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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Investigation of mechanism and kinetics of non-isothermal low temperature pyrolysis of perhydrous bituminous coal by in-situ FTIR
Niu ZY, Liu GJ, Yin H, Wu D, Zhou CC
11 - 19 Impacts of biodiesel blends on PM2.5, particle number and size distribution, and elemental/organic carbon from nonroad diesel generators
Tang SD, LaDuke G, Chien W, Frank BP
20 - 28 Improved artificial bee colony-based optimization of boiler combustion considering NOX emissions, heat rate and fly ash recycling for on-line applications
Song JG, Romero CE, Yao Z, He BS
29 - 36 Intermediates for synthetic paraffinic kerosene from microalgae
Stepan E, Enascuta CE, Oprescu EE, Radu E, Radu A, Galan AM, Vasilievici G, Lavric V, Velea S
37 - 48 Measurement of dynamic adsorption-diffusion process of methane in shale
Wang JJ, Wang BE, Li YJ, Yang ZH, Gong HJ, Dong MZ
49 - 57 Molecular composition of oxygenated compounds in fast pyrolysis bio-oil and its supercritical fluid extracts
Cheng TT, Han YH, Zhang YF, Xu CM
58 - 64 Impacts of micro-emulsion system on polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) reduction from industrial boilers
Pongpiachan S, Wiriwutikorn T, Rungruang C, Yodden K, Duangdee N, Sbrilli A, Gobbi M, Centeno C
65 - 69 Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol: Tuning the selectivity to cyclohexene by introducing Ni nanoparticles inside carbon nanotubes
Dongil AB, Pastor-Perez L, Sepulveda-Escribano A, Garcia R, Escalona N
70 - 80 Numerical modeling on air injection in a light oil reservoir: Recovery mechanism and scheme optimization
Jia H, Sheng JJ
81 - 88 Control of radiative heat transfer in high-temperature environments via radiative trapping-Part I: Theoretical analysis applied to pressurized oxy-combustion
Xia F, Yang ZW, Adeosun A, Kumfer BM, Axelbaum RL
89 - 95 Reducing pollutant emissions from a heavy-duty diesel engine by using hydrogen additions
Jhang SR, Chen KS, Lin SL, Lin YC, Cheng WL
96 - 104 A CCSEM study on the transformation of included and excluded minerals during coal devolatilization and char combustion
Wen C, Gao XP, Xu MH
105 - 117 Chemical association and mobility of trace elements in 13 different fuel incineration bottom ashes
Saqib N, Backstrom M
118 - 123 The effects of pressure on coal chars porous structure development
Howaniec N
124 - 129 Effect of heat and moisture on surface titratability and pore size distribution of Victorian brown coals
Sakurovs R, Lewis C, Wibberley L
130 - 138 Role of pH on CO2 sequestration in coal seams
Ozdemir E
139 - 145 Reduction and validation of a chemical kinetic mechanism including necessity analysis and investigation of CH4/C3H8 oxidation at pressures up to 120 bar using a rapid compression machine
Pachler RF, Ramalingam AK, Heufer KA, Winter F
146 - 152 Dielectric characterization of biodegradable wastes during pyrolysis
Beneroso D, Albero-Ortiz A, Monzo-Cabrera J, Diaz-Morcillo A, Arenillas A, Menendez JA
153 - 159 Effect of temperature, solvent/coal ratio and beneficiation on conversion and product distribution from direct coal liquefaction
Barraza J, Coley-Silva E, Pineres J
160 - 169 Mercury removal and synergistic capture of SO2/NO by ammonium halides modified rice husk char
Zhu C, Duan YF, Wu CY, Zhou Q, She M, Yao T, Zhang J
170 - 177 Maximum burning rate and fixed carbon burnout efficiency of power coal blends predicted with back-propagation neural network models
Cheng J, Wang X, Si TT, Zhou F, Wang ZH, Zhou JH, Cen KF
178 - 186 Density-based separation performance of a secondary air-distribution fluidized bed separator (SADFBS) for producing ultra-low-ash clean coal
He JF, Tan MB, Zhu R, Zhao YM, Hong P, Jiang Y
187 - 195 The residual oil saturation determination for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Solvent-SAGD
Kar T, Ovalles C, Rogel E, Vien J, Hascakir B
196 - 199 Measurement and prediction of detonation cell size in binary fuel blends of methane/hydrogen mixtures
Zhang B, Pang L, Shen XB, Gao Y
200 - 208 Compression ignition and pollutant emissions of large alkylbenzenes
Koivisto E, Ladommatos N, Gold M
209 - 217 Effects of a cetane improver on fuel properties and engine characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with the blends of diesel, hazelnut oil and higher carbon alcohol
Atmanli A
218 - 227 Deposition and slag flow modeling with SPH for a generic gasifier with different coal ashes using fusibility data
Kurowski MP, Spliethoff H
228 - 237 Production of petroleum-like synthetic fuel by hydrocracking of crude soybean oil over ZSM5 zeolite - Improvement of catalyst lifetime by ion exchange
Zandonai CH, Yassue-Cordeiro PH, Castella-Pergher SB, Scaliante MHNO, Fernandes-Machado NRC
238 - 247 High-yield and high-calorific bio-oil production from concentrated sulfuric acid hydrolysis lignin in supercritical ethanol
Riaz A, Kim CS, Kim Y, Kim J
248 - 252 Optimized rate expressions for soot oxidation by OH and O-2
Guo HQ, Anderson PM, Sunderland PB
253 - 262 Optical characterization of Diesel and water emulsion fuel injection sprays using shadowgraphy
Emberson DR, Ihracska B, Imran S, Diez A
263 - 272 Experimental and kinetic comparative study on ignition characteristics of 1-pentene and n-pentane
Cheng Y, Hu EJ, Deng FQ, Yang FY, Zhang YJ, Tang CL, Huang ZH
273 - 283 Flammability and volatility attributes of binary mixtures of some practical multi-component fuels
Algunaibet IM, Voice AK, Kalghatgi GT, Babiker H
284 - 292 Systematic LIF fuel wall film investigation
Schulz F, Samenfink W, Schmidt J, Beyrau F
293 - 300 Preparation of a novel cellulose-based immobilized heteropoly acid system and its application on the biodiesel production
Zhang DY, Duan MH, Yao XH, Fu YJ, Zu YG
301 - 309 Methane adsorption measurements and modeling for organic-rich marine shale samples
Wang Y, Zhu YM, Liu SM, Zhang R
310 - 319 Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of glycerol to oxygenated fuel additives
Samoilov VO, Ramazanov DN, Nekhaev AI, Maximov AL, Bagdasarov LN