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1 - 11 Selective conversion of furfural to cyclopentanone over CNT-supported Cu based catalysts: Model reaction for upgrading of bio-oil
Zhou MH, Li J, Wang K, Xia HH, Xu JM, Jiang JC
12 - 22 Experimental study on permeability stress sensitivity of reconstituted granular coal with different lithotypes
Geng YG, Tang DZ, Xu H, Tao S, Tang SL, Ma L, Zhu XG
23 - 28 Analysis of the oxidative degradation of biodiesel blends using FTIR, UV-Vis, TGA and TD-DES methods
Zhou J, Xiong Y, Gong YZ, Liu X
29 - 35 High-purity hydrogen production with in situ CO2 capture based on biomass gasification
Doranehgard MH, Samadyar H, Mesbah M, Haratipour P, Samiezade S
36 - 45 Temperature and gasifying media effects on chicken manure pyrolysis and gasification
Hussein MS, Burra KG, Amano RS, Gupta AK
46 - 55 Co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis oil at high temperature: Part 1. Fate of alkali elements
Bach-Oller A, Kirtania K, Furusjo E, Umeki K
56 - 65 Flame stability analysis of the premixed methane-air combustion in a two-layer porous media burner by numerical simulation
Hashemi SM, Hashemi SA
66 - 77 Gaseous emission and ash characteristics from combustion of high ash content antibiotic mycelial residue in fluidized bed and the impact of additional water vapor
Zhang GY, Liu H, Ge YX, Gao SQ
78 - 84 Thermal Lens Temperature Scanning technique for evaluation of oxidative stability and time of transesterification during biodiesel synthesis
Constantino R, Lenzi GG, Franco MG, Lenzi EK, Bento AC, Astrath NGC, Malacarne LC, Baesso ML
85 - 97 Prospects of using equilibrium-based column models in dynamic process simulation of post-combustion CO2 capture for coal-fired power plant
Dutta R, Nord LO, Bolland O
98 - 108 Density Functional study on the transesterification of triacetin assisted by cooperative weak interactions via a gold heterogeneous catalyst: Insights into biodiesel production mechanisms
Delesma C, Castillo R, Sevilla-Camacho PY, Sebastian PJ, Muniz J
109 - 117 Torrefaction of olive tree pruning: Effect of operating conditions on solid product properties
Martin-Lara MA, Ronda A, Zamora MC, Calero M
118 - 128 An extensive characterization of various treated waste wood for assessment of suitability with combustion process
Huron M, Oukala S, Lardiere J, Giraud N, Dupont C
129 - 134 Catalytic oxidation of lignite to carboxylic acids by molecular oxygen in an aqueous FeCl3 solution
Yang F, Hou YC, Niu MG, Wu WZ, Liu ZY
135 - 143 CeO2-assisted Ni nanocatalysts supported on mesoporous gamma-Al2O3 for the production of synthetic natural gas
Nie WX, Zou XJ, Shang XF, Wang XG, Ding WZ, Lu XG
144 - 153 Emissions and ash behavior in a 500 kW pellet boiler operated with various blends of woody biomass and peat
Sippula O, Lamberg H, Leskinen J, Tissari J, Jokiniemi J
154 - 164 Exhaust emissions of non-road mobile machine: Real-world and laboratory studies with diesel and HVO fuels
Pirjola L, Ronkko T, Saukko E, Parviainen H, Malinen A, Alanen J, Saveljeff H
165 - 174 Evaluation of operating parameters and fuel composition on knock in large bore two-stroke pipeline engines
Ladd JW, Olsen DB, Beshouri G
175 - 183 Study on fusibility of coal ash rich in sodium and sulfur by synthetic ash under different atmospheres
Chen XD, Kong LX, Bai J, Bai ZQ, Li W
184 - 195 Partitioning and speciation of selenium in wet limestone flue gas desulphurisation systems: A review
Cordoba P
196 - 205 Two-step enzymatic production of environmentally friendly biolubricants using castor oil: Enzyme selection and product characterization
Greco-Duarte J, Cavalcanti-Oliveira ED, Da Silva JAC, Fernandez-Lafuente R, Freire DMG
206 - 215 A cleanup method using solid phase extraction for the determination of organosulfur compounds in petroleum asphalt cements
da Silveira GD, Hoinacki CK, Goularte RB, Do Nascimento PC, Bohrer D, Cravo M, Leite LFM, de Carvalho LM
216 - 226 On the use of Modulated Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry to assess wax crystallization in crude oils
Paiva FL, Calado VMA, Marchesini FH
227 - 232 Assessment of the equivalence and correlation between total sulfur determination methods in biodiesel: An use of isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
de Oliveira WP, Borges DLG, Saint'Pierre TD, Dupim M, Vale F, Marques B, Medeiros FR
233 - 240 Evaluating approaches for sustaining methane production from coal through biogasification
Zhang J, Liang YN
241 - 245 A qualitative correlation between engine exhaust particulate number and mass emissions
Shukla PC, Gupta T, Gupta N, Agarwal AK
246 - 259 Thermal decomposition mechanisms of energetic ionic crystal dihydrazinium 3,3'-dinitro-5,5'-bis-1,2,4-triazole-1,1-diolate: An ab initio molecular dynamics study
Xiang D, Zhu WH, Xiao HM
260 - 270 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of ethanol from potato waste by co-cultures of Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in biofilm reactors
Izmirlioglu G, Demirci A
271 - 286 Modelling of high purity H-2 production via sorption enhanced chemical looping steam reforming of methane in a packed bed reactor
Abbas SZ, Dupont V, Mahmud T
287 - 295 Pure carbon-number components to characterize the hydrocarbon mixture for kinetic modeling of hydrogenation process
Dai F, Yang YQ, Wang HY, Li CS, Li ZX, Zhang SJ
296 - 306 Treatment of lignite and thermal coal with low cost amino acid based ionic liquid-water mixtures
To TQ, Shah K, Tremain P, Simmons BA, Moghtaderi B, Atkin R
307 - 317 Identification of sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen species in heavy oils by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Flahaut D, Minvielle M, Sambou A, Lecour P, Legens C, Barbier J
318 - 327 DFT studies of Hg-0 oxidation by gaseous advanced oxidation method: H2O2/Fe3O4 (111) and hydroxyl pre-adsorbed Fe3O4 (111) surface
Zhou CS, Wang B, Song ZJ, Ma C, Yu J, Zhang ZY, Yang HM, Sun LS
328 - 337 Influence of textures, oxygen-containing functional groups and metal species on SO2 and NO removal over Ce-Mn/NAC
Fang NJ, Guo JX, Shu S, Li JJ, Chu YH
338 - 344 A salt-induced mechanism for the swelling of black liquor droplet during devolatilization
Chen CC, Alen R, Lehtimaki E, Louhelainen J
345 - 351 Preparation of high-dispersion Ni/C catalyst using modified lignite as carbon precursor for catalytic reforming of biomass volatiles
Ren J, Cao JP, Zhao XY, Wei F, Liu TL, Fan X, Zhao YP, Wei XY
352 - 365 Characteristics of high temperature C-CO2 gasification reactivity of Victorian brown coal char and its blends with high ash fusion temperature bituminous coal
Dai BQ, Hoadley A, Zhang L
366 - 379 Chemical analysis of surface and bulk of asphalt binders aged with accelerated weathering tester and standard aging methods
Menapace I, Yiming W, Masad E
380 - 394 Analytical model of well injectivity improvement using nanofluid preflush
Yuan B, Moghanloo RG
395 - 404 Gaseous state oxygen carrier for coal chemical looping process
Zhang Q, Rakhshi A, Dasgupta D, Wiltowski T
405 - 413 Numerical study of formaldehyde and unburned methanol emissions of direct injection spark ignition methanol engine under cold start and steady state operating conditions
Liu JJ, Gong CM, Peng LG, Liu FH, Yu XM, Li YF
414 - 425 Anti-knock quality of sugar derived levulinic esters and cyclic ethers
Tian M, McCormick RL, Luecke J, de Jong E, van der Waal JC, van Klink GPM, Boot MD
426 - 434 Liquid permeability of organic nanopores in shale: Calculation and analysis
Cui JF, Sang Q, Li YJ, Yin CB, Li YC, Dong MZ
435 - 445 Experimental study on the dynamic filtration control performance of N-2/liquid CO2 foam in porous media
Lv QC, Li ZM, Li BF, Zhang C, Shi DS, Zheng C, Zhou TK
446 - 454 Effects of oxygen supply on low-temperature oxidation of coal: A case study of Jurassic coal in Yima, China
Su HT, Zhou FB, Li JS, Qi HN
455 - 463 Oxidation stability of biodiesel derived from waste catfish oil
Fu JX, Hue BTB, Turn SQ
464 - 469 A rapid and sensitive voltammetric determination of sulphur in biodiesel in samples no treated and treated with TMAH
Viegas HDC, Almeida JMS, Lacerda CA, Silva JB, Marques ALB, Marques EP
470 - 482 Catalytic oxidation of Hg-0 in flue gas over Ce modified TiO2 supported Co-Mn catalysts: Characterization, the effect of gas composition and co-benefit of NO conversion
Li HH, Wang SK, Wang X, Tang N, Pan SW, Hu JJ
483 - 493 Experimental study on CH4 permeability and its dependence on interior fracture networks of fractured coal under different excavation stress paths
Ju Y, Zhang QG, Zheng JT, Wang JG, Chang C, Gao F
494 - 502 Organic and inorganic sulphur compounds releases from high-pyrite coal pyrolysis in H-2, N-2 and CO2: Test case Chinese LZ coal
Gu Y, Yperman J, Vandewijngaarden J, Reggers G, Carleer R
503 - 511 Biodiesel production from Mucor circinelloides using ethanol and heteropolyacid in one and two-step transesterification
Carvalho AKF, da Conceicao LRV, Silva JPV, Perez VH, de Castro HF
512 - 519 Obtaining biodiesel from microalgae oil using ultrasound-assisted in-situ alkaline transesterification
Martinez N, Callejas N, Morais EG, Costa JAV, Jachmanian I, Vieitez I
520 - 528 Sensitivity analysis of fuel types and operational parameters on the particulate matter emissions from an aviation piston engine burning heavy fuels
Chen LF, Liang ZR, Liu HY, Ding SR, Li YF
529 - 540 Evaluation of optimized bio-asphalt containing high content waste cooking oil residues
Sun DQ, Sun GQ, Du YC, Zhu XY, Lu T, Pang Q, Shi SY, Dai ZW
541 - 546 Speciation transformation of arsenic during municipal sewage sludge incineration with cotton stalk as additive
Zhao YZ, Ren QQ, Na YJ
547 - 555 Reduction-oxidation kinetics of three different iron oxide phases for CO2 activation to CO
Jeong MH, Lee DH, Han GY, Shin CH, Shin MK, Ko CK, Bae JW
556 - 562 Impact of biomass addition on organic structure and mineral matter of char during coal-biomass co-gasification under CO2 atmosphere
Qin YH, Han QQ, Zhao ZB, Du ZY, Feng J, Li WY, Vassilev SV, Vassileva CG
563 - 571 Exploring structural features of USY zeolite in the catalytic cracking of Jatropha Curcas L. seed oil towards higher gasoline/diesel yield and lower CO2 emission
Zheng QQ, Huo L, Li HY, Mi S, Li XH, Zhu XC, Deng XL, Shen BJ
572 - 582 Laminar flame speed of lignocellulosic biomass-derived oxygenates and blends of gasoline/oxygenates
Wu Y, Rossow B, Modica V, Yu XL, Wu LL, Grisch F
583 - 594 Experimental study on the effect of injector nozzle K factor on the spray characteristics in a constant volume chamber: Near nozzle spray initiation, the macroscopic and the droplet statistics
Tang CL, Feng ZH, Zhan C, Ma WA, Huang ZH
595 - 612 On the modeling of one-dimensional membrane reactors: Application to hydrogen production in fixed packed bed
Solsvik J, Jakobsen HA
613 - 619 Experimental investigation of the atomization behavior of ethanol and kerosene in acoustic fields
Ju DH, Sun XC, Jia XX, Huang Z, Qiao XQ, Han D, Huang Z
620 - 630 Characterization of upgraded fast pyrolysis oak oil distillate fractions from sulfided and non-sulfided catalytic hydrotreating
Olarte MV, Padmaperuma AB, Ferrell JR, Christensen ED, Hallen RT, Lucke RB, Burton SD, Lemmon TL, Swita MS, Fioroni G, Elliott DC, Drennan C
631 - 640 Prediction of thermal behavior of trickle bed reactors: The effect of the pellet shape and size
Taulamet MJ, Mariani NJ, Barreto GF, Martinez OM
641 - 649 Formation and transformation of mineral phases in various fuels studied by different ashing methods
Reinmoller M, Schreiner M, Guhl S, Neuroth M, Meyer B
650 - 655 Ignition and combustion of single particles of coal and biomass
Riaza J, Gibbins J, Chalmers H
656 - 664 Multi-mode combustion process monitoring on a pulverised fuel combustion test facility based on flame imaging and random weight network techniques
Bai XJ, Lu G, Hossain MM, Szuhanszki J, Daood SS, Nimmo W, Yan Y, Pourkashanian M
665 - 674 Impact experiments of char and ash particles relevant to entrained-flow coal gasifiers
Troiano M, Santagata T, Montagnaro F, Salatino P, Solimene R
675 - 687 A combined experimental and theoretical study of diesel fuel injection timing and gaseous fuel/diesel mass ratio effects on the performance and emissions of natural gas-diesel HDDI engine operating at various loads
Papagiannakis RG, Krishnan SR, Rakopoulos DC, Srinivasan KK, Rakopoulos CD
688 - 698 Multiple optical diagnostics on effect of fuel stratification degree on reactivity controlled compression ignition
Tang QL, Liu HF, Li MK, Geng C, Yao MF
699 - 716 Performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine using nano particles additives in biodiesel-diesel blends and modeling with GP approach
Ghanbari M, Najafi G, Ghobadian B, Yusaf T, Carlucci AP, Kiani MKD