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1 - 12 Electron probe microanalysis of major and trace elements in coals and their low-temperature ashes from the Wulantuga and Lincang Ge ore deposits, China
Wei Q, Dai SF, Lefticariu L, Costin G
13 - 21 Beneficial effects of dry bottom ash extraction and recycling in modern PCF power plants
Ricci D, Bassetti F, Savastano S
22 - 29 Experimental and modeling study of farnesane
Richter S, Kathrotia T, Naumann C, Kick T, Slavinskaya N, Braun-Unkhoff M, Riedel U
30 - 39 Simultaneous removal of Hg-0 and NO from simulated flue gas over columnar activated coke granules loaded with La2O3-CeO2 at low temperature
Gao L, Li CT, Lu P, Zhang J, Du XY, Li SH, Tang L, Chen JQ, Zeng GM
40 - 45 Combined production of power and syngas in an internal combustion engine - Experiments and simulations in SI and HCCI mode
Wiemann S, Hegner R, Atakan B, Schulz C, Kaiser SA
46 - 56 Evolution of shale apparent permeability under variable boundary conditions
Peng Y, Liu JS, Pan ZJ, Qu HY, Connell L
57 - 65 Modeling the impact of the presence of KCl on the slow pyrolysis of cellulose
Ferreiro AI, Rabacal M, Costa M, Giudicianni P, Grottola CM, Ragucci R
66 - 79 Solar chemical looping gasification of biomass with the ZnO/Zn redox system for syngas and zinc production in a continuously-fed solar reactor
Chuayboon S, Abanades S, Rodat S
80 - 89 Application of multiparameter fundamental equations of state to predict the thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria of technological oil fractions
Grigoriev B, Alexandrov I, Gerasimov A
90 - 101 Particulate number and NOx trade-off comparisons between HVO and mineral diesel in HD applications
Bohl T, Smallbone A, Tian G, Roskilly AP
102 - 110 Pore structure characterization of coal by synchrotron radiation nano-CT
Zhao YX, Sun YF, Liu SM, Chen ZW, Yuan L
111 - 122 The effects of surface temperature on the deposit behaviors of gasoline on a hot surface
Song HY, Xiao J, Yang XP, Yu K, Huang Z
123 - 141 Fungal metabolites as precursors to renewable transportation fuels
Butcher MG, Meyer PA, Hallen RT, Albrecht KO, Clayton CK, Polikarpov E, Rappe KG, Jones SB, Magnuson JK
142 - 152 Microscopic investigation of near-field spray characteristics of 2-methylfuran, ethanol and isooctane under flash boiling conditions
Wang B, Wang ZM, Bao XC, Li YF, Jiang YZ, Xu HM, Zhang XY
153 - 160 Effects of the modified kaolin sorbents on the reduction of ultrafine particulate matter (PM0.2) emissions during pulverized coal combustion
Sun W, Liu XW, Xu YS, Zhang Y, Chen D, Chen ZG, Xu MH
161 - 170 Effects of oxygenated fuel blends on the composition of size-segregated engine-out diesel particulate emissions and on the toxicity of quasi-ultrafine particles
Zhang ZH, Balasubramanian R
171 - 177 Oil/water/rock wettability: Influencing factors and implications for low salinity water flooding in carbonate reservoirs
Chen YQ, Xie Q, Sari A, Brady PV, Saeedi A
178 - 186 The role of molecule cluster on the azeotrope and boiling points of isooctane-ethanol blend
Waluyo B, Wardana ING, Yuliati L, Sasongko MN
187 - 195 Experimental investigations on the thermophysical properties of methyl myristate in alcoholic solutions
Yang FX, Wang XP, Tan HZ, He SY, Liu ZG
196 - 203 Grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations of pore structure influence on methane adsorption in micro-porous carbons with applications to coal and shale systems
Song WH, Yao J, Ma JS, Li AF, Li Y, Sun H, Zhang L
204 - 211 Rapid and sensitive method for detecting adulterants in gasoline using ultra-fast gas chromatography and Partial Least Square Discriminant Analysis
Nespeca MG, Munhoz JFVL, Flumignan DL, de Oliveira JE
212 - 225 Separation and characterization of biofuels in the jet fuel and diesel fuel ranges by fractional distillation of organic liquid products
Mancio AA, da Mota SAP, Ferreira CC, Carvalho TUS, Neto OS, Zamian JR, Araujo ME, Borges LEP, Machado NT
226 - 231 Complete encapsulation of zeolite supported Co based core with silicalite-1 shell to achieve high gasoline selectivity in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Javed M, Cheng SL, Zhang GH, Dai PY, Cao YN, Lu CX, Yang RQ, Xing C, Shan SD
232 - 238 Synergistic effect of HCl and NO in elemental mercury catalytic oxidation over La2O3-TiO2 catalyst
Jiang SJ, Liu X, Li HL, Wang J, Yang ZQ, Peng HY, Shih KM
239 - 248 Adaptation of hard coal with high sinterability for solid fuel boilers in residential heating systems
Lasek JA, Matuszek K, Hrycko P, Piechaczek M
249 - 257 Synthesis, characterization and antioxidant properties of 2,4,6-tris-isopropylbenzoic acid hydrazide in biodiesel
Bar F, Hopf H, Knorr M, Krahl J
258 - 265 Insight into transformation of sulfur species during KOH activation of high sulfur petroleum coke
Shan J, Huang JJ, Li JZ, Li G, Zhao JT, Fang YT
266 - 271 Effect of the moisture content of straw on the internal friction angle of a granular biomass-coal system
Chen XL, Xu Y, Lu HF, Guo XL
272 - 284 Experimental study on combustion and emission characteristics of turbocharged gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine under cold start new European driving cycle (NEDC)
Zhu GH, Liu JP, Fu JQ, Xu ZX, Guo QY, Zhao H
285 - 289 Mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge with glycerine: Effect of solids retention time
Zahedi S, Rivero M, Solera R, Perez M
290 - 297 Pelletization properties of raw and torrefied pine sawdust: Effect of co-pelletization, temperature, moisture content and glycerol addition
Garcia R, Gonzalez-Vazquez MP, Pevida C, Rubiera F
298 - 311 Experimental and numerical study of the convective mass transfer of solvent in the Expanding-Solvent SAGD process
Meng L, Ji DQ, Dong MZ, Maini B
312 - 319 Simultaneous disposal and utilization of coal chemical wastewater in coal and petroleum coke slurry preparation: Slurrying performance and mechanism
Wang RK, Ye XM, Zhao ZH, Yin QQ, Qi ZF, Wang ZY
320 - 329 Pressure effects on flame structures and chemical pathways for lean premixed turbulent H-2/air flames: Three-dimensional DNS studies
Wang XJ, Jin T, Xie YL, Luo KH
330 - 338 Efficient extraction of indole from wash oil by quaternary ammonium salts via forming deep eutectic solvents
Ji YA, Hou YC, Ren SH, Niu MG, Yao CF, Wu WZ
339 - 351 Gasoline compression ignition operation on a multi-cylinder heavy duty diesel engine
Mao B, Chen P, Liu HF, Zheng ZQ, Yao MF
352 - 362 Influence of fuel properties on multi-cylinder PPC operation over a wide range of EGR and operating conditions
Mao B, Liu HF, Zheng ZQ, Yao MF
363 - 369 Non-Targeted chemical characterization of a Marcellus shale gas well through GC x GC with scripting algorithms and high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Piotrowski PK, Weggler BA, Barth-Naftilan E, Kelly CN, Zimmermann R, Saiers JE, Dorman FL
370 - 377 Multi-metal catalysts for slurry-phase hydrocracking of coal-tar vacuum residue: Impact of inherent inorganic minerals
Du JT, Deng WA, Li C, Zhang ZL, Yang TF, Cao XP, Du F, Sun Q
378 - 385 Experimental research on combustion characteristics of coal gasification fly ash in a combustion chamber with a self-preheating burner
Ouyang ZQ, Liu W, Zhu JG, Liu JZ, Man CB
386 - 394 Intermolecular interaction mechanism of lignin pyrolysis: A joint theoretical and experimental study
Jiang XY, Lu Q, Hu B, Liu J, Dong CQ, Yang YP
395 - 405 Assess of biomass co-firing under oxy-fuel conditions on Hg speciation and ash deposit formation
Contreras ML, Ganesh N, Rodilla I, Bahillo A
406 - 416 Metal particles supported on SiO2-OH nanosphere: New insight into interactions with metals for cellulose conversion to ethylene glycol
Xiao ZQ, Fan Y, Cheng YJ, Zhang Q, Ge Q, Sha RY, Ji JB, Mao JW
417 - 428 Experimental analysis on post-explosion residues for evaluating coal dust explosion severity and flame propagation behaviors
Li QZ, Yuan CC, Tao QL, Zheng YN, Zhao Y
429 - 437 Investigation on the highly negative curved syngas Bunsen flame and the critical local Karlovitz number when tip opening
Wang JH, Nie YH, Cai X, Guo SL, Zhang WJ, Xie YL, Huang ZH
438 - 445 Interactions during co-pyrolysis of direct coal liquefaction residue with lignite and the kinetic analysis
Xu JL, Bai ZQ, Li Z, Guo ZX, Hao P, Bai J, Li W
446 - 453 Effects of atmospheres on sulfur release and its transformation behavior during coal thermolysis
Yang NN, Guo HQ, Liu FR, Zhang H, Hu YF, Hu RS
454 - 462 Emulsifier-free Water-in-Diesel emulsion fuel: Its stability behaviour, engine performance and exhaust emission
Ithnin AM, Yahya WJ, Ahmad MA, Ramlan NA, Kadir HA, Sidik NAC, Koga T
463 - 467 Role of silanol groups on silica gel on adsorption of benzothiophene and naphthalene
Fujiki J, Yogo K, Furuya E
468 - 473 An experimental research on woodchip drying using a screw conveyor dryer
Kaplan O, Celik C
474 - 483 Using nanofluids to control fines migration for oil recovery: Nanofluids co-injection or nanofluids pre-flush? -A comprehensive answer
Yuan B, Moghanloo RG, Wang WD
484 - 491 Surfactant-less alkali-cosolvent-polymer floods for an acidic crude oil
Sharma H, Panthi K, Mohanty KK
492 - 498 Valorization of food waste from restaurants by transesterification of the lipid fraction
Carmona-Cabello M, Leiva-Candia D, Castro-Cantarero JL, Pinzi S, Dorado MP
499 - 505 Zeolite-hydroxyapatite-activated oil palm ash composite for antibiotic tetracycline adsorption
Khanday WA, Hameed BH
506 - 514 Thermogravimetric and mass spectrometric (TG-MS) analysis of subbituminous coal-energy crops blends in N-2, air and CO2/O-2 atmospheres
Rodilla I, Contreras ML, Bahillo A
515 - 521 Petrochemical feedstock from pyrolysis of waste polyethylene and polypropylene using different catalysts
Santos BPS, Almeida D, Marques MDV, Henriques CA
522 - 527 Variation of solid fraction with cold flow properties of biodiesel produced from waste frying oil
Evcil A, Al-Shanableh F, Savas MA
528 - 540 Investigation of temperature effects from LCO2 with different cycle parameters on the coal pore variation based on infrared thermal imagery and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
Xu JZ, Zhai C, Liu SM, Qin L, Dong RW
541 - 550 Ionic liquid on the acidic organic-inorganic hybrid mesoporous material with good acid-water resistance for biodiesel production
Fan MM, Liu H, Zhang PB
551 - 560 Association characteristic study and preliminary recovery investigation of rare earth elements from Fire Clay seam coal middlings
Zhang WC, Yang XB, Honaker RQ
561 - 571 Pore-scale analysis of gas huff-n-puff enhanced oil recovery and waterflooding process
Wan T, Wan WM, Jiang JQ, Zhang YD
572 - 579 Comparison of gaseous and particulate emissions from a pilot-scale combustor using three varieties of coal
Yelverton TLB, Brashear AT, Nash DG, Brown JE, Singer CF, Kariher PH, Ryan JV
580 - 591 Subsurface CO2 storage estimation in Bakken tight oil and Eagle Ford shale gas condensate reservoirs by retention mechanism
Pranesh V
592 - 600 Extraction induced by emulsion breaking: A model study on metal extraction from mineral oil
Cassella RJ, Brum DM, Robaina NF, Lima CF
601 - 611 LCA of a multifunctional bioenergy chain based on pellet production
Ruiz D, San Miguel G, Corona B, Lopez FR
612 - 618 The ignition process measurements and performance evaluations for hypergolic ionic liquid fuels: [EMIm][DCA] and [BMIm][DCA]
Li JL, Weng XY, Tang CL, Zhang QH, Fan W, Huang ZH
619 - 630 Acid-alternating-base (AAB) technology for blockage removal and enhanced oil recovery in sandstone reservoirs
Zhu DY, Hou JR, Wang JF, Wu X, Wang P, Bai BJ
631 - 637 Optimized asphaltene separation by online coupling of size exclusion chromatography and ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry
Guricza LM, Schrader W
638 - 646 Migration and emission of mercury from circulating fluidized bed boilers co-firing petroleum coke and coal
Cui J, Duan LB, Jiang Y, Zhao CS, Anthony EJ
647 - 654 Modified simultaneous saccharification and fermentation to enhance bioethanol titers and yields
Xu YJ, Li J, Zhang M, Wang DH
655 - 664 Performance of bio-char and energy analysis on CH4 combined reforming by CO2 and H2O into syngas production with assistance of microwave
Li LZ, Yang ZJ, Chen J, Qin XM, Jiang XW, Wang FM, Song ZL, Ma CY
665 - 674 Experimental investigation of N-2 injection to enhance gas drainage in CO2-rich low permeable seam
Lin J, Ren T, Wang GD, Booth P, Nemcik J
675 - 685 Production of bio-jet fuel range alkanes from catalytic deoxygenation of Jatropha fatty acids on a WOx/Pt/TiO2 catalyst
Choi IH, Lee JS, Kim CU, Kim TW, Lee KY, Hwang KR
686 - 694 Hydrogen-enriched gas production from kerosene using an atmospheric pressure microwave plasma system
Czylkowski D, Hrycak B, Miotk R, Jasinski M, Dors M, Mizeraczyk J
695 - 703 Contributions of tailored oxygen vacancies in ZnO/Al2O3 composites to the enhanced ability for H2S removal at room temperature
Yang C, Wang J, Fan HL, Ju SG, Mi J, Huo C
704 - 704 The effects of specific surface area and ash on char gasification mechanisms in the mixture of H2O, CO2, H-2 and CO (vol 209, pg 109, 2017)
Zhang R, Chen YF, Lei K, Liu D
705 - 713 Improved production of biolubricants from soybean oil and different polyols via esterification reaction catalyzed by immobilized lipase from Candida rugosa
Cavalcanti EDC, Aguieiras ECG, da Silva PR, Duarte JG, Cipolatti EP, Fernandez-Lafuente R, da Silva JAC, Freire DMG
714 - 725 Flame propagation through heterogeneous combustion of hybrid aluminum-boron poly-disperse particle suspensions in air
Bidabadi M, Bozorg MV, Bordbar V, Ahmadi G
726 - 734 Assessment of graphene as an alternative microporous layer material for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ozden A, Shahgaldi S, Zhao J, Li XG, Hamdullahpur F
735 - 743 Facile synthesis of silica aerogel supported K2CO3 sorbents with enhanced CO2 capture capacity for ultra-dilute flue gas treatment
Guo YF, Zhao CW, Sun J, Li WL, Lu P
744 - 755 Waste lube-oil based fuel characterization in real conditions. Case study: Bottom-trawl fishing vessel powered with medium speed diesel engine
Uriondo Z, Gabina G, Basurko OC, Clemente M, Aldekoa S, Martin L
756 - 765 Relationship between the zeta potential and the chemical agglomeration efficiency of fine particles in flue gas during coal combustion
Guo YQ, Zhao YC, Wang SL, Jiang C, Zhang JY
766 - 777 Regular solution based approach to modeling asphaltene precipitation from native and reacted oils: Part 2, molecular weight, density, and solubility parameter of saturates, aromatics, and resins
Yarranton HW, Powers DP, Okafor JC, van den Berg FGA
778 - 786 Oxy-fuel combustion study of biomass fuels in a 20 kW(th) fluidized bed combustor
Sher F, Pans MA, Sun CG, Snape C, Liu H
787 - 798 Chemical looping partial oxidation of methane with CO2 utilization on the ceria-enhanced mesoporous Fe2O3 oxygen carrier
Kang D, Lee M, Lim HS, Lee JW
799 - 812 Characteristics of high temperature co-gasification and ash slagging for Victorian brown coal char and bituminous coal blends
Dai BQ, Hoadley A, Zhang L
813 - 824 A critical review of the CO2 huff 'n' puff process for enhanced heavy oil recovery
Zhou X, Yuan QW, Peng XL, Zeng FH, Zhang LH
825 - 834 Production of hydrocarbon fuels from heavy fraction of bio-oil through hydrodeoxygenative upgrading with Ru-based catalyst
Zhang XH, Tang WW, Zhang Q, Li YP, Chen LG, Xu Y, Wang CG, Ma LL
835 - 843 Water assisted liquefaction of lignocellulose biomass by ReaxFF based molecular dynamic simulations
Rismiller SC, Groves MM, Meng M, Dong Y, Lin J
844 - 852 Coal permeability: Gas slippage linked to permeability rebound
Niu YF, Mostaghimi P, Shikhov I, Chen ZX, Armstrong RT
853 - 864 Turbulent flow-field effects in a hybrid CFD-CRN model for the prediction of NOx and CO emissions in aero-engine combustors
Innocenti A, Andreini A, Bertini D, Facchini B, Motta M
865 - 878 Conversion of petroleum coke into valuable products using oxy-cracking technique
Manasrah AD, Nassar NN, Ortega LC
879 - 891 An experimental and modeling study to investigate effects of different injection parameters on a direct injection HCCI combustion fueled with ethanol-gasoline fuel blends
Coskun G, Demir U, Soyhan HS, Turkcan A, Ozsezen AN, Canakci M
892 - 903 Mass balance and partitioning of trace elements under oxy-coal combustion: First experiences
Cordoba P, Diego R
904 - 914 Developing a robust proxy model of CO2 injection: Coupling Box-Behnken design and a connectionist method
Ahmadi MA, Zendehboudi S, James LA
915 - 927 Experimental and material balance equations analyses of cyclic solvent injection based on a large 3D physical model
Du ZW, Zeng FH, Peng XL, Chan C