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1 - 9 Modeling the slag flow and heat transfer on the bottom cone of a membrane wall entrained-flow gasifier
Zhang BB, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Xu JL, Liu HF
10 - 17 Experimental study on dynamic filtration behavior of liquid CO2 in tight sandstone
Li BF, Zheng C, Xu JG, Lv QC, Shi DS, Li ZM
18 - 26 Ce-Co interaction effects on the catalytic performance of uniform mesoporous Ce-x-Co-y catalysts in Hg-0 oxidation process
Zhang XP, Wang JX, Tan BJ, Zhang N, Bao JJ, He GH
27 - 34 Pilot-scale evaluation of hydrotreating inferior coker gas oil prior to its fluid catalytic cracking
Sheng Q, Wang G, Liu YJ, Husein MM, Gao CD, Gao JS
35 - 46 Feature of fractures induced by hydrofracturing treatment using water and L-CO2 as fracturing fluids in laboratory experiments
Deng BZ, Yin GZ, Li MH, Zhang DM, Lu J, Liu YB, Chen JQ
47 - 53 Spherical polymer brushes bearing imidazole groups as novel nickel remover for crude oil
Xu J, Chen LM, Geng T, Ren MN, Wang SZ, Song ZJ, Cao FH
54 - 64 Quantifying dry supercritical CO2-induced changes of the Utica Shale
Sanguinito S, Goodman A, Tkach M, Kutchko B, Culp J, Natesakhawat S, Fazio J, Fukai I, Crandall D
65 - 80 Method for determination of flammability limits of gaseous compounds diluted with N-2 and CO2 in air
Mendiburu AZ, de Carvalho JA, Coronado CR
81 - 86 The influence of volatiles to carrier gas ratio on gas and tar yields during fluidized bed pyrolysis tests
Fuentes-Cano D, Salinero J, Haro P, Nilsson S, Gomez-Barea A
87 - 92 Improving the cold flow behavior of methyl biodiesel by blending it with ethyl esters
Maximo GJ, Magalhaes AMS, Goncalves MM, Esperanca ES, Costa MC, Meirelles AJA, Coutinho JAP
93 - 102 Lipid accumulation from Trichosporon oleaginosus with co-fermentation of washed wastewater sludge and crude glycerol
Zhang XL, Chen JX, Idossou V, Tyagi RD, Li J, Wang HJ
103 - 111 Selective ionization by electron-transfer MALDI-MS of vanadyl porphyrins from crude oils
Giraldo-Davila D, Chacon-Patino ML, Ramirez-Pradilla JS, Blanco-Tirado C, Combariza MY
112 - 120 CO2-EOR mechanisms in huff-n-puff operations in shale oil reservoirs based on history matching results
Alfarge D, Wei MZ, Bai BJ
121 - 126 Physical-energy characterization of microalgae Scenedesmus and experimental pellets
Miranda MT, Sepulveda FJ, Arranz JI, Montero I, Rojas CV
127 - 136 Enhancement of sulfur and nitrogen removal from heavy gas oil by using polymeric adsorbent followed by hydrotreatment
Misra P, Badoga S, Dalai AK, Adjaye J
137 - 147 Hydroquinone clathrate based gas separation (HCBGS): Application to the CO2/CH4 gas mixture
Coupan R, Dicharry C, Torre JP
148 - 155 Three-dimensional ordered phosphotungstic acid/TiO2 with superior catalytic activity for oxidative desulfurization
Yue D, Lei JH, Peng Y, Li JS, Du XD
156 - 162 Experimental investigation on the spray characteristics of a droplet under sinusoidal inertial force
Liu FS, Kang N, Li YK, Wu Q
163 - 171 Uniaxial compression of metallurgical coke samples with progressive loading
Jenkins DR, Lomas H, Mahoney M
172 - 180 Evaporation of a single emulsion fuel droplet in elevated temperature and pressure conditions
Kim H, Won J, Baek SW
181 - 189 Kinetic modeling of lactic acid and acetic acid effects on butanol fermentation by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum
Zhou Q, Liu Y, Yuan WQ
190 - 194 SO42-/ZrO2 as catalyst for upgrading of pyrolysis oil by esterification
Li L, Yan B, Li HX, Yu ST, Liu SW, Yu HL, Ge XP
195 - 203 Upgrading greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) into syngas using nickel-based catalysts
de Vasconcelos BR, Minh DP, Lyczko N, Phan TS, Sharrock P, Nzihou A
204 - 212 Hydroisomerization of n-decane over micro/mesoporous Pt-containing bifunctional catalysts: Effects of the MCM-41 incorporation with Y zeolite
Zhang YD, Liu D, Lou B, Yu R, Men ZW, Li M, Li ZH
213 - 220 Metal-support interactions regulated via carbon coating - A case study of Co/SiO2 for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Jiang ZS, Zhao YH, Huang CF, Song YH, Li DP, Liu ZT, Liu ZW
221 - 229 The threshold pressure gradient effect in the tight sandstone gas reservoirs with high water saturation
Tian WB, Li AF, Ren XX, Josephine Y
230 - 239 Identification of asphalt aging characterization by spectrophotometry technique
Hou XD, Xiao FP, Wang JG, Amirkhanian S
240 - 251 Experimental study on combustion and emissions of n-butanol/biodiesel under both blended fuel mode and dual fuel RCCI mode
Zheng ZQ, Xia MT, Liu HF, Shang R, Ma GX, Yao MF
252 - 262 Experimental analysis of the intensity and evolution of coal and gas outbursts
Wang CJ, Yang SQ, Yang DD, Li XW, Jiang CL
263 - 277 Formation and evolution of carbon particles in coflow diffusion air flames of vaporized biodiesel, diesel and biodiesel-diesel blends
Merchan-Merchan W, Abdihamzehkolaei A, Merchan-Breuer DA
278 - 285 Study of the stability and homogeneity of water in oil emulsions of heavy oil
da Silva M, Sad CMS, Pereira LB, Corona RRB, Bassane JFP, dos Santos FD, Neto DMC, Silva SRC, Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR
286 - 297 Single-cylinder engine evaluation of a multi-component diesel surrogate fuel at a part-load operating condition with conventional combustion
Szymkowicz PG, Benajes J
298 - 306 Mercury fractions in gypsum and estimation of mercury emission from coal-fired power plants
Diao X, Yuan CG, Wu JJ, Zhang KG, Zhang C, Gui B
307 - 315 An experimental study on the effect of igneous intrusions on chemical structure and combustion characteristics of coal in Daxing Mine, China
Shi QL, Qin BT, Bi Q, Qu B
316 - 321 Effects of low molecular compounds in coal on the catalytic upgrading of gaseous tar
Yan LJ, Bai YH, Liu YJ, He YY, Li F
322 - 330 Production of high-pure hydrogen by an integrated catalytic process: Comparison of different lignocellulosic biomasses and three major components
Liu JX, Jin F, Fan MH, Zhu LJ, Tang C, Chang R, Jia QF, Li QX
331 - 337 Comparison studies of adsorption properties for copper ions in fuel ethanol and aqueous solution using silica-gel functionalized with 3-amino-1,2-propanediol
Dong CC, Fu R, Sun CM, Qu RJ, Ji CN, Niu YZ, Zhang Y
338 - 344 A shock tube study of jet fuel pyrolysis and ignition at elevated pressures and temperatures
Shao JK, Zhu YY, Wang SK, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
345 - 349 Relationships between noble metals as potential coal combustion products and conventional coal properties
Chelgania SC, Hower JC
350 - 364 Effect of oxy-fuel combustion on flame characteristics of low calorific value coal gases in a small burner and combustor
Ilbas M, Bektas A, Karyeyen S
365 - 380 A phenomenological HCCI combustion model in 0D and 3D-CFD
Blomberg CK, Wright YM, Boulouchos K
381 - 388 Hyperbranched poly(amido amine) demulsifiers with ethylenediamine/1,3-propanediamine as an initiator for oil-in-water emulsions with microdroplets
Zhang LF, Ying H, Yan S, Zhan NN, Guo YS, Fang WJ
389 - 399 Using ultrasonic velocity for monitoring and analysing biodiesel production
Baesso RM, Oliveira PA, Morais GC, Alvarenga AV, Costa-Felix RPB
400 - 409 Methane dehydrogenation and oxidation process over Ni-based bimetallic catalysts
He J, Yang ZQ, Ding CL, Zhang L, Yan YF, Du XS
410 - 416 Catalytic hydroconversion of the extraction residue from Naomaohu lignite over an active and separable magnetic solid superbase
Zhang M, Wei XY, Yang Z, Teng DG, Xue Y, Meng DW, Zong ZM
417 - 422 Preparation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from glucose catalyzed by silica-supported phosphotungstic acid heterogeneous catalyst
Huang FM, Su YW, Tao Y, Sun W, Wang WT
423 - 440 Modeling of temperature distribution and oil displacement during thermal recovery in porous media: A critical review
Miah MI, Elhaj MA, Ahmed S, Hossain ME
441 - 453 Nanopore structures of isolated kerogen and bulk shale in Bakken Formation
Liu KQ, Ostadhassan M, Zou J, Gentzis T, Rezaee R, Bubach B, Carvajal-Ortiz H
454 - 461 Studies on injection and mixing characteristics of high pressure hydrogen and oxygen jet in argon atmosphere
Deng J, Zhong HP, Gong YC, Gong XH, Li LG
462 - 471 Particle mixing and separation performance of gas-solid separation fluidized beds containing binary mixtures
Lv B, Luo ZF, Zhang B, Qin XZ
472 - 478 Accessing unconventional biofuels via reactions far from local equilibrium
Gao Y, Uner NB, Thimsen E, Foston MB
479 - 489 The application of trans-1,4-diaminocyclohexane as a bicarbonate formation rate promoter in CO2 capture
Li XQ, Yang Q, Pearson P, Yu B, Puxty G, Xiao D
490 - 497 Investigation of thermoplastic powder synergizing polymorphic foam to inhibit coal oxidation at low temperature
Xi ZL, Guo XY, Liew JYR
498 - 507 Novel and simple one-pot method for the synthesis of TiO2 modified-CMK-3 applied in oxidative desulfurization of refractory organosulfur compounds
Rivoira LP, Ledesma BC, Juarez JM, Beltramone AR
508 - 515 Thermal inertia effects of the structural elements in heat losses during the charcoal production in brick kilns
Bustos-Vanegas JD, Martins MA, Carneiro ADO, Freitas AG, Barbosa RC
516 - 526 Effect of gas hydrate formation and decomposition on flow properties of fine-grained quartz sand sediments using X-ray CT based pore network model simulation
Wang DG, Wang CC, Li CF, Liu CL, Lu HL, Wu NY, Hu GW, Liu LL, Meng QG
527 - 535 H2O2-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2-SiO2 and its enhanced photocatalytic-adsorptive desulfurization performance for model fuel
Li X, Xu YL, Zhang C, Wang H, Song YJ, Zhang W, Li CQ
536 - 544 FTIR-PAS coupled to partial least squares for prediction of ash content, volatile matter, fixed carbon and calorific value of coal
Gomez YR, Hernandez RC, Guerrero JE, Mejia-Ospino E
545 - 554 Ignition properties of lean DME/H-2 mixtures at low temperatures and elevated pressures
Shi ZC, Zhang HG, Wu H, Xu YH
555 - 563 Effect of acetone-butanol-ethanol addition to diesel on the soot reactivity
Luo JF, Zhang YM, Wang JJ, Zhang QX
564 - 572 Estimating coke fracture toughness using acoustic emissions and changes in coefficient of friction during scratch testing
Lomas H, Roest R, Wells A, Wu H, Jiang ZY, Sakurovs R, Stuart R, North L, Thorley T, Mahoney MR
573 - 582 High-pressure X-ray imaging to interpret coal permeability
Lu X, Armstrong RT, Mostaghimi P
583 - 590 Release and transformation of K and Cl during the pyrolysis of KCl-loaded cellulose
Zhao HB, Song Q, Yao Q
591 - 597 Effects of incorporated oxygen and sulfur heteroatoms into ligands for CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4 separation in metal-organic frameworks: A molecular simulation study
Hu JB, Liu Y, Liu J, Gu CK, Wu DW
598 - 606 The feasibility of CO2 and N-2 injection for the Tahe fracture-cavity carbonate extra-heavy oil reservoir: An experimental study
Li YB, Pu WF, Wei B, Chen YF, Bai BJ
607 - 617 Supported Pd nanoparticle catalysts with high activities and selectivities in liquid-phase furfural hydrogenation
Nguyen-Huy C, Kim JS, Yoon S, Yang E, Kwak JH, Lee MS, An K
618 - 626 Studies on steel slag as an oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion
Di ZC, Cao Y, Yang FL, Cheng FQ, Zhang K
627 - 634 Experimental study on disproportionate permeability reduction caused by non-recovered fracturing fluids in tight oil reservoirs
Song ZJ, Hou JR, Zhang LY, Chen ZY, Li M
635 - 643 A comparison of high-temperature reaction and soot processes of conventional diesel and methyl decanoate
Su HC, Kook S, Chan QN, Hawkes ER, Le MK, Ikeda Y
644 - 657 Influence of graphene oxide in a chemically activated fly ash
Xu G, Zhong J, Shi XM
658 - 664 Mild oxidation of Yanshan petroleum coke with aqueous sodium hypochlorite
Lv JH, Wei XY, Zhang YY, Zong ZM
665 - 674 Solubility and crystallisability of the ternary system: Hexadecane and octadecane representative in fuel solvents
Tang X, Kaskiewicz PL, Corzo DMC, Lai XJ, Roberts KJ, Dowding P, More I
675 - 685 Numerical evaluation of phase behavior properties for gas condensate under non-equilibrium conditions
Tu HM, Guo P, Jia N, Wang ZH
686 - 697 Overview of recent progress towards in-situ biogas upgradation techniques
Sarker S, Lamb JJ, Hjelme DR, Lien KM
698 - 708 Feasibility of spontaneous ignition during air injection in light oil reservoirs
Huang SY, Sheng JJ
709 - 720 Pore structure of shale and its effects on gas storage and transmission capacity in well HD-1 eastern Sichuan Basin, China
He JL, Wang J, Yu Q, Liu W, Ge XY, Yang P, Wang ZJ, Lu JZ
721 - 744 Fate and distribution of heavy metals during thermal processing of sewage sludge
Udayanga WDC, Veksha A, Giannis A, Lisak G, Chang VWC, Lim TT
745 - 753 Experimental investigation into the combustion characteristics of a methanol-Diesel heavy duty engine operated in RCCI mode
Jia ZQ, Denbratt I