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1 - 11 Role of condensed phases in the agglomeration of low rank coal ash in fluidized beds
Pallares J, Khadilkar AB, Simcock-Bailey B, Pisupati SV
12 - 26 In-situ FTIR study on the mechanism of both steps of zeolite-catalysed hydroesterification reaction in the context of biodiesel manufacturing
Mowla O, Kennedy E, Stockenhuber M
27 - 35 Experimental investigation of efficiency of MEOR process in a carbonate oil reservoir using Alcaligenes faecalis: Impact of interfacial tension reduction and wettability alteration mechanisms
Najafi-Marghmaleki A, Kord S, Hashemi A, Motamedi H
36 - 44 The synergistic effect of Ni promoter on Mo-S/CNT catalyst towards hydrodesulfurization and hydrogen evolution reactions
Liu SJ, Jin Q, Xu Y, Fang XC, Liu N, Zhang J, Liang X, Chen BH
45 - 50 Improved lipase-catalyzed methanolysis for biodiesel production by combining in-situ removal of by-product glycerol
Tian XG, Dai LM, Liu DH, Du W
51 - 59 Catalytic activity of electrodeposited cobalt oxide films for methane combustion in a micro-channel reactor
Rodrigues JM, Ribeiro MF, Fernandes EC
60 - 70 Modeling of permeability for ultra-tight coal and shale matrix: A multi-mechanistic flow approach
Wang Y, Liu SM, Zhao YX
71 - 80 Adoption of phase behavior tests and negative salinity gradient concept to optimize Daqing oilfield alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding
Chen Z, Han X, Kurnia I, Yu JJ, Zhang GY, Li L
81 - 89 Effects of phenolic hydroxyl functionality on lignin pyrolysis over zeolite catalyst
Kim JY, Heo S, Choi JW
90 - 98 Structure of tetrabrachial flames in non-premixed autoigniting dimethyl ether/air mixtures
Jin T, Wang XJ, Luo KH, Luo K, Fan JR
99 - 107 Production characteristics of two class water-excess methane hydrate deposits during depressurization
Gao Y, Yang MJ, Zheng JN, Chen BB
108 - 113 Rancimat and PetroOxy oxidation stability measurements of rapeseed oil methyl ester stabilized with hydrazides and antioxidants
Bar F, Hopf H, Knorr M, Krahl J
114 - 123 Investigation of the effects of gasoline and CNG fuels on a dual sequential ignition engine at low and high load conditions
Yontar AA, Dogu Y
124 - 133 Application of sequential extraction and hydrothermal treatment for characterization and enrichment of rare earth elements from coal fly ash
Lin RH, Stuckman ML, Howard BH, Bank TL, Roth EA, Macala MK, Lopano C, Soong Y, Granite EJ
134 - 140 Additive influence on ignition of stoichiometric ethylene-air mixture by break sparks
Razus D, Movileanu C, Oancea D
141 - 146 Thermal characterization and pyrolysis of digestate for phenol production
Wei Y, Hong JJ, Ji WR
147 - 153 The effect of chemical reaction kinetic parameters on the bench-scale pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass
Ding YM, Ezekoye OA, Zhang JQ, Wang CJ, Lu SX
154 - 164 Comparison of detonation characteristics in energy output of gaseous JP-10 and propylene oxide in air
Liu LJ, Zhang Q
165 - 177 Transient mass transfer ahead of a hot solvent chamber in a heavy oil gravity drainage process
Wang Q, Chen ZX
178 - 189 Artificial neural network model to predict behavior of biogas production curve from mixed lignocellulosic co-substrates
Das Ghatak M, Ghatak A
190 - 204 Integrated fractal description of nanopore structure and its effect on CH4 adsorption on Jharia coals, India
Naveen P, Asif M, Ojha K
205 - 214 Performance of synthetic CaO-based sorbent pellets for CO2 capture and kinetic analysis
Zhang Y, Gong X, Chen XL, Yin L, Zhang J, Liu WQ
215 - 224 Structure and morphology variation of solid residue from co-liquefaction of lignite and Merey atmospheric residue
Yang TF, Qin Y, Meng HS, Deng WA, Li C, Du JT, Niu QS
225 - 232 Flotation behavior of raw and oxidized fine coal when mixed with coarse particles
Yang HC, Cai YL, Wu LJ
233 - 250 Experimental study of the combustion and emission characteristics of ethanol, diesel-gasoline, n-heptane-iso-octane, n-heptane-ethanol and decane-ethanol in a constant volume vessel
Li RZ, Liu ZC, Han YQ, Tan MZ, Xu Y, Tian J, Yan JY, Meng XK, Wei MZ, Hu SC, Chong DG, Li LL
251 - 256 Effect of particle size on particulate matter emissions during biosolid char combustion under air and oxyfuel conditions
Liaw SB, Chen XJ, Yu Y, Costa M, Wu HW
257 - 266 Understanding desorption of oil fractions from mineral surfaces
Li XG, Bai Y, Sui H, He L
267 - 278 An integrated experimental approach to quantify the oil recovery potential of seawater and low-salinity seawater injection in North Sea chalk oil reservoirs
Seyyedi M, Tagliaferri S, Abatzis J, Nielsen SM
279 - 289 Effects of the variation in diesel fuel components on the particulate matter and unregulated gaseous emissions from a common rail diesel engine
Li ZL, Liu GB, Cui XF, Sun XY, Li S, Qian Y, Jiang CX, Lu XC
290 - 298 Effect of silica and clay minerals on rheology of heavy crude oil emulsions
Mironova MV, Ilyin SO
299 - 307 Effects of the evolutions of coal properties during nitrogen and MTE drying processes on the spontaneous combustion behavior of Zhaotong lignite
Zhang YX, Dong JX, Guo FH, Chen XK, Wu JJ, Miao ZY, Xiao L
308 - 316 Near-nozzle spray dynamics of 6-hole GDI injector under subcooled and superheated conditions
Jeon J, Moon S, Sato K, Nagasawa T
317 - 322 Solvent effect of gamma-valerolactone (GVL) on cellulose and biomass hydrolysis in hot-compressed GVL/water mixtures
Song B, Yu Y, Wu HW
323 - 332 Investigation of moisture effect on methane adsorption capacity of shale samples
Zou J, Rezaee R, Xie Q, You LJ, Liu KQ, Saeedi A
333 - 340 Experimental and kinetic modeling investigation on methyl decanoate pyrolysis at low and atmospheric pressures
Zhai YT, Ao CC, Feng BB, Meng QH, Zhang Y, Mei BW, Yang JZ, Liu FY, Zhang LD
341 - 350 A novel method to estimate subsurface shale gas capacities
Huang HX, Sun W, Xiong FY, Chen L, Li X, Gao T, Jiang ZX, Ji W, Wu YJ, Han J
351 - 361 Influence of coal moisture on initial gas desorption and gas-release energy characteristics
Wang CJ, Yang SQ, Li JH, Li XW, Jiang CL
362 - 373 Modeling investigation of low salinity water injection in sandstones and carbonates: Effect of Na+ and SO42-
Esene C, Onalo D, Zendehboudi S, James L, Aborig A, Butt S
374 - 383 Structural transformation of fluid phase extracted from coal matrix during thermoplastic stage of coal pyrolysis
Qiu SX, Zhang SF, Wu Y, Qiu GB, Sun CG, Zhang QY, Dang J, Wen LY, Hu ML, Xu J, Zhu RJ, Bai CG
384 - 394 Content of potassium and other aerosol forming elements in commercially available wood pellet batches
Pollex A, Zeng T, Khalsa J, Erler U, Schmersahl R, Schon C, Kuptz D, Lenz V, Nelles M
395 - 404 Removal of nitrogen from chicken manure anaerobic digestion for enhanced biomethanization
Li K, Liu RH, Yu Q, Ma RJ
405 - 414 Lithotype-based modelling and simulations of coal degradation conditioned by both high and low energy breakage
Shi FN, Liu HP, Rodrigues S, Esterle J, Nguyen AK, Manlapig E
415 - 422 Chemical characteristics of filterable and condensable PM2.5 emissions from industrial boilers with five different fuels
Yang HH, Arafath SM, Lee KT, Hsieh YS, Han YT
423 - 430 Autoignition studies of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in a shock tube and a rapid compression machine
Vallabhuni SK, Lele AD, Patel V, Lucassen A, Moshammer K, AlAbbad M, Farooq A, Fernandes RX
431 - 443 A systematic numerical modeling study of various polymer injection conditions on immiscible and miscible viscous fingering and oil recovery in a five-spot setup
Chaudhuri A, Vishnudas R
444 - 453 Experimental study of impact of anisotropy and heterogeneity on gas flow in coal. Part I: Diffusion and adsorption
Tan YL, Pan ZJ, Liu JS, Kang JH, Zhou FB, Connell LD, Yang YX
454 - 462 Virgin coconut oil (VCO) and potassium glycinate (PG) mixture as absorbent for carbon dioxide capture
Mohsin HM, Johari K, Shariff AM
463 - 469 Chemical speciation and leaching characteristics of hazardous trace elements in coal and fly ash from coal-fired power plants
Zhao SL, Duan YF, Lu JC, Gupta R, Pudasainee D, Liu S, Liu M, Lu JH
470 - 475 Experimental data and prediction of normal boiling points of partial acylglycerols
Damaceno DS, Jesus EP, Ceriani R
476 - 484 Sulfur abundant S/FeS2 for efficient removal of mercury from coal-fired power plants
Li HL, Zhu WB, Yang JP, Zhang MG, Zhao JX, Qu WQ
485 - 494 Development of oxide-supported nickel-based catalysts for catalytic decomposition of dimethyl sulfide
Shimoda N, Koide N, Kasahara M, Mukoyama T, Satokawa S
495 - 505 Characteristics of microscopic pore structure and fractal dimension of bituminous coal by cyclic gas adsorption/desorption: An experimental study
Wang ZY, Cheng YP, Zhang KZ, Hao CM, Wang L, Li W, Hu B
506 - 518 Ultrasonic shear wave reflectometry applied to the determination of the shear moduli and viscosity of a viscoelastic bitumen
Rabbani A, Schmitt DR
519 - 529 Mineral manipulation of Zhundong lignite towards fouling mitigation in a down-fired combustor
Huang Q, Zhang YY, Yao Q, Li SQ
530 - 542 Late Jurassic bituminous shales from Marib oilfields in the Sabatayn Basin (NW Yemen): Geochemical and petrological analyses reveal oil-shale resource
Hakimi MH, Al-Matary AM, Hersi OS
543 - 549 An analytical model for pore volume compressibility of reservoir rock
Zhu SY, Du ZM, Li CL, You ZJ, Peng XL, Deng P
550 - 561 Combustion process decoupling of a diesel/natural gas dual-fuel engine at low loads
Wang ZS, Du GZ, Wang D, Xu Y, Shao MY
562 - 571 Experimental study on the effect of nozzle geometry on string cavitation in real-size optical diesel nozzles and spray characteristics
Chen Z, He ZX, Shang WW, Duan L, Zhou H, Guo GM, Guan W
572 - 580 Influence of the temperature in the yield and composition of the bio-oil from the pyrolysis of spent coffee grounds: Characterization by comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography
Primaz CT, Schena T, Lazzari E, Caramao EB, Jacques RA
581 - 590 Stimulation of methanogenic crude oil biodegradation in depleted oil reservoirs
Vilcaez J, York J, Youssef N, Elshahed M
591 - 599 Anchoring mechanisms of methane/air premixed flame in a mesoscale diverging combustor with cylindrical flame holder
Wan JL, Shang C, Zhao HB
600 - 609 Dew point pressure prediction based on mixed-kernels-function support vector machine in gas-condensate reservoir
Zhong Z, Liu SY, Kazemi M, Carr TR
610 - 619 Excellent aging stability of upgraded fast pyrolysis bio-oil in supercritical ethanol
Jo H, Verma D, Kim J
620 - 631 Improved estimation of Cetane number of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) based biodiesels using TLBO-NN and PSO-NN models
Baghban A, Kardani MN, Mohammadi AH
632 - 638 Investigation on pyrolysis mechanism of guaiacol as lignin model compound at atmospheric pressure
Liu CJ, Ye LL, Yuan WH, Zhang Y, Zou JB, Yang JZ, Wang YZ, Qi F, Zhou ZY
639 - 644 Characteristics of Na2CO3-catalyzed water-gas shift reaction under coal liquefaction conditions
Li H, You Q, Wu SY, Wu YQ, Huang S, Gao JS
645 - 652 Reaction behaviour of light and heavy components of bio-oil in methanol and in water
Wu LP, Hu X, Wang S, Hasan MM, Jiang SJ, Zhang L, Li CZ
653 - 658 Kinetic and thermodynamic of heterogeneously K3PO4/AC-catalysed transesterification via pseudo-first order mechanism and Eyring-Polanyi equation
Farid MAA, Hassan MA, Taufiq-Yap YH, Ibrahim ML, Hasan MY, Ali AAM, Othman MR, Shirai Y
659 - 665 Dynamics of methane/air premixed flame in a mesoscale diverging combustor with/without a cylindrical flame holder
Wan JL, Shang C, Zhao HB
666 - 671 A new and more precise experiment method for characterizing the mineralogical heterogeneity of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs
Du SH, Pang S, Shi YM
672 - 683 Catalytic performance of Ni-Cu/Al2O3 for effective syngas production by methanol steam reforming
Khzouz M, Gkanas EI, Du SF, Wood J
684 - 692 Interactions of DTPA chelating agent with sandstone rocks during EOR: Rock surface charge study
Alarifi SA, Mahmoud MA, Kamal MS
693 - 703 Oxygen release from manganese ores relevant for chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling conditions
Sundqvist S, Mattisson T, Leion H, Lyngfelt A
704 - 711 Heavy crude oil upgrading using nanoparticles by applying electromagnetic technique
Taheri-Shakib J, Shekarifard A, Naderi H
712 - 723 Chemical Explosive Mode Analysis for a Jet-in-Hot-Coflow burner operating in MILD combustion
Cifuentes L, Fooladgar E, Duwig C
724 - 728 Ignition delay time and sooting propensity of a kerosene aviation jet fuel and its derivative blended with a bio-jet fuel
Han HS, Kim CJ, Cho CH, Sohn CH, Han J
729 - 742 Effect of hydrogen addition on laminar burning velocity of CH4/DME mixtures by heat flux method and kinetic modeling
Wang ZH, Wang SX, Whiddon R, Han XL, He Y, Cen KF
743 - 754 Role of global fuel-air equivalence ratio and preheating on the behaviour of a biogas driven dual fuel diesel engine
Sarkar A, Saha UK
755 - 768 Experimental and kinetic studies on laminar flame characteristics of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) and toluene reference fuel (TRF) blends at atmospheric pressure
Zhang SF, Lee TH, Wu H, Pei JY, Wu W, Liu FS, Zhang CH
769 - 779 Application of Bound-to-Bound Data Collaboration approach for development and uncertainty quantification of a reduced char combustion model Salvatore
Iavarone S, Oreluk J, Smith ST, Hegde A, Li WY, Packard A, Frenklach M, Smith PJ, Contino F, Parente A
780 - 790 Influence of tarry material deposition on low-strength cokes or pyrolyzed chars of low rank coals on the strength
Mochizuki Y, Kubota Y, Uebo K, Tsubouchi N
791 - 802 The influence of copper oxide nano particle added pongamia methyl ester biodiesel on the performance, combustion and emission of a diesel engine
Perumal V, Ilangkumaran M
803 - 816 Quantification of phase behaviour of solvents-heavy oil/bitumen systems in the presence of water at high pressures and elevated temperatures
Chen ZH, Yang DY
817 - 832 Permeability stress-sensitivity in 4D flow-geomechanical coupling of Shouyang CBM reservoir, Qinshui Basin, China
Zhu HY, Tang XH, Liu QY, Liu SJ, Zhang BH, Jiang S, McLennan JD
833 - 844 3D CFD simulation of a CI engine converted to SI natural gas operation using the G-equation
Liu JL, Dumitrescu CE
845 - 854 A proposed biomass char classification system
Lester E, Avila C, Pang CH, Williams O, Perkins J, Gaddipatti S, Tucker G, Barraza JM, Trujillo-Uribe MP, Wu T