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1 - 11 Reaction kinetics with catalyst deactivation in simultaneous esterification and transesterification of acid oils to biodiesel (FAME) over a mesoporous sulphonated carbon catalyst
Konwar LJ, Warna J, Maki-Arvela P, Kumar N, Mikkola JP
12 - 18 Quantification of biodiesel in petroleum diesel by H-1 NMR: Evaluation of univariate and multivariate approaches
Portela NA, Oliveira ECS, Neto AC, Rodrigues RRT, Silva SRC, Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR
19 - 23 Modeling of kinetic-based catalyst grading for upgrading shale oil hydrogenation
Dai F, Wang HY, Gong MM, Li CS, Muhammad Y, Li ZX
24 - 28 Hydrogen production from the catalytic supercritical water gasification of process water generated from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae
Cherad R, Onwudili JA, Biller P, Williams PT, Ross AB
29 - 35 Physio-chemical pretreatments for improved methane potential of Miscanthus lutarioriparius
Nges IA, Li C, Wang B, Xiao L, Yi ZL, Liu J
36 - 41 RuO2-NaTaO3 heterostructure for its application in photoelectrochemical water splitting under simulated sunlight illumination
Gomez-Solis C, Ballesteros JC, Torres-Martinez LM, Juarez-Ramirez I
42 - 50 Ion current signal and characteristics of ethanol/gasoline dual fuel HCCI combustion
Liu YT, Li LG, Ye JY, Deng J, Wu ZJ
51 - 58 An improvement to the transesterification process by the use of co-solvents to produce biodiesel
Encinar JM, Pardal A, Sanchez N
59 - 66 Puffing and micro-explosion of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blends
Avulapati MM, Ganippa LC, Xia J, Megaritis A
67 - 72 Optimization of negative pressure cavitation-microwave assisted extraction of yellow horn seed oil and its application on the biodiesel production
Zhang DY, Yao XH, Luo M, Zhao CJ, Fu YJ
73 - 78 Physical properties of gasoline, isobutanol and ETBE binary blends in comparison with gasoline ethanol blends
Rodriguez-Anton LM, Gutierrez-Martin F, Doce Y
79 - 85 NMR in the time domain: A new methodology to detect adulteration of diesel oil with kerosene
Cunha DA, Montes LF, Castro EVR, Barbosa LL
86 - 95 Efficiency of the lumped parameter concept and the role of liquid properties in modelling microdroplet evaporation
Nguyen D, Soria J, Honnery D
96 - 105 Organically modified nano-clay facilitates pour point depressing activity of polyoctadecylacrylate
Yao B, Li CX, Yang F, Sjoblom J, Zhang Y, Norrman J, Paso K, Xiao ZQ
106 - 115 Ambient temperature solubilisation of brown coal in ammonium carbamate ionic liquids
Qi Y, Verheyen TV, Vijayaraghavan R, MacFarlane DR, Chaffee AL
116 - 123 Controlling nanoparticles emission with particle-grouping exhaust-pipe
Ruzal-Mendelevich M, Katoshevski D, Sher E
124 - 129 Pyrolysis of lignite following low temperature ionic liquid pretreatment
Lei ZP, Hu ZQ, Zhang H, Han LN, Shui HF, Ren SB, Wang ZC, Kang SG, Pan CX
130 - 142 Surface tension and rheological behavior of sal oil methyl ester biodiesel and its blend with petrodiesel fuel
Hajra B, Kumar M, Pathak AK, Guria C
143 - 151 Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) composition used for estimation of biodiesel cetane number employing random forest and artificial neural networks: A new approach
Miraboutalebi SM, Kazemi P, Bahrami P
152 - 156 Role of water and fine solids in onset of coke formation during bitumen cracking
Nhieu P, Liu Q, Gray MR
157 - 165 Pyrolysis of eastern redcedar: Distribution and characteristics of fast and slow pyrolysis products
Yang ZX, Kumar A, Huhnke RL, Buser M, Capareda S
166 - 178 Influence of H2O, CO2 and O-2 addition on biomass gasification in entrained flow reactor conditions: Experiments and modelling
Billaud J, Valin S, Peyrot M, Salvador S
179 - 187 Novel effect of SO2 on selective catalytic oxidation of slip ammonia from coal-fired flue gas over IrO2 modified Ce-Zr solid solution and the mechanism investigation
Chen WM, Qu Z, Huang WJ, Hu XF, Yan NQ
188 - 195 Formation and decomposition of methane hydrate in coal
Smirnov VG, Manakov AY, Ukraintseva EA, Villevald GV, Karpova TD, Dyrdin VV, Lyrshchikov SY, Ismagilov ZR, Terekhova IS, Ogienko AG
196 - 202 Characteristics and deoxy-liquefaction of cellulose extracted from cotton stalk
Li JH, Zhang SA, Gao BY, Yang AK, Wang ZH, Xia YZ, Liu HC
203 - 210 BioH(2) photoproduction by means of Rhodopseudomonas palustris sp cultured in a lab-scale photobioreactor operated in batch, fed-batch and semi-continuous modes
Padovani G, Vaiciulyte S, Carlozzi P
211 - 218 Surrogate fuel formulation for oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels by using the molecular structures and functional groups
Yu J, Ju YG, Gou XL
219 - 226 Influence of wettability and permeability heterogeneity on miscible CO2 flooding efficiency
Bikkina P, Wan JM, Kim Y, Kneafsey TJ, Tokunaga TK
227 - 236 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and polyethylene in a tandem micropyrolyzer
Xue Y, Kelkar A, Bai XL
237 - 244 Potassium titanate for the production of biodiesel
Salinas D, Guerrero S, Cross A, Araya P, Wolf EE
245 - 252 A chemical kinetic study of the reaction of hydroxyl with furans
Elwardany A, Es-Sebbar E, Khaled F, Farooq A
253 - 257 Simple petrographic grain size analysis of siltstone reservoir rocks: An example from the Montney tight gas reservoir (Western Canada)
Sanei H, Ardakani OH, Ghanizadeh A, Clarkson CR, Wood JM
258 - 267 Biogenic methane production from coal: A review on recent research and development on microbially enhanced coalbed methane (MECBM)
Park SY, Liang YN
268 - 275 Catalytic oxidative/extractive desulfurization of model and untreated diesel using hybrid based zinc-substituted polyoxometalates
Ribeiro SO, Juliao D, Cunha-Silva L, Domingues VF, Valenca R, Ribeiro JC, de Castro B, Balula SS
276 - 296 Review on methanation - From fundamentals to current projects
Ronsch S, Schneider J, Matthischke S, Schluter M, Gotz M, Lefebvre J, Prabhakaran P, Bajohr S
297 - 301 Robust nickel-polymer nanocomposite particles for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride
Cai HK, Lu P, Dong J
302 - 308 Hydrothermal catalytic deoxygenation of palmitic acid over nickel catalyst
Miao C, Marin-Flores O, Davidson SD, Li TT, Dong T, Gao DF, Wang Y, Garcia-Perez M, Chen SL
309 - 319 A numerical investigation on combustion and emission characteristics of a dual fuel engine at part load condition
Mousavi SM, Saray RK, Poorghasemi K, Maghbouli A
320 - 332 The development of hydroxyl and soot in a methyl decanoate-fuelled automotive-size optical diesel engine
Le MK, Zhang RL, Rao LZ, Kook S, Hawkes ER
333 - 339 Theoretical investigation of cadmium vapor adsorption on kaolinite surfaces with DFT calculations
Wang XY, Huang YJ, Zhong ZP, Pan ZG, Liu CQ
340 - 346 Enhanced hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced steam reforming from glycerol with in-situ CO2 removal in a fixed-bed reactor
Dou BL, Jiang B, Song YC, Zhang C, Wang C, Chen HS, Du BG, Xu YJ
347 - 351 Synthesis of flammulina-like mordenite using starch as template and high catalytic performance in crack of wax oil
Ren SY, Gong CB, Zeng PH, Guo QX, Shen BJ
352 - 360 Ceria substrate-oxide composites as catalyst for highly efficient catalytic oxidation of NO by O-2
Wang ZH, Lin FW, Jiang SD, Qiu KZ, Kuang M, Whiddon R, Cen KF
361 - 366 Effect of biomass heating time on bio-oil yields in a free fall fast pyrolysis reactor
Gable P, Brown RC
367 - 375 In-situ and ex-situ upgrading of pyrolysis vapors from beetle-killed trees
Luo GQ, Resende FLP
376 - 381 Renewable diesel production from rapeseed oil with hydrothermal hydrogenation and subsequent decarboxylation
Sugami Y, Minami E, Saka S
382 - 391 Direct optical observation of coal particle fragmentation behavior in a drop-tube reactor
Friedemann J, Wagner A, Heinze A, Krzack S, Meyer B
392 - 399 Experimental investigation of a diesel engine power, torque and noise emission using water-diesel emulsions
Seifi MR, Hassan-Beygi SR, Ghobadian B, Desideri U, Antonelli M
400 - 403 Cokes of different origin as precursors of graphene oxide
Sierra U, Alvarez P, Blanco C, Granda M, Santamaria R, Menendez R
404 - 409 Occurrence of uranium in Chinese coals and its emissions from coal-fired power plants
Zhang YS, Shi ML, Wang JW, Yao JB, Cao Y, Romero CE, Pan WP
410 - 418 Experimental and modelling study of the effect of elevated pressure on ethane and propane flames
Goswami M, Bastiaans RJM, de Goey LPH, Konnov AA
419 - 426 Effect of depressurization pressure on methane recovery from hydrate-gas-water bearing sediments
Yang MJ, Fu Z, Zhao YC, Jiang LL, Zhao JF, Song YC
427 - 435 Distribution evolution of intake and residual gas species during CO2 stratification combustion in diesel engine
Shen ZJ, Cui WZ, Liu ZC, Tian J, Wu SH, Yang JG
436 - 445 Comprehensive multiphase NMR spectroscopy: A new analytical method to study the effect of biodiesel blends on the structure of commercial rubbers
Silva LMA, Filho EGA, Simpson AJ, Monteiro MR, Venancio T
446 - 452 A comparative study on the catalytic effect of H-ZSM5 on upgrading of pyrolysis vapors derived from lignocellulosic and proteinaceous biomass
Lorenzetti C, Conti R, Fabbri D, Yanik J
453 - 460 Synthesis and characterization of esters from different alcohols using Macauba almond oil to substitute diesel oil and jet fuel
Silva LN, Cardoso CC, Pasa VMD
461 - 466 Phospholipid transesterification in sub-/super-critical methanol with the presence of free fatty acids
Bi ZT, He BB
467 - 472 Upgrading FCC gasoline through adsorption separation of normal hydrocarbons
Liu JC, Zhao SM, Chen X, Shen BX
473 - 476 Expeditious prediction of fiber content in sugar cane: An analytical possibility with LIBS and chemometrics
Romera JPR, Barsanelli PL, Pereira FMV
477 - 487 Initiation and propagation of laminar premixed cool flames
Zhao P, Liang WK, Deng SL, Law CK
488 - 494 Comparison of Raman and IR spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of gasoline/ethanol blends
Corsetti S, McGloin D, Kiefer J
495 - 501 Highly selective and multifunctional chitosan/ionic liquids catalyst for conversion of CO2 and methanol to dimethyl carbonates at mild reaction conditions
Tamboli AH, Chaugule AA, Kim H
502 - 508 Vapor-liquid critical properties of components of biodiesel. 2. Ethyl esters of n-alkanoic acids
Nikitin ED, Popov AP
509 - 516 Reduction of main steam temperature deviation in a tangentially coal-fired, two pass boiler
Park HY, Baek SH, Kim HH, Kim YJ, Kim TH, Lim HS, Kang DS
517 - 525 Performance study of passive and active direct borohydride fuel cell employing a commercial Pd decorated Ni-Co/C anode catalyst
Zhiani M, Mohammadi I
526 - 532 Understanding the pyrolysis mechanism of polyvinylchloride (PVC) by characterizing the chars produced in a wire-mesh reactor
Zhou JB, Gui B, Qiao Y, Zhang J, Wang WX, Yao H, Yu Y, Xu MH
533 - 542 Chemical-looping combustion in a 100-kW unit using a mixture of ilmenite and manganese ore as oxygen carrier
Linderholm C, Schmitz M, Knutsson P, Lyngfelt A
543 - 552 The impact of fuel compositions on the particulate emissions of direct injection gasoline engine
Wang YH, Zheng R, Qin YH, Peng JF, Li MR, Lei JR, Wu YS, Hu M, Shuai SJ
553 - 559 Experimental investigations of density and dynamic viscosity of n-hexadecane with three fatty acid methyl esters
Wang XJ, Wang XP, Chen JL
560 - 566 Synthesis of high oleic palm oil-based trimethylolpropane esters in a vacuum operated pulsed loop reactor
Abd Hamid H, Yunus R, Rashid U, Choong TSY, Ali S, Syam AM
567 - 573 Radiative heat release from premixed oxy-syngas and oxy-methane flames
de la Torre M, Chowdhury ASMA, Love N, Choudhuri A
574 - 580 Particulate emissions from hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas engine
Hora TS, Shukla PC, Agarwal AK
581 - 584 Association of inorganic species release with sugar recovery during wood hydrothermal processing
Liaw SB, Yu Y, Wu HW