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1 - 10 Evaluation of different lipase biocatalysts in the production of biodiesel from used cooking oil: Critical role of the immobilization support
Tacias-Pascacio VG, Virgen-Ortiz JJ, Jimenez-Perez M, Yates M, Torrestiana-Sanchez B, Rosales-Quintero A, Fernandez-Lafuente R
11 - 21 Preparation, characterization, and catalytic performances of cobalt catalysts supported on KIT-6 silicas in oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene
Wei SN, He HJ, Cheng Y, Yang CP, Zeng GM, Kang L, Qian H, Zhu CY
22 - 30 Modes of occurrence and thermal stability of mercury in different samples from Guandi coal preparation plant
Gao LB, Wang YP, Huang QW, Guo SQ
31 - 36 Future intraplate stress and the longevity of carbon storage
Dyksterhuis S, Muller RD
37 - 46 Hydrogen chloride emissions from combustion of raw and torrefied biomass
Ren XH, Sun R, Chi HH, Meng XX, Li YP, Levendis YA
47 - 53 Experimental study of the soot formation of RP-3 behind reflected shock waves
He JN, Xian LY, Li P, Zhang CH, Wang JB, Li XY
54 - 61 Effect of pore structure and oxygen-containing groups on adsorption of dibenzothiophene over activated carbon
Deng LL, Lu BQ, Li JL, Lv GQ, Du SJ, Shi JY, Yang YX
62 - 69 Solubilization of the macroinitiator palmitoyl modified hyperbranched polyglycerol (PHPG) in hydrocarbon fuels
He GJ, Shen YY, Li J, Zhang LF, Guo YS, Dionysiou DD, Fang WJ
70 - 75 Thermal decomposition of pyrolytic lignin under inert conditions at low temperatures
Chua YW, Yu Y, Wu HW
76 - 80 Effects of carbon dioxide and nitrogen addition on soot processes in laminar diffusion flames of ethylene-air at high pressures
Karatas AE, Gulder OL
81 - 88 CO2-O-2 gasification of a bituminous coal in circulating fluidized bed
Liang C, Zhang HX, Zhu ZP, Na YJ, Lu QG
89 - 99 Petrographic analysis and characterisation of a blast furnace coke and its wear mechanisms
Lomas H, Roest R, Gupta S, Pearson RA, Fetscher R, Jenkins DR, Pearce R, Kanniala R, Mahoney MR
100 - 106 Deep study on effects of activated carbon's oxygen functional groups for elemental mercury adsorption using temperature programmed desorption method
Sun P, Zhang B, Zeng XB, Luo GQ, Li X, Yao H, Zheng CG
107 - 112 Capillary constant and surface tension of methane/hydrogen mixtures
Baidakov VG, Kaverin AM, Grishina KA
113 - 123 Characterization of a pyrolysis liquid from a German brown coal by use of negative and positive ion mode electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry and collision-induced dissociation
Zuber J, Rathsack P, Otto M
124 - 133 Effects of potassium hydroxide on the catalytic pyrolysis of oily sludge for high-quality oil product
Lin BC, Wang J, Huang QX, Chi Y
134 - 145 Electric agglomeration modes of coal-fired fly-ash particles with water droplet humidification
Chang QY, Zheng CH, Yang ZD, Fang MX, Gao X, Luo ZY, Cen KF
146 - 152 Efficient renewable fuel production from sewage sludge using a supercritical fluid route
Prajitno H, Zeb H, Park J, Ryu C, Kim J
153 - 161 Promoted catalysis of calcium on the hydrogasification reactivity of iron-loaded subbituminous coal
Yuan SF, Zhang N, Qu X, Bi JC, Cao Q, Wang JL
162 - 170 The influence of the polarity of fractionated asphaltenes on their Langmuir-film properties
Lobato MD, Gamez F, Lago S, Pedrosa JM
171 - 181 Contribution of acidic components to the total acid number (TAN) of bio-oil
Park LKE, Liu JJ, Yiacoumi S, Borole AP, Tsouris C
182 - 185 Occurrence forms of key ash-forming elements in defatted microalgal biomass
He YL, Gao XP, Qiao Y, Xu MH
186 - 192 Characterization of coal pyrolysis in indirectly heated fixed bed based on field effects
Hu EF, Zeng X, Ma DC, Wang F, Li Y, Guo EW, Fu XH
193 - 198 Recyclable oleic acid modified magnetic NiFe2O4 nanoparticles for catalytic aquathermolysis of Liaohe heavy oil
Hou JJ, Li C, Gao H, Chen M, Huang WC, Chen YL, Zhou CG
199 - 207 Quantitative 3D spatial characterization and flow simulation of coal macropores based on mu CT technology
Ni XM, Miao J, Lv RS, Lin XY
208 - 217 Catalytic hydroconversion of lignite-related model compounds over difunctional Ni-Mg2Si/gamma-Al2O3
Li WT, Wei XY, Li XK, Liu XX, Li ZK, Zong ZM
218 - 224 Characteristics of bio-oil produced by the pyrolysis of mixed oil shale semi-coke and spent mushroom substrate
Jiang HF, Zhang MY, Chen J, Li S, Shao YF, Yang JQ, Li JF
225 - 235 Characteristics of biomass fast pyrolysis in a wire-mesh reactor
Zhang YR, Niu YQ, Zou H, Lei Y, Zheng J, Zhuang HY, Hui SE
236 - 243 Ag-Mo modified SCR catalyst for a co-beneficial oxidation of elemental mercury at wide temperature range
Zhao SJ, Xu HM, Mei J, Ma YP, Lou T, Qu Z, Yan NQ
244 - 251 Effects of water vapor and trace gas impurities in flue gas on CO2 capture in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: The significant role of functional groups
Hu JB, Liu Y, Liu J, Gu CK
252 - 271 An approach to model the thermal conversion and flight behaviour of Refuse Derived Fuel
Liedmann B, Arnold W, Kruger B, Becker A, Krusch S, Wirtz S, Scherer V
272 - 281 Quantitative characterization of pore-fracture system of organic-rich marine-continental shale reservoirs: A case study of the Upper Permian Longtan Formation, Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Zhang JZ, Li XQ, Wei Q, Gao WJ, Liang WL, Wang Z, Wang FY
282 - 289 Extraction and thermal dissolution of Piliqing subbituminous coal
Wang YN, Wei XY, Li ZK, Yan HL, Wang TM, Zhang YY, Zong ZM, Ma FY, Liu JM
290 - 298 Study on the mechanism of NO removal by plasma-adsorption catalytic process
Peng MQ, Zhao R, Xia M, Li CJ, Gong XL, Wang D, Xia DS
299 - 315 Adsorption of methane in organic-rich shale nanopores: An experimental and molecular simulation study
Xiong J, Liu XJ, Liang LX, Zeng Q
316 - 332 Ionic liquid as a catalyst for utilization of carbon dioxide to production of linear and cyclic carbonate
Chaugule AA, Tamboli AH, Kim H
333 - 344 Estimation parameters of hydrocracking model with NSGA-ii (Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm) by using discrete kinetic lumping model
Li GQ, Cai CX
345 - 356 Generalizing the behavior of flash-boiling, plume interaction and spray collapse for multi-hole, direct injection
Lacey J, Poursadegh F, Brear MJ, Gordon R, Petersen P, Lakey C, Butcher B, Ryan S
357 - 370 Investigation of the effects of biodiesel aging on the degradation of common rail fuel injection systems
Saltas E, Bouilly J, Geivanidis S, Samaras Z, Mohammadi A, Iida Y
371 - 379 Microporous carbon monolith synthesis and production for methane storage
Rash TA, Gillespie A, Holbrook BP, Hiltzik LH, Romanos J, Soo YC, Sweany S, Pfeifer P
380 - 386 Bioethanol production from acidic and enzymatic hydrolysates of mixed microalgae culture
Shokrkar H, Ebrahimi S, Zamani M
387 - 394 Performance of Pt/ZrO2-TiO2-Al2O3 and coke deposition during methylcyclohexane catalytic cracking
Liu B, Wang ZZ, Zhu Q, Li XY, Wang JL
395 - 406 Quantitative composition-property relationship of aviation hydrocarbon fuel based on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with mass spectrometry and flame ionization detector
Shi XP, Li HJ, Song ZY, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
407 - 418 Kinetic and mechanistic studies of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over the nano-structured iron-cobalt-manganese catalyst prepared by hydrothermal procedure
Golestan S, Mirzaei AA, Atashi H
419 - 426 The low salinity effect at high temperatures
Xie Q, Brady PV, Pooryousefy E, Zhou DY, Liu YB, Saeedi A
427 - 434 Study on the mercury captured by mechanochemical and bromide surface modification of coal fly ash
Zhang YS, Zhang ZS, Liu Z, Norris P, Pan WP
435 - 446 Euler-Euler CFD simulation of the fuel reactor of a 1 MWth chemical-looping pilot plant: Influence of the drag models and specularity coefficient
Sharma R, May J, Alobaid F, Ohlemuller P, Strohle J, Epple B
447 - 457 An investigation on the DME HCCI autoignition under EGR and boosted operation
Putrasari Y, Jamsran N, Lim O
458 - 466 Synthesis and evaluation of a novel dispersant with jellyfish-like 3D structure for preparing coal-water slury
Zhang K, Zhang XH, Jin LE, Cao Q, Li P
467 - 480 Flame structures and ignition characteristics of torrefied and raw sewage sludge particles at rapid heating rates
Mock C, Lee H, Choi S, Manovic V
481 - 487 Effect of mixing and vapor residence time on thermal cracking of bitumen in a Mechanically Fluidized Reactor
Stanlick C, Berruti F, Briens C
488 - 498 Numerical analysis of the effects of reformer gas on supercharged n-heptane HCCI combustion
Neshat E, Saray RK, Parsa S
499 - 505 Efficiency of heterogeneous catalysts in interesterification reaction from macaw oil (Acrocomia aculeata) and methyl acetate
Ribeiro JD, Celante D, Simoes SS, Bassaco MM, da Silva C, de Castilhos F
506 - 520 Enrichment of rare earth elements from coal and coal by-products by physical separations
Lin RH, Howard BH, Roth EA, Bank TL, Granite EJ, Soong Y
521 - 528 Viscosity measurement and prediction of gasified and synthesized coal slag melts
Arman, Tsuruda A, Arma LH, Takebe H
529 - 544 Impact of injection strategy and GTL fuels on combustion process and performance under diesel engine start
Ezzitouni S, Soriano JA, Gomez A, Armas O
545 - 554 Encapsulites, and the suppression of internal gas pressure in industrial metallurgical coke blends
Pearson DE, Pearson RA, Jiao YK, Park HK
555 - 563 The evolution and formation mechanisms of closed pores in coal
Niu QH, Pan JN, Cao LW, Ji ZM, Wang HC, Wang K, Wang ZZ
564 - 575 Use of the constant volume combustion chamber to examine the properties of autoignition and derived cetane number of mixtures of diesel fuel and ethanol
Kuszewski H, Jaworski A, Ustrzycki A, Lejda K, Balawender K, Wos P
576 - 582 Study on hydro-liquefaction kinetics of thermal dissolution soluble fraction from Shenfu sub-bituminous coal
Shui HF, Xu HY, Zhou Y, Shui T, Pan CX, Wang ZC, Lei ZP, Ren SBA, Kang SG, Xu CB
583 - 589 Flame heights of line-source buoyant turbulent non-premixed jets with air entrainment constraint by two parallel side walls
Hu LH, Liu SX, Zhang XL
590 - 598 Heterogeneous-catalysed direct transformation of microalga biomass into Biodiesel-Grade FAMEs
Vicente G, Carrero A, Rodriguez R, del Peso GL