahashi S
1400 - 1407 Estimation of low calorific value of blended coals based on support vector regression and sensitivity analysis in coal-fired power plants
Qi MF, Luo HG, Wei PJ, Fu ZG
1408 - 1414 Supercritical water oxidation of quinoline with moderate preheat temperature and initial concentration
Ren MM, Wang SZ, Yang C, Xu HT, Guo Y, Roekaerts D
1415 - 1422 Kinetic stability of surfactant stabilized water-in-diesel emulsion fuels
Rastogi P, Mehta PS, Kaisare NS, Basavaraj MG
1423 - 1431 Light refraction effects in counterflow non-premixed flames
Alviso D, Zarate C, Krauch F, Artana G, Rolon JC
1432 - 1445 Macromolecular evolution and structural defects in tectonically deformed coals
Song Y, Jiang B, Qu MJ
1446 - 1457 Compositional simulation of CO2 Huff-n-Puff process in Middle Bakken tight oil reservoirs with hydraulic fractures
Sun RX, Yu W, Xu F, Pu H, Miao JJ
1458 - 1464 Prediction of HEFA content in jet fuel using FTIR and chemometric methods
Vrtiska D, Vozka P, Vachova V, Simacek P, Kilaz G
1465 - 1473 Composition of carbonaceous fine particulate emissions of a flexible fuel DISI engine under high velocity and municipal conditions
Miersch T, Czech H, Stengel B, Abbaszade G, Orasche J, Sklorz M, Streibel T, Zimmermann R
1474 - 1482 An experimental comparison of the elliptical and circular nozzles spray and mixing characteristics under different injection pressures
Yu SH, Yin BF, Deng WX, Jia HK, Ye Z, Xu B, Xu HP
1483 - 1488 Magnesium and calcium determination in desalted crude oil by direct sampling graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
Seeger TS, Muller EI, Mesko MF, Duarte FA
1489 - 1495 Butyl-biodiesel production from waste cooking oil: Kinetics, fuel properties and emission performance
Gao YX, Chen YF, Gu JH, Xin Z, Sun SZ
1496 - 1504 Experimental investigation on the characteristics of fractures initiation and propagation for gas fracturing by using air as fracturing fluid under true triaxial stresses
Zhao XL, Huang BX, Xu J
1505 - 1511 Molecular level investigations and stability analysis of mixed methane-tetrahydrofuran hydrates: Implications to energy storage
Kumar A, Veluswamy HP, Linga P, Kumar R
1512 - 1528 Numerical modelling of cyclic CO2 injection in unconventional tight oil resources; trivial effects of heterogeneity and hysteresis in Bakken formation
Assef Y, Kantzas A, Almao PP
1529 - 1539 Estimating the wax breaking force and wax removal efficiency of cup pig using orthogonal cutting and slip-line field theory
Li WD, Huang QY, Wang WD, Dong X, Gao XD, Hou L
1540 - 1547 Analysis of wall temperature and heat flux distributions in a swirled combustor powered by a methane-air and a CO2-diluted oxyflame
Degeneve A, Jourdaine P, Mirat C, Caudal J, Vicquelin R, Schuller T
1548 - 1558 Impact of ethanol blending on particulate emissions from a spark-ignition direct-injection engine
Sakai S, Rothamer D
1559 - 1566 Curing the endogenous megaplasmid in Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4 (HMT) using CRISPR-Cas9 and preliminary investigation of the role of the plasmid for the strain metabolism
Gu YY, Feng J, Zhang ZT, Wang SH, Guo L, Wang YF, Wang Y
1567 - 1576 Mineral phases and carbon content in weathered fly ashes
Wirth X, Glatstein DA, Burns SE
1577 - 1585 Effect of ceria concentration on the evaporation characteristics of diesel fuel droplets
Wang XR, Dai ML, Wang JG, Xie YL, Ren GL, Jiang GZ
1586 - 1594 Effects of obstacles inside the tube on the shock wave propagation and spontaneous ignition of high-pressure hydrogen
Li P, Duan QL, Gong L, Jin KQ, Chen JY, Sun JH