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1 - 3 Understanding the effect of CO2 on the pHe of fuel ethanol
Golisz SR, Yang JS, Johnson RD
4 - 13 Oil dispersible polymethylsilsesquioxane (PMSQ) microspheres improve the flow behavior of waxy crude oil through spacial hindrance effect
Yang F, Yao B, Li CX, Sun GY, Ma XB
14 - 21 Keys to linking GCMC simulations and shale gas adsorption experiments
Chen GH, Lu SF, Zhang JF, Xue QZ, Han TC, Xue HT, Tian SS, Li JB, Xu CX, Pervukhina M
22 - 27 Experimental study of extracting alumina from coal fly ash using fluidized beds at high temperature
Sun LY, Luo K, Fan JR, Lu HL
28 - 37 Experimental investigations on the combustion of lithium particles in CO2 and CO2-N-2 mixtures
Schiemann M, Fischer P, Bergthorson JM, Schmid G, Taroata D
38 - 46 QCM virtual multisensor array for fuel discrimination and detection of gasoline adulteration
Speller NC, Siraj N, Vaughan S, Speller LN, Warner IM
47 - 64 Metal modified graphene oxide composite catalyst for the production of biodiesel via pre-esterification of Calophyllum inophyllum oil
Marso TMM, Kalpage CS, Udugala-Ganehenege MY
65 - 75 Experimental investigation of correlation between cellular structure of the flame front and pressure
Jiang YH, Li GX, Li FS, Sun ZY, Li HM
76 - 90 The effect of nozzle geometry over ignition delay and flame lift-off of reacting direct-injection sprays for three different fuels
Payri R, Viera JP, Gopalakrishnan V, Szymkowicz PG
91 - 101 Removal of Co(II) from fuel ethanol by silica-gel supported PAMAM dendrimers: Combined experimental and theoretical study
Song XT, Niu YZ, Zhang PP, Zhang CY, Zhang Z, Zhu Y, Qu RJ
102 - 114 Kinetics of heterogeneous reactions with coal in context of underground coal gasification
Samdani G, Ganesh A, Aghalayam P, Sapru RK, Lohar BL, Mahajani S
115 - 124 Co-processing of palm fatty acid distillate and light gas oil in pilot-scale hydrodesulfurization unit over commercial CoMo/Al2O3
Boonyasuwat S, Tscheikuna J
125 - 134 Comparison of spray collapses at elevated ambient pressure and flash boiling conditions using multi-hole gasoline direct injector
Guo HJ, Ding HC, Li YF, Ma X, Wang Z, Xu HM, Wang JX
135 - 144 Simultaneous breaking and conversion of petroleum emulsions into synthetic crude oil with low impurities
Khan MK, Sarkar B, Zeb H, Yi M, Kim J
145 - 156 Solid fossil fuels thermal decomposition features in air and argon
Epshtein SA, Kossovich EL, Kaminskii VA, Durov NM, Dobryakova NN
157 - 161 Direct transesterification of spent coffee grounds for biodiesel production
Liu Y, Tu QS, Knothe G, Lu MM
162 - 168 Influence of hydrogen addition on combustion characteristics and particle number and size distribution emissions of a TDI diesel engine
Barrios CC, Dominguez-Saez A, Hormigo D
169 - 175 The bond cleavage and radical coupling during pyrolysis of Huadian oil shale
Zhao XS, Liu ZY, Liu QY
176 - 184 A comprehensive assessment on the effect of high octane fuels induction on engine's combustion behaviour of a Mahua oil based dual fuel engine
Kumar MS, Nataraj G, Arulselvan S
185 - 190 Experimental study on modified polyacrylamide coated self-suspending proppant
Zhang JC, Liu KY, Cao M
191 - 205 A multiscale-multiphase simulation model for the evaluation of shale gas recovery coupled the effect of water flowback
Cao P, Liu JS, Leong YK
206 - 218 Structural and chemical analysis of bitumen using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)
Lu XH, Sjovall P, Soenen H
219 - 228 Effects of the coalification jump on the petrophysical properties of lignite, subbituminous and high-volatile bituminous coals
Zhou SD, Liu DM, Cai YD, Yao YB
229 - 238 On the effect of spray parameters on CO and NOx emissions in a liquid fuel fired flameless combustor
Sharma S, Kumar R, Chowdhury A, Yoon Y, Kumar S
239 - 247 Kinetic of the formation of short-chain carboxylic acids during the induced oxidation of different lipid samples using ion chromatography
Souza PT, Ansolin M, Batista EAC, Meirelles AJA, Tubino M
248 - 263 Predicting the viscosity of diesel/biodiesel blends
Kanaveli IP, Atzemi M, Lois E
264 - 271 Changes in char structure during the thermal treatment of nascent chars in N-2 and subsequent gasification in O-2
Zhang L, Li TT, Wang S, Song Y, Dong L, Zhang S, Li CZ
272 - 288 Experimental and analytical investigation of adsorption effects on shale gas transport in organic nanopores
Pang Y, Soliman MY, Deng HC, Xie XH
289 - 298 Transient multiple particle simulations of char particle combustion
Sayadi T, Farazi S, Kang S, Pitsch H
299 - 323 Effect of hydrocarbon vaporization and gases solubility on performance and cycle length of gas-phase - Trickle bed reactors system used for deep diesel hydrotreatment
Tailleur RG
324 - 331 Extended modeling of decelerating turbulent jets for diesel spray's penetration after end-of-injection
Liu L, Ma XZ, Magagnato FA
332 - 338 Modeling viscosity of butanol and ethanol blends with diesel and biodiesel fuels
Lapuerta M, Rodriguez-Fernandez J, Fernandez-Rodriguez D, Patino-Camino R
339 - 345 Saw dust pyrolysis: Effect of temperature and catalysts
Kumar P, Kumar P, Rao PVC, Choudary NV, Sriganesh G
346 - 357 Production, analysis and combustion characterization of biomass fast pyrolysis oil - Biodiesel blends for use in diesel engines
Laesecke J, Ellis N, Kirchen P
358 - 371 Reaction phenomena of high-temperature water gas shift reaction in a membrane reactor
Chen WH, Tsai CW, Lin YL, Chein RY, Yu CT
372 - 379 Product distribution and interactive mechanism during co-pyrolysis of a subbituminous coal and its direct liquefaction residue
Li XH, Li LL, Li BF, Feng J, Li WY
380 - 393 Char structure dependence on formation enthalpy of parent coal
Tomaszewicz M, Mianowski A
394 - 402 High purity FAU-type zeolite catalysts from shale rock for biodiesel production
Doyle AM, Alismaeel ZT, Albayati TM, Abbas AS
403 - 412 Valorization of steam-exploded wheat straw through a biorefinery approach: Bioethanol and bio-oil co-production
Tomas-Pejo E, Fermoso J, Herrador E, Hernando H, Jimenez-Sanchez S, Ballesteros M, Gonzalez-Fernandez C, Serrano DP
413 - 419 Syngas production from CO2/CH4 rich combustion in a porous media burner: Experimental characterization and elementary reaction model
Zeng HY, Wang YQ, Shi YX, Ni M, Cai NS
420 - 429 An approach to estimating flame radiation in combustion chambers containing suspended-particles
Yang ZW, Adeosun A, Kumfer BM, Axelbaum RL
430 - 437 Plasma-catalytic reforming of CO2-rich biogas over Ni/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts in a rotating gliding arc reactor
Zhu FS, Zhang H, Yan X, Yan JH, Ni MJ, Li XD, Tu X
438 - 446 Chemistry and petrology of paired feed coal and combustion ash from anthracite-burning stoker boilers
Hower JC, Hood MM, Taggart RK, Hsu-Kim H
447 - 455 The combustion of solid paraffin wax and of liquid glycerol in a fluidised bed
Menon A, Waller N, Hu WT, Hayhurst AN, Davidson JF, Scott SA
456 - 477 Turbulent kinetic energy transport in head-on quenching of turbulent premixed flames in the context of Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes simulations
Lai JW, Moody A, Chakraborty N
478 - 487 Experimental investigation on the macroscopic and microscopic spray characteristics of dieseline fuel
Jing DL, Zhang F, Li YF, Xu HM, Shuai SJ
488 - 496 The pyrolysis of biomass briquettes: Effect of pyrolysis temperature and phosphorus additives on the quality and combustion of bio-char briquettes
Wang Q, Han KH, Gao J, Li H, Lu CM
497 - 503 Suitability of a radical based method for assessment of jet fuel antioxidant capacity and projected storage stability
Rawson PM, Stansfield CA, Creek J, Webster RL, Evans DJ
504 - 511 Mechanism of kerogen pyrolysis in terms of chemical structure transformation
Lai DG, Zhan JH, Tian Y, Gao SQ, Xu GW
512 - 522 Prediction models of calorific value of coal based on wavelet neural networks
Wen XQ, Jian SG, Wang JG
523 - 531 Evaluation of Fe(II)EDTA-NO reduction by zinc powder in wet flue gas denitrification technology with Fe(II)EDTA
He FQ, Deng XH, Chen M
532 - 550 Apparent permeability of gas shales - Superposition of fluid-dynamic and poro-elastic effects
Fink R, Krooss BM, Gensterblum Y, Amann-Hildenbrand A
551 - 561 Accurate analytical model for determination of effective diffusion coefficient of polymer electrolyte fuel cells by designing compact Loschmidt cells
Izadmehr M, Abbasi M, Mansouri M, Kazemi A, Nakhaee A, Daryasafar A
562 - 566 Enhanced methane production of Miscanthus floridulus by hydrogen peroxide pretreatment
Katukuri NR, Fu SF, He S, Xu XH, Yuan XZ, Yang ZM, Guo RB
567 - 577 Measurements and empirical correlations in predicting biodiesel-diesel blends' viscosity and density
Gulum M, Bilgin A
578 - 586 Mineral transformation and emission behaviors of Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb and Zn during the co-combustion of dried waste activated sludge and lignite
Wang RK, Zhao ZH, Yin QQ, Liu JZ
587 - 597 The wettability of coke by pitches with different quinoline-insoluble contents
Lu Y, Kocaefe D, Kocaefe Y, Huang XA, Bhattacharyay D
598 - 605 Comparative study of low-temperature pyrolysis and solvent treatment on upgrading and hydro-liquefaction of brown coal
Yan JC, Bai ZQ, Hao P, Bai J, Li W
606 - 615 Asphaltene flocculation parameter in Brazilian crude oils and synthetic polar and nonpolar mixtures: Experimental and modeling
Santos DC, Filipakis SD, Rolemberg MP, Lima ERA, Paredes MLL
616 - 626 Turbulent flame augmentation using a fluidic jet for Deflagration-to-Detonation
Chambers J, Ahmed K
627 - 640 Thermal and rheological properties of soapberry Sapindus saponaria L. (Sapindaceae) oil biodiesel and its blends with petrodiesel
Pelegrini BL, Sudati EA, Re F, Moreira AL, Ferreira ICP, Sampaio AR, Kimura NM, Lima MMD
641 - 652 Modeling molecular interactions of sodium montmorillonite clay with 3D kerogen models
Katti DR, Thapa KB, Katti KS
653 - 661 Study on the mercury emission and transformation in an ultra-low emission coal- fired power plant
Zhao SL, Duan YF, Yao T, Liu M, Lu JH, Tan HZ, Wang XB, Wu LT
662 - 669 Trace element concentration and reduction of typical Chinese bituminous coals via dry physical separation techniques
He JF, Hong P, Tan MB, Duan CL, Zhou EH
670 - 683 Screening oxygenates for favorable NOx/smoke trade-off in a DI diesel engine using multi response optimization
Kumar BR, Saravanan S, Sethuramasamyraja B, Rana D
684 - 696 Experiment on fine particle purification by flue gas condensation for industrial boilers
Liu J, Chen DL, Lu JD