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1 - 9 Effect of iron loading on acidity and performance of Fe/HZSM-5 catalyst for direct synthesis of aromatics from syngas
Xu YF, Liu JG, Ma GY, Wang J, Lin JH, Wang HT, Zhang CH, Ding MY
10 - 22 Characterization of impinging jet sprays of gelled propellants loaded with nanoparticles in the impact wave regime
Jejurkar SY, Yadav G, Mishra DP
23 - 29 Combustion and emission characteristics of a 2.2L common-rail diesel engine fueled with jatropha oil, soybean oil, and diesel fuel at various EGR-rates
Koder A, Schwanzer P, Zacherl F, Rabl HP, Mayer W, Gruber G, Dotzer T
30 - 38 Enzymatic hydrolysis of microalgal cellulose for bioethanol production, modeling and sensitivity analysis
Shokrkar H, Ebrahimi S, Zamani M
39 - 49 Methane adsorption behavior on shale matrix at in-situ pressure and temperature conditions: Measurement and modeling
Chen MJ, Kang YL, Zhang TS, Li XC, Wu KL, Chen ZX
50 - 61 Evaluation of carbon dioxide gasification kinetics on the basis of non-isothermal measurements and CFD modelling of the thermogravimetric analyser
Buczynski R, Czerski G, Zubek K, Weber R, Grzywacz P
62 - 73 Internal flow and spray characteristics for elliptical orifice with large aspect ratio under typical diesel engine operation conditions
Yu SH, Yin BF, Deng WX, Jia HK, Ye Z, Xu B, Xu HP
74 - 80 An improved reaction mechanism for predicting the charged species in ethanol-air flame
Luo YL, Gan YH, Jiang ZW
81 - 91 Investigation on the solution of nitric oxide emission model for diesel engine using optimization algorithms
Tang YY, Zhang JD, Jia BZ, He ZB, Xia Y
92 - 102 Experimental measurements and theoretical modeling of high-pressure mass densities and interfacial tensions of carbon dioxide plus n-heptane plus toluene and its carbon dioxide binary systems
Cumicheo C, Cartes M, Muller EA, Mejia A
103 - 111 Activated carbon supported molybdenum and tungsten carbides for hydrotreatment of fatty acids into green diesel
Wang F, Jiang JC, Wang K, Zhai QL, Sun H, Liu P, Feng JF, Xia HH, Ye J, Li ZX, Li FL, Xu JM
112 - 122 Explosion energy of methane/deposited coal dust and inert effects of rock dust
Song YF, Nassim B, Zhang Q
123 - 131 The formation of carbon dioxide hydrate from water sorbed by coals
Smirnov VG, Manakov AY, Dyrdin VV, Ismagilov ZR, Mikhailova ES, Rodionova TV, Villevald GV, Malysheva VY
132 - 139 A two-phase model of shale pyrolysis
Knyazeva AG, Maslov AL, Martemyanov SM
140 - 151 Influence of carbon number of C-1-C-7 hydrocarbons on PAH formation
Dandajeh HA, Ladommatos N, Hellier P, Eveleigh A
152 - 163 Effects of gallium addition to mesoporous alumina by impregnation on dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization performances of the corresponding NiMo supported catalysts
Zhou WW, Zhang YA, Tao XJ, Zhou YS, Wei Q, Ding SJ
164 - 174 Combustion of the foamed emulsion containing biochar microparticles
Kichatov B, Korshunov A, Kiverin A
175 - 186 Upgrading of pyrolysis biofuel via esterification of acetic acid with benzyl alcohol catalyzed by Bronsted acidic ionic liquid functionalized ethyl-bridged organosilica hollow nanospheres
Zhang PP, Sun YN, Zhang QQ, Guo YH, Song DY
187 - 196 Nozzle internal flow and spray primary breakup with the application of closely coupled split injection strategy
Wang ZM, Dai XY, Li F, Li YF, Lee CF, Wua H, Li ZS
197 - 205 Rapid and non-destructive measurement of biofuel pellet quality indices based on two-dimensional near infrared spectroscopic imaging
Feng XP, Yu CL, Shu ZY, Liu XD, Yan W, Zheng QS, Sheng KC, He Y
206 - 214 Study of properties of tar obtained from underground coal gasification trials
Wiatowski M, Kapusta K, Muzyka R
215 - 225 Characteristics of evolution of in-cylinder soot particle size and number density in a diesel engine
Ni PY, Bai L, Wang XL, Li R
226 - 233 Production process of di-amyl ether and its use as an additive in the formulation of aviation fuels
Cataluna R, Shah Z, Venturi V, Caetano NR, da Silva BP, Azevedo CMN, da Silva R, Suarez PAZ, Oliveira LP
234 - 242 Catalytic pyrolysis of raw and hydrothermally carbonized Chlamydomonas debaryana microalgae for denitrogenation and production of aromatic hydrocarbons
Ansah E, Wang LJ, Zhang B, Shahbazi A
243 - 253 Experimental investigation of comparing electromagnetic and conventional heating effects on the unconventional oil (heavy oil) properties: Based on heating time and upgrading
Taheri-Shakib J, Shekarifard A, Naderi H
254 - 262 Performance improvement in olive stone's combustion from a previous carbonization transformation
Gomez-Martin A, Chacartegui R, Ramirez-Rico J, Martinez-Fernandez J
263 - 271 Fly ash from coal combustion: Dependence of the concentration of various elements on the particle size
Lanzerstorfer C
272 - 289 Impact of tectonism on pore type and pore structure evolution in organic-rich shale: Implications for gas storage and migration pathways in naturally deformed rocks
Zhu HJ, Ju YW, Qi Y, Huang C, Zhang L
290 - 296 Analysis of coal wettability by inverse gas chromatography and its guidance for coal flotation
Niu CK, Xia WC, Peng YL
297 - 308 A comparative study on the mineralogy, chemical speciation, and combustion behavior of toxic elements of coal beneficiation products
Fu B, Liu GJ, Sun M, Hower JC, Hu GQ, Wu D
309 - 322 Influence of a non-equilibrium discharge impact on the low temperature combustion stage in the HCCI engine
Filimonova E, Bocharov A, Bityurin V
323 - 331 Effect of minor components on chemical composition, thermal behavior, and morphology of biodiesel precipitate
Mendoza L, Plata V, Gauthier-Maradei P
332 - 341 Effects of preparation methods on the property and hydrodesulfurization activity of NiAlZrW catalysts derived from tungstate intercalated NiAlZr layered double hydroxides
Wang H, Yang ZX, Meng FQ, Yin WZ, Wu Y
342 - 348 A study on the dynamic behavior of premixed propane-air flames propagating in a curved combustion chamber
Xiao HH, Sun JH, He XC
349 - 367 Diesel engine optimization with multi-objective performance characteristics by non-evolutionary Nelder-Mead algorithm: Sobol sequence and Latin hypercube sampling methods comparison in DoE process
Navid A, Khalilarya S, Abbasi M
368 - 368 Numerical analysis of effects of iron pentacarbonyl as fuel additive for reducing NO and soot precursors from methane/air diffusion flame (vol 216, pg 768, 2018)
Raj A, Croiset E, Wen JZ, El Sayed A
369 - 378 y Determination of slag deposition rate on cooling screen reactor walls by utilisation of slag thickness measurements
Cavagnol SM, Covella K, Muller-Hagedorn M
379 - 389 Experimental and numerical study of solvent optimization during horizontal-well solvent-enhanced steam flooding in thin heavy-oil reservoirs
Huang SJ, Chen X, Liu H, Jiang J, Cao M, Xia Y
390 - 404 A comparative investigation into cold-start and hot-start operation of diesel engine performance with oxygenated fuels during transient and steady-state operation
Zare A, Bodisco TA, Nabi MN, Hossain FM, Ristovski ZD, Brown RJ
405 - 417 A novel strategy of periodic dosing of soy-lecithin as additive during long term test of diesel engine fueled with straight vegetable oil
Shah PR, Ganesh A
418 - 428 Multi-objective history matching of surfactant-polymer flooding
Aramideh S, Borgohain R, Naik PK, Johnston CT, Vlachos PP, Ardekani AM
429 - 437 Molecular characterization of kerogen and its implications for determining hydrocarbon potential, organic matter sources and thermal maturity in Marcellus Shale
Agrawal V, Sharma S
438 - 444 Hydrocarbons for the next generation of jet fuel surrogates
Kim D, Violi A