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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Investigation into particle emission characteristics of partially premixed combustion fueled with high n-butanol-diesel ratio blends
Liu B, Cheng XB, Liu JL, Pu H
12 - 19 Quality of bio-oil from catalytic pyrolysis of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
Zainan NH, Srivatsa SC, Li FH, Bhattacharya S
20 - 31 Computational optimization of a combustion system for a stoichiometric DME fueled compression ignition engine
Benajes J, Novella R, Pastor JM, Hernandez-Lopez A, Kokjohn S
32 - 43 The effects of supercritical CO2 on mesopore and macropore structure in bituminous and anthracite coal
Liu SQ, Ma JS, Sang SX, Wang T, Du Y, Fang HH
44 - 52 A fully-coupled semi-analytical model for effective gas/water phase permeability during coal-bed methane production
Sun Z, Shi JT, Zhang T, Wu KL, Feng D, Sun FR, Huang L, Hou CH, Li XF
53 - 62 Effects of high bioethanol proportion in the biodiesel-diesel blends in a CRDI engine
Turkcan A
63 - 73 A random forest approach for predicting coal spontaneous combustion
Lei CK, Deng J, Cao K, Ma L, Xiao Y, Ren LF
74 - 85 CH4/air homogeneous autoignition: A comparison of two chemical kinetics mechanisms
Al Tingas E, Manias DM, Sarathy SM, Goussis DA
86 - 98 Optimization of hydrocarbon water alternating gas in the Norne field: Application of evolutionary algorithms
Mohagheghian E, James LA, Haynes RD
99 - 114 Superior CO2 capture performance on biomass-derived carbon/metal oxides nanocomposites from Persian ironwood by H3PO4 activation
Nowrouzi M, Younesi H, Bahramifar N
115 - 124 Effect of preparation conditions on MnxOy/Al2O3 sorbent for H2S removal from high-temperature synthesis gas
Li HF, Su S, Hu S, Xu K, Jiang L, Wang Y, Xu J, Xiang J
125 - 139 Kinetic modeling and optimization of biodiesel production from white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) seed oil by quicklime-catalyzed transesterification
Kostic MD, Djalovic IG, Stamenkovic OS, Mitrovic PM, Adamovic DS, Kulina MK, Veljkovic VB
140 - 148 Surface charge effect of nanogel on emulsification of oil in water for fossil energy recovery
Geng JM, Pu JY, Wang LZ, Bai BJ
149 - 156 Simultaneous deoxygenation, cracking and isomerization of palm kernel oil and palm olein over beta zeolite to produce biogasoline, green diesel and biojet-fuel
Sousa FP, Silva LN, de Rezende DB, de Oliveira LCA, Pasa VMD
157 - 163 The design of a CZ@H-beta-P catalyst with core shell structure and its application in LPG synthesis from syngas
Lu P, Shen DM, Cheng SL, Hondo E, Chizema LG, Wang CW, Gai XK, Lu CX, Yang RQ
164 - 178 Entrained flow gasification. Part 3: Insight into the injector near-field by Large Eddy Simulation with detailed chemistry
Eckel G, Le Clercq P, Kathrotia T, Saenger A, Fleck S, Mancini M, Kolb T, Aigner M
179 - 187 Effect of ambient fuel vapour concentration on the vapour penetration of evaporating n-hexane sprays
Pal MK, Bakshi S
188 - 197 Comprehensive and multidimensional tools for crude oil property prediction and petrochemical industry refinery inferences
Vale DL, de Aguiar PF, de Oliveira LMSL, Vanini G, Pereira VB, Alexandre LO, da Silva GSC, Mendes LA, Gomes AO, Azevedo DA
198 - 210 Scavenging of refractory elements (Ca, Mg, Fe) by kaolin during low rank coal combustion
Zeng XP, Yu DX, Liu FQ, Fan B, Wen C, Yu X, Xu MH
211 - 221 Catalytic aromatization of naphtha under methane environment: Effect of surface acidity and metal modification of HZSM-5
Jarvis J, Wong A, He P, Li QY, Song H
222 - 229 Temperature-controlled hydrogenation of anthracene over nickel nanoparticles supported on attapulgite powder
Liu ZQ, Wei XY, Liu FJ, Wang BJ, Zong ZM
230 - 251 Effects of compressibility factor on fluid catalytic cracking unit riser hydrodynamics
John YM, Patel R, Mujtaba IM
252 - 260 Catalytic liquefaction of pine sawdust and in-situ hydrogenation of biocrude over bifunctional Co-Zn/HZSM-5 catalysts
Cheng SY, Wei L, Rabnawaz M
261 - 267 Effects of asphaltene, resin and crude oil type on the interfacial tension of crude oil/brine solution
Lashkarbolooki M, Ayatollahi S
268 - 276 Flue gas desulfurization effluents: An unexploited selenium resource
Cordoba P, Staicu LC
277 - 285 Evaluation of the effect of gasoline fumigation on performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with B20 using an experimental investigation and TOPSIS method
Hoseinpour M, Sadrnia H, Tabasizadeh M, Ghobadian B
286 - 293 Nucleation curves of methane hydrate from constant cooling ramp methods
Maeda N
294 - 311 GDI fuel sprays of light naphtha, PRF95 and gasoline using a piezoelectric injector under different ambient pressures
Wu ZY, Wang LB, Badra JA, Roberts WL, Fang TG
312 - 323 Transformation of functional groups in the reduction of NO with NH3 over nitrogen-enriched activated carbons
Lin YT, Li YR, Xu ZC, Xiong J, Zhu TY
324 - 333 Effects of hydrogen peroxide addition on combustion characteristics of n-decane/air mixtures
Gribi B, Lin YZ, Hui X, Zhang C, Sung CJ
334 - 343 Experimental study of flame characteristics and stability regimes of biogas - Air cross flow non-premixed flames
Harish A, Ranga HRR, Babu A, Raghavan V
344 - 353 China's national demonstration project achieves around 50% net efficiency with 600 degrees C class materials
Feng WZ
354 - 359 Co-based MOR/ZSM-5 composite zeolites over a solvent-free synthesis strategy for improving gasoline selectivity
Cheng SL, Mazonde B, Zhang GH, Javed M, Dai PY, Cao YN, Tu SS, Wu JY, Lu CX, Xing C, Shan SD
360 - 365 Prediction on crystallization behaviors of blast furnace slag in a phase change cooling process with corrected optical basicity
Ding B, Wang H, Zhu X, He XY, Tan Y, Liao Q
366 - 372 Effect of structural characteristics on the depolymerization of lignin into phenolic monomers
Chen C, Jin DX, Ouyang XP, Zhao LS, Qiu XQ, Wang FR
373 - 384 Master role conversion between diffusion and seepage on coalbed methane production: Implications for adjusting suction pressure on extraction borehole
Liu ZD, Cheng YP, Dong J, Jiang JY, Wang L, Li W
385 - 393 Enhancement of the SO2 resistance of Mn/TiO2 SCR catalyst by Eu modification: A mechanism study
Liu J, Guo RT, Li MY, Sun P, Liu SM, Pan WG, Liu SW, Sun X
394 - 400 High-pressure ethanol oxidation and its interaction with NO
Marrodan L, Arnal AJ, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
401 - 407 Salinity-dependent adhesion of model molecules of crude oil at quartz surface with different wettability
Liu FH, Yang H, Wang JY, Zhang MH, Chen T, Hu GX, Zhang W, Wu JZ, Xu SJ, Wu X, Wang JB
408 - 413 Temperature profile beneath an inclined ceiling induced by plume impingement of gas fuel jet flame
Zhang XC, Tao HW, Zhang ZJ, Tang F, Su GK, Chen S, Liu JY
414 - 421 Petroleum coke facilitate the upgrade of lignite under microwave irradiation for slurryability improvement
Ren YG, Zheng JX, Xu ZQ, Zhang YX, Zheng JP
422 - 430 Nitrogen-doped activated carbon as metal-free oxygen reduction catalyst for cost-effective rolling-pressed air-cathode in microbial fuel cells
Tian XY, Zhou MH, Li M, Tan CL, Liang L, Su P
431 - 450 A new and simple model for the prediction of horizontal well productivity in gas condensate reservoirs
Ghahri P, Jamiolahmadi M, Alatefi E, Wilkinson D, Dehkordi FS, Hamidi H
451 - 461 Ignition sensitivity of solid fuel mixtures
Fernandez-Anez N, Slatter DJF, Saeed MA, Phylaktou HN, Andrews GE, Garcia-Torrent J
462 - 469 Development of a rapidly responding fluidized bed reactor by theoretical and experimental evaluation of combustion reactions
Pielsticker S, Govert B, Kreitzberg T, Habermehl M, Hatzfeld O, Kneer R
470 - 485 Characteristic fracture spacing in primary and secondary recovery for naturally fractured reservoirs
Gong J, Rossen WR
486 - 495 The roles of contact time and contact pressure on the coalescence of water droplets suspended in concentrated bitumen solutions
Goel S, Ng S, Acosta E, Ramachandran A