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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Experimental investigations on ignition sensitivity of hybrid mixtures of oil shale dust and syngas
Yu LF, Li G, Liu WC, Yu JN, Yuan CM
8 - 14 Na & Ca removal from Zhundong coal by a novel CO2-water leaching method and the ashing behavior of the leached coal
Gao YX, Ding LZ, Li X, Wang WH, Xue Y, Zhu XQ, Hu HY, Luo GQ, Naruse I, Bai ZQ, Yao H
15 - 22 Experimental investigations on the influence of fuel injection timing and pressure on single cylinder CI engine fueled with 20% blend of castor biodiesel in diesel
Deep A, Sandhu SS, Chander S
23 - 31 Microfluidics-based measurement of solubility and diffusion coefficient of propane in bitumen
Talebi S, Abedini A, Lele P, Guerrero A, Sinton D
32 - 40 Dehydration of polyacrylamide-based super-absorbent polymer swollen in different concentrations of brine under CO2 conditions
Sun XD, Bai BJ
41 - 48 Relative hydrogen index as a fast method for the simultaneous determination of physicochemical properties of petroleum fractions
Barbosa LL, Montes LF, Kock FVC, Morgan VG, Souza A, Song YQ, Castro ERV
49 - 57 Effect of catalyst layer macroporosity in high-thermal-conductivity monolithic Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
Merino D, Sanz O, Montes M
58 - 66 Molecular dynamics simulations of Zhundong coal pyrolysis using reactive force field
Hong DK, Guo X
67 - 74 Direct conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using a mixture of niobic acid and niobium phosphate as a solid acid catalyst
Catrinck MN, Ribeiro ES, Monteiro RS, Ribas RM, Barbosa MHP, Teofilo RF
75 - 82 Experimental evaluation of a diesel engine running on the blends of diesel and pentanol as a next generation higher alcohol
Yilmaz N, Atmanli A
83 - 90 Biodiesel production using biguanide-functionalized hydroxyapatite-encapsulated-gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Xie WL, Han YX, Tai SN
91 - 97 Comparison of hydrogen and hydrogen-rich reformate enrichment of JP-8 in an open flame
Seibert M, Nieh S
98 - 106 An innovative method to build a comprehensive kinetic model for air injection using TGA/DSC experiments
Huang SY, Sheng JJ
107 - 120 Particle shape and Stefan flow effects on the burning rate of torrefied biomass
Vorobiev N, Becker A, Kruggel-Emden H, Panahi A, Levendis YA, Schiemann M
121 - 132 Hydrocarbon gas generation by biochemical process of moderately barophilic methanogens in Barapukuria coal mine gas reservoir & aquifer
Ahmed MS, Rahmatullah M, Khan MAA
133 - 144 Experimental study on combustion and emission performance of a spark-ignition engine fueled with water containing acetone-gasoline blends
Li YX, Nithyanandan K, Meng XY, Lee TH, Li YQ, Lee CFF, Ning Z
145 - 153 Volatilization and leaching behavior of heavy metals in MSW incineration fly ash in a DC arc plasma furnace
Ma WC, Fang YH, Chen DM, Chen GY, Xu YX, Sheng HZ, Zhou ZH
154 - 164 Characterization of coal char surface behavior after a heterogeneous oxidative treatment
Wang ZZ, Sun R, Ismail TM, Xu J, Zhang XZ, Li YP
165 - 176 Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) palm stones as a potential new feedstock for liquid bio-fuels production
Fadhil AB, Alhayali MA, Saeed LI
177 - 186 Effect of oxidation processing on the surface properties and floatability of Meizhiyou long-flame coal
Chen SJ, Tang LF, Tao XX, Chen L, Yang Z, Li LL
187 - 197 The effect of ethanol direct injection on knock mitigation in a gasoline port injection engine
Zhuang Y, Qian YJ, Hong G
198 - 206 Modeling pyrolysis-induced microstructural changes in biomass: A cellular automata approach
Adenson MO, Templeton C, Biernacki JJ
207 - 216 Fluid loss control mechanism of using polymer gel pill based on multi-crosslinking during overbalanced well workover and completion
Jia H, Chen H, Guo SS
217 - 226 Comparison of low-field NMR and microfocus X-ray computed tomography in fractal characterization of pores in artificial cores
Zhao YX, Zhu GP, Dong YH, Danesh NN, Chen ZW, Zhang T
227 - 235 Chemical transformation of inherent sodium and calcium species during direct liquefaction of two typical lignites rich in alkali and alkaline earth metals
Li X, Cao JP, Meng XL, Chu RZ, Wu GG, Bai ZQ, Li W
236 - 240 A rapid method for the quantitative analysis of total acid number in biodiesel based on headspace GC technique
Xie WQ, Gong YX, Yu KX
241 - 248 Synergistic effect of nitrogen-doped carbon-nanotube-supported Cu-Fe catalyst for the synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas
Shi XP, Yu HB, Gao S, Li XY, Fang HH, Li RJ, Li YY, Zhang LJ, Liang XL, Yuan YZ
249 - 261 Laminar burning characteristics of upgraded biomass pyrolysis fuel derived from rice husk at elevated pressures and temperatures
Xu CS, Zhong AH, Li XL, Wang CM, Sahu A, Xu HM, Lattimore T, Zhou KQ, Huang YQ
262 - 271 Surrogate formulation for a coal-based jet fuel using a mixing model based on explicit equations and artificial neural network
Xu QH, Liu ZT, Zhang C, Hui X, Lin YZ
272 - 281 Microemulsions stabilized by in-situ synthesized nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery
Hu ZL, Nourafkan E, Gao H, Wen DS
282 - 289 Effect of staged combustion on low NOx emission from an industrial-scale fuel oil combustor in South Korea
Kang MS, Jeong HJ, Farid MM, Hwang J
290 - 297 Comparison of three methods for extracting Liuhuanggou bituminous coal
Yu XY, Wei XY, Li ZK, Chen Y, Zong ZM, Ma FY, Liu JM
298 - 306 Ultra micropores in macromolecular structure of subbituminous coal vitrinite
Liu Y, Zhu YM, Li W, Zhang CH, Wang Y
307 - 314 Co-production of hydrogen and carbon nanotubes from the decomposition/reforming of biomass-derived organics over Ni/alpha-Al2O3 catalyst: Performance of different compounds
He LM, Hu S, Jiang L, Liao G, Zhang LP, Han HD, Chen XF, Wang Y, Xu K, Su S, Xiang J
315 - 328 Equilibrium ratio of hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions: Experimental and modeling study
Ahmadi MA, Zendehboudi S, James LA
329 - 333 Catalytic depolymerization of coal char over iron-based catalyst: Potential method for producing high value-added chemicals
Liu JW, Zhang Q, Liang LT, Guan GQ, Huang W
334 - 342 Immobilization of alpha-amylase on metal nanoparticles mediated by xylan aldehyde improves hydrolysis of glycogen from Synechocystis sp PCC 6803
Velmurugan R, Incharoensakdi A
343 - 351 Soot formation in non-premixed counterflow flames of conventional and alternative jet fuels
Xue X, Hui X, Singh P, Sung CJ
352 - 358 Moisture moderation during coal self-heating
Arisoy A, Beamish B, Yoruk B
359 - 370 A quantitative approach to evaluate risks of spontaneous combustion in longwall gobs based on CO emissions at upper corner
Liu W, Qin YP
371 - 379 Pyrolysis behavior of thermally thick wood particles: Time-resolved characterization with laser based in-situ diagnostics
Lang N, Rupp C, Almuina-Villar H, Dieguez-Alonso A, Behrendt F, Ropcke J
380 - 389 Thermodinamic study of a magnetic molecular imprinted polymer for removal of nitrogenous pollutant from gasoline
Saavedra LNM, Baeta BEL, Pereira MC, de Oliveira LCA, da Silva AC
390 - 397 Application of uniform design experimental method in waste cooking oil (WCO) co-hydroprocessing parameter optimization and reaction route investigation
Wang H, Zhang L, Li GL, Rogers K, Lin HF, Seers P, Ledan T, Ng S, Zheng Y
398 - 409 Modeling of gas migration in water-intrusion coal seam and its inducing factors
Si LL, Li ZH, Yang YL, Zhou J, Zhou YB, Liu Z, Liu LW
410 - 424 Prediction of flammability limits for ethanol-air blends by the Kriging regression model and response surfaces
Velasquez EIG, Coronado CJR, Cartagena JCQ, Carvalho JA, Mendiburu AZ, Andrade JC, Cortez EV, Santos JC
425 - 445 Advances in improved/enhanced oil recovery technologies for tight and shale reservoirs
Wang L, Tian Y, Yu XY, Wang C, Yao BW, Wang SH, Winterfeld PH, Wang X, Yang ZZ, Wang YH, Cui JY, Wu YS
446 - 454 A new method for analysis of dual pore size distributions in shale using nitrogen adsorption measurements
Liu JW, Li PC, Sun ZY, Lu ZW, Du ZH, Liang HB, Lu DT
455 - 462 Optical measurement of volume fraction and organic mass fraction of ultra-fine soot particles emitted from inverse diffusion flames
Lim S, Ahn T, Lee S, Park S
463 - 471 Conversion of poultry manure to biodiesel, a practical method of producing fatty acid methyl esters via housefly (Musca domestica L.) larval lipid
Cai ZZ, Yang DP, Wu SQ, Yong W, Reaney MJT, Zhao ZM, Zhu LP, Guo S, Yi N, Dong Z, Niu HR, Yang WZ
472 - 481 Influence of soot aging on soot production for laminar propane diffusion flames
Soussi JP, Demarco R, Consalvi JL, Liu F, Fuentes A
482 - 490 Developing techno-economically sustainable methodologies for deep desulfurization using hydrodynamic cavitation
Suryawanshi NB, Bhandar VM, Sorokhaibam LG, Ranade VV
491 - 496 Gasification of powdered coal in filtration regime with a fuel continuous injection
Salgansky EA, Zaichenko AY, Podlesniy DN, Salganskaya MV, Tsvetkov MV
497 - 506 MCR-ALS and PLS coupled to NIR/MIR spectroscopies for quantification and identification of adulterant in biodiesel-diesel blends
Camara ABF, de Carvalho LS, de Morais CLM, de Lima LAS, de Araujo HOM, de Oliveira FM, de Lima KMG
507 - 513 Total sulfur determination in liquid fuels by ICP-OES after oxidationextraction desulfurization using magnetic graphene oxide
Ahmadi M, Aguirre MA, Madrakian T, Afkhami A, Canals A
514 - 526 Revealing the chemical characterization of asphaltenes fractions produced by N-methylpyrrolidone using FTIR, molecular fluorescence, H-1 NMR, and ESI(+/-)FT-ICR MS
Carvalho VV, Vasconcelos GA, Tose LV, Santos H, Cardoso FMR, Fleming F, Romao W, Vaz BG
527 - 534 Research on collaborative control of Hg, As, Pb and Cr by electrostaticfabric-integrated precipitator and wet flue gas desulphurization in coal-fired power plants
Wang CB, Zhang Y, Shi YH, Liu HM, Zou C, Wu HC, Kang X
535 - 544 Modeling of mixed-gas adsorption on shale using hPC-SAFT-MPTA
Ren WX, Tian SC, Li GS, Sheng M, Yang RY
545 - 556 Downstream interaction between SNG - Air premixed flames
Sim K, Lee K, Keel SI, Park J
557 - 568 Data analysis and application guidelines for the microgel field applications
Qiu Y, Wei MZ, Bai BJ, Mao CY
569 - 577 An analytical model for shale gas transport in kerogen nanopores coupled with real gas effect and surface diffusion
Yin Y, Qu ZG, Zhang JF
578 - 591 Characterisation of DME-HCCI combustion cycles for formaldehyde and hydroxyl UV-vis absorption
Azimov U, Stylianidis N, Kawahara N, Tomita E
592 - 604 Drying, re-adsorption characteristics, and combustion kinetics of Xilingol lignite in different atmospheres
Zhao HY, Li YH, Song Q, Wang XH, Shu XQ
605 - 610 Gasification of biomass with CO2 and H2O mixtures in a catalytic fluidised bed
Jeremias M, Pohorely M, Svoboda K, Manovic V, Anthony EJ, Skoblia S, Beno Z, Syc M
611 - 616 Emission of mercury from six low calorific value coal-fired power plants
Gao LB, Wang YP, Huang QW, Guo SQ
617 - 624 Improved skeletal reduction on multiple gasoline-ethanol surrogates using a Jacobian-aided DRGEP approach under gasoline compression ignition (GCI) engine conditions
Chen YL, Mehl M, Xie YL, Chen JY
625 - 638 Comparison of multi-component kinetic relations on bubbling fluidized-bed woody biomass fast pyrolysis reactor model performance
Matta J, Bronson B, Gogolek PEG, Mazerolle D, Thibault J, Mehrani P
639 - 645 Ultrasound-assisted oxidative-adsorptive desulfurization using highly acidic graphene oxide as a catalyst-adsorbent
Abdi G, Ashokkumar M, Alizadeh A
646 - 658 Kinetics of H abstraction and addition reactions of 2,4,4-trimethyl-1-pentene by OH radical
Yin GY, Hu EJ, Yang FY, Ku JF, Huang ZH
659 - 665 Simulation of macerals effects on methane emission during gas drainage in coal mines
Taheri A, Sereshki F, Ardejani FD, Mirzaghorbanali A
666 - 673 Diesel HDS performance of alumina supported CoMoP catalysts modified by sulfone molecules produced by ODS process
Hamiye R, Lancelot C, Blanchard P, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Lamonier C
674 - 683 Development of an ultra-small biomass gasification and power generation system: Part 1. A novel carbonization process and optimization of pelletization of carbonized wood char
Ding L, Yoshikawa K, Fukuhara M, Xin D, Muhan L
684 - 694 Development of microemulsions to reduce the viscocity of crude oil emulsions
Santos ICVM, Martelloti RR, Oliveira PF, Mansur CRE
695 - 704 Numerical investigation of the effects of volatile matter composition and chemical reaction mechanism on pulverized coal combustion characteristics
Wen X, Wang H, Luo YJ, Luo K, Fan JR
705 - 712 Recycled wastewater from anaerobic digestion of lipid extracted algae as a source of nutrients
Zhang BC, Ogden K
713 - 720 Effect of salt and water cuts on hydrate anti-agglomeration in a gas condensate system at high pressure
Dong SB, Li MZ, Firoozabadi A
721 - 728 Biodiesel production from mixed non-edible oils, castor seed oil and waste fish oil
Fadhil AB, Al-Tikrity ETB, Albadree MA
729 - 737 Determination of the explosion characteristics of methanol - Air mixture in a constant volume vessel
Saeed K
738 - 747 Multi-stage semi-coke activation for the removal of SO2 and NO
Zhang K, He Y, Wang ZH, Huang TH, Li Q, Kumar S, Cen KF
748 - 757 An improved model for permeability estimation in low permeable porous media based on fractal geometry and modified Hagen-Poiseuille flow
Chen XJ, Yao GQ
758 - 767 Cyclic CO2-EOR in the Bakken Formation: Variable cycle sizes and coupled reservoir response effects
Hejazi SH, Assef Y, Tavallali M, Popli A
768 - 782 Modeling of CO2 solubility in crude oil during carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery using gene expression programming
Rostami A, Arabloo M, Kamari A, Mohammadi AH
783 - 789 Promotion effect of tungsten and iron co-addition on the catalytic performance of MnOx/TiO2 for NH3-SCR of NOx
Shi J, Zhang ZH, Chen MX, Zhang ZX, Shangguan WF
790 - 802 Fractionation of asphaltenes in n-hexane and on adsorption onto CaCO3 and characterization by ESI(+)FT-ICR MS: Part I
Pinto FE, Barros EV, Tose LV, Souza LM, Terra LA, Poppi RJ, Vaz BG, Vasconcelos G, Subramanian S, Simon S, Sjoblom J, Romao W
803 - 810 Partial oxidation of vacuum residue over Al and Zr-doped alpha-Fe2O3 catalysts
Wang DC, Jin LJ, Li Y, Hu HQ
811 - 825 Kinetic parameters of the intrinsic reactivity of woody biomass and coal chars via thermogravimetric analysis
Al-Qayim K, Nimmo W, Hughes K, Pourkashanian M
826 - 835 An intelligent gel designed to control the spontaneous combustion of coal: Fire prevention and extinguishing properties
Cheng WM, Hu XM, Xie J, Zhao YY
836 - 843 Investigation of glycerol-derived binary and ternary systems in CO2 capture process
Huang ZH, Jiang B, Yang HW, Wang BY, Zhang N, Dou HZ, Wei GS, Sun YL, Zhang LH
844 - 858 Effectiveness and time variation of induced fracture volume: Lessons from water flowback analysis
Xu YM, Dehghanpour H, Ezulike O, Virues C
859 - 865 Torrefaction and combustion of pellets made of a mixture of coal sludge and straw
Isemin R, Mikhalev A, Klimov D, Grammelis P, Margaritis N, Kourkoumpas DS, Zaichenko V
866 - 872 Study of reaction mechanism of methane conversion over Ni-based oxygen carrier in chemical looping reforming
Feng YC, Guo X
873 - 884 Part-load performance of direct-firing and co-firing of coal and biomass in a power generation system integrated with a CO2 capture and compression system
Ali U, Akram M, Font-Palma C, Ingham DB, Pourkashanian M
885 - 891 First evaluation of a multicomponent flue gas cleaning concept using chlorine dioxide gas - Experiments on chemistry and process performance
Hulten AH, Nilsson P, Samuelsson M, Ajdari S, Normann F, Andersson K
892 - 899 Long-term pilot testing of the carbonate looping process in 1 MWth scale
Hilz J, Helbig M, Haaf M, Daikeler A, Strohle J, Epple B
900 - 913 Parametric investigation on combustion and emissions characteristics of a dual fuel (natural gas port injection and diesel pilot injection) engine using 0-D SRM and 3D CFD approach
Maurya RK, Mishra P
914 - 921 Prediction of engine performance and emissions with Manihot glaziovii bioethanol - Gasoline blended using extreme learning machine
Sebayang AH, Masjuki HH, Ong HC, Dharma S, Silitonga AS, Kusumo F, Milano J
922 - 935 Exploration of PROMETHEE II and VIKOR methodology in a MCDM approach for ascertaining the optimal performance-emission trade-off vantage in a hydrogen-biohol dual fuel endeavour
Debbarma B, Chakraborti P, Bose PK, Deb M, Banerjee R