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1 - 16 Fluid expulsion and microfracturing during the pyrolysis of an organic rich shale
Panahi H, Kobchenko M, Meakin P, Dysthe DK, Renard F
17 - 22 Pilot plant study on continuous propane deresining of atmospheric crude cylinder stock
Patil PD, Kozminski M, Peterson J
23 - 38 Competitive adsorption of CO2/N-2/CH4 onto coal vitrinite macromolecular: Effects of electrostatic interactions and oxygen functionalities
Song Y, Jiang B, Lan FJ
39 - 44 Experimental study of the influence of dimethyl methylphosphonate on methane/air coflow diffusion flames using OH-PLIF
Li W, Jiang Y, Jin Y, Wang L, Xu W
45 - 53 Steam gasification behavior of tropical agrowaste: A new modeling approach based on the inorganic composition
Millan LMR, Vargas FES, Nzihou A
54 - 62 Developing steady and dynamic ORP models for mercury emissions control in power plants using WFGD operating data
Lv Y, Romero CE, Charles J, Pauvlinch KA, Watkins RW
63 - 71 Visualization study on the promotion of natural gas hydrate production by water flow erosion
Chen BB, Yang MJ, Sun HR, Wang PF, Wang DY
72 - 84 The effects of solvent extraction on nanoporosity of marine-continental coal and mudstone
Qi Y, Ju YW, Cai JC, Gao Y, Zhu HJ, Hunag C, Wu JG, Meng SZ, Chen WG
85 - 91 Carbon deposition on Ni-based catalyst with TiO2 as additive during the syngas methanation process in a fluidized bed reactor
Feng F, Song GH, Xiao J, Shen LH, Pisupati SV
92 - 99 Optimization of methane production during anaerobic co-digestion of rice straw and hydrilla verticillata using response surface methodology
Kainthola J, Kalamdhad AS, Goud VV
100 - 112 Multi-objective exergetic and technical optimization of a piezoelectric ultrasonic reactor applied to synthesize biodiesel from waste cooking oil (WCO) using soft computing techniques
Aghbashlo M, Hosseinpour S, Tabatabaei M, Soufiyan MM
113 - 129 Viscosity modeling of reservoir fluids using the Friction Theory with PC-SAFT crude oil characterization
Abutaqiya MIL, Zhang JY, Vargas FM
130 - 149 Nanostructure characterization of soot particles from biodiesel and diesel spray flame in a constant volume combustion chamber
Hirner FS, Hwang J, Bae C, Patel C, Gupta T, Agarwal AK
150 - 157 Reducing quartz entrainment in fine coal flotation by polyaluminum chloride
Liang L, Tan JK, Li B, Xie GY
158 - 166 Ono-Kondo lattice model for propane multilayer adsorption in organic nanopores in relation to shale gas
Pang WY, Jin ZH
167 - 177 NMR relaxometry a new approach to detect geochemical properties of organic matter in tight shales
Khatibi S, Ostadhassan M, Xie ZH, Gentzis T, Bubach B, Gan Z, Carvajal-Ortiz H
178 - 184 Measurements of sooting limits in laminar premixed burner-stabilized stagnation ethylene, propane, and ethylene/toluene flames
Tang QX, Wang MD, You XQ
185 - 193 Effect of NiO nanoparticles on performance and emission characteristics at various injection timings using biodiesel-diesel blends
Srinidhi C, Madhusudhan A, Channapattana SV
194 - 207 Pyrolysis of binary fuel mixtures at supercritical conditions: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics study
Ashraf C, Shabnam S, Jain A, Xuan Y, van Duin ACT
208 - 217 A new model for predicting antiknock quality of hydrocarbon fuel blends
Santos D, Bassani IA, da Silva CA, Velasquez JA
218 - 226 Novel viscoelastic model for predicting the synthetic polymer's viscoelastic behavior in porous media using direct extensional rheological measurements
Azad MS, Trivedi JJ
227 - 238 Influence of ignition timing on combustion and emissions of a spark-ignition methanol engine with added hydrogen under lean-burn conditions
Gong CM, Li ZH, Chen YL, Liu JJ, Liu FH, Han YQ
239 - 248 A new model for permeability impairment due to asphaltene deposition
Davudov D, Moghanloo RG
249 - 258 A comprehensive investigation of polymer microspheres (PMs) migration in porous media: EOR implication
Zhao S, Pu WF, Wei B, Xu XG
259 - 268 Performance of marine diesel engine in propulsion mode with a waste oil-based alternative fuel
Gabina G, Martin L, Basurko OC, Clemente M, Aldekoa S, Uriondo Z
269 - 276 Effects of accelerated oxidation on the selected fuel properties and composition of biodiesel
Tomic M, Durisic-Mladenovic N, Micic R, Simikic M, Savin L
277 - 287 In-situ transesterification of Jatropha curcas L. seeds using homogeneous and heterogeneous basic catalysts
Martinez A, Mijangos GE, Romero-Ibarra IC, Hernandez-Altamirano R, Mena-Cervantes VY
288 - 300 Study of combustion, performance and emissions of a diesel engine fueled with ternary fuel in blended and fumigation modes
Ghadikolaei MA, Cheung CS, Yung KF
301 - 305 A new technique for permeability calculation of core samples from unconventional gas reservoirs
Alfi M, Hosseini SA, Enriquez D, Zhang TW
306 - 316 The effect of feedstock origin and temperature on the structure and reactivity of char from pyrolysis at 1300-2800 degrees C
Surup GR, Foppe M, Schubert D, Deike R, Heidelmann M, Timko MT, Trubetskaya A
317 - 325 Artificial intelligence based gene expression programming (GEP) model prediction of Diesel engine performances and exhaust emissions under Diesosenol fuel strategies
Bhowmik S, Paul A, Panua R, Ghosh SK, Debroy D
326 - 335 Mercury removal mechanism of AC prepared by one-step activation with ZnCl2
Hong DY, Zhou JS, Hu CX, Zhou QX, Mao JZ, Qin QW
336 - 338 Evaluation of reversed phase versus normal phase column combination for the quantitative analysis of common commercial available middle distillates using GC x GC-TOFMS and Visual Basic Script
Jennerwein M, Eschner M, Wilharm T, Groger T, Zimmermann R
339 - 349 Revisiting methane absolute adsorption in organic nanopores from molecular simulation and Ono-Kondo lattice model
Pang WY, Jin ZH
350 - 362 The distillation curve and sooting propensity of a typical jet fuel
Saggese C, Singh AV, Xue X, Chu C, Kholghy MR, Zhang TF, Camacho J, Giaccai J, Miller JH, Thomson MJ, Sung CJ, Wang H
363 - 373 Effects of n-octanol as a fuel blend with biodiesel on diesel engine characteristics
Ashok B, Nanthagopal K, Anand V, Aravind KM, Jeevanantham AK, Balusamy S
374 - 383 Experimental study of boundary condition effects on spontaneous imbibition in tight sandstones
Lyu CH, Ning ZF, Chen MQ, Wang Q
384 - 395 Theoretical study of graphyne-gamma doped with N atoms: The quest for novel catalytic materials
Celaya CA, Muniz J, Sansores LE
396 - 405 Significance of lithotypes for hydrocarbon generation and storage
Varma AK, Biswas S, Patil DJ, Mani D, Misra S, Hazra B
406 - 415 Laboratory investigation of chemical mechanisms driving oil recovery from oil-wet carbonate rocks
Purswani P, Karpyn ZT
416 - 425 Spray and flame characteristics of wall-impinging diesel fuel spray at different wall temperatures and ambient pressures in a constant volume combustion vessel
Chen BL, Feng L, Wang Y, Ma TY, Liu HF, Geng C, Yao MF
426 - 432 Direct and postsynthesis of tin-incorporated SBA-15 functionalized with sulfonic acid for efficient biodiesel production
Zhang PB, Wu H, Fan MM, Sun WJ, Jiang PP, Dong YM
433 - 436 Method for laboratory testing of solvents for enhanced oil recovery based on dispersiometry and thin layer chromatography
Nikolaev VF, Foss LE, Ilyasov RA, Timirgalieva AK, Shageev AF
437 - 447 Accelerated pre-coking of NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst: Effect on the hydroprocessing activity of vacuum residue
Kohli K, Prajapati R, Maity SK, Sau M, Sharma BK
448 - 459 Spatial distribution of reservoir fluids in mature kerogen using molecular simulations
Perez F, Devegowda D
460 - 472 Efficient oil recovery from highly stable toxic oily sludge using supercritical water
Khan MK, Cahyadi HS, Kim SM, Kim J
473 - 484 Investigation on acid fracturing treatment in limestone formation based on true tri-axial experiment
Hou B, Zhang RX, Chen M, Kao JW, Liu X
485 - 494 Effect of burst disk parameters on the release of high-pressure hydrogen
Gong L, Duan QL, Liu JL, Li M, Jin KQ, Sun JH
495 - 503 The impact of nitric oxide on knock in the octane rating engine
Chen ZY, Yuan H, Foong TM, Yang Y, Brear M
504 - 514 Thermal decomposition study and pyrolysis kinetics of coal and agricultural residues under non-isothermal conditions
Ashraf A, Sattar H, Munir S
515 - 521 Ethanol oxidation with high water content: A reactive molecular dynamics simulation study
Feng MY, Jiang XZ, Zeng WL, Luo KH, Hellier P
522 - 529 Experimental and kinetic studies of ignition processes of the methane-n-heptane mixtures
Liang JJ, Zhang ZH, Li GS, Wan Q, Xu L, Fan SD
530 - 537 Experimental study of lean spark ignition combustion using gasoline, ethanol, natural gas, and syngas
Ran ZN, Hariharan D, Lawler B, Mamalis S
538 - 550 Effect of cetane enhancer on Moringa oleifera biodiesel in a thermal coated direct injection diesel engine
Karthickeyan V
551 - 557 Expansion energy of coal gas for the initiation of coal and gas outbursts
An FH, Yuan Y, Chen XJ, Li ZQ, Li LY
558 - 566 Modelling of the pH dynamic and its effect over the Isopropanol-Butanol-Ethanol fermentation by Clostridium acetobutylicum pIPA3-Cm2
Velazquez-Sanchez HI, Dominguez-Bocanegra AR, Aguilar-Lopez R
567 - 576 Sintering and collapse of synthetic coal ash and slag cones as observed through constant heating rate optical dilatometry
Hsieh PY
577 - 588 Pollutant reduction and catalytic upgrading of a Venezuelan extra-heavy crude oil with Al2O3-supported NiW catalysts: Effect of carburization, nitridation and sulfurization
Villasana Y, Mendez FJ, Luis-Luis M, Brito JL
589 - 594 An outlook on microbial behavior: Mimicking a biodiesel (B100) spill in sandy loam soil
da Silva GS, Rezende RP, Romano CC, Dias JCT, Marques EDS, Lobo IP, da Cruz RS
595 - 602 Vision based algorithm for automated determination of smoke point of diesel blends
Rubio-Gomez G, Corral-Gomez L, Soriano JA, Gomez A, Castillo-Garcia FJ
603 - 609 Improvement of engine performance and emissions by biomass oil filter in diesel engine
Chen XH, Wang ZY, Pan SQ, Pan HK
610 - 616 Kaolin as additive in wood pellet combustion with several mixtures of spruce and short-rotation-coppice willow and its influence on emissions and ashes
Gehrig M, Wohler M, Pelz S, Steinbrink J, Thorwarth H
617 - 626 An investigation on the characteristics of and influence factors for NO2 formation in diesel/methanol dual fuel engine
Lu H, Yao AR, Yao CD, Chen C, Wang B
627 - 638 Comparison of ESEM and physical properties of virgin and laboratory aged asphalt binders
Mikhailenko P, Kou C, Baaj H, Poulikakos L, Cannone-Falchetto A, Besamusca J, Hofko B
639 - 646 Influence of alkaline additive on viscosity of coal water slurry
Wang CY, Zhao H, Dai ZH, Li WF, Liu HF
647 - 657 Comprehensive evaluation of inherent mineral composition and carbon structure parameters on CO2 reactivity of metallurgical coke
Zhang HR, Bai J, Li W, Cheng FQ
658 - 669 Effects of dual-direct injection parameters on performance of fuel Jet Controlled Compression Ignition mode on a high-speed light duty engine
Long WQ, Li B, Cao JL, Meng XY, Tian JP, Cui JC, Tian H
670 - 676 Reutilization of thickener from fracturing flowback fluid based on Gemini cationic surfactant
Yang XJ, Mao JC, Zhang H, Zhang ZY, Zhao JZ
677 - 686 Structure comparison of asphaltene aggregates from hydrothermal and catalytic hydrothermal cracking of C-5-isolated asphaltene
Nguyen NT, Kang KH, Lee CW, Kim GT, Park S, Park YK
687 - 695 Improving the adsorption of oily collector on the surface of low-rank coal during flotation using a cationic surfactant: An experimental and molecular dynamics simulation study
Xia YC, Zhang R, Xing YW, Gui XH
696 - 702 Bitumen partial upgrading by mild hydroprocessing in a fixed-bed reactor
Xing TY, Alvarez-Majmutov A, Chen JW
703 - 714 Viscosity of rocket propellant (RP-1) at high temperatures and high pressures
Abdulagatov IM, Akhmedova-Azizova LA
715 - 722 Microscopic study on the mechanisms for formation of the initial spray morphology
Wang ZM, Dai XY, Liu FS, Li YF, Wu H, Wang CM, Li YK
723 - 735 Emission and injection characteristics of corn biodiesel blends in diesel engine
Manigandan S, Gunasekar P, Devipriya J, Nithya S
736 - 743 Catalytic upgrading of heavy oil using NiCo/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst: Effect of initial atmosphere and water-gas shift reaction
Avbenake OP, Al-Hajri RS, Jibril BY
744 - 752 Enhancement effect of NaCl solution on pore structure of coal with high-voltage electrical pulse treatment
Zhang XL, Lin BQ, Li YJ, Zhu CJ, Kong J, Li Y
753 - 762 Experimental investigation of particle-laden flows in an oxy-coal combustion chamber for non-reacting conditions
Becker LG, von Langenthal T, Pielsticker S, Bohm B, Kneer R, Dreizler A
763 - 774 Improvement of combustion and emissions with exhaust gas recirculation in a natural gas-diesel dual-fuel premixed charge compression ignition engine at low load operations
Park H, Shim E, Bae C
775 - 781 Injection characteristics of near critical and supercritical kerosene into quiescent atmospheric environment
Gao W, Lin YZ, Hui X, Zhang C, Xu QH
782 - 794 Experimental study on the spray characteristics of an air-assisted fuel injection system using kerosene and gasoline
Hu JC, Liu BL, Zhang C, Gao HL, Zhao ZF, Zhang FJ, Wang Y
795 - 809 Optimization design of hydraulic parameters for supercritical CO2 fracturing in unconventional gas reservoir
Wang JT, Wang ZY, Sun BJ, Gao YH, Wang X, Fu WQ
810 - 821 Experimental and computational investigation of the laminar burning velocity of hydrogen-enriched biogas
Yadav VK, Ray A, Ravi MR
822 - 831 Predicting the electrokinetic properties of the crude oil/brine interface for enhanced oil recovery in low salinity water flooding
Takeya M, Shimokawara M, Elakneswaran Y, Nawa T, Takahashi S
832 - 837 Utilization of waste cooking oil in a light-duty DI diesel engine for cleaner emissions using bio-derived propanol
Dhanasekaran R, Ganesan S, Kumar BR, Saravanan S
838 - 846 Effect of diesel injection timing on the combustion of natural gas/diesel dual-fuel engine at low-high load and low-high speed conditions
Yousefi A, Guo HS, Birouk M
847 - 854 Recyclable CuS sorbent with large mercury adsorption capacity in the presence of SO2 from non-ferrous metal smelting flue gas
Liu W, Xu HM, Liao Y, Quan ZW, Li SC, Zhao SJ, Qu Z, Yan NQ
855 - 867 Absolute adsorption of light hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide in shale rock and isolated kerogen
Wu TH, Zhao HJ, Tesson S, Firoozabadi A
868 - 877 CO2 reforming of methane to syngas at high pressure over bi-component Ni-Co catalyst: The anti-carbon deposition and stability of catalyst
Wu H, Liu JX, Liu HM, He DH
878 - 885 Enhancing the absorption of elemental mercury using hydrogen peroxide modified bamboo carbons
Shen BX, Liu Z, Xu H, Wang FM
886 - 907 State of the art review on development of ultrasound-assisted catalytic transesterification process for biodiesel production
Tan SX, Lim S, Ong HC, Pang YL
908 - 912 Effect of solvent structure and amine addition on the depolymerization of a bituminous Venezuelan coal
Gamboa AC, Martinez M, Garban G, Esteves I, Escobar M, Quintero K, Lorenzo E
913 - 922 Analytical prediction of pyrolysis and ignition time of translucent fuel considering both time-dependent heat flux and in-depth absorption
Gong JH, Stoliarov SI, Shi L, Li J, Zhu SB, Zhou Y, Wang ZR
923 - 932 Heterogeneous reaction characteristics and its effects on homogeneous combustion of methane/air mixture in microchannels II. Chemical analysis
Wang YF, Yang WJ, Zhou JH, Yang HL, Yao YY, Cen KF
933 - 943 Effect of pool fire scale of heavy fuel oil on the characteristics of PAH emissions
Cheng LH, Yeh CF, Tsai KC, Lee PF, Tseng TP, Huang LJ, Yeh SH, Hsu HT, Lin CH, Lai CH, Brimblecombe P, Chen MJ
944 - 953 Resolution-enhanced Kendrick mass defect plots for the data processing of mass spectra from wood and coal hydrothermal extracts
Zheng QX, Morimoto M, Sato H, Fouquet T
954 - 961 Design of stable and durable polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by embedding hydrophobic cage-structured material in cell components
Bose AB, Zhu X
962 - 971 Real-time monitoring biomass pyrolysis via on-line photoionization ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry
Zhou ZY, Chen XM, Ma H, Liu CJ, Zhou CQ, Qi F
972 - 983 Chemical composition and size distribution of particulate matters from marine diesel engines with different fuel oils
Zhou S, Zhou JX, Zhu YQ
984 - 994 Study on isobutanol and Calophyllum inophyllum biodiesel as a partial replacement in CI engine applications
Ashok B, Nanthagopal K, Saravanan B, Azad K, Patel D, Sudarshan B, Ramasamy RA
995 - 1009 Phase behaviour and characterization of microemulsion stabilized by a novel synthesized surfactant: Implications for enhanced oil recovery
Pal N, Kumar S, Bera A, Mandal A
1010 - 1018 Chemical transformations in technical cashew nut shell liquid and isolated mixture of cardanols, evaluation of the antioxidant activity and thermal stability of the products for use in pure biodiesel
Costa KD, de Viveiros BM, Schmidt MAS, Suarez PAZ, Rezende MJC
1019 - 1038 An experimental study for carbonate reservoirs on the impact of CO2-EOR on petrophysics and oil recovery
Khather M, Saeedi A, Myers MB, Verrall M
1039 - 1051 Effects of ions and dissolved carbon dioxide in brine on wettability alteration, contact angle and oil production in smart water and carbonated smart water injection processes in carbonate oil reservoirs
Nowrouzi I, Manshad AK, Mohammadi AH
1052 - 1060 Jet fuel density via GC x GC-FID
Vozka P, Modereger BA, Park AC, Zhang WTJ, Trice RW, Kenttamaa HI, Kilaz G
1061 - 1069 Characterization of lignin at pre-pyrolysis temperature to investigate its melting problem
Han T, Sophonrat N, Tagami A, Sevastyanova O, Mellin P, Yang WH
1070 - 1076 Development of Ca/KIT-6 adsorbents for high temperature CO2 capture
Sun HM, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Liu XT, Adwek G, Wang JQ, Shen BX, Huang J, Wu CF
1077 - 1082 Preparation and characterization of a nanovaccine of pVAX1-NH36 for leishmaniasis
Urena-Burquez LA, Garcia-Rendon A, Rochin-Wong S, Tejeda-Mansir A
1083 - 1091 Viscosities of some fatty acid esters and biodiesel fuels from a rough hard-sphere-chain model and artificial neural network
Hosseini SM, Pierantozzi M, Moghadasi J
1092 - 1099 Achieving cold flow conditions for 'waxy' mixtures with minimum solid deposition
Haj-Shafiei S, Mehrotra AK
1100 - 1113 Variable rate and pressure integral solutions to the nonlinear gas diffusivity equation in unconventional systems
Zhang M, Ayala LF
1114 - 1122 Hydraulic analysis of a GDI injector operation with close multi-injection strategies
Cavicchi A, Postrioti L, Scarponi E
1123 - 1130 Biodiesel purification by column chromatography and liquid-liquid extraction using green solvents
de Jesus SS, Ferreira GF, Maciel MRW, Maciel R
1131 - 1145 Variables governing the initial stages of the synergisms of ultrasonic treatment of biochar in water with dissolved CO2
Sajjadi B, Chen WY, Adeniyi A, Mattern DL, Mobley J, Huang CP, Fan RM
1146 - 1158 Combustion characteristics of natural gas injected into a constant volume vessel
Hu EJ, Huang SH, Ku JF, Huang ZH
1159 - 1171 Flow and flame characteristics of a RP-3 fuelled high temperature rise combustor based on RQL
Chen J, Li JZ, Yuan L, Hu G
1172 - 1183 Investigation of evaporation and auto-ignition of isolated lubricating oil droplets in natural gas engine in-cylinder conditions
Yi P, Long WQ, Feng LY, Chen L, Cui JC, Gong WX
1184 - 1194 Influence of biodiesel carbon chain length on in-cylinder soot processes in a small bore optical diesel engine
Zhang R, Pham PX, Kook S, Masri AR
1195 - 1206 Estimating thermal maturity of organic-rich shale from well logs: Case studies of two shale plays
Zhao PQ, Ostadhassan M, Shen B, Liu WH, Abarghani A, Liu KQ, Luo M, Cai JC
1207 - 1215 The influence of fuel ignition quality and first injection proportion on gasoline compression ignition (GCI) combustion in a small-bore engine
Goyal H, Kook S, Ikeda Y
1216 - 1223 Direct visualization and molecular simulation of dewpoint pressure of a confined fluid in sub-10 nm slit pores
Yang Q, Jin BK, Banerjee D, Nasrabadi H
1224 - 1237 Pyrolysis kinetics and mechanism of typical industrial non-tyre rubber wastes by peak-differentiating analysis and multi kinetics methods
Chen RY, Li QW, Zhang Y, Xu XK, Zhang DD
1238 - 1244 Enhanced biodiesel production from chicken fat using CaO/CuFe2O4 nanocatalyst and its combination with diesel to improve fuel properties
Seffati K, Honarvar B, Esmaeili H, Esfandiari N
1245 - 1259 Synthesis of PMMA/modified graphene oxide nanocomposite pour point depressant and its effect on the flow properties of Indian waxy crude oil
Sharma R, Mahto V, Vuthaluru H
1260 - 1265 Influence of H2O on NO formation during char oxidation of biomass
Karlstrom O, Wu H, Glarborg P
1266 - 1274 Experimental evaluation of RAFT-based Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) kinetic hydrate inhibitors
Park J, Kim H, da Silveira KC, Sheng Q, Postma A, Wood CD, Seo Y
1275 - 1286 Second-order gas slippage model for the Klinkenberg effect of multicomponent gas at finite Knudsen numbers up to 1
Wang SH, Lukyanov AA, Wu YS
1287 - 1293 Characterization of cardoon accessions as feedstock for biodiesel production
Mancini M, Volpe ML, Gatti B, Malik Y, Moreno AC, Leskovar D, Cravero V
1294 - 1300 Investigation of the influence of DMMP on the laminar burning velocity of methane/air premixed flames
Li W, Jiang Y, Jin Y, Zhu XL
1301 - 1308 Experimental investigation of the autoignition properties of ethanol-biodiesel fuel blends
Kuszewski H
1309 - 1315 Estimation of the composition of soybean biodiesel/soybean oil blends from permittivity measurements
Corach J, Galvan EF, Sorichetti PA, Romano SD
1316 - 1326 Experimental study of the autoignition properties of n-butanol-diesel fuel blends at various ambient gas temperatures
Kuszewski H
1327 - 1336 Microfluidics to determine the diffusive mass transfer of a low viscosity solvent into a high viscosity hydrocarbon
Keshmiri K, Pourmohammadbagher M, Huang HB, Nazemifard N
1337 - 1346 The effect of the grinding process on pore structures, functional groups and release characteristic of flash pyrolysis of superfine pulverized coal
Luo L, Yao W, Liu JX, Zhang H, Ma JF, Jiang XM
1347 - 1360 Research on energy distributions of the lateral swirl combustion system in DI diesel engines
Li XR, Zhao WH, Su LW, Liu FS
1361 - 1367 Studies on the physical and electrochemical properties of Ni-P coating on commercial aluminum as bipolar plate in PEMFC
Gonzalez-Gutierrez AG, Pech-Canul MA, Chan-Rosado G, Sebastian PJ
1368 - 1376 The influence of air-stage method on flameless combustion of coal gasification fly ash with coal self-preheating technology
Liu W, Ouyang ZQ, Cao XY, Na YJ
1377 - 1386 Thermal resistance by slagging and its relationship with ash properties for six coal blends in a commercial coal-fired boiler
Park HY, Lee JE, Kim HH, Park S, Baek SH, Ye I, Ryu C
1387 - 1399 Ignition delay of diisobutylene-containing multicomponent gasoline surrogates: Shock tube measurements and modeling study
Li H, Qiu Y, Wu ZY, Wang SX, Lu XC, Huang Z
1400 - 1411 Carbon dioxide hydrate formation with SDS: Further insights into mechanism of gas hydrate growth in the presence of surfactant
Molokitina NS, Nesterov AN, Podenko LS, Reshetnikov AM
1412 - 1419 Plasma-assisted decomposition of a biomass gasification tar analogue into lower hydrocarbons in a synthetic product gas using a dielectric barrier discharge reactor
Saleem F, Zhang K, Harvey A
1420 - 1426 Characterization of aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur heterocycles in Saudi Arabian heavy crude oil by gel permeation chromatography and ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry
Panda SK, Alawani NA, Lajami AR, Al-Qunaysi TA, Muller H
1427 - 1435 Impact of HVO blends on modern diesel passenger cars emissions during real world operation
Suarez-Bertoa R, Kousoulidou M, Clairotte M, Giechaskiel B, Nuottimaki J, Sarjovaara T, Lonza L
1436 - 1454 Parameter estimation of a six-lump kinetic model of an industrial fluid catalytic cracking unit
John YM, Mustafa MA, Patel R, Mujtaba IM
1455 - 1474 Estimation of minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process by N-2 flooding using different computational schemes
Barati-Harooni A, Najafi-Marghmaleki A, Hoseinpour SA, Tatar A, Karkevandi-Talkhooncheh A, Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Mohammadi AH
1475 - 1491 Characterization of pyrolysis products from slow pyrolysis of live and dead vegetation native to the southern United States
Amini E, Safdari MS, DeYoung JT, Weise DR, Fletcher TH
1492 - 1500 Simulation and life cycle assessment of synthetic fuels produced via biogas dry reforming and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Navas-Anguita Z, Cruz PL, Martin-Gamboa M, Iribarren D, Dufour J
1501 - 1505 Microbial removal of sulphur from petroleum coke (petcoke)
Tripathi N, Singh RS, Hills CD
1506 - 1514 Screening of protic ionic liquids for sugarcane bagasse pretreatment
Pin TC, Nakasu PYS, Mattedi S, Rabelo SC, Costa AC
1515 - 1529 Laser spectroscopic investigation of diesel-like jet structure using C-8 oxygenates as the fuel
Raffius T, Ottenwalder T, Schulz C, Grunefeld G, Koss HJ, Pischinger S
1530 - 1543 A new low-permeability reservoir core analysis method based on rate-transient analysis theory
Clarkson CR, Vahedian A, Ghanizadeh A, Song CY
1544 - 1554 Characterization and reactivity of charcoal from high temperature pyrolysis (800-1600 degrees C)
Surup GR, Nielsen HK, Heidelmann M, Trubetskaya A
1555 - 1564 Effect of pore sizes on composition distribution and enhance recovery from liquid shale-Molecular sieving in low permeability reservoirs
Alfi M, Barrufet M, Killough J