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1 - 11 A calibrated soot production model for ethylene inverse diffusion flames at different Oxygen Indexes
Demarco R, Consalvi JL, Fuentes A
12 - 18 Influence of the addition of various ionic liquids on coal extraction with NMP
Sonmez O, Yildiz O, Cakir MO, Gozmen B, Giray ES
19 - 26 Feature changes of mercury during the carbonation of FGD gypsum from different sources
Tan WY, Gu SP, Xia W, Li YX, Zhang ZX
27 - 33 Experimental and DFT studies of PM2.5 removal by chemical agglomeration
Hu B, Yi Y, Zhou L, Shen A, Liang C, Yang LJ, Roszak S
34 - 40 Combustion, performance and emission characteristics of various alcohol blends in a single cylinder diesel engine
Emiroglu AO, Sen M
41 - 48 Development of a new skeletal mechanism for decalin oxidation under engine relevant conditions
Yu W, Yang WB, Tay KL, Zhao FY
49 - 60 A DFT method analysis for formation of hydrogen rich gas from acetic acid by steam reforming process
Hossain MA, Jewaratnam J, Ramalingam A, Sahu JN, Ganesan P
61 - 76 Predictive modeling and optimization for an industrial Coker Complex Hydrotreating unit - development and a case study
Sbaaei ES, Ahmed TS
77 - 87 Enhanced stability of Co catalysts supported on phosphorus-modified Al2O3 for dry reforming of CH4
Park JH, Yeo S, Kang TJ, Heo I, Lee KY, Chang TS
88 - 94 Sewage sludge gasification in a bench scale rotary kiln
Freda C, Cornacchia G, Romanelli A, Valerio V, Grieco M
95 - 100 Evaluation of the combustion characteristics of raw and torrefied grape pomace in a thermogravimetric analyzer and in a drop tube furnace
Botelho T, Costa M, Wilk M, Magdziarz A
101 - 107 Biodiesel production from soybean oil and dimethyl carbonate catalyzed by potassium methoxide
Celante D, Schenkel JVD, de Castilhos F
108 - 116 Blended biomass pellets as fuel for small scale combustion appliances: Effect of blending on slag formation in the bottom ash and pre-evaluation options
Zeng T, Pollex A, Weller N, Lenz V, Nelles M
117 - 131 Soot in flame-wall interactions: Views from nanostructure and reactivity
Luo MY, Ying YY, Liu D
132 - 139 Optimization of direct liquid-liquid extraction of lipids from wet urban sewage sludge for biodiesel production
Kech C, Galloy A, Frippiat C, Piel A, Garot D
140 - 150 Dynamic micro-CT study of gas uptake in coal using Xe, Kr and CO2
Mayo S, Josh M, Kasperczyk D, Rear J, Zhang JF, Dautriat J, Pervukhina M, Ben Clennell M, Sakurovs R, Sherwood N, Maksimenko A, Hall C
151 - 161 The dual effect of amino acids on the nucleation and growth rate of gas hydrate in ethane plus water, methane plus propane plus water and methane plus THF plus water systems
Roosta H, Dashti A, Mazloumi SH, Varaminian F
162 - 172 Micrometer-scale fractures in coal related to coal rank based on micro-CT scanning and fractal theory
Shi XH, Pan JN, Hou QL, Jin Y, Wang ZZ, Niu QH, Li M
173 - 186 A numerical study of NOx reduction by water spray injection in gas turbine combustion chambers
Farokhipour A, Hamidpour E, Amani E
187 - 192 Changes in char structure during the low-temperature pyrolysis in N-2 and subsequent gasification in air of Loy Yang brown coal char
Li TT, Zhang L, Dong L, Qiu PH, Wang S, Jiang SJ, Li CZ
193 - 201 Bi-functional composite oxides M(Na, K)-Ni/La-Al2O3 catalysts for steam reforming of n-decane
He ZF, Jiao Y, Wang JL, Chen YQ
202 - 222 Comparison of performance and emissions of a CRDI diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel of different origin
Duda K, Wierzbicki S, Smieja M, Mikulski M
223 - 235 A chemical kinetic mechanism for the low- and intermediate-temperature combustion of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether 3 (PODE3)
He TJ, Wang Z, You XQ, Liu HY, Wang YD, Li XY, He X
236 - 239 Determination of ethanol in gasoline by high-performance liquid chromatography
Avila LM, dos Santos APF, de Mattos DIM, de Souza CG, de Andrade DF, d'Avila LA
240 - 255 A method for retrieving char oxidation kinetic data from reacting particle trajectories in a novel test facility
Adamczyk WP, Bialecki RA, Ditaranto M, Haugen NEL, Katelbach-Wozniak A, Klimanek A, Sladek S, Szklek A, Wecel G
256 - 267 Combustion, performance and emission characteristics of a DI diesel engine fueled with mustard oil biodiesel fuel blends at different engine loads
Uyumaz A
268 - 273 The mineral evolution during coal washing and its effect on ash fusion characteristics of Shanxi high ash coals
Kong LX, Bai J, Li HZ, Chen XD, Wang J, Bai ZQ, Guo ZX, Li W
274 - 292 A semi-analytical solution to compositional flow in liquid-rich gas plays
Zhang M, Ayala LF
293 - 301 Insight into the structural features of low-rank coals using comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Wang F, Fan X, Xia JL, Wei XY, Yu YR, Zhao YP, Cao JP, Zhao W, Wang RY
302 - 308 Experimental comparison of a 2D laminar diffusion flame under oxy-fuel and air atmosphere
Burkle S, Dreizler A, Ebert V, Wagner S
309 - 314 Determination of the biodiesel content in diesel/biodiesel blends by using the near-near-infrared thermal lens spectroscopy
Ventura M, Deus WB, Silva JR, Andrade LHC, Catunda T, Lima SM
315 - 325 Microscopic and macroscopic characterization of spray impingement under flash boiling conditions with the application of split injection strategy
Wang ZM, Li YF, Guo HJ, Wang CM, Xu HM
326 - 331 Investigation of effect of surfactants on the hydrophobicity of low rank coal by sliding time measurements
Wang SW, Tang LF, Tao XX
332 - 346 An experimental and numerical study on diesel injection split of a natural gas/diesel dual-fuel engine at a low engine load
Yousefi A, Guo HS, Birouk M
347 - 352 Light-induced gasification of the coal-processing waste: Possible products and regimes
Zaitsev AS, Egorov RI, Strizhak PA
353 - 363 Liquid fuels from biomass: An energy self-sustained process integrating H-2 recovery and liquid refining
Catalan-Martinez D, Domine ME, Serra JM
364 - 374 Carrier-phase DNS of pulverized coal particle ignition and volatile burning in a turbulent mixing layer
Rieth M, Kempf AM, Kronenburg A, Stein OT
375 - 386 Numerical study of catalytic steam reforming of aviation kerosene at supercritical pressures
Liu SY, Feng Y, Chu YC, Gong KY, Cao Y
387 - 394 Adsorption kinetics of asphaltenes at oil/water interface: Effects of concentration and temperature
Zhang S, Zhang L, Lu X, Shi C, Tang T, Wang XG, Huang QX, Zeng HB
395 - 404 Ag-loaded cerium-zirconium solid solution oxide nano-fibrous webs and their catalytic activity for soot and CO oxidation
Lee C, Jeon Y, Kim T, Tou A, Park JI, Einaga H, Shul YG
405 - 411 The effect of asphaltene content on predicting heavy dead oils viscosity: Experimental and modeling study
Mansour EM, Desouky SM, El Aily M, Helmi ME
412 - 421 Acid-treatment of bio-oil in methanol: The distinct catalytic behaviours of a mineral acid catalyst and a solid acid catalyst
Wu LP, Hu X, Wang S, Hasan MDM, Jiang SJ, Li TT, Li CZ
422 - 430 Producing low-ash coal by microwave and ultrasonication pretreatment followed by solvent extraction of coal
Chandaliya VK, Biswas PP, Dash PS, Sharma DK
431 - 436 Design of simplified models for the estimation of higher heating value of refused derived fuels
dos Santos RG, Bordado JM
437 - 447 Modeling study of residence time of molten slag on the wall in an entrained flow gasifier
Zhang BB, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Xu JL, Liu HF
448 - 454 Pyrolysis of coal hydroliquefaction residue in a dual loop reaction system
Wang C, Xu SP, Wang GY, Xiao YH
455 - 461 Interaction of diesel engine soot with NO2 and O-2 at diesel exhaust conditions. Effect of fuel and engine operation mode
Abian M, Martin C, Nogueras P, Sanchez-Valdepenas J, Rodriguez-Fernandez J, Lapuerta M, Alzueta MU
462 - 469 Quaternary blends of diesel, biodiesel, higher alcohols and vegetable oil in a compression ignition engine
Yilmaz N, Atmanli A, Vigil FM
470 - 478 Continuous low pressure decarboxylation of fatty acids to fuel-range hydrocarbons with in situ hydrogen production
Hossain MZ, Chowdhury MBI, Jhawar AK, Xu WZ, Charpentier PA
479 - 486 Experiments and modeling of the autoignition of methyl pentanoate at low to intermediate temperatures and elevated pressures in a rapid compression machine
Weber BW, Bunnell JA, Kumar K, Sung CJ
487 - 497 Investigation into the effects of ash-free coal binder and torrefied biomass addition on coke strength and reactivity
Kim GM, Lisandy KY, Isworo YY, Kim JH, Jeon CH
498 - 505 Inhibition of sodium release from Zhundong coal via the addition of mineral additives: A combination of online multi-point LIBS and offline experimental measurements
Liu YZ, Wang ZH, Lv Y, Wan KD, He Y, Xia J, Cen KF
506 - 514 Experimental research on remaining oil distribution and recovery performances after nano-micron polymer particles injection by direct visualization
Yue M, Zhu WY, Han HY, Song HQ, Long YQ, Lou Y
515 - 522 Predicting molecular composition of primary product derived from fast pyrolysis of lignin with semi-detailed kinetic model
Furutani Y, Kudo S, Hayashi J, Norinaga K
523 - 532 Catalytic mechanism of ion-exchanging alkali and alkaline earth metallic species on biochar reactivity during CO2/H2O gasification
Feng DD, Zhao YJ, Zhang Y, Xu HH, Zhang LY, Sun SZ
533 - 545 Pyrolysis of a lignite briquette - Experimental investigation and 1-dimensional modelling approach
De Girolamo A, Tan V, Liu ZY, Zhang L
546 - 553 Novel in situ tribo-catalysis for improved tribological properties of bio-oil model compound
Peng YB, Xu YF, Dearn KD, Geng J, Hu XG
554 - 565 Modeling multicomponent fuel droplet vaporization with finite liquid diffusivity using Coupled Algebraic-DQMoM with delumping
Cooney AY, Singer SL
566 - 575 Process optimization for arsenic removal of fine coal in vibrated dense medium fluidized bed
Zhou EH, Fan XC, Dong L, Zhao YM, Yang XL, Duan CL, Liu QX
576 - 585 Experimental and theoretical study of oxidative stability of alkylated furans used as gasoline blend components
Christensen E, Fioroni GM, Kim S, Fouts L, Gjersing E, Paton RS, McCormick RL
586 - 592 Oxidative degradation of the extraction residue from a sawdust
Xu DD, Zong ZM, Li WT, Wang SK, Lv JH, Liu ZQ, Li ZK, Duan PG, Wei XY
593 - 604 Characterization of oxidized asphaltenes and the restorative effect of a bio-modifier
Pahlavan F, Mousavi M, Hung AM, Fini EH
605 - 612 CLOU process performance with a Cu-Mn oxygen carrier in the combustion of different types of coal with CO2 capture
Adanez-Rubio I, Abad A, Gayan P, de Diego LF, Adanez J
613 - 625 Techno-economic analysis of an integrated gasification direct-fired supercritical CO2 power cycle
Weiland NT, White CW
626 - 637 Air- and oxygen-blown characterization of coal and biomass by thermogravimetric analysis
Mureddu M, Dessi F, Orsini A, Ferrara F, Pettinau A
638 - 655 Experimental studies for the thermo-physiochemical properties of Biodiesel and its blends and the performance of such fuels in a Compression Ignition Engine
Abdalla IE
656 - 667 Copper (II) oxide nanoparticles as additve in engine oil to increase the durability of piston-liner contact
Asnida M, Hisham S, Awang NW, Amirruddin AK, Noor MM, Kadirgama K, Ramasamy D, Najafi G, Tarlochan F
668 - 678 Diesel engine combustion characteristics using nano-particles in biodiesel-diesel blends
Najafi G
679 - 683 Determination of rate parameters based on NH2 concentration profiles measured in ammonia-doped methane-air flames
Samu V, Varga T, Rahinov I, Cheskis S, Turanyi T