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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Experimental investigation on the effects of nozzle-hole number on combustion and emission characteristics of ethanol/diesel dual-fuel engine
Dong SJ, Yang C, Ou B, Lu HG, Cheng XB
11 - 20 An investigation of mineral distribution in coking and thermal coal chars as fuels for the direct carbon fuel cell
Allen JA, Glenn M, Hapugoda P, Stanger R, O'Brien G, Donne SW
21 - 30 Isobutanol synthesis from syngas on Zn-Cr based catalysts: New insights into the effect of morphology and facet of ZnO nanocrystal
Gao XF, Zhang T, Wu YQ, Yang GH, Tan MH, Li XL, Xie HJ, Pan JX, Tan YS
31 - 37 Liquid-liquid equilibrium in the systems FAMEs plus vegetable oil plus methyl alcohol and FAMEs plus glycerol plus methyl alcohol
Esipovich AL, Rogozhin AE, Belousov AS, Kanakov EA, Otopkova KV, Danov SM
38 - 44 Synthesis of diesel additives from fructose over PWA/SBA-15 catalyst
Patil CR, Rode CV
45 - 50 Methane partial oxidation in a two-layer porous media burner with Al2O3 pellets of different diameters
Wang YQ, Zeng HY, Shi YX, Cai NS
51 - 58 Assessment of single-serpentine PEM fuel cell model developed by computational fluid dynamics
Kahveci EE, Taymaz I
59 - 65 Numerical investigation of different effects of carbon dioxide properties and carbon monoxide oxidation on char particle combustion in actual and fictitious O-2/CO2 environments
Jin XD, Zhou YG, Zheng SK
66 - 77 Numerical analysis of a gas turbine combustor fueled by hydrogen in comparison with jet-A fuel
Kahraman N, Tangoz S, Akansu SO
78 - 90 Performance and emissions of diesel-gasoline-ethanol blends in a light duty compression ignition engine
Belgiorno G, Di Blasio G, Shamun S, Beatrice C, Tunestal P, Tuner M
91 - 97 Anaerobic biodegradability test of water hyacinth after microbial pretreatment to optimise the ideal F/M ratio
Barua VB, Kalamdhad AS
98 - 105 Dimensionally reduced modeling of nitric oxide formation for premixed methane-air flames with ammonia content
Jojka J, Slefarski R
106 - 110 Large volume in situ H-2 production on fixed bed reactor by concentrated formic acid aqueous solution
Tao YQ, Tao LL, Pan ZG, Qiu SM, Shen XD
111 - 121 Characteristics of methane desorption and diffusion in coal within a negative pressure environment
Du YF, Chen XJ, Li LY, Wang P
122 - 130 Utilization of lignite derivatives to construct Zr-based catalysts for the conversion of biomass-derived ethyl levulinate
Zhang BB, Hao JX, Sha YF, Zhou HC, Yang KL, Song YM, Ban YP, He RX, Liu QS
131 - 150 Development of a particle swarm optimisation model for estimating the homogeneity of a mixture inside a newly designed CNG-H-2-AIR mixer for a dual fuel engine: An experimental and theoretic study
Mahmood HA, Adam NM, Sahari BB, Masuri SU
151 - 159 A study on three-phase CO2 methanation reaction kinetics in a continuous stirred-tank slurry reactor
Lefebvre J, Trudel N, Bajohr S, Kolb T
160 - 165 Burning velocities of dimethyl ether (DME)-nitrous oxide (N2O) mixtures
Yamamoto Y, Tachibana T
166 - 174 La-based catalysts to enhance hydrogen production during supercritical water gasification of glucose
Chowdhury MBI, Hossain MZ, Mazumder J, Jhawar AK, Charpentier PA
175 - 184 Effect of degree of triglyceride unsaturation on aromatics content in bio-oil
Beims RF, Botton V, Ender L, Scharf DR, Simionatto EL, Meier HF, Wiggers VR
185 - 192 Molecular dynamics simulation of the high-temperature pyrolysis of methylcyclohexane
Liu YL, Ding JX, Han KL
193 - 201 Investigation of the effect of nozzle inlet rounding on diesel spray formation and combustion
Taskiran OO
202 - 210 Understanding the relationship between the structure and depolymerization behavior of lignin
Park J, Riaz A, Insyani R, Kim J
211 - 217 Influences of water vapor and fly ash on elemental mercury removal over cerium-oxide-modified semi-coke
Zhang HW, Sun HM, Zhao K, Han Y, Wu JF, Jiao TT, Liang P
218 - 225 Nanoscale and multiresolution models for shale samples
Tahmasebi P
226 - 239 An updated reaction model for the high-temperature pyrolysis and oxidation of acetaldehyde
Mevel R, Chatelain K, Blanquart G, Shepherd JE
240 - 261 Properties of biochar
Weber K, Quicker P
262 - 274 Analytical solution for steam-assisted gravity drainage with consideration of temperature variation along the edge of a steam chamber
Shi XX, Okuno R
275 - 284 Conversion of low-grade coals in sub-and supercritical water: A review
Yu JD, Jiang CY, Guan QQ, Gu JJ, Ning P, Miao RR, Chen QL, Zhang JM
285 - 296 Carbonated water injection under reservoir conditions; in-situ WAG-type EOR
Mahzari P, Tsolis P, Sohrabi M, Enezi S, Yousef AA, Eidan AA
297 - 305 Cu-BTC as a novel material for elemental mercury removal from sintering gas
Chen DY, Zhao SJ, Qu Z, Yan NQ
306 - 319 Entrained flow gasification Part 1: Gasification of glycol in an atmospheric-pressure experimental rig
Fleck S, Santo U, Hotz C, Jakobs T, Eckel G, Mancini M, Weber R, Kolb T
320 - 342 Porous catalysts fabricated from coal fly ash as cost-effective alternatives for industrial applications: A review
Asl SMH, Ghadi A, Baei MS, Javadian H, Maghsudi M, Kazemian H
343 - 351 Green synthesis of Ni supported hematite catalysts for syngas production from catalytic cracking of toluene as a model compound of biomass tar
Zou XH, Ma ZY, Liu HB, Chen D, Wang C, Zhang P, Chen TH
352 - 364 Experimental and numerical study on bluff-body and swirl stabilized diffusion flames
Tong YH, Liu X, Wang ZK, Richter M, Klingmann J
365 - 369 Quantitative synthesis of 2,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)furan from biomass-derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and sugars over reusable solid catalysts at low temperatures
Zhao WF, Wu WB, Li H, Fang CJ, Yang TT, Wang ZW, He C, Yang S
370 - 381 Understanding chemistry-specific fuel differences at a constant RON in a boosted SI engine
Szybist JP, Splitter DA
382 - 388 Oxidative pyrolysis of mallee wood biomass, cellulose and lignin
Jiang SJ, Hu X, Wu LP, Zhang L, Wang S, Li TT, Xia DH, Li CZ
389 - 403 Steam reforming of acetic acid over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts: Correlation of nickel loading with properties and catalytic behaviors of the catalysts
Zhang ZM, Hu X, Li JJ, Gao GG, Dong DH, Westerhof R, Hu S, Xiang J, Wang Y
404 - 408 Assessing thermal and optical properties of biodiesel by thermal lens spectrometry: Theoretical and experimental aspects
Savi EL, Herculano LS, Lukasievicz GVB, Regatieri HR, Torquato AS, Malacarne LC, Astrath NGC
409 - 419 Catalytic thermal cracking of Athabasca VR in a closed reactor system
Eshraghian A, Husein MM
420 - 426 Enhanced production of microbial lipids from waste office paper by the oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus curvatus
Annamalai N, Sivakumar N, Oleskowicz-Popiel P
427 - 433 Study on the release characteristics of chlorine in coal gangue under leaching conditions of different pH values
Peng BX, Li XR, Zhao WH, Yang L
434 - 443 Fine coal desulfurization and modeling based on high-gradient magnetic separation by microwave energy
Zhang B, Zhu GQ, Sun ZS, Yan GH, Yao H
444 - 457 An experimental and numerical study of wellbore leakage mitigation using pH-triggered polymer gelant
Tavassoli S, Ho JF, Shafiei M, Huh C, Bommer P, Bryant S, Balhoff MT
458 - 466 Utilization of microalgae feedstock for concomitant production of bioethanol and biodiesel
Sivaramakrishnan R, Incharoensakdi A
467 - 477 Modified and ion exchanged clinoptilolite for the adsorptive removal of sulfur compounds in a model fuel: New adsorbents for desulfurization
Moradi M, Karimzadeh R, Moosavi ES
478 - 489 Effect of producer gas addition and air excess ratio on natural gas flame luminescence
Navakas R, Saliamonas A, Striugas N, Dziugys A, Paulauskas R, Zakarauskas K
490 - 498 Experimental investigation on syngas reburning process in a gaseous fuel firing semi-idustrial combustion chamber
Slefarski R, Jojka J, Czyzewski P, Grzymislawski P
499 - 507 In-situ CO2 generation for EOR by using urea as a gas generation agent
Wang SS, Chen CL, Shiau B, Harwell JH
508 - 514 Inhibiting effect of imidazolium-based ionic liquids on the spontaneous combustion characteristics of lignite
Cui FS, Bin LW, Shu CM, Jiang JC
515 - 521 Effect of atmosphere on carbon deposition of Ni/Al2O3 and Ni-loaded on lignite char during reforming of toluene as a biomass tar model compound
Cao JP, Ren J, Zhao XY, Wei XY, Takarada T
522 - 528 Mercury release and fraction transformation during desulfurization gypsum aging process (UV irradiation)
Diao X, Yuan CG, Wu JJ, Gui B, Zhang KG, Zhang C
529 - 535 Influence of imidazolium-based ionic liquids on coal oxidation
Zhang WQ, Jiang SG, Wu ZY, Wang K, Shao H, Qin T, Xi X, Tian HB
536 - 543 Combustion characteristics of premixed hydrogen/air flames in a geometrically modified micro combustor
Yilmaz I, Yilmaz H, Cam O, Ilbas M
544 - 552 Early extinguishment of spontaneous combustion of coal underground by using dry-ice's rapid sublimation: A case study of application
Liu W, Qin YP, Yang XB, Wang WQ, Chen YQ
553 - 560 Particle size effects on thermal kinetics and pyrolysis mechanisms of energetic 5-amino-1h-tetrazole
Zhang D, Jiang L, Lu S, Cao CY, Zhang HP
561 - 569 Performance of an iron based oxygen carrier in a 120 kW(th) chemical looping combustion pilot plant
Mayer K, Schanz E, Proll T, Hofbauer H
570 - 576 CO2 hydrogenation to methane over Co/KIT-6 catalysts: Effect of Co content
Liu HR, Xu SY, Zhou GL, Xiong K, Jiao ZJ, Wang S
577 - 586 Exploration of effective bed material for use as slagging/agglomeration preventatives in circulating fluidized bed gasification of high-sodium lignite
Qi XB, Song GL, Yang SB, Yang Z, Lyu QG
587 - 596 Study on effects of ash on the evolution of physical and chemical structures of char during CO2 gasification
Zou XP, Ding L, Liu X, Guo QH, Lu HF, Gong X
597 - 604 Challenge of SO3 removal by wet electrostatic precipitator under simulated flue gas with high SO3 concentration
Yang ZD, Zheng CH, Zhang XF, Zhou H, Silva AA, Liu CY, Snyder B, Wang Y, Gao X
605 - 616 Investigation of influence of the additives of expired paracetamol (PR) and naproxen (NP) on the changes in volume of heated charge of a higher rank coal
Zubkova V, Strojwas A, Kaniewski M, Ziomber S
617 - 625 Co-combustion of paper sludge in a 750 t/d waste incinerator and effect of sludge moisture content: A simulation study
Xu JC, Liao YF, Yu ZS, Cai ZL, Ma XQ, Dai MQ, Fang SW
626 - 632 Minimum flash point behavior of ternary solutions with three minimum flash point binary constituents
Liaw HJ
633 - 641 Comparing the effects of CH4, CO2, and N-2 injection on asphaltene precipitation and deposition at reservoir condition: A visual and modeling study
Zanganeh P, Dashti H, Ayatollahi S
642 - 649 The reactivity of CuO oxygen carrier and coal in Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupled (CLOU) and In-situ Gasification Chemical-Looping Combustion (iG-CLC)
Wang P, Means N, Howard BH, Shekhawat D, Berry D
650 - 655 Near infrared spectroscopy for the discrimination between different residues of the wood processing industry in the pellet sector
Mancini M, Rinnan A, Pizzi A, Mengarelli C, Rossini G, Duca D, Toscano G
656 - 667 Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of Mississippi coal: A comparative study with conventional pyrolysis
Abdelsayed V, Shekhawat D, Smith MW, Link D, Stiegman AE
668 - 679 Investigation of initial water mobility on steam-assisted gravity drainage performance using a two-dimensional physical model
Zhou W, Dong MZ, Chen SN
680 - 688 A chelated calcium-procyanidine-attapulgite composite inhibitor for the suppression of coal oxidation
Zhong XX, Qin BT, Dou GL, Xia C, Wang F